This is a UNFORMATTED BACKUP transcript of chats at CONSILIA Group, Open Forum on Analysis of Financial Information.

### NOV 11TH, 2000###<admin> well, it seems to work now<ozy> work what? that you can kick me out?<ozy> always told you're really a facho<heidi> who's a facho?<admin> stop that. this mutiny<heidi> stop what, chouchou?<admin> will not buy you lollipops anymore<thud mcguffin> wue!<thud mcguffin> hello<thud mcguffin> mr mcguffin<thud mcguffin> yes?<thud mcguffin> what do you think about metals here?<thud mcguffin> I think.............<ozy> yeah. and this is the banner-free version, with an adiministratorand all that crap<ozy> cool<ozy> not<ADMIN>-><ozy> yes, I am testing pager<Firestarter> RGRE RGREG ERG RG JN TH GH GH HJ<ozy> hey<ozy> nice typing<admin> whos firestarter? is he from your bbg goons too?<ozy> never heard of. is it a bbg IP?<admin> dunno. seems not. it's a 212 ip. isn't it italy?<ozy> you are the expert<ozy> that's why this doesn't work as it was supposed to<admin> 212 not italy<melli> guest who?<admin>-><Guest> who's guest?<admin>-><Guest> using real names or recognizable nicknames isconsidered good form around here. your choice<admin> oz there? you still messing with this thing?<admin> when is the provider supposed to fix this?<admin> so?<ozy> here I am finally.<ozy> something funny happened<ozy> I was chatting "on local", more or less talking with my hard disk<admin> no comment<OZY> ha<OZY> you finally could stop that<ozy> JMR?<ozy> and waits<ozy> boooooored<ozy> here we are. Found a 12 years old who can fix these pages<Guest> hello beto<Beto> hello<Guest> wanna chat?<Beto> yes<Guest> who is consilia?<Beto> i don?t know and u?<Guest> I think yes. I work here<Beto> what is?<Guest> a research company<Guest> economic, tax and fincnail analysis<Guest> finc nail being "financia"l, really<Beto> that?s ok<Guest> go figure<Beto> and where are u from?<Guest> london<Beto> i?m fron mexico<Guest> cool<Guest> what do you do there?<Beto> study and work<Guest> study? what? (and work?)<Beto> study automatic control and work jewely<Guest> that's cool<Guest> my family were in jewels. goldsmiths<Beto> sorry if my inglish isn?t very well<Guest> no problem<Beto> oh really?<Guest> try the translation feature of this chat<Guest> go to show advanced, choose translation, then come back to mainpage and choose language<Beto> i prefer try by myself<Guest> right, but I am the chat manager , hehe.<Guest> just wanted to test the toy<Beto> i see<Beto> and what?s your name?<Guest> ozy<Beto> it?s a short name<Guest> try with oswaldo joseph, and you will grow up as ozy<Guest> ozy is the nickname<Beto> oh i understand<Guest> and is beto a real name?<Beto> no mine is heriberto<Guest> like herrera<Beto> not realy<Guest> like who, then?<Beto> like hector<Guest> I'm ignorant on this subject.<Beto> don? worry<Guest> but curious<Beto> yes<Guest> who's hector heriberto?<Beto> well is an actor<Guest> your momma loved. cool<Beto> no<Guest> oh, shit. i really am dumb today<Beto> why<Guest> can't guess anything about my interlocutor<Beto> ok<Guest> how did you find this page?<Beto> well i was just looking<Guest> fair enough<Beto> and u?<Beto> i have to go oswaldo bye<ozy> beto?<ozy> gone. bye<dianna><dianna><ozy> hello dianna<ozy>-><dianna> welcome<melli> who's diana?<melli> chat just started and we already have unsolicited guests<melli>-><dianna> call back ozy, I got to lunch.<melli> sorry, wrong maneuver<melli> I said : CALL BACK OZY, I GO TO LUNCH<ozy> zzzzzzzzz<ozy> why should I stay here now?<ozy> just to test the toy? it works<ozy> it's not what I wanted but it works<ozy> cleared<ozy> "invite" doesn't work as yet, though<ozy> good<ozy> hi george<heidi> hello jim<jim>-><heidi> hi heidi<jim> pretty name<heidi> french?<jim> yes<heidi> thx<jim> u?<heidi> israeli<jim> do u speak french also?<heidi> oui<jim> moi aussi<jim> enchante heidi<jim> tu as quel age?<heidi> 28<jim> 26<heidi> u?<heidi> oh. poor kid...<heidi> how did you get here?<jim> hey! u are not so older!! loll<heidi> that's why I said "poor kid"<jim> lol<heidi> If I was lot older, you would have been safe<jim> lol<jim> i get here bye accident, u?<heidi> ce traducteur est bon, mais parler francais directement mesemble plus sain<heidi> I work here<heidi> we are testing the chat before starting it next week<heidi> the boss is at lunch, I hold the fort<jim> ok, i see u r very busy<jim> lol<heidi> go figure<jim> just joke<heidi> this I always wanted to try<heidi> potato speaking<heidi> did you get that in german?<jim> no i dont<jim> u?<heidi> i see everything in english, plus echo<heidi> funny, "I dont" was translated "I of which" , :)<heidi> stupid computers!<jim> i juste can say, ich bin sehr mude weil ich zufill bier getrunkenhabe!<heidi> meaning?<jim> right, deeply stupide computers!<heidi> et ne pas oublier "deep"!<jim> means i am tired beacause of drinking too much bier<heidi> a cet heure?<jim> ne pas oublier "deep" tu as raison heidi<jim><jim> non, c est tout ce que je sais dire en allemand! lol<heidi> es tu au bureau?<jim> oui<jim> pause sandwich<heidi> are you allowed to say "sandwich" in france?<jim> yes, how can we say it else?<heidi> gotta go<heidi> boss is back<heidi> leave me your mail address, will talk next days<jim> ok, lot of kisses, see u next time i hope<jim><jim> write me<heidi> will invite you to chat?<jim> certenly! lol<jim> i am waiting your mail heidi<jim> god, it s a very cute name!!!!<jim> bye, heidi<jim> oups again by accident, funny game!<jim> bye heidi<ozy> hello paff<PACIFFIC AVENGER> WAZZZZZ UP<ozy> your letters, for exemple<PACIFFIC AVENGER> WHAT<ozy> CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!! HEAR ME !!!?!?!?!?!<ozy> hehe<ozy> Now I begin to like it<ozy> so?<Chris> Cslia!<CSLIA> hello!<CSLIA> who's chris?<Chris> Un pote de Batiste<CSLIA> wow... cambric... cool<CSLIA> no cambrics here. or yes, in the admin dept <CSLIA> but we won't let them manage money <Chris> ?<CSLIA> good translation<CSLIA> hehe<CSLIA> ?<CSLIA> original english -->?<Chris> He ! Viens on essais de trouver d'autres potes sur ce site!<CSLIA> ah, ok. now I see! sorry<CSLIA> go on, be welcome<CSLIA> I'll just sit quiet and manage this brothel<morrovergudo> hola<morrovergudo> hola cslia<morrovergudo>-><CSLIA> hola<KAMERON>-><CSLIA> ERES H O M<CSLIA> fag<CSLIA> hi there<Guest> how r ya?<CSLIA> fine, thx<Guest> :)<Guest> where r ya from?<CSLIA> born, living or ?<Guest><Guest> both<CSLIA> born italy, nation israeli, living in london<Guest> 2aha thatsnice<CSLIA> and u?<Guest> so ur isreailian guy or?<Guest> u will be sooooo glad to know that iam palestenian:)<CSLIA>guest?<Guest> born in the uae u know it <Guest> ya<Guest> and how old r ya?<CSLIA> HAHAHAH!!!!<CSLIA> hehe...<CSLIA> 43<CSLIA> are you sure you a balsatinian?<Guest> ya iam sue wh u r asking?<Guest><CSLIA> am not so sure... strange people around this evening
<Guest> :)<CSLIA> heheyou sure you a balsatinian?<CSLIA> you a bad girl you<Guest> ok lets disscus the issu i mean 2bot the peace in palestain?<Guest> iam not bad ..<Guest> ya iam sue wh u r asking?<Guest> u cannt say that about me and u dont know me man
<CSLIA> whocares about peace? let's dicuss seriously the issue
<CSLIA> let'sdiscuss state, freddom, security and money
<CSLIA> abdul sahfi saidsomething interwsting this week
<Guest> about me i dont care about thepeace coz u know ..there will ever have a peace will jews
<Guest> uknow the land is for pelastinian from long lime ago..<CSLIA> you don't care about peace because you are not a professionalrefugee
<Guest> ya ..<CSLIA> professional refugee-ship makes not citizenship
<Guest> i dontcare about peace coz there will never and ever have peace woth peoplelike u..<CSLIA> like me? sure<CSLIA> i am not even in peace with my people...<CSLIA> me, personally<Guest> ok..<Guest> what do u think?<Guest> about what happing now?<CSLIA> i don't see my i should pay taxes to give you weapons
<CSLIA>and to have people losing their best years in the army
<CSLIA> just tohave the honour to give you a job
<CSLIA> I was claustrophobic, that'swhy i am here now
<CSLIA> i think a professional army would take careof balastinians far better
<CSLIA><Guest> aha so is it fair to kill pople?<CSLIA> sometimes, yes<CSLIA> better then duping them<Guest> is it fair?<Guest> ohhhh<CSLIA> it may be necessary<CSLIA> it's the worst thing of all<CSLIA> but faking a life is not so much better
<Guest><CSLIA> and creating by nothing a prople of parasyte refugees is theworst
<CSLIA> that's what arabs did with palestinians
<CSLIA> and whatrussia did<CSLIA> and we paid the expenses<CSLIA> that's what I think. i would re-think the issue from scratch<Beto> hi<CSLIA> hi beto.<CSLIA> heidi is gone<Beto> ok. how are u?<CSLIA> fine<CSLIA> am ozy, btw<Beto> i remember u<CSLIA> wow! after 12 hours?<CSLIA> maybe 6<Beto> more or less<CSLIA> do you chat from work?<Beto> what time is there?<CSLIA> 7pm<Beto> no, i?m in home now<Beto> here is 1 pm<CSLIA> i'm hungry too<CSLIA> will be outta here in 5 minutes fior dinner
<Beto> ok oswaldowelcome on this chat. you just lost a heaten discussion, 10 minutes ago<CSLIA> i go home now.<pikachu>-><cslia> salut<pikachu>-><pikachu> salut<sonny> test<paresh> hi ozy<paresh> wo r u<ozy> hi paresh<paresh> what is this romm about<paresh> asl please<ozy> economic information<paresh> where r from<paresh> u lady /man<ozy> me? born or working?<ozy> man<paresh> about what<ozy> money and information<ozy> markets and words<paresh> whe r r u now<ozy> london<ozy> you?<paresh> can u give me money for business . i am in india
<ozy> "give"=?<ozy> loan? gift?<ozy> buy?<paresh> loan<paresh> nedd to buy machinery<paresh> what tyoue of org is urs<ozy> you have an entyreperise?<ozy> mail me about the business<ozy> wea are an economic research co<ozy> mail at<paresh> visit now
<ozy> can't now, will do.<ozy> ok, let me do now<ozy>-><paresh> message me details of the company at<paresh> OKAY<paresh> WHT IS THE TEMPRATURE IN LONDON NOW
<ozy> bone-achingfirst business today<cslia> hello<cslia>-><dc8p><cslia> dc8p?<cslia> ( .) ( .)<cslia> lurking?<said> h?<ozy> gone. good<ozy> parp?<ozy> new air<ozy> silent parp, it seems<flatulos> glad to see the stamdards remain low
<ozy> breath deep<ozy> that will highten the standard<flatulos> and swell the head<ozy> no, i mean it will kill you<ozy> if you breath your name<flatulos> its an honourable greek name you got a problem
<ozy>bullshit<flatulos> thats something different in greek
<ozy> right<ozy> flatulos is latin, not greek<flatulos> so wats the greek then ?<ozy> you tell me<flatulos> nice try<ozy> if it was greek, it would mean something like "saying nothing"<ozy> phlattotrassein<flatulos> bisonshit<ozy> phlattothrattophlattothtat: ar.ran. 1286
<flatulos> larger ,smellier version of bs
<ozy> you native american?<flatulos> nope greek<ozy> and your family name is then "Nyahnyah", something like that?<ozy> funny<ozy> a noble family<ozy> clowns since ccenturies, huh?<flatulos> nope<flatulos> contantin flatulos at yer service
<ozy> phlattothrat=nyahnyah , in greek
<ozy> maybe ancient greek is somwhow different fromcurrenmt greek
<flatulos> very good observation<ozy> is it possible that flatulos comes from "phlao"?<ozy> it would mean "the swallower"<flatulos> nope my name, you goon, is constantin flatulos
<ozy> and youdon't know the origin of your name
<ozy> ?<ozy> where does it come from<flatulos> who knows<ozy> ask grandpa<flatulos> lost in the fog of time<ozy> sorry<ozy> well, pardon my curioisyt for your name
<ozy> welcome<flatulos> could have come from roman slaves in the fermentation biz<ozy> see it's latin? ha!<ozy> beer?<ozy> where are you now?<flatulos> planet zarquon<ozy> i see<ozy> oh, well. here they call me "the nut", so welcome anyway<flatulos> take me to your leader<ozy> how's food in your institution?<flatulos> hale<ozy> do they usually leave computers unwatched? cool
<flatulos> nopebuild them from the eletroshock spares
<ozy>-><flatulos> cool<ozy> didn't know you get spare from elettoshocks
<flatulos> wait tillyou try<ozy> nahhh... here they are progressive psychos
<flatulos> then youwill see all the extra equip in the room
<ozy> empy room, just one desk<ozy> empty<ozy> they show you funny pictures<ozy> after 16 hours you look at pictures, you fall asleep. new therapy<flatulos> boring low tech<ozy> nope. it's the new new new thing<ozy> new ne<ozy> focused on software<ozy> on contents<flatulos> wetware you mean<ozy> nope. it's the new new new thing<flatulos> incontinent<ozy> dampware<ozy> harry, meet sally<ozy> new ne<flatulos> ape decendant life forms are boooooooring
<flatulos> bye<ozy> bye. greet flatland for me<ozy> focused on software<ozy> on contents<flatulos> wetware you mean<ozy> nope. it's the new new new thing<flatulos> incontinent<ozy> dampware<slartybasfard> what is this place<ozy> a chat<finance>-><slartybasfard> hi<finance>-><ozy> hi<ozy> hi<finance>-><ozy> how are you<slartybasfard> wot kinna chat<ozy> look in a mirror: what do you see?<ozy> well: THAT kind of chat<finance>-><binga> hi<slartybasfard> a no reflection chat? cool
<binga>-><finance> hi<finance>-><binga> how are you<binga>-><finance> looked kind of interesting
<binga>-><finance> fineand u<finance>-><binga> fine<finance>-><binga> your a/s/l<binga>-><finance> u first<ozy> now don't feel flattered<finance>-><binga> 19/m<ozy> vampires, we eat fro breakfast<binga>-><finance> what is your goal here??<finance>-><binga> just to chat<slartybasfard> you ust be an early riser
<binga>-><finance>really?????<binga>-><finance> sure?<ozy> i am<binga>-><finance> no other stuff i hope?<finance>-><binga> what is your a/s/l<finance>-><binga> what you want to chat about
<slartybasfard> wellgood for you catch any worms?<binga>-><finance> 44/f<binga>-><finance> not about my age<finance>-><binga> i am lonely can you be my friend
<binga>-><finance>??<ozy> not today. you seem topo fat to be one
<finance>-><binga> i wantto know more about girls
<ozy> too<binga>-><finance> ok bye finance end of talk
<binga>-><finance> askyour mother<slartybasfard> topo fat = topo gigo on a bender?<ozy> topo gigio? cool<finance>-><binga> please<ozy> a wop tosser<binga>-><finance> NO<ozy> fat wop tosser><slartybasfard> just for knowledge
<slartybasfard> the fruit ofknowledge being?<ozy> apple?<ozy> AAPL?<ozy> not<heidi> hi. what do these people do here today?<heidi> wasn't it supposed to open on thursday?<ozy> was<slartybasfard> time warp<ozy> timequake<slartybasfard> the w distortion field<heidi> and who are them? do you know any?<slartybasfard> aliens<heidi> some of your old bbg zoo?<ozy> more or less<heidi> I already see this is going to be a long winter
<ozy> said thebear<slartybasfard> depends on the hemisphere
<ozy> for emispheres, askheidi<ozy> she has plenty<heidi> FU<heidi> Fundamentally Undervalued<slartybasfard> frankly unstable<ozy> now you are talking about the euro
<ozy> or?<ozy> and?<ozy> not?<slartybasfard> the euro is fully useless
<ozy> gotta go now. yourun the shop heidi. see ya later
<heidi> see ya boss<slartybasfard> and fenononally underwhelming
<alex> hai heidi<heidi> hello alex<heidi> gay name<alex> how are you<heidi> unhappy<alex> why<ozy> leave people alone<ozy> talking to you, H<heidi> see why?<heidi> among others<alex> is any problem heidi<heidi> he is a problem<alex> who<heidi> boss<alex> boss forget about him<heidi> easy<alex> why he makes problemnutsis he always makes problem<heidi> which in english would mean ...?<alex> oh heidi we are alone here<alex> what you say<heidi> yeas, but you have a homo name<alex> what about you<heidi> heidi is not ambiguous<heidi> I am a young lady<alex> my name is alexgeorge<heidi> george is not ambiguous<alex> i am25m<heidi> is definitely faggish<alex> why heidi<heidi> oops<heidi> 25? not bad<heidi> where are you?<alex> thanks<alex> i am from texas<alex> you<heidi> live in london<alex> oh fine<alex> are you studying<heidi> yes. good chance to ever meet<heidi> no, i work here<alex> where<heidi> entertain guests when the boss sleeps
<heidi> CONSILIA<alex> i am working as a compuer programmer
<heidi> what firm?which department<heidi> assistant<alex> a software company<heidi> assistant to the chief nuts<alex> you are not satisfied with the work
<heidi> work is good<heidi> it's a little unstable<alex> that is fine but the boss is the problem
<heidi> you got it<alex> what about your family fine?<ozy> nice chat. I leave you alone. a word in my office later, H
<alex>yes heidi i can understand<heidi> not yet my family<alex> most of the bosses are like that<alex> so you are not planing<alex> oh again we are alone<heidi> what kind of software do you program?<heidi> planing? no<alex> mainly related to export<alex> why heidi you are not thinking of marriage<heidi> no<Dea> Hmmm....where's Ozy?<heidi> hello Dea<alex> why you are not interested<heidi> just went. was mad at me, I think
<Dea> Hi Heidi, nice to meetu<heidi> do you want me to call him?<heidi> are you a friend of the boss?<heidi> moment<Dea> Nope...don't worry, I know him when he's mad at somebody...don'twant to be his victim.... :)
<heidi> here he comes<alex> our boss is not making much problem
<Dea> ops...<ozy> dea!<Dea> Heyla!<alex> any way he is half crazy<ozy> a conspiracy against me!<Dea> Got me...<ozy> lead by deanna. who else?<heidi> good<alex> are you in office now<heidi> you saved me dea<Dea> No prob Heidi....used to that...<ozy> used to what?<Dea> Ozy...ritiro il "triste"....dalla banca si vede tutto in bianco<Dea> To u not being nice to me...<ozy> ah, ecco. prova il tarduttore<alex> what are your hobbies<heidi> sex<Dea> My hobby is teasing Ozy<alex> i like it<ozy> stop it H<ozy> forget it<ozy> forget it alex<alex> why<ozy> do you read this in good italian?<Dea> (sto provando il traduttore)<alex> hiedi is your boss made any problem today
<ozy> you should writeto test it<Dea> Hmmm....don't understand the "send in"....<heidi> look at him: ozy is my boss<Dea> Le mie sporgenze sono meglio...<ozy> wrong side of the screen, deanna<alex> oh haaa haaa<ozy> no, that's the right side<alex> is he old<Dea> Who? Ozy?<alex> i think so<ozy> deanna, you must write in italian to have it translated inenglish
<Dea> aspe Ozy....ho entrambi in italiano
<ozy> per esempiocos?<Dea> ma mi chiedo cosa cambi se io metto send in English e tu haireceive in italian....<alex> heidi where are you<ozy> non ne ho la minima idea<ozy> heidi can't speak italian<ozy> oh, a proposito...<Dea> Translated from italian with the system supposing u r writing inenglish is horrible...<Dea> Cos'hai fatto a Heidi??<ozy> nulla, nulla...<ozy> ? alex qui che le ha montato la testa
<Dea> Scrivi in inglese perfavore....<alex> please in english<ozy> ok, I got it trasnlated in english
<ozy> [OriginalEnglish]: ? alex qui che le ha del alex
<ozy> hehe<alex> i cant understand<Dea> But who the hell made the Italian translator???<ozy> deanna is jamming the translator function
<Dea> I can'tunderstand=smusso capisco
<ozy> smusso?<Dea> Questa ? la traduzione fatta<ozy> you are using the chinese translator
<alex> please in english<ozy> bellissimo<ozy> cool<Dea> Nope honey, i've got send and receive in italian
<ozy> and I getit in english<ozy> cool<ozy> sorry alex, I am just testing this chat
<alex> why you aretesting<Dea> Chiaro, hai il receive in inglese
<ozy> which was set up by heidiand her REAL boss, joe - it will work by friday - melli
<Dea> melli?<ozy> the translation INTO english works fine
<ozy> yes<ozy> melli. why?<Dea> cos'? melli?<ozy> a partner. in charge of IT here<Dea> ma se io scrivo in italiano, tu ricevi una traduzione ben fattain inglese?<ozy> giuseppe aka joe aka "in qualche modo funzioner?" melli
<Dea>Voila, est-ce qu'en francais ca marche?<ozy> not a bad translation into english
<ozy> in french it sometimesmiisses pronouns
<Dea> E perche' a ghe' mia la trad?zion dal dial?tt?<ozy> voila trasnlated into "veiled": sexy, but wrong
<ozy> becauseeverybody understands dialect
<ozy> ticino rules<Dea> anche dal francese all'italiano ? terribile
<Dea> regole diticino....heheheheffai bishero? Mi lasci sola con Alex?<ozy> no, sono qua.<ozy> sbagliato tasto<Dea> Traduzione: no qua di sono<Dea> Tasto di sbagliato<Dea> cos'? private?<ozy> hehe<ozy> eroree di stumpa<Dea>-><ozy> can u see me?<ozy> whisper<ozy> hyes<ozy>-><Dea> me too i went private<Dea>-><ozy> yepp...understood....can u see me?<ozy>-><Dea> that's cool<ozy>-><Dea> yes<Dea>-><ozy> ME UGUALMENTE SONO ANDATO RISERVATO hehehehehe
<ozy>-><Dea> hehe<ozy>-><Dea> clients from Verona will love it
<Dea>-><ozy> A chi ?venuta l'idea delle traduzioni?<ozy>-><Dea> ai cretini che ci hanno venduto questa roba
<Dea>-><ozy>Hmmm....avevo ancora il send in french..cosa faceva?<Dea>-><ozy> Venduto???<Dea>-><ozy> Ma le puoi scaricare ovunque
<ozy>-><Dea> not withoutbanners,<ozy>-><Dea> nor with some fine tuning we needed
<Dea>-><ozy> ahbe.....chiaro...<ozy>-><Dea> and not with the coming complete version I want
<<ozy to Dea>> n? con una certa indennit? che sintonizza abbiamoavuto bisogno di
<ozy>-><Dea> I want the chat and the message board tobe fully integrated
<ozy>-><Dea> goddess?<ozy>-><Dea> hehe<ozy>-><Dea> STACCA STO CAZZO DI TARDUTTORE!!!!<Dea>-><ozy> Ma se non vengono sistemate le traduzioni, meglioinibirle....<Dea>-><ozy> MA IO HO TUTTO IN ITALIANOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!<ozy>-><Dea> no, qui non inibiamo niente
<Dea>-><ozy> Gia'.....figuratise ti inibisci....<ozy>-><Dea> that was correctly trasnlated
<Dea>-><ozy> quello cosa?<ozy>-><Dea> that too was translated finely
<ozy>-><Dea> "ho tutto initaliano"<Dea>-><ozy> Hmmm....qui si fanno solo risate...<Dea>-><ozy> E le parolacce?<Dea>-><ozy> cazzo!<ozy>-><Dea> cazzo merda tetta culo negro
<ozy>-><Dea> niente censura<Dea>-><ozy> hehehehe......le rimette in ordine
<ozy>-><Dea> nemmeno daparte nostra, su niente
<ozy>-><Dea> cacca in ordine alfabetico?bello...<Dea>-><ozy> vediamo senza traduzioni<Dea>-><ozy> nono...<ozy>-><Dea> oh, ecco<Dea>-><ozy> dice: negro di culo di tetta di merda di cazzo (sembra unpo' razzista messa cosi'...)
<ozy>-><Dea> ma vuoi mettere?<Dea>-><ozy> ora ho send in italian<Dea>-><ozy> ora ho send in french<ozy>-><Dea> ora = hour. ottimo<Dea>-><ozy> cambia qualcosa?<ozy>-><Dea> s?, ma ? meglio se parli in italiano o in inglese senzatraduttore
<Dea>-><ozy> adesso ho send in italian<ozy>-><Dea> now it works<ozy>-><Dea> adesso = now ora = hour<ozy>-><Dea> imbecilli<Dea>-><ozy> Hmm...mi sa che il traduttore verra' usato solo perridere....<ozy>-><Dea> be', non sarebbe male comunque...<Dea>-><ozy> ops...capito cos'? clear....<ozy>-><Dea> on c'e? problema, ? tutto registrato [Dea] has paged ozy<ozy>-><Dea> be'?<Dea> oddio....ti ho paged...<Dea> e che ??<ozy>-><Dea> e che ne so?<ozy>-><Dea> vuole dire "mandare un segnale acustico" [Dea] has pagedozy<ozy>-><Dea> credo<Dea> ma tu hai ricevuto qualcosa?<ozy>-><Dea> si vede arrivare un avviso e si viene allerttati che tiziovuole parlarti
<Dea> mi dice Please wait for response[ozy] has paged Dea<Dea> yeah....and then...?<ozy>-><Dea> ah, credo che non abbia nessun effetto perch? siamo gi? inprivato
<Dea> no, io l'ho levato<ozy>-><Dea> ? un invito<ozy> adesso anch'io<ozy> eccoci qui, svergognati[Dea] has paged ozy<ozy> in opubblico<Dea> Con Luiggi che guarda...hehehehe<ozy>-><Dea> in privato, volevo dire<ozy>-><Dea> eccitatnte<ozy> chiamo heidi con un bincolo?<Dea> chiama heidi per luigi.... ;)<ozy> ho cercato per un mese e mezzo un progranmnmatore che mi facessela chat come volevo io, ma sembrano veramente imbranati
<ozy> nono.heidi mi serve sveglia<ozy> gi? il suo capo dorme<Dea> Ti avevo detto che luigi ? un mito....non mi hai ascoltata e haichiamato i cessi...colpa tua....<Dea> Oza ronf ronf<ozy> un mito? be', pu? farmela lui, la chat
<ozy> ti do le specifiche.<Dea> Quanto paghi?<Dea> Comunque dice che dovreste mettere un server IRC
<ozy> che sono:cos? com'? questa, pi? scroll back illimitato, pi? paste di testi finoa una pagina, pi? attachements, pi? apertura di finestre secondarie peri whisper
<Dea> E potrebbero entrare anche dalle banche
<ozy> pi?nessuna necessit? diu un server dedicato
<ozy> dalle banche? in chesenso?<Dea> LEVA QUEL CAZZO DI ENGLISH!<ozy> per via dei firewall?<ozy> levalo tu, banana!<Dea> Che io dalla banca non posso entrare sulla chat perche' ? Jawa<Dea> IO HO ITALIANO ITALIANO!<ozy> vai in "advanced" e togli traduzione
<Dea> adesso non ho niente:P<ozy> setta su "english" e poi p?arla italiano
<ozy> cosi' non traducenmulla<Dea> son capace, che ti credi?<ozy> di tutto, sei capace<Dea> Lo so :P<ozy> hehe<Dea> vabbe'' vado a farmi la doccia....<ozy> se passa luigi gli dico che stai facendo la doccia
<ozy> graziedella visita.<ozy> vedo che m,elli deve lavorare ancora parecchio
<Dea> Luigi vienea farla con me...l?la...<ozy> ma intanto mi basta per mandare a cagare bbg
<Dea> Potrebbemettere anche i disegnini Melli....<ozy> disegnini?<ozy> HO DETTO DI NO!!!!!!<Dea>' ripaso nel forum....<ozy> hehe :)<Dea> si, gli emoticon<Guest> funny people<thud> *parp*<Syndee> hi babe<Syndee> does csilia mind us using the room<Syndee>he'll be here any second....<Syndee> oops...there he is<Syndee> i'll be right back<ozguy> hey<Syndee> you two get to know each other
<ozguy> ok<cslia> hey ozyguy<ozguy> hi<ozguy> asl<cslia> looking for trouble?<ozguy> yeah<ozguy> u goot it<cslia> kma<ozguy> got<cslia> goat<cslia> who's creamy? your cum-face lover?<Syndee>-><creamy> here?<Syndee>-><cslia> you mind us sharing the room for a bit
<ozguy> no idont know<ozguy>-><creamy> hi<cslia> your welcome<creamy>-><Syndee> hey syn<ozguy>-><Syndee> hi<Syndee> hey ready for some fun baby
<creamy>-><Syndee>yeah, i'm here, stepped off for a second to pee
<ozguy> yup<Syndee> okay, all out in the open friends
<Syndee> don'tmind do you?<cslia> nope. go on<Syndee> you going to join in cslia<ozguy> cum on<cslia> not if you are going to sodomize around
<Syndee> well, i'm a 34yr old redhead, light curl down to mid back, nice ass and 36
<Syndee> D<Syndee> why do you say that cslia<cslia> syndee a gal?<Syndee> yes<cslia> you a girl?<Syndee> you?<cslia> good<cslia> man<cslia> i'm the real ozy<Syndee> oh creamy...two boys to play with
<ozguy> i'm 26 6ft 2 blondeblue eyes<creamy> great<creamy> love it<creamy> hey guys<cslia> craemy = fag<ozguy> hi creamy<creamy> syndee is very sexy<creamy> i'm not a fag<Syndee> cslia...don't talk to my friend that way
<ozguy> r u fag?<creamy> hey oz<Syndee> creamy...tell them about yourself
<ozguy> gay?<Syndee> tell me more oz....<ozguy>-><Syndee> hi<Syndee> the details hon<Syndee> hello....i feel like i'm in a cave by myself
<Syndee> this isa participation sport you know
<Syndee> i kneel in front of oz<ozguy>-><Syndee> is your friend gay cos i dont mind at all
<Syndee>and slowly begin to stroke his manhood
<cslia> ozguy?<creamy> wow, it all just came up<ozguy> yeah<Syndee>-><creamy> my friend is a she<cslia> was talking to cindy<creamy> oz?<creamy> is a she?<ozguy> yes<Syndee>-><creamy> know that
<Syndee> creamy is a she<creamy> cool<ozguy> cool<Syndee> i slowly take oz into my mouth
<Syndee> the head<cslia> what? a leg?<ozguy> suck it baby<creamy> is it good oz?<Syndee> disappearing into my lips<cslia> dirty feet<Syndee> farther<Syndee> mmmmmm<ozguy> it s nice<Syndee> all the way in my warm mouth<creamy> tell us<ozguy> mmmmmmmmm<ozguy><cslia> feet sucking<cslia> awful<Syndee> i slowly start bobbing my head as i stroke his stiff cock<ozguy> i like your lips<cslia> cock? plastic cock maybe<Syndee> massaging your balls<ozguy> sit on my face creamy<cslia> sucking dildos and dirty feet<cslia> ghaaaa<Syndee>-><creamy> i'm sorry...let's move to a room called local andleave cslia behind
<Syndee>-><ozguy> let's move to a room callled localand leave cslia behind
<ozguy>-><cslia> suck me syn<Syndee>-><ozguy> ok<creamy> yes, absolutely<ozguy> how<cslia> forget it ozguy<ozguy>-><Syndee> how<Syndee>-><creamy> wait...<Syndee>-><creamy> i can't find that one anymore...just a sec
<creamy>me either<ozguy>-><Syndee> ru there?<ozguy>-><creamy> ru there<creamy>-><Syndee> can we make one?<creamy>-><Syndee> try to make one called
<Syndee>-><ozguy> ok<Syndee>-><ozguy> push active chats<creamy>-><Syndee> pink panties?<ozguy>-><creamy> then<Syndee>-><ozguy> type "all the" in the search field and push search<Syndee>-><ozguy> then go in that room<Syndee>-><creamy> go to a room that starts with all the
<creamy>-><ozguy> can we make a room for us?<Syndee>-><creamy> ok<Syndee>-><creamy> all the mallus is the full name
<Syndee>-><ozguy>all the mallus is the full name<cslia> creamy?<ozy> hello guest<ozy> nice name<Guest> thanks<ozy> be my guest<ozy> hostis<ozy> hostile guest?<ozy> hi dea<ozy> you must know something<M3r?ak> non sono dea....:)<ozy> M.E.R.I.A. is the most important newsletter about middle eastissues
<M3r?ak> sono il suo ragazzo....:)<ozy> and every time I receive a love mail from you...<ozy> I must look for it into the MERIA mailbox
<ozy> come hai detto?<ozy> oops<M3r?ak> sono il suo ragazzo....<ozy> ah, avevo capito bene<M3r?ak> dea ? al lavoro...<ozy> buongiorno<M3r?ak> grazie...:)<ozy> luigi?<M3r?ak> si.....<ozy> bene, bene<M3r?ak> tu osvaldo vero<ozy> yep<ozy> aka ozy the nutter<ozy> avete alrti 7 giorni r mezzo per farmi quella proposta per unachat
<M3r?ak> cosa?<ozy> ho dato otto giorni di tempo per chi mi propone come fare unachatline come voglio io
<ozy> e ? passata mezza giornata<M3r?ak> hehe....puoi spiegarmi come la vorresti?<ozy> in breve l'ho spiegato ieri, ma ti mando una mail sommaria. idettagli sono una cosa un po' enorme
<ozy> ma per una soluzionesommaria, basta una mail
<ozy> indirizzo?<M3r?ak><M3r?ak> si ma avendo solo l'hosting si puo fare poco
<M3r?ak> ilserver ? vostro oppure siete in Hosting?<ozy> deve essere basata su una struttura leggera, per forza
<ozy>hosting, per di pi? "camuffato"<M3r?ak> quindi il massimo ke potete fare e quello di mettere lepagine...giusto?<ozy> esatto<M3r?ak> non avete accesso alla shell del vostro account
<ozy> nemmenoidea di che cosa sia<ozy> aspetta che chiedo allo scienziato
<M3r?ak> usando il servizio dichat..tipo questa
<ozy> questa funziona benissimo. manca solo un paiodi dettagli
<ozy> e l'integrazione con il messageboard
<ozy> io vorreicos?, pi? 24 ore di testo in linea per chiunque entri
<ozy> pi?finestre a parte per gli "aside"
<ozy> pi? integrazione senzainterruzioni con il message board<ozy> secondo me, basta fare unmessage aboard come si deve e lanciare la chat da l?<ozy> izzy?<izzy> HI ALL<M3r?ak> ho capito cosa intendi...<izzy> HELLO OZY<ozy> hi icy<M3r?ak> hi icy<izzy> QUIET ROOM<ozy> il tutto basato su testo, niente faccine, ecc
<ozy> working room<izzy> OZY SEND ME IN ENGLISH PLEASE<izzy> AHAAA<ozy> but if your sister wants to join us , izzy...<izzy> MY SISTER?<ozy> no sister?<ozy> a fiancee?<izzy> NO, SORRY<ozy> then fuck off. you are no use<izzy> IM F OZY<izzy> BUT THANKS ANYWAY<ozy> you're welcome<ozy> hehe<izzy> AHAAA<ozy> sorry for the rude welcome,<izzy> THATS LIFE...<ozy> no, that's me<izzy> LOL, YES<izzy> WHERE ARE U FROM OZY??<ozy> born in italy, israeli citizen, living in london
<izzy> WOW, NICE<ozy> so and so<ozy> GOTTA GO PEOPLE, LATER<izzy> IM FROM ROMANIA
<Guest670> hello<ozy> HELLO<Guest670> it's raman<ozy> hello raman<Guest670> slow isn't it<ozy> slow what?<Guest670> updating,<ozy> updating?<Guest670> seems like you get my words you reply, then i get my wordsand your reply together
<ozy> because you have translation ON<ozy> disconnect it<Guest670> after quite a few seconds<ozy> go in show advanced and disconnect translation
<Guest670> ok#<ozy> you there?<ozy> wlecome back<Guest670> ha ha<Guest670> still same problem. I'm HTML not Java
<ozy> ah, html isawful<ozy> why not java? bank firewall?<Guest670> have you had 670 guests<ozy> nope<ozy> 50 maybe<Guest670> firewall & tight with cash<ozy> most goons
<Guest670> meriak<ozy> raman, meet luigi, deanna's fiance
<Guest670> hello<meriak> ciao...:))<ozy>-><Guest670> this is the kind of surprises I have for you. andafter deanna's fiance, you will meet JJ's daddy
<ozy>-><Guest670> andsavana's momma<meriak> ci siete?<ozy>-><Guest670> yes, I was whispering to raman
<ozy> yes, I was justwhispering to raman <ozy> hehe<HEIDI> HELLO<meriak> ciao....<HEIDI> hello boss<ozy> hi heidi. did you finish?<HEIDI> yes<HEIDI> i'm running it from my desk now
<ozy> will my desk ready forthis evening?<HEIDI> dunno. ask joe<Guest670> heidi<ozy> raman?raman?<ozy> raman is a money manager<ozy> who is not afraid to forecast<meriak> ho capito....tnZ<meriak> :)<ozy> tnz?<meriak> thanks....:)<ozy> oh...<ozy> tx<meriak> ok...<ozy> havo to go.<ozy> have<ozy> need to set up my machine to be ready tomorrow. bye
<meriak> kemakina?<ozy> stiamo cambiando tutto il sistema informativo dell'ufficio
<ozy>e l'ultima macchina che installano ovviamente ? la mia
<ozy> una dellemie<ozy> in questo momento ho sette monitor sul tavolo...<ozy> devono diventare tre entro stasera
<ozy> e le mie palle devonosmettere di roteare
<meriak> heheh....buttane 4 allora :))<ozy> ? esattamente quello che far? domani mattina
<ozy> le 4 conscritto "bloomberg" volano dalla finestra
<meriak> :)) heheh<ozy> tanto sono anoleggio, e sono assicurate...<Guest670> see ya, sorry it;'s hard to look at BBG and chat on this<Guest670> & talking in modern latin doesn't help either
<ozy> sorryraman, see ya tomorrow<meriak> sono almeno LCD ...spero..?<Guest670> pity theres no time stamp, also can you scroll back overprevious days
<Guest670> pity theres no time stamp, also can you scrollback over previous days1
<ozy> i can download everything you areinterested and send you
<ozy> hope users will be able to soon<ozy> morte: use the "board" for discussion
<ozy> more<meriak> ozy perk? non metti la sezione forum sotto.....nella stessapagina...divisa da un FRAME?<meriak> cosi avrai sempre a disposizione la chat e il Forum
<meriak> epotrai interagire con entrambi...cosa ne pensi?<ozy> uhm...<ozy> diventa piccolo piccolo<ozy> non vedi che molti utenti non hanno neanche java... cazzo questiancora sono fermi all'et? della pietra
<ozy> e voi rompete la palle amelli<ozy> ...<ozy> il bastardo ? riuscito a passare tutto il sistema informativodell'ufficio su internet
<ozy> reuters e bridge compresi<meriak> si ma si puo vedere la stessa chat anke in formato HTML c'?scritto sotto
<ozy> e le prime 24 ore le ha passate a farsi criticareper le cornicette della chat
<ozy> la chat html fa schifo, ha ragioneraman
<ozy> lentissima<meriak> Il Java non ? supoprtatno anke per motivi si sicurezza
<ozy> eallora se ci? che ? sicuro ? lento...<ozy> c'? ancora molto lavoro da fare
<meriak> intendo il Java come sicurezza ? bassisimo....<ozy> hi dirty harry<ozy> sicurezza a fronte di che?<ozy> che danni pu? fare?harry<meriak> a fronte ke si potrebbe far eseguire codice arbitrario inJava, soltado aprendo la pagina...ecco perk? non viene supportato inmoti sistemi
<meriak> specie quelli grossi<ozy> uhm...<ozy> io mis ento cos? a mio agio con un bel sistema frammentato
<ozy>adesso devo proprio andare. grazie della chiacchierata
<meriak> ok...apresto<meriak> ciao a tutti vado ank'io...<ozy> hello. you still there?<heidi> yes I am<heidi> I said I am already<heidi> ready<mandrake> hello<mandrake> ohell?<mandrake> elloh?<mandrake> eholl<ozy> hello ozrco<ozy> orco, sorry<heidi> WHAT'S ORCO?<ozy> ogre<ozy> but also "pig"<heidi> I will have to shut down my machine again, boss.<orcozio> so orco zio according to ozy means uncle pig?<ozy> ogre pig<ozy> ogre... do you like children, orcozio?<orcozio> try trlling that to uncle stalin , comrade
<ozy> unclestalin? your mother fuked with stalin?<ozy> and told you he was some uncle?<ozy> sorry, mistype: fucked<orcozio> no he's your uncle not mine, i was told
<ozy> orcozio...uhm... brother of tadzio?<ozy> friend of fazio?<orcozio> no couzin of rick lazio of the bil and hill show
<ozy> ah, ofthe strazio branch of the family
<ozy> the famous Zio bros<orcozio> nope fazio strazio ain't from lazio
<ozy> fazio is from lazio<ozy> sicilian name, but he is from lazio
<ozy> geometra antonio fazio<orcozio> really?<ozy> yep<ozy> graduated in US, but geometra in italy
<orcozio> 'splains a lot<ozy> hehe<ozy> it does<ozy> tietmeyer a priest<ozy> ciampi a lawyer and a latin teacher
<ozy> greenspan a dropout<ozy> almost, hehe<orcozio> you would haveto be of you were called herr tit all day<orcozio> we deserve thosewho govern us, not
<ozy> imagine his poorsister<ozy> we ?<ozy> those who pay taxes deserve them<orcozio> figure o'speach<ozy> mine too, of course ;)<ozy> where you from, orzobimbo?
<ozy> [like I didn't know]<orcozio> nice try i'm from inland revenue
<ozy> reverie?<ozy> come on, make my day, try to exact
<orcozio> our reverie yourrevenue loss<ozy> bye heidi. nice girl<ozy> earning her bread<orcozio> hello<ozy> hello, am here<ozy> but there's a new round of machine-moving on my desk. see ya in10 minutes
<orcozio> try not to drop it on a foot<ozy> feticist<orcozio> foot not toes<bozo> bitdull round here, say what?<ozy> bozo<bozo> like a toomb i'd say , what?<ozy> bozo, find a tomb and let us work, will you?<ozy> go promenade with orcozio<bozo> work?<ozy> come back on thursday, or never<bozo> what's an orcozio, before i go?<bozo> funny folks in here.<Guest> i cant walk out<Guest> because i love you too much baby
<Guest> why cant u see<Guest> what you're doin to me<Guest> cause u dont hear a word i'm sayin
<Guest> we cant go on living<Guest> with suspicious minds<Guest> and we cant build our dreams<Guest> on suspicious minds..<J.J. Hemlock><J.J. Hemlock> \hey admin?<J.J. Hemlock> u there?<J.J. Hemlock> where's elvis<J.J. Hemlock> is Elvis in the building?!<J.J. Hemlock> Hey Elvis!?!<J.J. Hemlock> hello<J.J. Hemlock> what<J.J. Hemlock> is<admin> hello<admin> elvis gone. but me am here<J.J. Hemlock> i am looking for the famous ozy miani
<admin> no shit,hemlock<J.J. Hemlock> he of the unsurpassed intellect.<J.J. Hemlock> debonair looks<admin> send me money, I will show you the man
<J.J. Hemlock> andcapable of jettisoning sperm from his dick like a main water pipebreak.<admin> you still don't speak money, dude
<J.J. Hemlock> admin, lookout. some fagg of a swiss-german is trying to get into this room.<J.J. Hemlock> his name is greg bannier. ass-bandit par excellance<admin> I sent him instructions<admin> he just have to click the clicckables
<admin> he his bank setuop a firewall, he should use html chat
<J.J. Hemlock> money? i friggintold everyone to sell the phils peso last july. lavi took my advice andreaped profits last week
<J.J. Hemlock> lavi=lavinio<admin> you mean you were long php before that?<admin> hehe<admin> sorry<J.J. Hemlock> ooops<admin> is it true your next president you will import from italy,because you hit the bottom?<J.J. Hemlock> one more time<J.J. Hemlock> buy u.s. dollar at US$ 1 to Php 42
<J.J. Hemlock> lavisold at php 51 last week
<admin> worse: is it true next president couldbe you, for the same reason?<J.J. Hemlock> where are the rest. Gargy and caldwell got all teary inbbg when u sent them ur au revoirs
<admin> nahhh...<admin> caldwell is here evry night<admin> at my 3am, he comes in, writes * parp * and exits
<admin> hehe<admin> gargano is , let's put it like that... not the most sincereperson I ever met
<J.J. Hemlock> i am going to swarm on this page likeflies on shit. am an insomniac with an internet account at home. willhave DSL hopefully by early nest year. look out!<admin> I am ready.<J.J. Hemlock> i read Dea typing all that drivel that you and she thinkpasses for a language on the board page
<J.J. Hemlock> so...can ubacksctroll here too?<admin> I get a trancript<J.J. Hemlock> do i?<admin> If you ask me<J.J. Hemlock> i thought u guaranteed that we get a transcript!<admin> I mean: if you type something interesting, you may ask me tocut and paste the text
<admin> I asked for scrollback too, but it isnot here, as you see. will be there
<admin> I waited for the programmerfor two months, after that I told him to fix something immediately justto start
<J.J. Hemlock> isnt it sweet how the u.s. presidency/mostpowerful position on earth narrows down to a couple of spic and nigahvotes in downtown miami? i love it
<admin> which caused me to be bashedby well known comouter experts like lavish and goddess
<J.J. Hemlock>goddess?<admin> dea<J.J. Hemlock> oh, u mean Kitten!fag<admin> hello<J.J. Hemlock> i meant bannier is here<J.J. Hemlock> fag<admin> polo, my god...<J.J. Hemlock> too slow cause on html<J.J. Hemlock> loser fag<admin> heheHemlock> fag<admin> chicken<J.J. Hemlock> nah. jsut frustrated with html
<admin> swiss bankparanoia<admin> they are afraid the jews of consilia enter their system
<J.J.Hemlock> ok. am off for now gramps. if my phoneline is fixed at home(got grounded from last 160 kph typhoon last sunday) i will be onlinein 4 or so hours
<J.J. Hemlock> will talk to ya then<J.J. Hemlock> ciao bella<J.J. Hemlock> heheh<admin> see ya. anytime. msg me if i am not in chat<J.J. Hemlock> We can't go on...with suspicious minds!<J.J. Hemlock> and we can't build our dreams...on suspicious minds!<J.J. Hemlock> we're caught in a trap<J.J. Hemlock> i can't walk out<J.J. Hemlock> because i love u too much baby<Guest> stops and says hello<Guest> would i still see suspicion in your eyes?Where is the audience?<Guest> there should be a person/s hired to hold this fort 24 hours aday<admin> nice name<Guest> thanks<admin> I bet your password is *****<Guest> what?<admin> forget it<Guest> hi admin.....where are you from?<admin> london<Guest> beutiful town...<admin> nice weather too<Guest> :)<admin> :( -----> 8<Guest> }:-)<admin> impressive<Guest> ok...admin...heheh....i go<admin> bye, guest<Guest> byeZ<admin> hello sir<J.J. Hemlock> i'm caught in a trap<J.J. Hemlock> i cant get out<J.J. Hemlock> because ah love ya too much
<J.J. Hemlock> baby!<admin> your body and your soul two different sexes, sir?<admin> or you just long ndx?<J.J. Hemlock> ozy, are u doin t he i am savana/franco/davide/alessiatechnique?<J.J. Hemlock> my answer is this:<J.J. Hemlock> wue<admin> nope<admin> I am here as admin or ozy. the others are for real
<J.J.Hemlock> where's davide. thought he'd be here seeing as he claimspigpen lost 90% of its brainpower when ozy bailed
<J.J. Hemlock> ithink he meant turdpower
<admin> ask him what he meant, will you?<J.J. Hemlock> davide? no use. no one has ever known what he's meant.he is a soul of confusion trapped in a body of stupidity
<admin> nicecall from shapo though<J.J. Hemlock> not done yet<admin> davide? not really<admin> no, I mean that hapo said that, no matter who won, US democracywould have shown its qualities to the savages around the world
<J.J.Hemlock> jeb pulled a fast one. palm beach gave buchanan 3000+ votes.not likely.<admin> last time I saw a mess like this, was elections for palestinianauthority in djabaliah
<J.J. Hemlock> u've never seen a philippineelection chieftain
<J.J. Hemlock> 4 months of vote-counting
<J.J.Hemlock> that includes the dead<admin> hehe<J.J. Hemlock> shapo also claimed to Susan Marristhat he was a sociallibertarian
<admin> social libertarian... HA!<admin> a fashionable way to say he is a liberal. that's the truth<J.J. Hemlock> Susan appeared clueless -- a characteristic not entirelylost upon americans. so i told her to ask you about mr social-libhimself Chomsky.<J.J. Hemlock> not that u consider chomsky anything more than a twat<admin> soc-lib-lab<admin> lab-soc-lib<admin> call yourself communists, and let's stop it
<J.J. Hemlock>she's like "never heard o' the guy"
<admin> not a bad name, huh?<J.J. Hemlock> what name?<admin> communists<admin> more real than soc-lib-lab-libertarian-but-not-rightist
<admin>compassionate communists could do
<J.J. Hemlock> ohyeah...impressive..only to those in 4-year intellectual vacations (i.e.sociology) designed to prolong adolescence
<admin> dunno. myadolescence very short
<J.J. Hemlock> what name?<admin> shapiro didn't finisoh it yet at 33
<admin> communists<J.J. Hemlock> really now. thought u spent 24 years pruning your mindin the groves of academe..<admin> nader was a puppet of al capp when I was maybe 8 or 10
<J.J.Hemlock> andy capp?<admin> ial capp<admin> lil' abner, you know?<J.J. Hemlock> only capp i know is andy
<admin> you must be kidding<admin> you were in the US in the 70s<J.J. Hemlock> true<admin> and don'yt know al capp<J.J. Hemlock> no sir<admin> lil' abner comics<J.J. Hemlock> educate me<admin> can't<admin> you must read them. laughs<admin> redneck comics<J.J. Hemlock> lil abner? sorry, my magazine of wanking choice waspenthouse.<admin> yeah, right... tv guide<J.J. Hemlock> but ur entitled to ur ...tastes
<admin> lil abner, notlil marc<J.J. Hemlock> gramps, a copy of grav rainbow finally
<admin>lil abner had a busty fiancee<admin> more real than soc-lib-lab-libertarian-but-not-rightist
<admin>do you like it?<J.J. Hemlock> havent really spent much time with it, but the lil i'veread...perhaps there must be an annotated version as some referencesare lost on me.<admin> it's very very difficult<J.J. Hemlock> not a question of it being "difficult."...but in thesame way a foreigner cannot appreciate say the piquant sesquipedalianstyle of twain..u cant i think totally appreciate pyunchon unless youknew what he was referring too
<admin> you mean the story and thesymbolic issue?<admin> compassionate communists could do
<admin> the mandala / nazithing?<J.J. Hemlock> i mean the specific names, brand names, places.<admin> oh, well, yes<J.J. Hemlock> in first 50 or so pages
<admin> it will notget any better under that perspective
<J.J. Hemlock> i reckon since uare in pynchon's age group, u'd get it. i'm a young enough chap u see,<admin> find a WWII hisroty book<J.J. Hemlock> oh yeah...impressive..only to those in 4-yearintellectual vacations (i.e. sociology) designed to prolong adolescence<admin> in 1944 I was the hope to become a spermatozoide
<J.J. Hemlock>u should have been a wank
<admin> my dad didn't wank too much, itseems, and here I am<admin> maybe if i had a big brothere like yiou,dad woukld wank
<admin> hi nico<J.J. Hemlock> it seems that "hope" is an affliction of your people.perhaps "hope" is the driving force behind you calling a perpetuallywar-ravaged arid piece of desert "the promised land"
<admin> and no oil<admin> dodn't forget: not one single drop of oil
<admin> dunno. myadolescence very short
<admin> of all M east places...<nico> hola quiero sexo<J.J. Hemlock> there was...cristos = the oiled ones chieftain.<admin> pls: sex, age, looks<J.J. Hemlock> comes un pollo maricon!<J.J. Hemlock> entonces chinga tu madre nico
<J.J. Hemlock> ur friendgramps?<admin> welcome to "smarthier than thou chat, rico
<admin> dunno<admin> ohi, nico?<J.J. Hemlock> was that josem?!<admin> who knows. lotta people here<admin> the strangest goons appeared<J.J. Hemlock> right. a grand total of 2!<admin> now<admin> but there were one dumb palestiniana, two guys from texas,deanna with monthly problems
<admin> a guy from mexico<admin> a indian who wanted a loan<J.J. Hemlock> anyway, yes..pynchon's work i'll read this christmas.seems a dmeanding read
<J.J. Hemlock> heheh. wrong. indians give outloans...they're the local mobile pawnshops in the far east gramps<admin> nope<admin> not this one<admin> he needed a loan for his company
<admin> am not kidding<admin> another guy tried to make friends with my assistant
<J.J.Hemlock> wait...back to rainbow.... how can one best appreciate it. ireckon it stands on its own..but there must be a reading guide one canuse alongside it to fully appreciate the work.<admin> in brief, in two days this is coming an asylum
<J.J. Hemlock>gramps?<admin> i would start with closing time by heller
<admin> closing timeby heller and catch 22. plus vonnegut's books about the bomb
<J.J.Hemlock> read catch 22 perhaps 15 years ago
<admin> cat's craddle, forexemple<admin> ok. then read closing times<J.J. Hemlock> i did a bit of happy birthday wanda june years back..<admin> it's catch 22+ the bomb<J.J. Hemlock> u cant say ur crazy cause if u say ur crazy ur not crazyblah blah blah
<admin> hi tito<J.J. Hemlock> uncle<admin> nahhhh....<admin> no no no<admin> you didn't get it, jj<admin> hi tito<J.J. Hemlock> conspiracy theories etc.....paranoia..<admin> read it again today<admin> cosnpiracy theories? where?<J.J. Hemlock> no she is not. she told me u were teh only person worthkeeping in contact with on chat.not loveporque hace muchos espanoles en este pagina cono!<J.J. Hemlock> lust?<J.J. Hemlock> never seen a consilia report
<J.J. Hemlock> u've neverheard of tarot cards?<admin> yeah, rather<admin> sheer carnal need<J.J. Hemlock> on ur her part<J.J. Hemlock> heheh<J.J. Hemlock> go to your room now she says
<admin> bye tito<admin> did you see you have answers to your postings?<admin> who's guest 44?<J.J. Hemlock> yup. boring answers<admin> hold on, phone<admin> do i need to impress you?<J.J. Hemlock> prob me<admin> hedging strategies for industrial companies
<admin> notepadsintegrated with chat, things like that<J.J. Hemlock> there areno reports. no contreibutions. nada.<J.J. Hemlock> seriously. what do u do.<admin> no jewsish mother<admin> chat<admin> startegies for trading companies
<J.J. Hemlock> u develop aproduct which i suspect has some financial merit.<admin> you will read something by me on the middle east soon
<admin>analysis on media trends for industry
<J.J. Hemlock> conspiracytheories etc.....paranoia..<admin> no reports<J.J. Hemlock> save for this being a little past-time caprice for you,what do u expect this website to evolve into gramps.<J.J. Hemlock> writing tools?<admin> far east is not my sector<admin> read it again today<admin> cosnpiracy theories? where?<admin> for OUR use<admin> political risk analysis<admin> in catch22?<J.J. Hemlock> am asking<J.J. Hemlock> grav rainbow<admin> another fag?<J.J. Hemlock> must be EXPERT advise<admin> right<admin> no<admin> no no no<J.J. Hemlock> ps: u read chomsky's latest on that? its on the net<admin> symbolic - intiatic<J.J. Hemlock> just asking...chill<admin> nononononononononononon<admin> NNNNNNNNNNNNPPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOO
<J.J. Hemlock> dominatrix?of consilia's best pens<admin> here i am<admin> chill? why?<J.J. Hemlock> nutttterrrrrr<J.J. Hemlock> other than engaging in an exercise that is not farremoved from tarot card reading, what skills do your colleaguesactually possess?<admin> how would you like a chat+word processr to be?<admin> it's already chilling here<admin> forecasting is not... etc etc etc
<admin> damp and moist andwindy and<admin> oh, forget it<J.J. Hemlock> then take ur face off of ur wife's ass
<admin> writingand communication tools
<admin> I want a beach<J.J. Hemlock> come over<J.J. Hemlock> it's a cool 25 degrees centigrade these days
<admin>pity she's over 70<J.J. Hemlock> uncle<J.J. Hemlock> winter here u know<admin> yeah, right...<admin> do you need to be impressed?<admin> it's first of all a tool for the company, then open to friends<J.J. Hemlock> it hits 20 at night...killer
<admin> nahhhh....<admin> I'll call bubya and tell him to disinherit you
<admin> dubya<J.J. Hemlock> who's that veronica?<J.J. Hemlock> bubba-ya<admin> fine lady<admin> you will go under japanese sphere of influence
<admin> she'smore like a severe mistress
<J.J. Hemlock> how was deanna's man<J.J. Hemlock> u promised no bbg police. now u sent me a jewish mother.<admin> no no no<admin> kind<admin> veronica is a nickname<admin> serious and kind<admin> humble<admin> tame<admin> quiet<admin> more communication, more efficient writing tools, NEVER alibrary of old papers
<admin> poor guy<J.J. Hemlock> nothing like us eh?<admin> yes, i heard: nothing to do with our job<admin> quietly<J.J. Hemlock> heheheh<admin> will never be there<J.J. Hemlock> uncle!<admin> no free lunch<admin> in the meantime i got deanna mad
<J.J. Hemlock> really? wouldlove to hear ur take on the far east...<admin> buy side analysis<admin> who's tito?<J.J. Hemlock> are those message replies all u under diff names?<admin> ?<admin> which message replies?<J.J. Hemlock> nah...deanna loves you.<J.J. Hemlock> on the board<tito> en busca de mujer madura<admin> that's why she is mad at me<J.J. Hemlock> u dont forecast..u analyse. i see. how impressive. zzzzz<admin> no, on the board i use my name<J.J. Hemlock> whats that?<admin> i want chat and mail to evolve<admin> tarot?<admin> you didn't get it, jj<admin> admiral runs it<admin> nope (chnomsky)<admin> where?<admin> about what?<J.J. Hemlock> it's on the net. lemme look and i'll tell you.<J.J. Hemlock> recent developments. hang on gimme two minutes/
<admin>write to for far east
<admin> recent? end ofvietnam war?<admin> and need to find a job?<admin> (for noam the kike, I mean)<J.J. Hemlock> i know. ur a bit harsho on the old man.<admin> no, why?<J.J. Hemlock> though his view on sports is absolute twat
<admin> it'sthe only good thing he says
<admin> apart from his EARLY studies<J.J. Hemlock> that it is an opiate for the masses?<admin> nooooo!!!!!<J.J. Hemlock> dont think chomsky has ever hear the sweet sound of theliquid crunch of cartilege on bone in a well-executed tackle.<admin> what he says about foreign policy: that every hard hat who cankeep a baseball statistics can run the pentagon
<admin> didn't you readthat?<admin> he explains very well how a baseball season is more complexthan bosnia
<J.J. Hemlock> dang...i used to find thatarticle re latest devts in israel/jerusalem etc... i should have fwd itto you. i got stuck reading his take on indonesia/far east/ odious debtetc..<admin> and that people don't need gurus to explain them. they needjust NEWS
<admin> gimme keywords<J.J. Hemlock> sure. but media caters to the wad. the worst kind too.the american wad.<admin> chomsky+jerusalem? ghaa....<admin> lori?<J.J. Hemlock> no . i tried that. not sure if i used chomsky nader.<admin> of the lori lori loriu lori lori memmroy?lori lori loriu lori lori memmroy? (update 1)
<admin> of the lori loriloriu lori lori memmroy?<admin> of the lori lori loriu lori lori memmroy?<admin> of the lori lori loriu lori lori memmroy?<admin> hehe<admin> gone<J.J. Hemlock> dang. cant find it. actually had u in mind as it was adetailed exposition. lecture accompanied with a detailed map.<admin> you dreamed<admin> you had this dream of something that could confute me
<admin>and you dreamed chomsky to write it
<J.J. Hemlock> nope. very sure. itwas 3 articles below his take on wto demonstrations and a discouse on"odious debt" and moral imperatives.<admin> moral imperatives... kant again.<admin> *barf*<J.J. Hemlock> i skipped that one on the mid-east as i could give ashitt abt what happens there. but i knew u'd dig the stuff.<admin> hehe<admin> i can't help finding people who "doesn't give a damn aboutmiddle east"
<admin> and they are 1) catholics or 2) american gingrichstyle bible reader or 3) oil traders HEHEHEHE
<admin> you had thisdream of something that could confute me
<J.J. Hemlock> all goatherds<admin> envy<admin> because you shave only your eyebrows
<J.J. Hemlock> envygoatherds?<admin> call them goatherds out of envy
<J.J. Hemlock> arabs prefervirgins, for they dread comaprison, and with good reason.<admin> this is true<J.J. Hemlock> u elevated those goatherds into actual world playuerschief, when they should have been nothing more than a nuisance. sad.<admin> we?<J.J. Hemlock> i cant find that dang article. anyway, i used<admin> i tot it was the brits and the russian and the french
<J.J.Hemlock> nope. u. from lack of political will to decimate.<admin> wrong<admin> just wrong winds<admin> fallout would have spoiled beaches
<J.J. Hemlock> heheheh<admin> in half an hour I go<admin> important meeting<admin> go get importatnt news about my wealth
<admin> and the futureof financial information
<admin> aka:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<eric idle> any body seen my dead parrot?<eric idle> nope/<eric idle> anybody can tell me if the ministry of silly walks exists?<eric idle> guess not.<eric idle> bye<J.J. Hemlock> Mocha Frappuccino to go. thank you.<Shadyz Ladyz> um hi<Shadyz Ladyz> hhhhhhhhhhhhhh<admin> well articulated, huh?<Shadyz Ladyz> what?<admin> hello, how are you? what do you want here?<Shadyz Ladyz> well excuse me<Shadyz Ladyz> i'll leave<Shadyz Ladyz> damn i cant<admin> how did you get here in the first place?<Shadyz Ladyz> well i went to active chats
<Shadyz Ladyz> then chosedis one<admin> and you found this chat listed? it's an error
<admin> shouldnot be advertised<Shadyz Ladyz> yeah<Shadyz Ladyz> y not?<admin> because it's for friends and clients and collegues
<ShadyzLadyz> c ya<Shadyz Ladyz> u r tooooooo rude<admin> anytime<admin> not enough<admin> you still here<admin> fuck off<Shadyz Ladyz> im looking ok<admin> OK<admin> lurker<Shadyz Ladyz> asshole<Shadyz Ladyz> hello<admin> where are you from?<admin> how old are you?<Shadyz Ladyz> usa<Shadyz Ladyz> y?<admin> just chatting to make you feel welcome
<admin> * burp *<Shadyz Ladyz> ew rude<admin> usa? where?<Shadyz Ladyz> ca<Shadyz Ladyz> la<admin> podunk?<admin> la<Shadyz Ladyz> bev.hills<admin> i see<Shadyz Ladyz> ok?<admin> oh, impressive<admin> you latin<Shadyz Ladyz> y?<Shadyz Ladyz> noooooo<admin> because you wanted to impress me
<admin> no latin?<Shadyz Ladyz> no<Shadyz Ladyz> where r u from?<admin> israel<Shadyz Ladyz> oh god<admin> yes<Shadyz Ladyz> i been there<admin> exactly that place<Shadyz Ladyz> hehe<Shadyz Ladyz> i went to<Shadyz Ladyz> ummmm<Shadyz Ladyz> whats the capital?<admin> jerusalem<Shadyz Ladyz> not there<Shadyz Ladyz> ummmmmmm<admin> funny<admin> all foreigneres go there<Shadyz Ladyz> the salt sea thing<admin> boring<Shadyz Ladyz> dead sea<admin> do you have some scary skin disease?<Shadyz Ladyz> where is dat?<Shadyz Ladyz> no<Shadyz Ladyz> its famous<admin> so why the dead sea?<Shadyz Ladyz> i wanted to float<admin> you a turd?<Shadyz Ladyz> noooo<admin> turds float<Shadyz Ladyz> where is dat anyway?<admin> down under<Shadyz Ladyz> seriously<Shadyz Ladyz> oh no thats the word<admin> yep<Shadyz Ladyz> oh no thats the word<Shadyz Ladyz> sorry just singing<admin> go on<admin><Shadyz Ladyz> out on the street you dont survive by being beat
<ShadyzLadyz> aint no stopping stopping
<Shadyz Ladyz> no 1 does itbetter<admin> oh, my god<Shadyz Ladyz> im done<admin> and I am an athiest<Shadyz Ladyz> what?<admin> atheist<Shadyz Ladyz> athiest?<Shadyz Ladyz> im roman catholic<admin> you LA people are really all like that, as they say?<admin> oops<admin> I meant "fag"<Shadyz Ladyz> us LA people<admin> bad timing<Shadyz Ladyz> all like what????<Shadyz Ladyz> athiest<admin> got stuck? contagious dislexya?<Shadyz Ladyz> damn u stupid<admin> yeah, right<Shadyz Ladyz> yeah<admin> yeah, maaaaaaan<admin> LA hippie<Shadyz Ladyz> whats your name...... Forrest Gump?<Shadyz Ladyz> peace<admin> freedom<Shadyz Ladyz> run forrest<Shadyz Ladyz> run<Shadyz Ladyz> wow<admin> suck me shadyz<Shadyz Ladyz> its getting popular in here
<admin> suck<admin> popular?<Shadyz Ladyz> theres nothing to suck<admin> in LA? i think so<Shadyz Ladyz> ive seen bigger maggots<admin> you see through this? funny<admin> what to you smoke?<Shadyz Ladyz> i know i am<admin> coca?<Shadyz Ladyz> noooooo<Shadyz Ladyz> skunk<Shadyz Ladyz> it is<Shadyz Ladyz> admin promise me something?<admin> TELL ME<Shadyz Ladyz> if you ever get into any trouble just run
<Shadyz Ladyz>just RUN<admin> sorry, won't<Shadyz Ladyz> y?<Shadyz Ladyz> i love this song<Shadyz Ladyz> make the body move u got to let the body groove
<ShadyzLadyz> im bored<admin> i see it<Shadyz Ladyz> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
<Shadyz Ladyz> im outtie<Shadyz Ladyz> chow<Shadyz Ladyz> peace<Shadyz Ladyz> love<Shadyz Ladyz> and<Shadyz Ladyz> happinessgood<adam>-><admin> economics !!! ok go for it
<adam>-><admin> economics !!! ok gofor it
<adam> as i knew no answers on a one to one basis<admin> hello<admin> hi lurkers<admin> ( .) ( .)<try> hi asl<admin> asl<admin> ?<try> age sex location<try> are you there<admin> yes<admin> your asl?<admin> why don't you ask race too?<admin> or political bias?<admin> are you rich?<admin> asking sex and location is not politically correct
<admin> andwhat about age?<try> why<admin> why you ask asl?<admin> you racist against older people?<admin> and viceversa, why my political bias shouldn't interest you?<try> no<admin> then why do you need to know my age
<admin> what did you wantto discuss?<admin><admin> I see<admin> how did you get here in the first place?<try> frist you tell me ur asl<admin> yeah, right<admin> go back to teen chat, pls<admin><ken_z> haloo<admin> halo?<admin> echo<ken_z> u gusmen?<admin> echo<admin> gusmen?<ken_z> echo?<admin> echo, like halo<admin> reverb<ken_z> your names<admin> my names?<ken_z> yes<admin> I have just one<admin> ozy<ken_z> what<admin> what what?<ken_z> ooh<admin> I have one name<admin> ken z?<ken_z> so do i<admin> kennet ztarr ?<ken_z> no<admin> looking for a job dude?<ken_z> keannaa<ken_z> i'm college<admin> haoppy you<admin> happy<ken_z> yup<admin> what do you study?<admin> if<ken_z> univ. padjadjaran<admin> what matter?<ken_z> where are you<ken_z> where do you com<admin> I am in london<ken_z> hiiiiiiiiiii<admin> hehe<ken_z> heheesopeak italian?<admin> good.<ur_friend> hi<admin> our friend?<ur_friend> ya i am everyones friend<admin> nahhhhh<admin> can you still sit down then?<ur_friend> what?<lily joe rush><admin> heyhello<admin> good<baron munkhausen> danke<baron munkhausen> ve vant to talk about ze heuro<sonny>
<Enter Text Here><sonny> hi ozy<sonny> ,<--------------------tip toed out so as not wake anyone<sonny> hello<Luciano> hello<Luciano> how are you?<Luciano> are you here?<ozy> here<ozy> and am fine<Luciano> what are you doing here ?<Luciano> parli italiano ?<admin> hello, it's me<admin> si'<Luciano> meno male<admin> ho cambiato macchina<Luciano> cosa fai qui ?<admin> qual buon vento ti porta da queste parti?<admin> ci lavoro<Luciano> lavori in una chat ?<admin> e tu?<Luciano> io passo di qui per puro caso
<Luciano> che lavoro fai ?<admin> ricercatore<Luciano> io ho voluto provare questo programma di chat per il mio sito<admin> dirigo questa baracca<Luciano> comeunque faccio il programmatore di mestiere
<admin> e ilpuro caso non esiste<Luciano> e che ricerche fai ?<admin> zzzzzzzz<Luciano> stai in Francia ?<admin> stavi girando chats a caso?<admin> londra<Luciano> si stavo girando a vanvera<admin> ricerche su economia e finanza<Luciano> non ci credi ?<admin> non hai visto in che sito ti trovi?<Luciano> pensi che io sia qualcuno che vuole cavarti qualcosa conl'inganno ?<Luciano> si ora sono andato su
<admin> no, penso solo cheaspetto di capire se vuoi parlare di qualcosa
<admin> questa chat ?fatta per quello<Luciano> comunque io faccio il webmaster per il sito<admin> anche se sei libero di chattarci di quello che vuoi, ma in talcaso magari io non sono molto di compagnia
<Luciano> vorrei che tu glidessi uno sguardo e mi dicessi cosa ne pensi ?<admin> non lo conosco. cosa fate?<Luciano> ma tu stai in questa chat tutto il giorno aspettando iclienti ?<admin> no<admin> mi suona un campanello quando entra qualcuno. e in realt? iclienti mandano prima una mail per chiamarci in chat
<Luciano>-><admin>e' un portale locale per la mia cittadina "Marigliano" e per i comunidell'hinterland di Napoli
<admin> io sono qui a dare un'occhiata perch?siamo partiti da due giorni, e ancora controllo che funzioni tutto<admin> napoli?<admin> bello<admin> piove meno di qua, credo. anche se non ultimamenmte
<Luciano>si si<Luciano> ma di che parte dell'Italia sei ?<Luciano> ci sei ?<Luciano><admin> scusa<admin> eccomi<admin> sono originario di venezia<admin> venezia, milano, londra<Luciano> e ti vanno bene gli affari ?<admin> ho il mito di napoli come il posto dove non c'? la pioggia e lanebbia, hehe
<admin> s?, faccio il lavoro che amo<Luciano> a Londra come si sta ?<admin> finalmente<Luciano> come si sta diffondendo la net economy ?<admin> bene<admin> non si sta, si fa<admin> se fosse per stare, non varrebbe la pena
<admin> troppo cara<admin> ma per fare, eccellente<admin> non credo che esista una net economy come tale
<admin> guardail nostro sito<Luciano> ho visto che la sede della tua azienda sta al 22 diBuckingham Gate, perche non lo dite sul sito ?<admin> noi usiamo internet dal 1993<admin> usando soprattutto la posta<admin> fatturiamo pi? noi via internet, senza mettere NULLA sul sito<admin> ... di molti siti carichi di figurette eimmaginette
<admin>ecco, vedi: perch? devo mettere sul sito la sede geografica?<Luciano> perche' il fatto che una azienda abbia anche una sedegeografica e' una sicurezza per me utente
<admin> il server lo teniamoin svizzera
<admin> io lavoro a londra<admin> colleghi lavorano a milano<admin> il cliente sta a verona o a bath
<admin> mi scrive via e-mail<admin> cosa me ne faccio dell'indirizzo di rappresentanza, altro cheattirare imbecilli
<Luciano> ma le persone che vogliono entrare incontatto con voi come vi conoscono ?<Luciano> la prima volta intendo<Luciano> come fanno le persono che non vi conoscono a contattarvi perla prima volta ?<Luciano> addio<ozy> li cerchiamo noi<admin> hido you want here?<admin> go home<admin> gone.<admin> hullo<cutegirl> hi asl??<admin> asl?<admin> what's your race, pls?<cutegirl> i asked first<admin> political bias?annual income?<admin> last book you read?<admin> name, go figure?<Guest> KASHIF<admin> hello<admin> nice name, guest<admin> *burp*<MIRIAME> bonjour<admin> bonjour<MIRIAME> how are u?<admin> fine<MIRIAME> where are u from?<admin> thx, you?<admin> london<MIRIAME> oh but u live in senegal<admin> senegal<admin> what do you do there?<MIRIAME> oh i said u are from senegal but u live in london .U I SAID<admin> me? from senegal?<admin> nope<admin> I'm israeli and live in london<MIRIAME> oh un malicieux type<admin> where are you?<MIRIAME> ohhadmets que tu habites au senegal
<admin> [as if i gave adamn]<admin> couple of days without a US president, and all thirdl worldgoons come out
<MIRIAME> je te<fran> hola follamos<Mel-iss-a> hi<admin> hello camello<admin> nice name<CAMELLO>
<Enter Text Here>HOLA<admin> hola<CAMELLO> ERES MUJER?<admin> enter text there<admin> nope<admin> a man<admin> with a black beard<admin> sorry<admin> hombre<admin> man<admin> hello<admin> nice name<admin> lokking for trouble?<admin> looking<Iwantyoudarling> yes<admin> right place<admin> am busy now<Iwantyoudarling> what r u doing in here by yourself
<admin> lurking<admin> and testing this chat device<Iwantyoudarling> lol<Iwantyoudarling> see ya
<admin> witful and modest, huh?<admin> HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! hehehe
<admin> HELLO<cesar> Hi<admin> welcome<cesar> I am Peruvian ?and you?<admin> israeli<cesar> Excuse me I am not sepeak very good the English
<admin> tryspanish. i speak italian<admin> french?<cesar> Hablo espa?ol<admin> it seems to work. go on<cesar> What is your name?<admin> ozy<admin> do you see this in spanish?<cesar> Si (or yes)<admin> hehe<admin> it trasnlated "si" into "yes"<cesar> Ozy, ?esperabas que entre alguien al chatroom?<cesar> ?What is your job,Ozy?<admin> no, i am just testing it<admin> this is my office, but chatting is not my job.<admin> my job is writing<cesar> Where or what is your job?
<admin> hi sonny<admin> I work here as a analyst<cesar> Writing or writer?<sonny>
<Enter Text Here><cesar> Hi sonny<sonny> hi admin<admin> admis = ozy<admin> admin = ozy<sonny> whats up guys ?<admin> writer<admin> cesar is bored<cesar> This is an economic forum no?<cesar> bored?<admin> yes<sonny> maybe yes<admin> hehe<cesar> What is it?<admin> yes this is supposed to be an economic forum
<admin> but it's8pm here<admin> disucission about money<sonny> where ?<admin> dscussion<admin> here<cesar> Here is the 2:47 pm<admin> nahhh, here is dinner time<admin> I am at office<sonny> yes here it is the same time eastern usa
<cesar>Good,discussion<admin> and I just want to go home<sonny> next tuesday the american central bank meets whether to raiseinterest rates
<admin> ghaaaaa<admin> if USA is still there next tuesday
<cesar> Good,here oureconomy is for the foors
<sonny> what will they do up or down ?<admin> nothing<admin> they will stay pat<sonny> ok i think so too<admin> why?<sonny> so then will the inflation rise
<admin> you hope so... thatwould help gold
<admin> but greensapn forgot his rand years
<sonny>gold is cheap now<admin> he is stuck into deflation dreams
<admin> gold is cheap, dollaris deflated, and USA is... wel... how is it?<sonny> silver is cheaper<admin> but gold is the issue<sonny> deflation would reek havok on any organised economy
<admin>silver is not<sonny> how is it ? a very big bubble still exists
<admin> bubble?<sonny> value may be the issue no ?<sonny> ok gold<admin> value, correct<sonny> inflated prices of assets<admin> right<admin> move to message board<admin> monosyllables are not the best way to discuss
<admin> or: stayhere, but relax. you can type many lines
<sonny> ok where is it ?<admin> same site, look for "board" link
<sonny> yes ok sorry<admin> don't be sorry<sonny> ok<admin> just that chatlines arenot best place for thinking<gum_girl>-><ozy> hi<gum_girl>-><ozy> ozy<gum_girl>-><ozy> pozy<gum_girl>-><ozy> wozy<gum_girl>-><ozy> gozy<gum_girl>-><ozy> smmozy<gum_girl>-><ozy> fat gum<gum_girl>-><ozy> i love you<gum_girl>-><ozy> i adore youLUKE> BONJOUR<LUKY-LUKE> CHERCHE COCHONE ET BELLES PAROLES<J.J.> ozy<J.J.> hey ozy<J.J.> hoy ozy!<J.J.> Will the Real Slim Nutter please stand up?<J.J.>-><ADMIN> Tech question re website!<J.J.> tech question re website<J.J.> why do i keep logging on as the guest#??<BubbaGump> why???<BubbaGump> gramps, i keep logging in as Gust so-and-so. What's wrongwith this crrapp. Please leave me a posting on the message board oninstructions as to how i can log in with a sobriquet of my choice.Thank you.<BubbaGump> Gust=guest<BubbaGump> i keep logging in as guest so-and-so on the message do i put in a name i prefer.<BubbaGump> I will be check back in later<Jester> gramps<admin> ?<Jester> am having technical probs<admin> with?<Jester> everytime i try to post a message on ur message board, itautomatically logs me in as "guest"
<Jester> but in 3 or so occasions,i was ableto log in the sobriquet of my choice.<admin> are you a multicity regitered subscriber?<Jester> no<Jester> and i dont think the other guys are either.<admin> it PROPOSES "guest", but if you overwrite it it accepts it<Jester> u cant overwrite it on the message board. there, it is "fixed"<admin> exit the page<Jester> on the chat room u can overwrite
<admin> correct<Jester> i've tried that<admin> close the browser<Jester> done that too<admin> loser<Jester> i just want to be able to log-in with the greatest of ease.not close this or that program.<admin> hold on<Jester> it's a pain really.<Jester> i have numerous items i intend to post on hte message board.but somehow, it's no pleasure monikered as "guest."
<Jester> Where isOzy?<admin> liste, I just checked on a computer here which is not"registered", and it simply asks me to log in
<admin> try thefollowing: look for any cookie on your computer which name includes"multicity". delete it
<Jester> i know it asks u to log-in. however,even when i log-in, when i click on "post" on the message board, itstill puts me in as guest44.<admin> restart browser<admin> I will call ozy now. hold on<admin> ozy is in a metting now<Jester> i just opened a new browser. doesnt work
<Jester> meeting =taking a crapper<Jester> What's with that Ozy<admin> the boss? he is funny<Jester> FUNNY PEOPLE<Jester> i mean what';s with him. he invites us all here in thischatroom. and the service is crrap.<Jester> i cant log-in a bleeding name properly
<Jester> it is veryirritating<Jester> Ozy can't seem to get his act together.<jester> See!?! I just tried it. going from here logged-in as "Jester." andproceeded to your message board. The message posting letterhead stilllogs me in as "Guest"
<admin> did you try to delete the coookies?<Jester> Well, it is the early days of this website. Perhaps you canrepair the technical glitches in due time.<Jester> What do those things look like?<Jester> And where do i find them?<Jester> what do the cookies look like and where exactly do i findthem??????<Guest> hello<admin> nice name guest<Guest> thanks<admin> your mama had lot of phantasy<admin> she imagined you'd become a chatter
<Guest> haha Please don'tjok<admin> why?<Guest> you are M/F<admin> you mean jock?<admin> m<Guest> yes<admin> but if you feel alone i may send you porn photos
<admin> with aname like guest and a profession like chatter, you could need them<Guest> yes<fidel castro> donde esta elian?<japanman> hi<admin> hello<japanman> hello<admin> so it's you<japanman> man or woman?<admin> m<japanman> bye<admin> hello<J.J. Hemlock> where's ozy<J.J. Hemlock><admin> it's me<admin> heidi was here this morning<J.J. Hemlock> gramps u gotta lecture admiral
<J.J. Hemlock> who isheidi? greg?<admin> admiral gonna kick your ass, jj
<J.J. Hemlock> wanna bet?<admin> wanna bet what?<J.J. Hemlock> that he can kick my ass?<admin> he can, he can...<J.J. Hemlock> will u tell him the rules or lack of least theguarantees u gave us
<J.J. Hemlock> he's giving shapiro or lavinioanswers.."i find the query boring..blah blah blah"
<admin> it it reallygreg posting those absurd questions about malaysia, or is it you?<J.J. Hemlock> it's greg<J.J. Hemlock> i'm not that clueless<admin> well, the qeustions are boring<J.J. Hemlock> the same points admiral raised were the same shitt andyand i have been lecturing greg on
<admin> admiral will follow therules, but he is not forced to answer to any brat posing cleverquestions, in this he is right. he is not like me
<J.J. Hemlock> andgreg is dying cause he keeps getting the same answers.<J.J. Hemlock> i think sexy roxy is andy bachtiar.<admin> hehe<admin> really?<admin> bullshitting greg?<admin> hehe<J.J. Hemlock> then tell him to just ignore the post. when he answersit with the posting "boring this blah blah blah" seems like he islooking for a flame back
<J.J. Hemlock> roz is obsessed with greg.wants a swiss passport ---> marry me greg
<admin> no, problem isadmiral lives in israel, he is 20 years older than me, really smart andsavant, so i can't ask him to answer like I would
<J.J. Hemlock> anywayi answered admiral back
<admin> he is a big boy, will answer you. Idon't RUN this place.<admin> I mean: I don't want to be the go-btw.<J.J. Hemlock> he hasnt given a straightforward answer. perhaps he islavinio
<admin> and not eevrybody here is a loner like me. some willchat once or twice a week
<J.J. Hemlock> are u all jewish in thiscompany?<admin> nope<J.J. Hemlock> or is admiral living in Israel for "quality of life?"heheheh
<J.J. Hemlock> admiral is lavinio.<admin> no,admiral id my former teacher
<J.J. Hemlock> really? that'sprobably true. He seems adept in cadging the obscure and masking theobvious that seem to be the hallmarks of Academia.<J.J. Hemlock> Bachtiar and I waited with bated breath for his analysisof monkey-town. test his mettle so to speak.<admin> no, not teacher at academia.<admin> and you guys are using the wrong tactics with the man
<J.J.Hemlock> unbelievable. i made a post and in less then two minute, thefagg Prepmaster attempts to retaliate.<admin> you will not ferret him out with smart hints. post somethingserious
<admin> heh. lemme check<J.J. Hemlock> and from his reply .."glittering glamour highrises" vs"shanties" it is obvious he doesnt get the dang point up to now!<admin> see? what I want is the TWO instruments together. FUCK!!!<admin> I want long monologues and rapid chat on the same page.programmers are imbeciles!<J.J. Hemlock> it's killing me gramps! I NEED long monologues and rapidchat!<J.J. Hemlock> What i do is use two browsers.<admin> righe. but it should be integrated....<J.J. Hemlock> And Bannier still can't get the gist of it. That boy isTHICK!<admin> right<admin> i will cut and paste your notes about bachtiar and bannier inone forum page
<J.J. Hemlock> cut and paste...freaking the jurassicperiod of IT in this joint.<J.J. Hemlock> Benny? another Red Sea Pedestrian eh? heheheh...<J.J. Hemlock> probably a complaining, whining, aching one like therest of them
<admin> benny = admiral<J.J. Hemlock> that's what i meant. look on the msg board.<admin> well. bloomberg didn't have cut and paste. pre-jurassic
<J.J.Hemlock> told him i'd preserve his dignity by calling him Benjamin.reckon a guy older than u must be methuselah';s contemporary. deservesaa real name. not that of a kosher hotdog vendour
<admin> hehe. he willread it this evening I presume. get ready for a quick ATS show
<J.J.Hemlock> on West 57th<J.J. Hemlock> ATS?<admin> air top surface<admin> air to surface<J.J. Hemlock> hehehe<J.J. Hemlock> i liek the israel style of detente. lebanese boy throwsrock. he gets a PatriotPie-in-the-face
<admin> lebanese kids don'tthrow rocks. it's the palestinians. and patriot is STA, not STS
<J.J.Hemlock> I think that area deserves the Opus Dei mob inspired byTorquemada "inventiveness."
<J.J. Hemlock> to put it right.<admin> no, thanks<admin> thanks, but no thanks<admin> keep them in rome<J.J. Hemlock> by the inebriated balls of escriva de balaguer!<admin> inebriated? was he a drunkyard?<J.J. Hemlock> not in rome. spain. pamplona. navarre.<admin> not a mystic<J.J. Hemlock> the Univ. of Navarre<J.J. Hemlock> Rome is strictly for show
<admin> whatever<admin> lotta Opus Dei guys in rome though
<J.J. Hemlock> escriva..likeany jesuit worth his salt he loved a bottle...or five
<J.J. Hemlock> iget the daily gospel with commentaries from Joesemaria Escriva and hisNavarre Bible and gfet it on a daily basis. Want me to include you inthe mailing lsit?<J.J. Hemlock> list<admin> no, tahnks<admin> you sent me one, i fell asleep<J.J. Hemlock> mystic? by the ecstatic balls of St. Therese.... not theevangelising balls of Alvaro del Portillo.<admin> which is telling, since my livres de chevet range frombloomberg's biopic to pynchon
<J.J. Hemlock> heheheh<J.J. Hemlock> mine ranges from Hustler to Stank
<admin> i said"range": i didn't say what's in between
<J.J. Hemlock> am a man ofspecific tastes...appetites rather.<admin> best thing in mike the kike's book is when he says he will notleave one penny to his children
<J.J. Hemlock> who's he leaving tito...gates gave that same line
<admin> considering he is a greatsponsor of Al Let's go to court Gore, it will be a show: bbg's childrensuing some charity hehe
<admin> "my father was out of his mind"
<admin>he says he will leave them immense power: the power to do some good. heleaves them no money, but leaves them chairs in all charity'sdirections
<admin> board of dorectors, sorry
<admin> hello<admin> stuck keyboard?<JJJJJJ> What about Georgie-porgy "but Daddy you pwomised me thePwesidency now!" Dubyah-dah-Bubba Bush?<admin> loser<JJJJJJ> who's funding his "keep the vote cause i won" and no hand-jobs(manual count)!!<admin> arabs<JJJJJJ> u reckon gore will take the election?<admin> no<JJJJJJ> goatherds<admin> just said dubya is aloser<admin> gore is not a loser<admin> he ia tyrant<admin> is<JJJJJJ> i flushed some sheik's kids head down the toilet here in anightclub in manila gramps
<JJJJJJ> he claimed to be some hotshot inDubai. the fcuker forgot he was in Manila
<JJJJJJ> gave him a face-washhe never forgot. face flushed in a still full toilet
<JJJJJJ> thenthere was that group of oil-slick arabs whose asses my cousins and ikicked at the lobby of the manila peninsula hotel.<JJJJJJ> in full view of a couple of cabinet secretaries, and otherdignitaries.<JJJJJJ> they weren't able to do shit.<JJJJJJ> i think it is only in israel where an arab can kick your assback.<JJJJJJ> not here.<admin> am back<admin> not the same kind of arabs<admin> try half million, no money, no fat, mean and lean
<admin> toughclients<JJJJJJ> put me in a phone booth with any of them . lets see who comesout alive.<admin> any? they move in crowds<admin> phone boot? they already destroyed them
<JJJJJJ> buncha faggs.that explains their propensity to grow moustaches. to hide the stretchmarks on their lips.<admin> no, it0s to loook like momma<JJJJJJ> cowardly ambushes. ho-hum. faggs. like the irish.<admin> difference: no good music among balastinians
<JJJJJJ> they donteven know what their momma's look like. random-walking women that theyare.<admin> nope, this is not true<JJJJJJ> heheheh<admin> would their mommas ne some smart, they would tell thedifference btw sex, money and war
<admin> the sOBs are us<JJJJJJ> ur doing that Howard Fast diction again.<JJJJJJ> sons of beggars<admin> who's howard fast?<JJJJJJ> jewish author<admin> never heard of<admin> author?<JJJJJJ> wrote about jewish immigrant experience in u.s. etc...<admin> writes on hustler?<JJJJJJ> u need a hearing aid<admin> wow. new<JJJJJJ> if he wrote music, it's what u would classify as easy-listening
<JJJJJJ> but good enough for a bored 13 year old with nobucks to spend in a Massachusetts heat-wave summer
<JJJJJJ> writer.<JJJJJJ> mainstreeam stuff<admin> ahhh... i see<admin> educlorated jewsish history<admin> edulcorated<admin> good for good kikes who love to live in peace with the goyim<JJJJJJ> not hustler. but equally pornographic. st, martin's press ithink.<admin> jerry lewis<JJJJJJ> mainstream not meant to equate it to crrapp pop=pap grishamwork gramps.<admin> woody allen<JJJJJJ> fast knew how to spin a decent yarn
<JJJJJJ> not at all. forlack of a better's characters were "anti-heroes."
<admin> Iwas sure of that<JJJJJJ> though i do have an extensive lecture on heroes vs anti-heroesvs unlikely heroes vs attractive villains.<admin> I hate anti-heroes<admin> expecially jewish anti-heroes<JJJJJJ> do u consider Richard III (at least the way Shakespearepresented him) an anti-hero??<admin> this leaves me lot of time, because it forces me to avoid TVand most movies
<admin> richard 3? a vilain, not an anti-hero
<JJJJJJ>heheheh<JJJJJJ> ur almost correct gramps.<JJJJJJ> let me proceed<JJJJJJ> Academia has forever classified Rich II as an anti-hero. andthe error has continued hence
<JJJJJJ> what he is is a"attractive" villain (possesses heroic characteristics of planning indepth, perseverence etc.)
<JJJJJJ> but not a hero. an attractivevillain.<admin> "academia" is too vague even to attack
<admin> let's say: anti-humanist anti-philosophers
<JJJJJJ> academia-=package-education fromAmerican educational institutions.<admin> leftist crap. in short<JJJJJJ> yup.<admin> pacino's rendition was awful<admin> 2.908.325<admin> 2.980.326<admin> 2.908.327<JJJJJJ> which explains the packed-houses for psuedo-intellectualsfueled by pot populating all of nader's speeches with ragged looks thatsupposedly identifies the bleeding heart ecologically-concerned. Twats.all of them.<JJJJJJ> pacino made me puke<admin> STOP IT!<JJJJJJ> the guy who did Master Thespian on Saturday Night Livewould've done an exponentially better job.<admin> 2.908.325<JJJJJJ> heheh<JJJJJJ> wue<JJJJJJ> wue<JJJJJJ> I made this year 3x of what your fund is worth!<JJJJJJ> thats Shap talking to Stef Lavinio.<admin> yeah, i did read that<JJJJJJ> And the correct and truthful answer to that equation is " a14-foot Boston Whaler"
<admin> what?<admin> a whaler?<admin> in hawaii?<JJJJJJ> a 14 foot dinghy (boat)<JJJJJJ> that's what shap earned and is 3x of lavinio's fund
<admin> weneed a new monetary system<JJJJJJ> equals = a boston whaler 14 feet....<admin> measurement of value is becoming blurred
<JJJJJJ> however, ifwe were to give both the benefit of the doubt... Lavi has a fund of USD1.5Bln.<admin> how many ouces of gold is one whaler
<admin> and shapo made4.5b?<JJJJJJ> and shap earning 3X of 1.5bln dollars = more than Soros evermade on a single trade.<admin> buying aud and ndx at the top?<admin> cool<JJJJJJ> Shap said "i made 3x ur fund on one trade"
<admin> beingpsychotic has its advantages
<JJJJJJ> so shap amde more than Soros everdid on a single trade...<admin> yeah, right<JJJJJJ> It's all true!<admin> I don't believe in god, go figure if i believe in shapiro<JJJJJJ> 1 14 foot boston whaler = USD 4,000.<admin> 4000? cheap<admin> directionless?<JJJJJJ> and u believe in shapiro. and are you scared of Kaiser soze??heheh
<admin> 1 BAC = 47 bucks. even cheaper<JJJJJJ> zactly. 14 foot boston whaler = shap earned last year =lavinio fund = very believable
<JJJJJJ> anyway this chatpage will everbe like bloomy where u can scroll back a year's worth of chat?????<admin> yes. soon<JJJJJJ> BAC?<admin> bankamerica<JJJJJJ> hehehe<admin> the directionless dingy<JJJJJJ> u read lavi's book?<admin> gotta go now. work to do. later
<JJJJJJ> he got lambasted onAmazan for "fuzzy logic" "fuzzy numbers".....i think someone called hima charlatan...or at least came close to it.<admin> what's the tinme in manila?<JJJJJJ> Amazan=amazon.<admin> 9pm?<JJJJJJ> another said he called it "Handbook" to jedi-mind-trickclueless MBAers into buying it. purely a merchantilistic sleight-of-hand.<JJJJJJ> 10 pm<JJJJJJ> Good night gramps.<admin> 10 pm? hehe. no comment<admin> NO NO NO comment<admin> good job, dude<admin> but this fucking lawyer-lover is a tough client
<eliangonzalez> che?<admin> gore the castro-lover is tougher than kennedy
<admin> we shouldhave shot him too<elian gonzalez> lucky thing that miami didn't hang the election
<eliangonzalez> then fidel would have really had a ball
<elian gonzalez> canyou imagine?<admin> don't even mention it<elian gonzalez> the fate of the us determined by cubans?<admin> by socialists, rather<elian gonzalez> well as usual the rich( palm beach) run the country<elian gonzalez> still i guess the palm beach golf club is better thanthe buena vista
<elian gonzalez> social club, except for the music<admin> hello<Deno>-><Kathy> hi<Kathy>-><Deno> HI<Deno>-><Kathy> so u r from Aust<Kathy>-><Deno> WHAT DO THEY TALK ABOUT IN HERE?<elian gonzalez> chattus interruptus?<Deno>-><Kathy> God knows<Kathy>-><Deno> YES<Deno>-><Kathy> politics or something<Kathy>-><Deno> YOU BEEN TO AUSTRALIA?<Deno>-><Kathy> what time is it there<Kathy>-><Deno> DENO?<Deno>-><Kathy> ??<Deno>-><Kathy> u there<Kathy>-><Deno> YES<Deno>-><Kathy> heloooo<Kathy>-><Deno> YOUR WRITING CAME UP ALL AT ONCE
<Deno>-><Kathy> soz<Deno>-><Kathy> no never been there<Kathy>-><Deno> CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?<Deno>-><Kathy> what do u do there<admin> busy<elian gonzalez> la migra?<Deno>-><Kathy> go 2 school or somethiing
<Kathy>-><Deno> YES<Kathy>-><Deno> IN SYDNEY<Kathy>-><Deno> YOU?<admin> 2.908.434<admin> 2.908.435<Deno>-><Kathy> i am in Londodn<admin> 2.908.433<Deno>-><Kathy> nice<elian gonzalez> ip addresses?<Deno>-><Kathy> how come u r not in the school at the moment
<Kathy>-><Deno> I AM<Deno>-><Kathy> u r always welcome<Kathy>-><Deno> ITS NIGHT HERE<Deno>-><Kathy> aha<Kathy>-><Deno> VERY LATE<Deno>-><Kathy> it 2 pm here<Kathy>-><Deno> 1.45 AM<Deno>-><Kathy> bad bad girl<Kathy>-><Deno> IF MY PARENTS CAUGHT ME I WOULD BE IN TROUBLE
<Deno>-><Kathy> arent u suppose 2 be sleeping
<Kathy>-><Deno> I KNOW<Kathy>-><Deno> YES I AM<Deno>-><Kathy> lol<Deno>-><Kathy> ok<Deno>-><Kathy> how tall r u<admin> ballots<Kathy>-><Deno> 1.60<admin> 2.908.332<Deno>-><Kathy> just right<Kathy>-><Deno> I THINK<Kathy>-><Deno> YOU?<Deno>-><Kathy> and u r still gona grow
<Deno>-><Kathy> i am 195<Kathy>-><Deno> I HOPE SO<Deno>-><Kathy> with the high heels on i wont even have 2 bent to kissu
<Kathy>-><Deno> WOW<Kathy>-><Deno> THATS TALL<Deno>-><Kathy> i know<admin> 2.980.334<elian gonzalez> 'spose you guys never heard that is florida its quitecommon to stuff
<Deno>-><Kathy> do u like taller men<Kathy>-><Deno> YES YOU WILL<Kathy>-><Deno> YOU ARE TALL<admin> you are an attactive children<elian gonzalez> ballots , but only for local things. still its odd howthey still cling to the paper thinggies
<Deno>-><Kathy> well we canalways sit down
<Kathy>-><Deno> YES<admin> you have more chances to get stuffed
<Kathy>-><Deno> YOU LIKETALL GIRLS?<admin> yeah, right. as if computers.... oh, forget it
<Kathy>-><Deno>DENO?<Deno>-><Kathy> no i like girls just like u
<Deno>-><Kathy> yes<Kathy>-><Deno> I WILL GET DISCONNECTED NOW
<Deno>-><Kathy> r u comingback again<Kathy>-><Deno> WILL YOU WAIT FOR ME?<Deno>-><Kathy> i will<admin> play with the two lurkers here, me gotta go
<Deno>-><Kathy> howlong r u gona be<Kathy>-><Deno> YES I HAVE TO DIAL UP AGAIN
<Kathy>-><Deno> TIME LIMIT<Kathy>-><Deno> WONT BE LONG<Kathy>-><Deno> OK<admin> be a good boy<Deno>-><Kathy> let me know when u come back <elian> wee bug in the machine<elian> no its the chat nanny not being able to deal with bugs<admin> hi<kathy>-><Deno> deno?<kathy>-><Deno> are you here?<admin> NAME, log off and stop playing the jerk<Deno> hi<kathy>-><Deno> deno?<admin> login with your name, pls<Deno>-><kathy> hi<admin> hi deno<kathy>-><Deno> hey<Deno>-><kathy> nice 2 have u back<kathy>-><Deno> where were you?<kathy>-><Deno> thanks<admin> good<Deno>-><kathy> how r u feeling<kathy>-><Deno> i'm ok<kathy>-><Deno> not sleepy<kathy>-><Deno> lol<kathy>-><Deno> you?<Deno>-><kathy> if i say u would think bad about me
<kathy>-><Deno>why?<kathy>-><Deno> no i woudnt<Deno>-><kathy> have a guess<kathy>-><Deno> i think i know<kathy>-><Deno> lol<kathy>-><Deno> i dont think bad about you
<kathy>-><Deno> are youthere?<Deno>-><kathy> i split up with my gf a while a ago and i didnt have agirl near me since then
<kathy>-><Deno> i see<kathy>-><Deno> are you sad?<Deno>-><kathy> how do u manage without of bf
<kathy>-><Deno> i do<Deno>-><kathy> u do what?<kathy>-><Deno> all the boys at my school are so inmature
<kathy>-><Deno> i manage<Deno>-><kathy> lol<Deno>-><kathy> well who knows 4 how long?<kathy>-><Deno> who knows<kathy>-><Deno> lol<Deno>-><kathy> can i ask u something?<kathy>-><Deno> yes sure<Deno>-><kathy> do u ever think about sex??<kathy>-><Deno> lol<Deno>-><kathy> do u?<kathy>-><Deno> yes<kathy>-><Deno> yes<Deno>-><kathy> lol<Deno>-><kathy> i am not the only one then
<kathy>-><Deno> lol<Deno>-><kathy> welcome to club<kathy>-><Deno> lol<Deno>-><kathy> can i ask u something else, if u dont mind
<kathy>-><Deno> do you have sex a lot?<Deno>-><kathy> not at the moment<kathy>-><Deno> sure<Deno>-><kathy> r u still a virgin?<kathy>-><Deno> yes<Deno>-><kathy> ok<Deno>-><kathy> when do u think of.....know what i mean...<kathy>-><Deno> yes?<kathy>-><Deno> say it deno<Deno>-><kathy> when do u think u will lose ur virginity, when u find aperfect parten or what?<kathy>-><Deno> deno?<kathy>-><Deno> yes<Deno>-><kathy> yes<Deno>-><kathy> so whats the answer<kathy>-><Deno> yes<Deno>-><kathy> ok<kathy>-><Deno> i think about it a lot<Deno>-><kathy> what exactely are ur thinking about?<kathy>-><Deno> when i will meet my perfect parter
<kathy>-><Deno> cani asak you somrting?<Deno>-><kathy> do u mind me being a bit older than u
<Deno>-><kathy>sure u can<kathy>-><Deno> if i was your girlfriend would you like to have sexwith me?<kathy>-><Deno> lol<Deno>-><kathy> sure<Deno>-><kathy> any time, any place<admin> EEEEEVVVVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<Deno>-><kathy> can i ask u something<kathy>-><Deno> can that guy see what we are saying?<Deno>-><kathy> no he cant<Deno>-><kathy> dont worry about him<kathy>-><Deno> ok<kathy>-><Deno> ask me<Deno>-><kathy> what is ur chest size?<kathy>-><Deno> dont know<kathy>-><Deno> lol<kathy>-><Deno> i dont wear a bra<Deno>-><kathy> u would have to after i give u a gentle massage<kathy>-><Deno> lol<kathy>-><Deno> need a bra?<Deno>-><kathy> u chest would most lkely grow after that
<kathy>-><Deno> sure<kathy>-><Deno> lol<Deno>-><kathy> would u let me kiss u if we ever meet
<kathy>-><Deno>yes<Deno>-><kathy> and would u kiss me as well
<kathy>-><Deno> do you havemuscles?<Deno>-><kathy> i go 2 gym 4 times a week
<Deno>-><kathy> so u can playwith my muscles
<kathy>-><Deno> so you do have<kathy>-><Deno> cool<Deno>-><kathy> sure i do<Deno>-><kathy> i pressume u would like to touch my 6 pac
<kathy>-><Deno> if you had to kiss me you would have to pick me up
<kathy>-><Deno> yes<Deno>-><kathy> well i would do that then
<kathy>-><Deno> i'm so short<Deno>-><kathy> but once we r lying in bed that wont matter
<kathy>-><Deno> lol<kathy>-><Deno> i wish you were here now
<kathy>-><Deno> lol<Deno>-><kathy> do u knowwhat i would like to do?<kathy>-><Deno> lol<kathy>-><Deno> i think so<Deno>-><kathy> what<kathy>-><Deno> what would you like to do?<kathy>-><Deno> kiss me?<Deno>-><kathy> aha<kathy>-><Deno> massage me?<Deno>-><kathy> and hold u close to me<kathy>-><Deno> nice<Deno>-><kathy> mine<Deno>-><kathy> would u let me massage ur chest, i would do it gentle<kathy>-><Deno> yeah<kathy>-><Deno> with my pyjamas on ?<Deno>-><kathy> and how about if i put some oil on u
<kathy>-><Deno>you would have to take my top of first
<kathy>-><Deno> lol<kathy>-><Deno> would you do that?<Deno>-><kathy> i think i would have to take that off u
<Deno>-><kathy>mm<Deno>-><kathy> i am just imagining what we would do if we were in thesame room at the moment
<kathy>-><Deno> go ahead<Deno>-><kathy> i would first kiss u gently
<Deno>-><kathy> then lift uup while ur legs wrap around me
<Deno>-><kathy> and then i would carryu to bed
<kathy>-><Deno> nice<Deno>-><kathy> there i would lover u towards the bed
<Deno>-><kathy>and while i am kissing u slowly will start taking ur top off
<Deno>-><kathy> once it is off<Deno>-><kathy> i would start licking ur chest
<Deno>-><kathy> andmassaging it at the same time
<kathy>-><Deno> wow<Deno>-><kathy> and licking u around ur niples
<Deno>-><kathy> ..whatdo u think....<kathy>-><Deno> nice<kathy>-><Deno> i feel like a dream<Deno>-><kathy> what would u do to me<kathy>-><Deno> kiss you<Deno>-><kathy> and<kathy>-><Deno> what would you like me to do to you?<Deno>-><kathy> what would u like to do to me???<kathy>-><Deno> dont know<kathy>-><Deno> ask me something<Deno>-><kathy> would u massage my chest
<kathy>-><Deno> yes<Deno>-><kathy> and would u lick my stomack
<kathy>-><Deno> yes<Deno>-><kathy> where did we stop<kathy>-><Deno> on your stomach<kathy>-><Deno> lol<Deno>-><kathy> haha<Deno>-><kathy> keep going its ur turn<kathy>-><Deno> well i would kiss your tummy
<kathy>-><Deno> and thenlie on top of you and kiss you on the mouth
<Deno>-><kathy> mmmm<Deno>-><kathy> and ur legs are between mine
<kathy>-><Deno> ok<admin> hi steve<kathy>-><Deno> what are you going to do next?<Deno>-><kathy> and then we swap places so u r under me
<stelav> so,this is the miani chat shop!<Deno>-><kathy> and i pull my tongue towards ur belly button
<stelav>hi oddy<stelav> well hows the chat biz going?<Deno>-><kathy> and kiss u there<admin> biz?<admin> hehe<admin> just starting<kathy>-><Deno> nice<Deno>-><kathy> do u mind if i take bottoms off
<admin> I finally havesome time to spend in front of this screen
<stelav> many clients<kathy>-><Deno> i can feel it<stelav> ?<kathy>-><Deno> no<admin> clients? in chat?<kathy>-><Deno> all the way off?<Deno>-><kathy> do u have any undervewr on
<admin> not yet<stelav> no chatters<admin> will invite them once it's really fine tuned
<stelav> but whynot ring fence and area via a pass word and allow clients
<kathy>-><Deno> yes<Deno>-><kathy> so i wont have to take them off
<admin> will explainthat<stelav> well thats going to be a while ;-)
<admin> yeah...<kathy>-><Deno> yes i do have them on<Deno>-><kathy> mm<stelav> now now don't get grumpy gramps
<admin> but I received a lotof good advice by friends
<Deno>-><kathy> would i be alowed to takethem off
<stelav> like change the look.....<kathy>-><Deno> yes<admin> about the best way to overcome THEIR technical problems, hehe<admin> change the look? no, the look is perfect. I want it like this<admin> no blinking shit, no banners etc
<stelav> loose the pebblewallpaper<admin> why not?<admin> it's a trademark<kathy>-><Deno> deno?<admin> we use it for faxes too... hehe
<Deno>-><kathy> would u let metouch u in between ur legs with one hand while i an toucking ur chestwith another
<stelav> have you tired looking at it under differentbrowers and diff resolutions?<kathy>-><Deno> yes<stelav> for faxes? no way<kathy>-><Deno> am i lying on my back?<admin> sure. faxes on conqueror paper<Deno>-><kathy> aha<admin> yes i tried. it works on 600x800
<kathy>-><Deno> deno?<Deno>-><kathy> shall i touch u gentle or hard
<admin> biggest problemis java<stelav> for presentations maybe, fr the parts you don't want xeroxed<Deno>-><kathy> yes<stelav> no shit<admin> I don't want ANYTHING xeroxed<kathy>-><Deno> can i tell you something?<kathy>-><Deno> but dont get upset<Deno>-><kathy> u can<kathy>-><Deno> can i?<admin> we used stone tables until few years ago
<Deno>-><kathy> sure<kathy>-><Deno> my stepdad takes my panties off and spanks me
<Deno>-><kathy> ??<stelav> oh is see the firm was called the 10 consilia once
<kathy>-><Deno> i feel now like i do when he does it
<stelav> now in the spiritof new age its become consilia
<admin> group hehe<Deno>-><kathy> is that good or bad<kathy>-><Deno> is that wrong?<Deno>-><kathy> sure it is<stelav> share and enjoy, thats right!<Deno>-><kathy> he must be sick bastard
<admin> wrong<stelav> thats not new age!<kathy>-><Deno> cause he spanks me?<admin> I am not new aged<stelav> corectness challenged is the term
<admin> you say i am 6000years old<Deno>-><kathy> does that turn u on??<kathy>-><Deno> i think so<admin> Differently Confused<stelav> nope<kathy>-><Deno> he doesnt hit me hard though
<stelav> follower of adifferent corectness
<admin> Fundamentally Unwanting to Give a Damn<kathy>-><Deno> am i thinking wrong?<Deno>-><kathy> what do u think about oral sex
<kathy>-><Deno> tell meplease<kathy>-><Deno> are you there?<kathy>-><Deno> tell me please<Deno>-><kathy> whats does ur mum thnk about that
<kathy>-><Deno> shenever says anything
<kathy>-><Deno> is there something wrong with me doyou think?<admin> Blonder Tongue takes another beating. Life is unfair to blondes<stelav> who?<admin> deno?<admin> deno stayed here 3 hours withour saying one word
<stelav> donnodeno<admin> neither i do<admin> friend of kathy<admin> who is lurking since 2 hours<admin> hi kathy<stelav> must admit the chat is pretty dry
<stelav> any logs to scroll?<admin> hopefully so<admin> this will be available soon<admin> I have them<stelav> what the logs or the chat?<admin> the logs<stelav> any gems?<admin> nope<admin> I didn't start to molnolgue yet
<admin> monologue<stelav> spare us<admin> forget it<stelav> big ego?<admin> yes<stelav> i build a chat to monologue with the world?<admin> this will ban me from earning billions, i know, i know, don'ttell me
<admin> big egos are faded by smarter people, i know i knoe<stelav> how cares<admin> i just don't give a damn<admin> hehepal shapo the shape shifter now claims he made 1.5 billion
<admin>good.<stelav> in two months<admin> good<admin> slow printer<admin> but good anyway<admin> hope he didn't print 3 bucks bills
<admin> I'm happy i found ajob<stelav> oh<admin> oops<stelav> nice<admin> I'm happy HE found a job<stelav> actually the latest edition of wired has an article about<admin> 3-US$ notes?<stelav> the number of teen age kids laser printing money and passingit off
<admin> cool. didn't read it yet<stelav> nope fives and tens<admin> really, I find wired boring<admin> I have to force me to read it<stelav> this edition is all about billg and the TRIAL
<stelav>basically it was billg's ego vs the doj
<admin> that's interesting<admin> finally they start to think politics
<admin> couple of yearslate, but...<admin> billg's ego?<admin> nahhhh.... bill's lack of political strategy
<admin> with themoney bill threw at democrats, you could buy shapiro 3 times
<stelav>nope ego<stelav> 3^10000000000000000000000000000 times you mean
<stelav> youknow pay peanuts get shapiros
<admin> I adopted his "subjective" pointof view
<admin> now it's peanuts?<admin> monetary system really needs a fixing
<admin> peanuts vswhalers vs 3$ bills<admin> find difficult to assess value<stelav> dump the euro for the euromark
<admin> done<admin> 2/3 dm, 1/3 swissie<stelav> demerge the euro into 11 tracker currencies
<admin> peg lirato gold<stelav> what corps do so "solve" bad performance
<admin> guilder tosausages<stelav> so why not for currencies?<stelav> not new age enough<admin> ook. peg franc to incense<stelav> nail wim to a cross of gold and stuff prodi with the sausage<admin> peg peseta to myrrh<admin> what the heck is myrrh?<stelav> an unguent to preserve decaying flesh
<admin> right to thepoint<stelav> appropiate<admin> incense for new age, myrrh for eurocrats, and gold for me. dealdone
<stelav> you'll take a falling asset?<admin> I'll take the other side of deflation any time
<stelav> nottell me about it i own some "undervalued" gold shares as a hedge vswebbie world
<stelav> and they just keep getting cheaper
<admin> Idon't like the gold shares<admin> they made too big a mess with falling gold price
<admin> debts,closed the wrong mines. nahhhh
<stelav> we are talking beyond the realmof graham and dod here
<stelav><stelav><admin> back I am<stelav> i wish gold were<admin> will, but I'd bet on gold futures
<admin> not stocks<admin> placer dome is more of a falling knife than gc
<stelav> moreleverage in gold stocks plus you get dividends and no margin calls<admin> ?<stelav> so who cares about timing, direction will do
<stelav> placerdome?<admin> still the dividend thing?<stelav> happiness is a positive carry, especially if paid in cash<admin> then short yen for the last couple of years
<admin> that's apositive carry<admin> not<stelav> not with a forward<admin> ?<stelav> a forward don't pay cash<admin> which forward included a 20% premium? the 120 years?<admin> ah<admin> placer dome pays cash?<stelav> forwards don't compound<admin> good. means they improved theiur finances
<admin> let me check<stelav> placer dome is not the stock<admin> no, it's not. next<stelav> would you not like to know!<admin> nope<admin> or: shoot<stelav> good, next<stelav> nope<admin> :(<stelav> do your own homework<admin> you bet I do<admin> but I wanted to sulk<admin> :(<stelav> it shows<admin> my desk is a mess<admin> gotta go now. later<stelav> i think you mean that mess is my desk
<admin> hope the scrollthing is here next week
<admin> heeh: mees is my mission<admin> mess<stelav> oh boy!<stelav> bye oddy### Wednesday, November 15, 2000 ##############################<admin> eccomi<savana> ci sei?<savana> ok<admin> andiamo un po' meglio<savana> tua analisi:<savana> msft/celera/palm beach erano state identificate come prob usa<savana> ma mi era sfuggito episodio defenestrazione
<savana> hairagione<savana> li' sta nascendo stato dittatoriale
<savana> e sbaglianoquelli che vedono in debolezza temporanea la faccenda palm beach<admin> rilassati, la chat tiene fino a 4/5 righe di testo
<savana> nonsono un esperto di storia americana ma 3-4 cosette le conosco
<savana>effettivamente stanno facendo delle vaccate
<savana> ok<savana> dai pellegrini del mayflower - new england usa e' sempre stata in voga l'idea del lavoro/self mademan/svil
<savana> sviluppo<savana> ma la new age "presunta" (ce n'e' una vera) sta distruggendoveramente questa etica
<savana> per quanto riguarda politica estera,nonm saprei, l'esperto sei tu
<admin> ? esattamente la stessa cosa,anzi precedente e ancora piu' grave
<savana> se penso avietnam/isolazionismo sempre presente....mi pare che gli usa nonabbiano mai brillato molto in quel campo
<admin> pensa alle guerrefatte "perch? il mondo sia pi? tranquillo per tutti", e non perproteggere questa o quella specifica linea di comunicazione
<admin>"isolazionismo" ? un termine negativo per criminalizzare qualcosa chenel caso del vietnam sarebbe stato estreamemnte positivo, invece<admin> ossia: andiamo l? solo c'? qualcuno con le idee chiare che dice"ho bisogno di aiuto militare per sei mesi, perch? c'? questoaggressore che va respinto"
<savana> sono d'accordo che l'isolazionismoe' stato combattuto bene dai presidenti americani in passato
<savana>hanno impiegato tempo a convincere opinione pubblica e hanno ritardatointerventi, ma avevavo le idee chiare
<admin> uhm... a chi pensi?<savana> adesso l'imnportante e' avere un bel sorriso su Time
<savana>Roosvelt<admin> be', sull'intervento di roosevelt in wwii ci sarebbe dadiscutere
<savana> Roosvelt avra' applicato keynesianesimo, ma almenoha portato l'america a combattere
<admin> in modo molto ambiguo<admin> e con risultati molto discutibili
<admin> cio?, capiamoci: menomale che gli USA sono intervenuti contro hitler
<admin> mai ringraziatiabbastanza<savana> ma?<savana> infatti<savana> noi sempre a rompere i maroni<admin> ma: se la politica interna e estera di roosvelt proseguivaquella che ha CRETO le premesse per hitler, e se il risultato ? statocontribuire alla creazione del potere sovietico FUORI dalla Russia,be'... i
<admin> i ringraziamenti vanno ai soldati americani, ma lapolitica era sbagliata
<admin> no no, gli europei devono solo starezitti e ringraziare
<admin> qui stiamo parlando della politica internaamericana
<admin> infatti l?'aspetto "new age" assomiglia pi? a wilsonche a roosvelt
<savana> cioe', Roosvelt ha fatto quello che dici stasuccedendo anche adesso?<admin> il parallelo attuale ? pi? con la fine della belle epoque checon il "socialismo" all'americana
<savana> esportazione di statalismo<savana> e quindi ha favorioto hitler?<admin> wilson ha favorito hitler<admin> ha staccato il realismo dai principi
<savana> quello che e'successo tra 19o0 e 1920 quindi
<admin> come se per avere principiastratti bisognasse delirare
<admin> 1900/1920 ---> hitker<savana> quindi, attacco verso i grandi avvoltoi monopolistici? he he<admin> esatto<savana> trust =msft, celera...etc<admin> spappolamento della cultura in europa, leadershipsentimentalista dagli USA
<admin> e i muscoli si fanno strada<admin> a quel punto, economia di guerra negli USA per contrastare imuscoli diu hitler
<admin> ripeto: grazie per i cannoni<admin> ma<admin> be', i trsut di guerra non sono la stessa cosa dei trust natisul mercato
<admin> hai poi letto "Cryptonomicon"?<admin> la storia degli appalti delle Difesa per i computer?<savana> no, non ancora<admin> be', parla estesamente del modo in cui la preparazione di WWIIha deciso chi avrebbe dominato l'industria dei computer
<savana> equindi che sviluppi vedi?<admin> ci sono delle cose interessanti anche nel libro di cingolani"guerre di mercato"
<savana> $ giu' sicuramente?<admin> ossia: colossi che avrebbero potuto battere IBM, vaporizzatiperch? perdono gli appalti per WWII
<admin> io continuo a vedere $/Y su<admin> e $/E gi?<admin> e soprattutto Y gi?<admin> HAHA<admin> heheheheh<savana> ti leggo un passo di prometeia
<admin> mi ? arrivata una mailadesso<admin> scusa, leggi<savana> scenario oil=40$<admin> la mail te la giro<savana> tal caso l'euro si deprezzerebbe ulteriormente....<savana> l'effetto complessivo sulla crescita mondiale sarebbe unrallentamento significativo che coinvolgerebbe anche gli usa
<savana>....<admin> finito?<savana> la riduzione della crescita usa potrebbe detreminare unosgonfiamento delle quotazioni azionarie
<savana> che potrebbe metterein difficolta' il $
<admin> questo lo dici tu o loro<savana> piu' di quanto il prezzo del petrolio non farebbe neiconfronti dell'euro
<savana> loro<admin> che quindi vedono il dollaro prima su e poi gi?<admin> e li pagano, per questo?<savana> hai notato la negazione finale rispetto all'affermazioneiniziale?<admin> s?, esatto, ? su quello che stavo scerzando
<savana> stessoparagrafo<admin> inoltre: ma questo cazzo di yen proprio non esiste, eh?<savana> prometeia<admin> cio? l'asia proprio non esiste pi?<savana> cioe'... partono dicendo che se oil a 40$...euro si deprezza<savana> e poi finiscono con $ che si indebolisce piu' dell'euro<savana> allora euro contro cosa si deprezza?<savana> nell'arco di 10 righe<admin> CONTRO COSA? ecco<admin> ecco il problema<savana> tralasciamo l'uso di 20 condizionali in 10 righe
<admin> etralasciamo la tariffazione delle analisi a numero di pagine... hehe<admin> prova a inserire lo yen in quella analisi
<savana> mi e'piaciuta una cosa (alla faccia di Shapo che ti accusava di non dareindicazioni forti)
<admin> lo yen sale o scende con il greggio a 40?<savana> tu hai detto chiaro e tondo : vendere i rimbalzi nasdaq,comprare call magari
<savana> chi cazzo parla cosi' chiaramente?<savana> nessun broker<admin> esatto. guarda che il call di cui si parla sono dei call dow106000 che abbiamo comprato a 10000, non call NDX, carissimi
<savana>nessun analista<admin> non compro volatilit? sul ndx<admin> ma forse non si ? capito che qui parliamo cos? (anzi, pi?chiaramente) tutte le sante mattine con i clienti
<savana> intendiamoci- magari sbagli, ma almeno lo dici secco e chiaro
<admin> senn? non mipagano<admin> ma mica mi mmetto a dire as shapiro che opzioni sto comprando ovendendo
<savana> non tio pagano per "gestire"<admin> no, io non gestisco<admin> ma devo dare idee per farlo<savana> lo dico ironicamente - gestire sembra essere piu' importantedi analiizaare
<admin> io persionalmente poi faccio l'ideologo, ma allafine due righe con scritto "compra/vendi" qualcuno le deve pur mettere<savana> una domanda<admin> shoot<savana> la faccenda palestina e' secondo te veramente importante opensi di essere un po' influenzato personalmente?<admin> quel testo in q<admin> quel testo era indirizzato a lettori interessati, io sonoinfluenzato personalmente, i mercati avevano fatto un cataclisma<admin> il tema l'ho scelto perch? il dow era andato in picchiata.<admin> ma qualcuno meno direttamente coinvolto avrebbe potuto prendereil caso balcanico e fare gli stessi discorsi
<admin> la corea<admin> e poi l? c'? una saldatura fra il massimo di "commozione"internazionale per i poveri debolucci, e il massimo di irrealismopolitico
<savana> ma consiglieresti di seguire attentamente le vicendedell'area per tenere sotto controllo anche i mercati?<admin> non ? una metafora da buttare<admin> no, consiglierei di impiegare lo stesso tempo a studiareamerica, europa e russia
<savana> come mai - a proposito - con indiciasiatici giu' del 35% in media, nessuno ne parla?<admin> bella domanda<admin> perch? se cerchi di icnludere l'asia nelle equazioni, nessunocapisce pi? niente
<savana> e non sono scesi nelle ultime 2 setimane<savana> e' da mesi che affondano<admin> noi abbiamo teorizzato che Asia abbia fatto un double top loscorso anno
<admin> ed ? da allora che mi hai sentito sempre parlaremalissimo della Borsa
<admin> anche quando c'? stato qualche ritorno dieuforia sui semiconduttori, per esempio, in Asia andavano da schifo conpochi rimbalzi
<savana> e' la prima volta da anni che nessuna area salecontemporaneamente
<savana> quest'anno usa giu', asia giu' e europa alpalo
<savana> dove quotano i semi?<savana> taiwan....he he<savana> korea<savana> taipei ormai regola per legge quando devicomprare/vendere/quanto e cosa
<savana> comunque sono convinto che ndxdi ieri e' una bufala
<savana> rimbalzo dopo 20% down in 4gg<admin> guardaun grafico daily: ci faresti la prima notizia deltelgiornale?<admin> esatto<savana> ma cosa e' cambiato?<admin> bush<savana> le strutture grafiche sono belle ribassiste
<admin> ovvero :"Bush"<savana> prob: similitudine hsi/nky alla shapo potrebbe non esserecosi' semplice
<admin> aspetta che si accorgano che il problema ?strutturale
<savana> in tal cxaso ribasso ndx sarebbe quasi terminato<admin> ossia che COMUNQUE gli avvocati fanno la politica interna USA<admin> invece degli industriuali<admin> l'ultima legge di Clinton: ergonomia
<admin> questa onda, s?<admin> su esito elettorale, pu? rimbalzare bene
<savana> range da4000-3000 in basso a 2600-3500
<admin> gli venderei anche la mamma tra3400 e 3700
<admin> 3400/3700 = CCMP, non ndx<savana> ma a questo punto non escludo anche tentativo di bucare 2600<admin> e dopo un anno cos?, come si chiama? bear market,, mi sembra<savana> tra qualche mese<admin> da 3700/3950 in gi?, ndx chiude l'anno gi?<savana> sai chi ha fatto la furbata?<savana> ed e' strano, da un europeo viene
<savana> Bertelsmann si e'preso Napster
<admin> bertelsmann = poco "europeo"<admin> due palle cos?<savana> hai analizzato il principio giuridico per chiudere napster?<admin> s?. ho una opinione ma non una tesi accurata
<savana> da domaninon vendiamo i sacchetti di nylon al supermkt perche' potrebbero essereusati per soffocare qualcuno
<admin> uhm... pero' napster ha fatto ilfurbo
<savana> non vendiamo pistole, perche' potenzialmente spingono auccidere
<admin> uhm uhm uhm...<savana> su questo principio, che un'azienda fa qualcosa di legale, mai consumatori potrebbero usare in modo improprio tale prodotto...<admin> napster non sarebbe nemmeno nata senza l'uso illegale chesapeva benissimo che i suoi clienti avrebbero fatto
<savana> ok - soche con te e' megli stare alla larga da discorsi di copyright
<admin> equella particolare illegalit? (gratuit? della cultura) ? odiosetta<admin> infatti ? difficile<admin> perch? le major della musica sono dei racket
<admin> e perch?napster sarebbe una benedizione per etichette nuove
<admin> ma ilsuccesso non lo hanno fatto promuiovendo nuovi musicisti
<admin> lohanno fatto taroccando musica pagata da altri
<admin> per questo dicoche ? una opinione, non una tesi che firmwerei
<savana> pero' e' unabomba - l'idea dell'inutilita' dei server
<admin> spiegami questa chenon la so<savana> che fine avrebbero fatto sunw/orcl?<admin> ? la faccenda della distribuzione dei dati su una rete diclient?<savana> mia idea e' che industria discografica era la facciata<savana> l'architettura della rete e' stellare
<savana> un centro(server) distribuisce dati a chi li richiede
<savana> se io comunicocon te ora, passo attraverso un centro
<savana> il server<savana> puoi vedere internet come fatto da parecchi mainframe chedistribuiscono informazione a terminali
<savana> i ns pc casalinghi<admin> e questo ? il limite anche economico della baracca
<savana> oraimmagina che un software permette ai pc di parlarsi tra loro, senza imainframe in mezzo
<savana> fine dei servers<admin> lo immagino s?.<admin> ? a quello che sto correndo dietro da mo'...<admin> il problema ? che la "rete" non ? una rete
<savana> quelsoftware era NAPSTER<admin> ha dei backbone<savana> lascia perdere che veniva utilizzato per cagate
<admin>colossali<savana> NAPSTER era un software di quel tipo
<admin> e laconnettivit??<savana> quelli vengono gestiti dal networking
<savana> quindi allimite si salva orcl
<admin> csco etc<savana> appunto: orcl fa quello<savana> csco...esatto<savana> c'e' un altro punto<admin> come il wap fottuto dallo sms<savana> la memoria dei servers chi la sostituirebbe?<admin> i 256 mega del mio terminale?<admin> ormai standard in uelunque negozietto dell?<savana> usi una baracca<admin> appunto<savana> adesso per 2 milioni prendi 20 giga
<admin> ram?<savana> no no<admin> hei!<savana> HD<admin> ha<admin> 20 giga disco, 256 mega ram<admin> baracca va bene, ma adewsso... hehe
<savana> i files possonorisiedere nell'HD
<admin> che infatti ? vuoto<savana> mi devo informare<savana> mi devo informare se napster richiede ram o hd
<admin> hd,ritengo<admin> e banda<savana> quinddi cambierebbe modello sviluppo internet
<admin> ossiasarebbe davvero quello che raccontano che sia
<savana> eliminiamo itelefoni. potenzialmente sono pericolosi
<admin> anarchica etc etc<savana> eliminiamo anche la benzina, qualcuno potrebbe usarla per darefuoco
<savana> esatto<savana> napster era una bomba<admin> interessante<savana> e invece di essere usato su tutto internet, verra' usato dallacommunity bertelsnmann
<savana> gnutella e' meno innovativa<savana> richiede ancora qualcuno al centro
<admin> tu hai privatoquesta roba?<admin> provato<savana> no<admin> io sono ancora incasinato a mettere a posto il sito
<savana>parlato con chi la usa<admin> in materia di computer etc non guardo nient'altro
<savana>letto e-zines al riguardo<savana> i cyberpunks saranno dei cazzoni, ma di questo se ne intendono<admin> appunto: non riesco a leggere quelle riviste. compro e lelascio sullo scaffale da mesi
<admin> mia RAM limitata<savana> quello che mi sta sul cazzo...<savana> e' che per ogni troiata bisogna chimare l'administrator<admin> attento a come parli<savana> se io cambio l'account server...devo chiamare administrator<admin> [piccolo attacco di paranoia da potere]
<savana> me ne frego<admin> scherzavo: intendo che l'admin qui sono IO !!!<admin> oggi<savana> se vado su un sito porno l'administrator lo sa
<admin> hehe<savana> he he<admin> parli della banca?<savana> magari sono frocio, vado su gaymen, e l'admin lo sa
<admin>perch? il tuo provider privato invece sai che puoi aggirarlo
<----------- raccomando vivamente
<savana>magari corrispondo via email con l'amante thailandese e l'admin lo sa<admin> thailandese? rozana ? stata spostata di ufficio?<savana> ne avevo sentito parlare<savana> he he<admin> lo uso, funziona<admin> bisogna comprare un paio di programmini, ma alla fine se haiper esempio un pc tuo, puoi attaccarti alla rete e scavalcare l'admin<savana> hai mai provato a vedere quanti cookies risiedono nel tuo hd?<admin> un portatile<savana> io mi sono rotto le palle di cancellarli
<admin> io puliscocontinuamente<savana> anche bbg te ne sapra a dozzine
<admin> almeno dalle macchine"sensibili"
<savana> spara<savana> ti capisco<savana> io me ne frego<savana> QUI<savana> a casa no<savana> cancello<admin> la pi? bella ? questa<savana> he he<admin> noi usiamo Eudora per la posta<admin> eduora peridocamente ti chiede se vuoi che il programma (inbackground) mandi a qualcomm un tupo profilo: chi sono mittenti,destinatari, quanto gli scrivi, quali siti visiti eccetera.<savana> mi sono sempre chiesto come vanno questi programmi alternativiad outlook express
<admin> cos?, per il customer satisfaction desk<savana> alcuni mi hanno detto che vanno bene se non meglio di outlook<admin> io dico di no<admin> SONO meglio di outlook, certamente
<admin> il problema ?:quello che loro mi CHIEDONO di fare, c'? chi lo fa senza chiedermelo?loro stessi? e la richiesta e' una copertura?<admin> in tal casio hanno la lista dei mie clienti, fornitori, amici<savana> lo fanno<admin> ? per questo che io settimanalmente reinstallo eudora, hehe<savana> sapevi che ci sono delle directories nascoste?<admin> e ogni mese gli altrio programmi
<savana> anche se vai acliccare su gestione risorse, e vedi cosa c'e' su C: alcune dir noncompaiono
<admin> be', fin qui ci arrivo<admin> ? quello che fa s? che i backup poi non funzioni mai , hehe<savana> e su quelle dir proliferano i cookies
<savana> devi installaresoftware specifici per eliminarli
<savana> e lo sai cosa?<savana> i piu' sofisticati sono andati a vedere cosa rimaneva dopol'operaz di pulizia
<admin> e?<savana> bene: la societa' che produce i software di pulizia dacookies, te ne installa un po' in posti che anche i piu' espertiimpiegano un bel po' a scovare
<admin> hehe<admin> stessa logica delle agenzie di vigilanza
<admin> ti lascioadesso. a pi? tardi<savana> io ho la mia soluz personale<admin> fsichia se non sono in chat<savana> prendere pc, pagarli cash<admin> seeee.... fischia, volevo dire<savana> niente carta cr/bancomat/ etc,...<admin> e "admin non sono sempre io (per fortuna)
<savana> a acsainstallalo, accounts ultrafalsi
<savana> tanto anche se dicono che tirevocano l'account se dai dati falsa e' una cazzata
<savana> e cambiapc ogni 2 anni<savana> non lasci tracce di te<savana> a dopo - ciao<Susan Marris> anyone there ?<Susan Marris> am looking for the wizard, Oz
<Susan Marris> no one herei guess<admin> hi whisperer<Taxi>-><admin> how r u<admin> shhhhhh<Taxi>-><admin> a/s pls<Taxi>-><admin> what do u think?<Taxi>-><admin> first u tell me???//whispering to y/self? and answering too?<Raj Kumar> hi<Raj Kumar> A/S/L<admin> race?<admin> political bias?<admin> income?<Raj Kumar> No way<admin> asking my sex is politically incorrect
<admin> my age too<Raj Kumar> ok<admin> and location could be too<Raj Kumar> where r u<admin> london<admin> hehe<admin> male<admin> 43<Raj Kumar> haha<admin> sorry, but that asl greeting is so stupid...<admin> enough is enough<ca suffit> mai oui<ca suffit><admin> ok, ca suffit<ca suffit> say oddy transcript hing works ok for once, nice!<admin> hope this will 9nvite monologues and rants
<admin> more: remember Deno?<admin> he seemed silent?<admin> well: he wasn't<ca suffit> but?<admin> but transcripts will icnlude whispers
<admin> hehe<ca suffit> boy thought police at work i see
<admin> you kidding?<admin> thought police would be to erase them
<ca suffit> nope analysize them for errors and then eliminate you
<admin> what?<ca suffit> the person with the non pc ideas, cool it
<admin> i don't understand. sorry<ca suffit> not you the cops will ko the sinner
<admin> 1 phrase with a latin syntax, pls. 1
<admin> did you see cops around here? already? fuck!<admin> hehe<ca suffit> maybe it was corps<admin> francais? corpse?<admin> corps?<admin> peace corps?<admin> today I changed the programmer in charge of designing from scratch all the site
<ca suffit> battlion! attenti! forward! marsch!<ca suffit> siberia here we come: io, po its of to loss we go!<ca suffit> it shows<admin> had to dump that eduardo. he was a loser
<admin> buddhists make awful programmers <ca suffit> now now, not true, they just go for koan kode
<admin> yeah... koan being the japanese fopr Cuneo, right?<admin> Cuneo --> Coin --> Cohen --> Koan
<admin> etc etc<ca suffit> no it beaing more money ( spelt (loan)
<admin> mystics<admin> loan zen?<admin> I see.<ca suffit> zee the loan zen the buliding zen the loss
<admin> as is "the sound of only ONE column"
<ca suffit> old nihon financial tecnique from aikido
<admin> i see. the one which gave us Daijchi
<admin> "twelve steps from 40000 to 14000"
<ca suffit> use the asset to kill yer ass
<ca suffit> nope 12 steps from 9,000 to 40,0000 one step to 14,000 one small step for man one large loss for mankind
<admin> as is ... "the sound of one nose clapping"
<ca suffit> ugh!<admin> last famous words<admin> "no matter the electoral standstill: we still got greenspan"
<melli> who is lowe?<admin> why?<melli> a guy in messageboard (BAC) talking about one Lowe
<melli> he is not in their board<admin> forget it.<admin> will tell you later<ca suffit> did you pay melli san yet gramps?<admin> he is a partner<admin> how it happens this "gramps" thing spreaded?<admin> he gets a fat bonus<ca suffit> 2 peanuts?<admin> minus losses caused by bad website management
<ca suffit> voices in the aether<melli> FU<admin> hehe<admin> ?<admin> voci nell'eternit<ca suffit> some partnership<admin> well, it works<admin> I mean: I work<melli> LOL<melli> LMAO<melli> LOL so L I LMAO<ca suffit> you could atleast pay for some g&t's to go with the peanuts
<melli> LMFAO<ca suffit> if any thing would improve creative thinking
<admin> we need more "less-creative" thinking here
<admin> creative we got plenty<melli> ipse dixitUser [Nightcrawler /] joined forum <admin> welcome nightcrawler<ca suffit> tipsie dixie!<admin> fu nightcrawler<admin> capertcrawler<admin> carpetbagger<barbara> hello<admin> hi<admin> first girl after DAYS!<admin> the world stopped<barbara>-><admin> what is ca suffit?<admin> ca suffit is ...<admin> who is ca suffit?<admin> he is a smart guy<admin> a smart ass guy<admin> stefano, barbara is asking about you
<barbara>-><ca suffit> a silent guy<admin> you made it, chap<admin> you will finally be able to sell that dog
<ca suffit> which one<ca suffit> the position or the canine?<admin> the canine<admin> the one whotakes care of your loneliness
<melli> ipse dixit<admin> fu<ca suffit> i havefour of them plus three ai machines which model dog intelligence
<admin> ai machines? ai failed 15 years ago
<ca suffit> i'm def long the canine dept these days
<ca suffit> oh yeah?<ca suffit> and how does the translatr work?<melli> it works shit<ca suffit> one to one work mapping?<ca suffit> word, i meant<melli> it doesn't work at all<melli> try it<admin> only kind of artificial intelligence worth using is bottle brunette
<melli> if that is intelligence, we are lost
<ca suffit> most transaltors fail the test fo translating in one language and rendering the same text when reversed
<admin> this fails the first half of the job
<admin> do you know the mark twain short stopry about it? about the frog?<admin> you should know everything about frogs and the english-french cultural divide
<ca suffit> yes but i like storpy as a word
<ca suffit> an mangled story is a storpy
<admin> Tales from The criplt<ca suffit> oh the f word as in frogellectual
<admin> frogellectual is a german word<admin> as in metallgesellschaft<ca suffit> keeep that metall shafted<melli> speaking of MG, look at HG<admin> no<admin> I call it a day<ca suffit> wots od about hg?<melli> yes, pizza is here<melli> hg ---> down. not odd<melli> just something we were talking about. metallgesellschaft index bad
<ca suffit> well everybody is inplicitly expecting a slow down so hg is sold
<admin> yes, but the issue was: slowdown with or without hot HG?<ca suffit> you sould look at the scrap market as well as hg atleast it is less subject to lme stock hanky panky
<admin> yep.<admin> the metal industry was right about the slowdown
<admin> steel first<admin> but for almost 3 months, hg overshooted
<ca suffit> genius chinks<ca suffit> buy hg for delivery<ca suffit> and then delivered, dump it
<admin> would like to discuss this, but really need to call it a day and have dinner. "dinner"
<admin> pizza<admin> see ya later<ca suffit> ooolong!### Thursday, November 16, 2000 #############################<usdjpy110> ohiogoziama<admin> lemme start the translator<usdjpy110> ahso?<admin> do you read me?<admin> hehe<admin> set your translator to "english"
<usdjpy110> no spik russian<admin> bring me to your chief<usdjpy110> cleenspoon?<admin> greenspik?<usdjpy110> hai!<usdjpy110> i des!<admin> banespa!<admin> sopesca<admin> abd bovespa too<usdjpy110> wakcaremasen<admin> pardon my basic japanese<martin> <Enter Text Here>hell-0<admin> hi martin<usdjpy110> harro<admin> sopexa martin<martin> nu ko mees daram<admin> good<usdjpy110> chotto<martin> what<admin> a bullshit eater<admin> who? me?<admin> usd 10877<martin> yes<admin> 76<martin> 346567556<admin> ?<usdjpy110> i'm brack<martin> tel:3629280<admin> martin is a bit slow<martin> latvia<admin> but we love him<martin> you know<admin> even if we adopted him<admin> yep<admin> latka<admin> yopu come from latvia?User[martin] left forum on Thu Nov 16 06:34:51 EST 2000
<usdjpy110> ?<admin> I didn't welcome hin in Europe<admin> poor thing<admin> remember latka<admin> the andy kaufman gag<usdjpy110> remember the don?<admin> was it latka?<usdjpy110> or you wil see the amuir<admin> 108.78 btw<usdjpy110> old advice from uncle joe<admin> amuir<usdjpy110> 110 is aheart felt desire<admin> 76/81<admin> you tell me<admin> 110 --> 120<usdjpy110> what<admin>
<110 : --> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
<admin> usd/jpy under 110 = some more sleeping
<usdjpy110> well its a start<admin> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<usdjpy110> do the easy stuff and the rest will follow
<admin> and this crazy yen<usdjpy110> you know one foot in fornt of the other gets you places
<admin> once it overcomes 110, some fun
<usdjpy110> generall speaking that is<admin> hppyness is a carry trade<usdjpy110> since one foot bekind the other gets you places too if you are turned around
<admin> 77/82<usdjpy110> ugh spellink<admin> this way it could take some months
<admin> one foot in your mouth will get you to the white houyse
<usdjpy110> one prick in her mouth keeps you there
<usdjpy110> yen may moove faster than you think, nasty stuff rumbling mt fuji of jap debt
<admin> agree<admin> but I agreed some months ago too
<admin> and all i got was a correction in august
<admin> jgb i mean<admin> they are nasty but... somebody seems to love them
<admin> that's why I wait for jpy to tell me it's NOW
<admin> agree that the move will be "sudden" and "unexplicable"
<admin> due to an "accident"<admin> accident my ass<usdjpy110> no not jgb futures, its basic maths pay money 1.5% invest at -8% and next year social security starts to pay o time.ut big
<admin> let me see<usdjpy110> some bony will finally read the govn't literature ( verrry boring) and find out the 3rd riches country in the world is broke. yen moves , then jgb
<admin> what did I say? usd/py is the barometer
<admin> including the other side of the equation
<admin> US financial industry<usdjpy110> yes and no. us fin indiustry is very sick but will benefit( as intermediaries) from yen implosion.<admin> lower rates, bonds up<usdjpy110> actually yen implosion may well bail them out.<admin> but but but<admin> bail , i concede<usdjpy110> short yen vs your junk portfolio and postpone repayment on it for as long as poss.<admin> no junk portfolio, sorry<usdjpy110> clip coupons and smile<admin> not yet<usdjpy110> japan takes ukemi for the worlds f'ups
<admin> plenty of time to buy<admin> japs wait some more, you have another round of US stks selloff
<admin> ukemi?<admin> blame<admin> FU (fuckup, not fundamentally overvalued) is not only with Y, it's with $/Y vs gold
<usdjpy110> the fall ( aikido term)<admin> then global monetary system<usdjpy110> don't disagree junk is not yet sunk
<usdjpy110> but come marchish<admin> not widely noticed that bush's counselor is the man who said "disband the IMF"
<admin> THAT could really move FRX<admin> will a new us president be there in time for argentina?<admin> I mean: to stop money waste in argentina?<usdjpy110> you know the joke about the pows?<admin> no<usdjpy110> a new guy come to a pow camp and sees the old pros trading sardine cans all day
<usdjpy110> at a furious pace.<usdjpy110> so one day he jumps into the fray and buys a can at an exorbitant price
<usdjpy110> takes delivery and gets the can opener ready
<usdjpy110> but one of the old guys stops him and says
<usdjpy110> are you crazy the stuff is old and stinks
<usdjpy110> don't it it, those cans are just fro trading
<usdjpy110> such is argentinian debt<admin> hehe.<admin> fortunately, C is there to help everybody
<usdjpy110> i don't think but i'm not 100% certain sure that argentina has never ever repaid all of its debt
<admin> good ole citty citty bang bang<usdjpy110> from about 1800 onwards, it just rolls thestuff forward
<admin> problem is, the credibility of 50% of US academics is linked to argentinian peg
<usdjpy110> citty bang bang tell that to old barings
<usdjpy110> got some of those bonds on mi walls
<usdjpy110> these days they are calld frb's
<admin> and some nasty weeks for hk too
<admin> furbies<admin> as they go<admin> fuzzy and endearing<admin> proviso you keep the batteries fresh
<usdjpy110> if argentina faces a liquidity event, hk is the least of the problems
<usdjpy110> you talking us bank default, hence ukemi for japan
<admin> i'm talking all of that. only question: in which order?<admin> best of all qould be: let the japs take the hot. but
<usdjpy110> order? that is a frogellectual talking.<usdjpy110> its a confluence of evcents, an inflection point
<admin> right<admin> i know that<usdjpy110> no take your number and wait your turn
<admin> (btw: inflection point" is a frog discovery, sir)
<usdjpy110> hey mr frb, don't cut the line there
<usdjpy110> belgian if we must<admin> muscle?<usdjpy110> inflection as in caos theory vs inflection as in 1st derivative, i mean
<admin> moule?<admin> belgo<usdjpy110> frittes<admin> it will all start with win duisenberg dying from a poisonous dish of moules at belgo
<admin> hello sgorbio<Scorpio> sgorbio?<admin> his last gasp will be barfing on mori
<admin> scoprio<usdjpy110> gotta go<admin> scorpio<admin> later usd/jpy<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> Gramps?<admin> busy on the phone<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> Beaners<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> i said stop<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> collaborate and lsiten
<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> i said stop<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> i said stop<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> collaborate and lsiten
<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> Raunchin' J is back with a brand new invention
<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> somethin<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> grabs a whold o' me tightly
<Raunchin' Joncy-Baby> some black whore with an Asian dick fancy <OrgasmCentrale Double J'> the chicks magnet is back!<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> u know that it would be untrue
<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> u know<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> that i would be
<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> a liar<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> if i wuz tah say tah u
<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> girl<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> we couldnt get much ha-yah
<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> come on baby light mah fa-yah
<OrgasmCentrale Double J'> still doin phone-sex gramps. that's a couple of bucks a minute of consilia dinero..<blublu>-><admin> salut<blublu> aaalllooooooooo<admin> hello<admin> on peut parler francais<admin> sans utiliser le tarducteur<admin> good<subcomandante zero> vicente fox caraco <admin> sub?<admin> vicente fox is a great man: Wall street journal loves him
<admin> they certified he is a true freemarketeer
<admin> who am I to disagree?<seam> hi<admin> hello<seam> anyone there<seam> good<admin> yep<seam> a/s/l<admin> rrii<seam> hey<seam> asl<admin> i asked: rrii<seam> a/s/l<admin> FU<seam> do you know your asl<seam> hey<admin> idiot<seam><admin> do you know your rii<seam> you<admin> rrii<seam> are you still there<admin> or better rrip<seam>-><admin> whats that<seam>-><admin> hey<admin> ignorant brat<seam>-><admin> whats that man<admin> he doesn't know shit<seam> yeah i dont<seam> tell me man<admin> race religion income<admin> and political bias<admin> why ask only sex and location?<seam> lol<admin> hehe<seam> why you need rest of it<admin> why you need asl?<seam> dunno<admin> see?<seam> nothing to say<admin> it's a ritual<admin> then think<seam> yes<admin> welcome at consilia<seam> yo<seam> any girls there<admin> not now<seam> /.?<seam> /.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,
<seam> come on<seam> why<admin> because today admin it's me<seam> /.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/.,/./.,/.,/./.,/.,/.,/./.,/.,/.,/.,
<seam> lol<admin> seam? or suture?<seam> you who?<seam> this chat room is shitgot o mSN<seam> whayt<seam> what*<admin> you seem slighlty incoherent, seam
<seam> yo<seam> yo<seam> yo<seam> lksda'slkdf;'lsdkf'slkd'lskd';lsadf'lsakf';lsa';lsa';lsa';lsad';lsad';lasd';lsadf';lsaf';l
<admin> bad hair day?<seam> saddlfkkfff;lasdlfkaslkf'aslfka'slfk;slfk'slfkslfkslkdfslfkslfk;aslfkslkdfslfkalsfkslfkas'lfk
<seam> lol<admin> tourette?<seam> yeah]<seam> yes<admin> cool!<seam> Starcraft<admin> tourette syndrome live here!<admin> wow!<seam> Warcraft<admin> hovercraft<seam> lol<admin> kraft hening<seam> do you know<admin> hebing<admin> ebing<admin> know what?User [seam] left forum <admin> good<admin> submarine zero you still there?<subcomandante zero> soy aqui<subcomandante zero> under water<admin> breath deep<subcomandante zero> under water?<admin> hehe<admin> sorry. that was malicious<subcomandante zero> just finished listening to a presentation form an ass-ociate
<admin> you're welcome<admin> presentation of what?<subcomandante zero> who tried to expalain who to arb the credit market vs the equity market
<subcomandante zero> since the pricing is different
<admin> who?<subcomandante zero> very clever idea.....<admin> or why?<subcomandante zero> except i'm old and i told him that its not an opportunity its a problem.<admin> am not sure i understood<subcomandante zero> look at the pricing on amazon converst and amazon stock.<admin> he says that since there are 10 points in decimal system, you earn more than in 8s?<subcomandante zero> amazon converst say the company is chapter 11
<admin> and stocks say it's chapter 22<subcomandante zero> the stock is worth 29 3/8
<subcomandante zero> tha asssets are worth 5
<subcomandante zero> so somebody's expectations are off
<admin> I find it difficult to use "amzn" and "assets" in the same phrase
<subcomandante zero> so in simple terms the idea was buy the oversold expectations and sell the overbought ones
<admin> oh, i see. and meet the market at middle way?<admin> or in court?<subcomandante zero> except it assumes that your counterparties will be around to perform, big assumption
<admin> hehe<subcomandante zero> any how there is an unsetteling disconnect accross the markets
<admin> I recommended buying partener quotes in law firms one year ago
<admin> that's the nu nu nu nu thing<admin> between minds and mouths?<subcomandante zero> everybody is convinced we are in a bear market but are still complacently fully invested
<admin> to WHOM would they sell?<admin> to WHOM might abbie sell?<subcomandante zero> hey ! these are liquid markets its at what price?<subcomandante zero> an even number less than two?<ozy> hullo<ozy> changed machine. heidi is on admin now
<subcomandante zero> ah!<subcomandante zero> what does admin do? type the chat room comments for the transcripts?<ozy> i felt like a concierge<ozy> he has the red button<subcomandante zero> for?<ozy> can't tell you<ozy> manages the whole thing<subcomandante zero> the kursk escape hatch?<ozy> counts beans for the payrolls of all those small dwarfs who run back and forth bringing the chat nmessages
<ozy> "escape" and "russian" in the same phrase? uhm...<ozy> it's like "russian" and "technology"
<subcomandante zero> controlled descent and mir space station?<subcomandante zero> actually russian tecnology is great!<ozy> why, just one week before the Russian default in 1998, one bureaucrat of 60 years went on the MIR?<subcomandante zero> bought a russian hand powered flashlight.<ozy> for submarine use?<subcomandante zero> its great! gives my hand a work out of 1/3 lumen of light. but it always works.<subcomandante zero> no battereis.<ozy> works with breath?<subcomandante zero> hand powered dynamo
<ozy> i see<subcomandante zero> remember dynamos?<ozy> you will go blind<ozy> you bet i remember<ozy> one of my favorite games as a child
<subcomandante zero> was to be a dynamo rotor?<ozy> nope. was to play with electoirc engines and dynamos
<subcomandante zero> powering the dynamos and cranking the engines?<subcomandante zero> great sparks!<ozy> nope. that was before i went nuts
<admin> hello guest<admin> nice name<subcomandante zero> guest who?<subcomandante zero> went nuts?<ozy> and bolts<subcomandante zero> you did a runner on some squirrels?<ozy> and gave up my engineer career to become a wizard
<subcomandante zero> don't sneer ozy woz an engineer
<ozy> until they ran too fast, and too high
<ozy> I could use a coffee now. will be here in 15
<ozy> I've never been an engineer<subcomandante zero> gotcha!<ozy> I gave up that career at 8<ozy> i told I gave uop the career when a child
<subcomandante zero> wozard<ozy> wizard i have always been. but now need sugar and coffeee. 15 minutes
<subcomandante zero> go wizz wizzard<subcomandante zero> ok<Guest> HI ADMIN HOW ARE U<Guest> HI ALL<petain=>putto=>putin?> hi<Guest> HOW ARE U ARE U M /F?<petain=>putto=>putin?> where is all?<petain=>putto=>putin?> i'm a question<Guest> U ARE NICE?<petain=>putto=>putin?> or a riddle wrapped in a mystery buried in an enigma.<petain=>putto=>putin?> to eat? not bloody likely, mate!<idiot> hello[idiot] has paged ozy<ozy> hi<ozy> i feel good<ozy> i feel smart<ozy> i cut myself with a sheet of paper
<ozy> i can hardly type<ozy> because I used a sheet of paper like a weapon
<ozy> this will teach me<ozy> with all my rethoric about conqueror paper
<ozy> stationery fetishism may cause sexual diseases
<stelav> well i loged in as idiot a crashed the machine
<ozy> hehe<stelav> poetic justice<ozy> the force of words<ozy> pure Lacan<stelav> more like karma running over dogma
<ozy> or pure Torah<ozy> dog what?<stelav> ma dog/dogma still the same old bitch
<ozy> do dog-mas run after kars-ma?<stelav> facinated?<stelav> a robot dog like aibo is dogmatic
<stelav> canine poetery is doggerel<stelav> telecom italia debt is doggy<ozy> faithful?<ozy> pup-producing?<ozy> trusting?<ozy> time to put it at sleep?<stelav> stinks, mangey and has fleas<ozy> time to take it for a hunting spree
<stelav> dog will not hunt<ozy> will make a good target<ozy> and will not have to clean home<stelav> argh ! more morons coz they both go down does not mean the euro and the auzzie are correlated!<ozy> yes. i read that zar and eur are correlated
<stelav> i just don't believe some folks!<ozy> maybe through russia<stelav> what crap!<ozy> what's today? your day for receiving visits from salesmen?<stelav> they are the ones who should be shot, with dum dum bullets
<ozy> uhm... that would spread fragments around
<ozy> good old dumpster is better<stelav> no its come up with new ideas day!<ozy> ouch<ozy> aka brainstorming<stelav> nope it's tell me something new an intelligent, or else!<ozy> as opposed to: sit down and think to simple things
<ozy> nahhh. you playing the Gekko?<stelav> no money in simple things<ozy> i see 12000 businesses a day, and choose half etc etc?<ozy> disagree<stelav> no its trying to se things before the othere sdo by looking at them differently
<ozy> not fascinated by "complexity" in the frogallectual sense
<ozy> ok<stelav> not pratical<ozy> ok ok<ozy> simple not banal<ozy> there is no money in trivial things
<ozy> but truth is often so simple<stelav> some thimes trivial is where its at, but to strip it down to the ahha! level is very hard<ozy> simpler than this, eg<stelav> ?<ozy> simple = result<ozy> simple = end of the process<ozy> the process is worth the money<stelav> nope<ozy> nope?<stelav> understanding the process, mapping the process into positions and exploiting the process to translate it into readies
<stelav> then getting the duck out<ozy> i meant "the process of thinking"
<stelav> before every body catches up to you
<ozy> this part of "before the others" i don't care so much
<stelav> pangs of guilt?<ozy> competition is not with others, is with events
<stelav> ah! no its leave before the profit margins go down.<ozy> what if somebody else understands what I am doing?<ozy> who cares?<ozy> they simply won't follow what I do if they don't understand what's happening
<ozy> money will go to the one who understands
<stelav> eventually.<stelav> maybe<ozy> leave?<stelav> if you have enough time and margin to make up for poor timing
<ozy> poor timing = bad understanding<ozy> time has nothing to do with it, and will not solve it
<ozy> waiting on a wrong position will not change the fact it's wrong
<ozy> ask shapiro, hehe<stelav> i don't agree with that.<stelav> sometimes you have to think of dealing with a heard of sheep
<ozy> waiting on a position which is wrong by reference to reality is wrong
<stelav> you see the woolf, they don't<ozy> oh, the sheep... i don't believe that
<stelav> but they will not run away untill they see the wolf
<ozy> i car the wolf, not the sheep<stelav> meantime....<ozy> care<ozy> meantime i rubn<ozy> run<ozy> fuck them anmd fuck the wolf<stelav> catholic tastes?<ozy> hehe<ozy> fucking wolves?<stelav> indiscriminate buggery<ozy> out of metaphor...<ozy> eithere i am a wolf... competing with anothere wolf
<ozy> or I am a sheperd<stelav> poor metha out of metaphor<ozy> ..but otherwise who cares the sheep?<ozy> btw: speaking of wolves: anothere exclennet market call by prince alwaleed
<stelav> i'd like to dine out for ever on one trade too, if i could.<ozy> his averaging down AOL is giving wings to the market
<stelav> aside from citi wot other investment made money?<ozy> i don't think it exists<ozy> THE trade<stelav> i mean real money?<stelav> palnet hollywood? Aol? eurodizney?priceline?<ozy> you sure that alwaleed MADE the money?<stelav> gimmie a break<ozy> C was good, but is it a trader<ozy> look what he did for the saudi treasury as a whole: a mess
<ozy> wasy to publish the trading results, and forget a bankrupt
<ozy> easy<ozy> hehe<ozy> thanks allah the rich arabs are like alwaleed
<ozy> barak hashem they think money is teher to spend
<stelav> genius is a favourable mark<stelav> failure is a nagative mark<stelav> end of story<ozy> having to shoot oil up 200% to break even is a funny mark
<ozy> if your are presumed to be world's savviest investor
<stelav> of course you pick your starting point we only look at oil up not at it having gone down before
<ozy> he invests more in AOL, and PCLN bounces
<ozy> I see he as followers<ozy> has<stelav> my break-even in producing is $8-12 bbl i don't care about any thing else
<ozy> no, I look at the whole story<ozy> and compare the saudi margin on oil, both at 18, 10 and 35, with their financial disaster
<ozy> they lost at 10, 18 and 35<admin> good afternoon, woops<woops>-><ozy> i'm stelav but got bumped
<woops> this thing had a glitch, somebody hit the kursk button?<ozy>-><woops> using the same browser ?<admin> noo boss :)<ozy> heidi!<woops> yessir<woops> i think<admin> No sailors for me before 7pm<woops> tisk tisk<ozy> see?<woops> no seamen jokes i suppose<ozy> i coudn't even think of asking people here "bring me something new". because they would
<woops> kill you?<ozy> no, they would bring in strange things
<woops> not things, ideas!<ozy> ideas, things... when girls are involved, you may never tell
<woops> concepts<woops> think of it as mao's continous revolution
<woops> except that implementation is glacial
<ozy> disagree with that conceopt<ozy> "continuous revolution"<ozy> and heidi is everything but glacial
<admin> boss<admin> please<woops> take his hide off heidi<admin> in due time sir<woops> sir? to me?<admin> timing is everything<admin> your are a guest, mr woops<admin> are you a lady?<admin> oops<woops> oh! death by a thousand cuts, i see.<woops> nope a rogue<ozy> she is not glacial, but she can be chilling, huh?<admin> a rogue?<admin> a pirate?<woops> yes mam yes!<ozy> heidi!<ozy> my office in 5 minutes<woops> privateer<woops> i carry a letter of marque<ozy> discipline<admin> we cannot fraternize with civilians, sir
<woops> aliens?<woops> is consilia a cult?<woops> bagwan i see all maiani, presiding?<ozy> a long silence followed<woops> a wind blew through the emply desks and thrugh the empty kool aide cups
<woops> but jim jones miani lives!<ozy> and lifted empy pizza boxes<ozy> empty<ozy> ghaaaa<ozy> well, if that's a cult, we are the antipodes of it
<woops> cargo cult?<ozy> how would you call a atheist bunch of unhyerarchised guys?<ozy> cargo cult is something fascinating
<ozy> uncult?<woops> neanderthal<ozy> can't understand ndx withour cargo cult
<ozy> can't understand socialism withour cargo cult
<woops> momentum/squiggle traders=cargo cult
<ozy> you can't even understand TNT withour cargo cult
<ozy> cause/effect inversion<ozy> fetishism<ozy> magic thought<ozy> cargo cult = related to slavery<woops> euro/aud correlation<ozy> i read an academic paper about day traders
<woops> storks and babies<ozy> in which some traders started to double-click on CHARTS trying to help shares go up
<ozy> ?<woops> spurious correlation. the death of many a statistiician
<ozy> no, worse: the BIRTH of statisticians
<ozy> guess who is buying T-Bonds creating the biggest open interest in years?<woops> storks migrations and the concentrations of birthdaies are correlated with an r^2 coeff of .85
<ozy> and who started buying careless of cbtc data?<ozy> making a purely directional guess? in size?<woops> but , but but sir wher do i put my money?<woops> in euros?<ozy> nope. try again<woops> gotta keep it in bucks, but it gotta be safe
<ozy> buying futures with the herd? I tot it was the worst sin
<ozy> I wouldn't ever believe a gelber trader would do it
<woops> futuers is following cash<ozy> following, right<ozy> so not so much of a contrarian trade, huh?<ozy> just an attempt to save his own ass, huh?<woops> well buying gold is a looser<woops> much to my dismay<ozy> dunno<ozy> it's flat phlat<ozy> but is till like it<ozy> bot some too. just some, but bot<woops> you talking about shithiro?<ozy> yep<woops> non ti curar...<ozy> hold on. phone<woops> you just have it in for him coz he call you an analyst as opposed to calling yer analyst
<woops> but what do you expect?<ozy> hold on. sorry. phone<woops> on hold<ozy>
<merry music><ozy>
<macarena><ozy> here i am. thank you for waiting<ozy> how may i help you?<admin> that is my line boss<woops> ok sorry<ozy> dow jones newswire: prince alwaleed says "i'm not a trader"
<ozy> coming soon: Pope: "I am not muslim"
<woops> traitor, is what he meant. he'll never reveal where he got his initial stake from
<ozy> THAT's what I was talking before<ozy> the initial stake<woops> or was that camel trader, you know these sound bite take stuff out of context
<ozy> camels bite?<woops> no smell<ozy> prince alwaleed was biten by a camel?!?!?!<woops> stink<ozy> SEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL<woops> pong<woops> ugh<woops> no alaweeds camel bit him sell rjr ( lawsuit)
<woops> the dweeb alaweed's weed<ozy> may i ask you a question?<woops> biteing butt brings bucks<ozy> seriously<woops> tarnished trader triumphs<ozy> what would you buy as a proxy for lawsuits? (aprt from insurance and T-Bonds)
<woops> incinerating cigarette consortium
<woops> million moolah mouch<woops> teehee's towelhead<woops> there is german publically quoted co that makes money by taking a % of class action suits
<ozy> german?<ozy> i coduln't find anything like that in US
<woops> i forget the name. it cam up in one of the struggle sessions a while ago.<woops> i can retrieve it<woops> for a small fee<ozy> if it exists<woops> what the fee?<ozy> nope, the quoted law firm<woops> free info is worthless<ozy> i know<ozy> you tell me...<woops> consideration is the KEY concept of common law
<ozy> yes. i was not questioning the fee
<woops> which is why it works but napoleonic code don't
<ozy> until nov 8, at least<woops> nope the problem is in statutes ( written law) not common law ( oral law )
<woops> common law=comon sense<ozy> nope. the problem is in defiance to the principles of law rule
<woops> reductio ad absurdum<ozy> right, commons sense<admin> hello guest526<admin> welcome<Guest526> Hello<Guest526> Thank you<ozy> nice name<ozy> mama had a lot of imagination<woops> proper gentleman he is<ozy> she knew you would become a chatter
<woops> 526 children?<ozy> 5.26?<woops> or unnamed guests?<Guest526> No quite.<ozy> dad was a statistician?<Guest526> That is " not quite".<Guest526> I am new to Multicity. My name is Tom
<ozy> multicity?<ozy> THAT'S where all these funny people come from!<woops> your rent a chat room oddy<Guest526> Yes. I got to your chat room through MultiCity.<ozy> is this chat listed in multicity directory?<ozy> did you pay your entracnce fee?<ozy> or at least your trance fee?<ozy> didn't theybtell you about the fees?<Guest526> It is in one of the many Multicity catagories.<ozy> why did you choose this room?<ozy> because it talks about money, right?<ozy> now pay or I'll have your legs brokesn
<ozy> is he still here?<ozy> tough client<ozy> and among those many, you chose this one. why?<ozy> looking for trouble?<ozy> easy money?<admin> do I kill him boss?<ozy> no, wait<ozy> he'll blink<Guest526> See you guys later!<ozy> yeah, right. later!<ozy> bye<Guest526> Bye<ozy> I told you must never kill anybody
<ozy> before 7pm<stelav> damn got thrown out again!<ozy> clark kent<ozy> bulimic browser?<stelav> hardly<stelav> press the kursk button again heidi?<stelav> eithe that or a death sequence of key strokes
<admin> no. ozy just scolded me<admin> did you "detach" chat screen?<stelav> for?<stelav> nope<ozy> well, firts of all do it<ozy> or you'll loose your sight<stelav> why?<ozy> detach screen, enlarge it<ozy> and choose a large character<stelav> not on a 24" screen<ozy> you kidding<ozy> minimu size is lethal<stelav> nope am as blind as a bat so need big screens to see
<ozy> listen to me, I got sight problems using bbg
<stelav> 9 of them, one for each eye<stelav> btw the company you are loking for is called foris ag ( dog brain just found it)
<stelav> it sucks so you can have it for free. but the concept is your ticket.<ozy> the german one. pls don't tell me the american one before we agree on a fee
<stelav> ?<ozy> problem is: US, not germany, is losing its brain about law. germany has no rule of law, so no problem there
<ozy> hotty is a dork<stelav> no no no the company is german but very big in the us
<stelav> how else did they get big enough for a listing. litigation in gr?<stelav> gimmie a break<ozy> true<stelav> i'm sure there are others. but....<poppers> <Enter Text Here><ozy> poppers? a gay epysthemologist?<poppers> huh<ozy> soda drink salesman?User [poppers] left forum
<ozy> hamster personal trainer?<admin> IF i MAY SUGGEST, BOSS...<stelav> weird shop<stelav> password?<ozy> not yet<admin> you could be less brutal<stelav> dobermanns?<stelav> rottweilers?<admin> savana is well mannered<ozy> recruit the old "savana" twins?<stelav> footsnares?<stelav> besides they are very nice doggies
<ozy> not this one. two other savanas<stelav> i have 2 of each9 ie four) sleeping under my desk
<ozy> see? and you never want to sleep under mine, heidi
<stelav> idiot salivants?<stelav> that will keep me away<ozy> nahhh.. davide got back his nickname and was here as "savana"
<stelav> no loss i expect<ozy> not true<stelav> ?<ozy> but davide is completely another planet from those thugs
<ozy> not true you woudln't be a loss<ozy> you fought with the savana twins. but i think you never met the legitimate owner of "savana" name
<stelav> what is this dickens?<ozy> dickens?<ozy> hehe<stelav> victor hugo<ozy> hehe<ozy> lost children?<ozy> enslaved by gypsies<stelav> lost evil twins, true names?<ozy> hehe<ozy> "savana" name was created by a nice guy.<stelav> brazilian soap opera<ozy> then used by the goons you met on bbg
<ozy> now uased again by the true father
<stelav> finis<ozy> who will marry estrella ASAP<ozy> once he comes back from prison<stelav> great expectations , indeed<ozy> is she's still alive<ozy> considering she's pregnant<ozy> well, expecting two freak twins...<stelav> looks like the argy road show is hitting a few potholes
<ozy> they were 4, of 3 different sexes, if i remember well
<stelav> facinating<stelav> well a new career open up<ozy> for whom?<stelav> for both of us<ozy> clowns? no, that's the old<stelav> arbore and buoncompagni<ozy> i will be the one who gets the teenagers laid
<stelav> malcome and wise<ozy> you may keep the government connections of the other
<stelav> ciccio ciccio and franchi ingrassia
<ozy> and introduce music prizes in naples
<stelav> cochi & renato<ozy> naples as in napoli, not as in florida
<stelav> the goon show<stelav> not knock nalpes florida, high rent district
<stelav> lottsa rich teens<stelav> boring and brainless, so up your alley
<ozy> lovely<stelav> some of them<admin> seems a good idea, boss<admin> veronica would love it<stelav> detect an uxorial note there<ozy> no, no<ozy> veronica is not my wife<ozy> veronica is a partner here<ozy> the woman who writes the "hush hush" column
<ozy> 70, jewish<ozy> always complaining of rain<ozy> time to ship her to florida<stelav> take it you guys are not equal opp in terms of faith
<ozy> ?<ozy> faith?<ozy> what's that?<ozy> we accept druses too<ozy> "equal opp"... let me remember when I last got an equal opp...<stelav> sorry tribe<ozy> we got many tribades here<ozy> starting from heidi<stelav> you and i are minorities but but regognized minorities, so no goodies for us.<stelav> woops not<ozy> you must be a BIG minority to get gifts
<stelav> argh!<stelav> fingerlexya<ozy> a BIG MUSCLED minority, to get gifts from small rich minorities
<stelav> braindys<ozy> alexya<ozy> as in "Judge Braindisease"?<ozy> speaking of minority rights...<stelav> well?<ozy> sorry<ozy> bad syntax<stelav> argh! sell silicone buy copper! but then again sell corning and buy pd? Nope.<stelav> ugh!<stelav> don't touch that cable!<stelav> don't touch that cable!<stelav> yess you fool that cable!<stelav> some folks!<ozy> cable? looks better than aud, but heavy
<stelav> no the other cable<ozy> gbp/jpy could help it<ozy> ah, television<stelav> he one that powered the new new thing<ozy> hello argh<ozy> how's life?<ozy> hehe<argh> argh<argh> its stelav<ozy> welcome back<ozy> seems brainstorming days is going well
<argh> argh<ozy> except somebody forgot the brain<ozy> dunno if elletroshock will help though
<ozy> I here declare that David Derosa should take more time to write his columns
<ozy> and avoid writing when he has nothing to say
<ozy> reference is to his last 3 columns about $/Y. if you don't understand what's happening, why not choose silence?### November 17, 2000 ############################<kam> hay mr admin<kam> put a record on i wanna dance with my baby
<saira>-><kam> you don't waste time do u
<admin> ok<kam>-><saira> lol<admin> lemme see...<saira>-><kam> lol<admin> unforgettable?<saira>-><kam> so<kam> no something nice and slow<saira>-><kam> what time u finish work?<kam> so i can dance with my loved one<kam>-><saira> so explain this love ting u have for me?<admin> it's slow and sexy<kam>-><saira> at 5:30<admin> what about some old sade?<kam> mmmmmm<saira>-><kam> not again<admin> smooth operator?<kam> thanks mate<saira>-><kam> what si it wid u an this love thing
<saira>-><kam> is<admin> i go so not to embarass you<kam>-><saira> well i just wanna know how u think u love me?<saira>-><kam>
<=====(blushing for real)
<kam> nice<kam> thanks mate<kam>-><saira> lol<saira>-><kam> what do u mean how i tink i love u?<kam>-><saira> awwww<kam>-><saira> well cum on tell me<kam>-><saira> tell maj all about it<saira>-><kam> i already told him<saira>-><kam> but i can't tell you in words i can only show it
<kam>-><saira> well how did u come to think u love me in suych a short matter of time of knowing me
<kam>-><saira> im sure u can say it words?<saira>-><kam> i dunno<saira>-><kam> but i like u<saira>-><kam> i could ask u the same ting
<kam>-><saira> yeah but hang on u said u love me
<saira>-><kam> nope no word in this world can explain it
<saira>-><kam> it is a phenomenum<saira>-><kam> yeh..and<saira>-><kam> that all the knowledge i have on that can not explain or expand
<saira>-><kam> until you come here<kam>-><saira> o yeah and what is me being there going to explain to me?<saira>-><kam> won't explain just show mouth to mouth
<kam>-><saira> o yeah and what would that show?<kam> yo admin tunes over change the track
<\{*!*}/ sweet guy>-><saira> hi<admin> shhhh... i will keep changing them.<saira>-><saira> sorry i am busy<\{*!*}/ sweet guy>-><saira> how are you
<kam> thanks : )<saira>-><\{*!*}/ sweet guy> sorry i am busy
<saira>-><kam> baby?<\{*!*}/ sweet guy>-><saira> ok<admin> have all my 80s collection ready
<saira>-><admin> plz ignore him i don't know what has come over my baby today
<\{*!*}/ sweet guy>-><saira> sorry for the distrubence
<saira>-><\{*!*}/ sweet guy> no probs<kam>-><saira> yes<kam> cool<admin>-><saira> ignore?<kam> YMCA<saira>-><kam> u like me too rite?<kam>-><saira> what do u think?<admin>-><saira> ymca<saira>-><admin> no not in that sense<admin>-><saira> YMCA?????<saira>-><admin> not me who said that<admin>-><saira> YOU TWO DIRTY FAGS!??!?!!<saira>-><admin> it was kam<saira>-><admin> huh?<admin>-><saira> YMCA?<admin>-><saira> if you are two tossers pls get outta here. no equal opportunities here
<saira>-><admin> it was kam who said ymca <saira>-><kam> baby what u doin?<saira>-><kam> leave the bechara alone<saira>-><kam> u confused him now<saira>-><kam> u still there/<saira>-><admin> what?<saira>-><kam> baby?<saira>-><kam> i got to go in 10 mins<admin>-><saira> this is a etero chat<saira>-><admin> i am just talkin to my baby
<admin>-><saira> you're free and adult<kam>-><saira> 1min<saira>-><kam> jaan<saira>-><kam> plz reply<saira>-><kam> i goin den<admin>-><saira> now gotta go. take care of the baby
<saira>-><kam> i only got five mins<saira>-><admin> and?<saira>-><admin> c ya<kam>-><saira> sorry babes 1 mn<kam>-><saira> ok im back<kam>-><saira> sorry<saira>-><kam> shukaar allah ka<kam>-><saira> i didnt confuse him<kam>-><saira> lol<saira>-><kam> ok<saira>-><kam> so u gonna cal me<kam>-><saira> yeah<saira>-><kam> sure<kam>-><saira> but u said do u like me what do u thin?<saira>-><kam> ok ok forget it<saira>-><kam> xXx<kam>-><saira> lol<kam>-><saira> u going now<saira>-><kam> do u want me to go<saira>-><kam> i got 5 mis<saira>-><kam> mins<saira>-><kam> i have a borin lecture<saira>-><kam> for two hours<kam>-><saira> lol<kam>-><saira> u going to be bcak at 4 then?<saira>-><kam> about stupid cells in da body
<saira>-><kam> no i got work to do<saira>-><kam> an i need to go to docs<saira>-><kam> and then i need to clean my house
<saira>-><kam> an den have i nice hot shower
<kam>-><saira> o so when we going to spaek on chat again?<kam> ad put the volume up<saira>-><kam> i don't know<saira>-><kam> so baby,what r ur plans for the rest of the day
<kam>-><saira> well i finish at 5:30 im going to go hmv and buy toy story for the kids and the pick the kids up at 8 and then have them over for the weekend
<saira>-><kam> jaan?u not listenin<saira>-><kam> aaaahhhhh i wish i was there now
<kam>-><saira> o well maybe next time<saira>-><kam> so i take it you like animations too
<saira>-><kam> i love em<saira>-><kam> y do u take so long to reply
<saira>-><kam> baby i got to go,gettin me tonight yeh,promise?bye xXx
<saira>-><kam> :-))))))))))00<saira>-><kam> xxxx<saira>-><kam> xx<saira>-><kam> x<saira>-><kam> xx<saira>-><kam> xxxx<kam>-><saira> XXXXXXXXX<kam>-><saira> XXXXXXXXX<saira>-><kam> bye jaan
<kam> BYE BABY<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> 30 minutes and countdown
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> til midnite<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> and the Double J will be groovin to some Paul Van Dyk spins!<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> Tal to me Gramps
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> TAlk to me Gramps
<admin> hello<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> gramps?<admin> yes<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> SteLa's been here looks like.<admin> yes<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> Attempting a bit of Jabberwocky inspired word-making.<admin> and he is not deaf-mute either<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> that slithery tove
<admin> oh, boys... always this longer-than-thou competition
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> women can't feel length. all in the girth Papito.<admin> shit<admin> not-so-bull shit<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> iz be dah twoooth yo' honor
<admin> age of envy<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> follow dah Ho Chi Minh trail
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> follow dah ho chi minh trail
<admin> deanna posts a message telling she's happy I hav problem with friends trying to chat from java-protected computers
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> she says ur set-up here is shit. i agree.<admin> you boys lurk each othere<admin> gore sues florida<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> gore sues for time
<admin> all of the above amounts to: the age of envy
<admin> I say 120 pages of chat in the first 8 days are a lot of shit
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> hehehe<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> or the age of denial
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> the nile?<admin> and that when the finger shows the moon, dogs lokk at the finger
<admin> nile?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> the one the cow jumped over?<admin> a cow jumped over the nile?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> age of denial. age of the nile. age of egypt. Hosni will rule the mid-east.<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> that would be mid-east manhattan
<admin> mubarak couldn't rule his ass<admin> people talk about palestinians, nobody looks waht's happening in egypt
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> if it did, ur mom gave u the wrong mother goose rhymes
<admin> mother goos?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> heard they got a decent j.m jarre lite show these days
<admin> i didn't grow up in utah<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> reckon the club scene looks at them now
<admin> podunk<admin> podunk ---> jm jarre?<admin> boy the guy is in decline<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> u dont know j.m. jarre
<admin> i know. hateful<admin> even his woman dumpoed him<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> got a query.<admin> pompous french 8 beat regime<admin> shoot<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> aside from "when the fcuk are they gonna fix the message board so i dont log-in as "Guest#""
<admin> they did<admin> it's you<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> try listenin to some DaRude. doin some good things here.<admin> darude?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> it's not me! the crapp system logs me in as guest
<admin> it means you tried to cheat it trying to login as... as?<admin> you tell me<admin> you sure you didn't try to force a password there?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> cheat what. ?? one day i can log in as J.J. Hemlock. the next day it freezes on Guest# with no option to change it.<admin> same computer?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> password where?<admin> sane computer?<admin> same<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> oh yeah. sometimes when i log-in as J.J. i put in a paasword.<admin> wrong<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> comp at work AND at home.<admin> that creates a cookie<admin> and stucks you<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> so how to fix it?<admin> delete the fucking cookies<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> where are the cookies?<admin> c: \windows\cookies\<admin> and on my desk<admin> with cappuccino<admin> nyah nyah<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> do i go to the find folders?<admin> am I some fucking help desk clerk?<admin> use windows explorer<admin> locate windows directory<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> didnt say that. unless u've been promoted recently.<admin> then cookies subdirectiory<admin> yeah, right<admin> how many files are there in that subdirectory?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> i went to cookies. no multicity at all. just napster. hehe
<admin> 2 or 3?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> 3<admin> or some 250?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> now what.<admin> in this case, you are just unlucky
<admin> sorry<admin> try again<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> how. what do i try.<admin> go to the messageboard<admin> and just try to inputa new message
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> just did. still guest44
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> this is absolute dcikwad
<admin> what against guest 44?<admin> this will stick to you<admin> everybody will call you 44, instead of JJ
<admin> I'm gonna spam every single bbg user, telling them to call you 44
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> or 875. its weird how sometimes i can log-in as J.J.<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> or 875<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> its ridiculous<admin> same computer?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> nope<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> told u. i'm gonna rule this website.<admin> It is funny<admin> you must<admin> because i can't even see it<admin> I'm shut off<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> which is why i am very particular abvout having the log-in of my choice
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> from what?<admin> I cannot see our webiste since one our
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> reality?<admin> hour<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> you have to tweak this thing agin. this website sucks.<admin> why? it works<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> u click on "submit" a few times...and it posts ur message as many times as u click.<admin> not my fauls if you have convulsions
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> u sound like a typical ggoook.<admin> why do you multi-click? unsecure?<admin> cramps?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> force of habit<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> same reason one clicks elevator buttons
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> gramps<admin> less coffee dude<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> ok. the query.<admin> shoot<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> ur the one with all the alphabets suffixed to your name by the Academic Intelligentsia, so answer me this.<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> we'll do this step-by-step so u see my train of thought
<admin> choo choo<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> Shapiro claims he is Mr. Contrarian.<admin> meaning fag<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> When the market buys, he sells..and vise-versa
<admin> inverted<admin> or he really does nothing<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> he made a bold statemetn saying to the extent that while all fcukers bought euro, he sold. when they all sell he will buy.<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> operative word is "all"
<admin> because he was fired 6 months ago
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> if all buy or if all sell..the market performs within the physics of the laws of supply and demand.<admin> which is absurd<admin> exact: 49% buys<admin> or 51%<admin> not 100%<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> lotsa buyers vs one seller = market price skyrockets.<admin> never<admin> it's a margin thing<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> lotsa sellers vs one buyer (shap) = nosedive
<admin> that's what happens to him usually
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> thats his claim. All people vs Shapiro.<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> so what the heck kinda mathematics did he use to extrapolate some sort of profit from this.<admin> the paradox of liar<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> the Hedge Fund Handbook and what amazon reviewers call "fuzzy numbers and fuzzy logic?"
<admin> all men in Crete are liars<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> Tell me.<admin> says epimenides<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> I am eager to learn so I may join the august ranks of billion-dollar fundmanagers like Stela. And billion-dollar on 2-day trade earners like Shapo.<admin> is he a liar too, since he is cretese?<admin> but if he is a liar, cretese are not liars
<admin> AMAZON readers are a n oxymoron
<admin> i wouldn't confuse the two<admin> stela is not shapo<admin> I read a paper written by shapo
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> which is not necessarily good.<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> shapo cant write.<admin> and I can tell you he WANTS to be an author
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> SteLa is entertaining.<admin> that's the problem<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> he is a "libartarian"
<admin> shapo lies. that's all<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> thats how he wrote it
<admin> libertarians are very confused people
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> u got it wrong. shap says he is a "libartarian"
<admin> as in bart simpson<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> he put the Bart in libartarian
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> goes without saying
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> wha'ppened to Benny?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> and the jets<admin> benny busy writing<admin> I can't wake him. hehe<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> graffitti against arafat again?<admin> graffiti?<admin> hehe<admin> HAHAHAHAHHAA!<admin> HIHI<admin> you're laughs<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> etymology?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> firenze<admin> ?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> graffiti.... originated in firenze. long story
<admin> grafiti originated in florence?<admin> that's news<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> am serious.<admin> talk<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> it's a long story. or at least an interesting anecdote they peddle to turistas like me.<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> i saw the first graff ever.<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> twas there.<admin> where?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> firenze<admin> on the thigh of Davide?<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> every dang tourist guide on the florence walking tour tells that story
<admin> "lorenzo ama filippo?"<admin> florentins are famous faggots<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> yup. ur kinda folks.<admin> nope. the rest of tuscany mocks them since 1000 years
<admin> there's a tuscany literature about florentins
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> ur age by the wrinkled balls of methuselah
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> tell me<admin> everybody else in tuscany (except lucca) resents florentins
<admin> centuries of wars<admin> and the basic insult is they are fags
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> luca brazzi?<admin> in 1000 variations<admin> jokes, poems, songs<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> i wouldn't know the caste system in the homosexual community. tho u and greg seem to have intimate knowledge of it.<admin> people from lucca are cheapskates and dumb, and people from florence are fags
<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> so ur a dual citizen then
<admin> going for 3<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> Dubai would be perfect for u
<admin> almost<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> all the men there have moustaches (as do the women) hide the stretch marks on their lips
<admin> except one little detail<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> heheh<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> ok gramps. midnite here. the clubs and dancin' calls. weekend nightlife is about to start. Have a good one!<Clubbin'Playboy J.J.> and fix this website well!#### November 20, 2000 #################################<Nintendo Freak> hi<admin> hi<admin> nintendo?<Nintendo Freak> a/s/l<admin> ghaa<admin> what do you do here?<admin> there's no images on this website
<admin> no movies<admin> no cartoons<admin> only verbal violenceUser [Nintendo Freak] left forum
<tonton>-><admin> bonjour<admin> hello<tonton>-><admin> a/s/l<admin> rip<admin> r/i/p?<tonton>-><admin> age sex region<admin> race income and political bias<tonton>-><admin> 11ans lens France<admin> ?<tonton>-><admin> r l p<admin> no income?User [tonton] left forum User [ConventofInvisibleJoy] <admin> hello<admin> you a nun?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> What happened to HTML?<ConventofInvisibleJoy><ConventofInvisibleJoy><admin> disabled it<ConventofInvisibleJoy> i kneel in front of one
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> krissy has been trying to Ho in.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> needs HTML<admin> won't work anyway<admin> worked badly<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Why?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Deanna says she can help you in making this function more efficiently
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Will you be able to re-introduce the HTML back?<admin> because html doesn't work fine<admin> no, we'll introduce another kind of chat bypassing java barriers
<admin> until then, messageboard can be used
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Kris has a home PC. I wonder why he is not java-enabled
<admin> in that case, he just has to setup the browser, dumbo
<admin> tell him to write to, she will explain him
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> he is english<ConventofInvisibleJoy> ok. thanks.<admin> you're welcome<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Even Greg can't use this joint. Now he has to find other ways to kill time
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Where is Gramppa?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Topol?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> The Matchmaker?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Where is he?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Miani<admin> HELLO!!!!<admin> listen, people, if you are disabled i can't help
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> He needs to coordinate with Deanna to make this work better
<admin> i mean: java-disabled<admin> you may go to deanna's page:
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Deanna can help. thru Luigi
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> I've been there. There's way too much content on her site.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> She needs to structure it so that the first-time user at lest detects a note of coherence or a particular theme.<admin> tell greg and kris to contact info@consilia. every cheap computer can login here
<admin> now you will excuse me. I leave heidi here because am writing something for the messageboard.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> will do. they have. need html
<admin> later<ConventofInvisibleJoy> i think greg doesnt own a PC. uses the fire-walled CS computer
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> stop pestering Hiro.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Where's Heidi?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Heidi.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Heidi?!<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Hi deeeee!<admin> morning sir<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Sorry for the unnecessary clutter in the message boards.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Symptom #2 fingers.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Is there a way I can delete my own notes myself so as not to hassle the webmaster?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Heidi<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Heidi?!<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Hi Deeeeee!!!!!!!!!!<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Twas a storpy of a tale twell
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> about a young striplad farwell
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> pernthoughts prevailed in bafmind
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> brillig frabjous rescind
<admin> storpy? funny lapsus<ConventofInvisibleJoy> stela used that.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> he seems to be a Charles Lutwidge Dodgson fan.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Jabberwock gramps
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Am reading your note on the board. What's Stela's definition of "frogallectual" again?<admin> hold on sir<ConventofInvisibleJoy> is gramps there or what? I wanted a live discussion of his posted message.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> If he isn't available please let me knwo.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> knwo=know<admin> hold on<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Gramps...<ozy> hi<ozy> yep?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> define stelas fragallectual
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> frogallectual<ozy> I defined MY version of it.<ozy> just borrowed a funny name<ConventofInvisibleJoy> how did Stela define his again? and how do u define yours?<ozy> dunno how stela defined his<ConventofInvisibleJoy> he used it way back. he juxtaposed some words with a saturday morning cartoon reference -- not sure if it was the smurfs.<ozy> my definition is tentative<ozy> ignatius is one<ConventofInvisibleJoy> anyway, stela's frogallect and storpy are inspired by Jabberwocky
<ozy> dunno. i missed that<ozy> who is jabberwocky?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> it's apoem by charles lutwidge dodgson (lewis carroll)
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> same guy who wrote allis in wonderland
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> alice<ozy> the paedophile?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> yup<ozy> the mathematician?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> from the Orphanage of the restrained Giggle <ConventofInvisibleJoy> same guy<ozy> Mr Signifiers without Names?<ozy> Frogallectuals love him<ConventofInvisibleJoy> anyway, jabberwocky is formed using a bunch of juxtaposed words and ideas.<ozy> that's what I said:<ozy> signifiers without names,<ozy> words without syntax<ConventofInvisibleJoy> thats what SteLa was using as reference for storpy and frogallectual
<ozy> methonimia withour metaphor<ozy> the origin of lewis carroll success with weak thinkers
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> ok. back to your message
<ozy> my message is there. As Lacan would say: what I meant to say, I said.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> yup. but 2,3,4 are the same...<ConventofInvisibleJoy> same false assumptions
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> by ignatius<ozy> he has no many ideas<ozy> only one<ozy> world loves america if it's something else
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> u reckon the japanese actually accept african-american culture? or just the cute costumes?<ozy> the nearest it seems to be to africa, the more french love it
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> big diff.<ozy> is there an african-america culture?<ozy> hip hop?<ozy> french-translated hip hop?<ozy> it's culture?<ozy> bernstein is great music?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> let's assume that all the curent black-aesthetics..rap, hip-hop, etc is it.<ozy> pls<ConventofInvisibleJoy> its a false assumption thinking that just because jap kids wear afros they accept/embrace african american cultures.<ozy> rappers are ugly<ozy> it's not aesthetics, it's proclamation of no need of art
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> there's a huge diff between embracing and even understanding a culture vs. "i dig these phat jeans and cute costumes and clothes 5 sizes too big"
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> true. same position i have on art deco. no need of art. but going back to ur message
<admin> going boss. you here?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> ignatius' assumptions are twat.<ozy> yep. until 3pm<ConventofInvisibleJoy> another customer of The Orphanage of teh REestrained Boyish Giggle
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> Why do u bother to read that shite?<ozy> aka Sainte Soeur Sourire?<ozy> powerful insight<ozy> nice synthesis of current ideoloies
<ozy> ideologies<ConventofInvisibleJoy> tunnel vision u mean
<ozy> well... explain that to people who voted for gore, and 60% who voted for bush
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> ho-hum. same reasoning crapp by the Village blat which assumes Confusion is admirable Obscurantism and every twat musician/artist deserves the beacon of critical analysis to rescue them from deserved obscurity.<ozy> yes. but it is Bernstein.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> please. just cause Hollywood and New York's debutante crowd put the fcukler on a pedestal, u buy it?<ozy> to be certified as a Celebrity of national Interest
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> so the WAd doesnt have to think of who its heroes should be
<ozy> nope. I say washington post sells it
<ozy> and since they sell other rotten goods, i just noticed the parallel
<ozy> heroes? bernstein teaches that they are not needed
<ozy> you just sing<ozy> and it's done<ConventofInvisibleJoy> These are the same twats who elevated Jerry Lewis movies into works of comedic genius.<ConventofInvisibleJoy> pantheon phrasemaking limpwrists
<ozy> no no no...<ConventofInvisibleJoy> what do you mean exactly by "intellectual falsification?"
<ozy> not the same issue<ozy> the parallel is bernstein/woody allen, not bernstein/jerry lewis
<ozy> wrong jew<ConventofInvisibleJoy> same twats who acknowledge tehm. that's the point.<ozy> hello 212<ConventofInvisibleJoy> a numerical palindrome
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> a radical pommade?<ConventofInvisibleJoy> beware teh jabberwock my son
<ConventofInvisibleJoy> a frabjous day calloooh callay
<ozy> well. that's a nice exemple of where hip hop came from. schizophrenia <ozy> hello d&g. sell<doom&gloom> sold all even the dogs<ozy> sell more<ozy> poor doggies<ozy> who bot 'em?<doom&gloom> same folks that bought
<doom&gloom> the pound<doom&gloom> as in dog pound<doom&gloom> non the cainine of the uk currency
<ozy> the same who got pounded?<ozy> and you trust your digs to these people?<doom&gloom> same<ozy> oops: dogs<doom&gloom> repent<doom&gloom> nope only speaking metaforically
<doom&gloom> dogs are sacred<ozy> oh, I see<doom&gloom> their brains power the biz <doom&gloom> and their instiincts keep intruders and flakes at bay
<ozy> fleas too?<doom&gloom> no feeas<doom&gloom> fleas<doom&gloom> are we with out an admin like the us now?<ozy> hehe<ozy> nope, admin is out<ozy> she's gone shopping<doom&gloom> so the lawyers are in over here
<ozy> don't ask<doom&gloom> same different<ozy> the lawyers?<ozy> no lawyers here. we respect law<doom&gloom> hahahahahahahahahahah!<doom&gloom> HOHOHOHOHOHOHOOHO<doom&gloom> hehehehehehehehehehe<doom&gloom> sorry<ozy> i didn't say "we respect HMQ E 2", I said "we respect the law"
<ozy> and the Old Fart is anyway better that what I left behind
<doom&gloom> i know just jumped to the punch line: we respect the law, we just don't follow it slavishly.<ozy> we don't kneel in front of the queens, i mean
<ozy> MY FAVORITE PORN SITE JUST SENT ME SPAM MAIL IN SUPPORT OF BUSH. HEHEHEHE.<ozy> ahhahhh... ohohohoh... he<doom&gloom> leave behinds, kneeling and queens. too much queer talk with jj i'd say
<ozy> pls<ozy> pls<ozy> this is killing me<doom&gloom> what<ozy> a porn spam newsletter campaigning for federal court lobbying
<doom&gloom> ?<doom&gloom> grabbing for straws<ozy> that's what they call an "heated political debate"
<ozy> here comes heidi, with new red shoes
<doom&gloom> the way i look at it we really see who runs the us: the unelected, unimaginatitive,unprincipled , unproductive ,legal class <ozy> yes, but one of the candidates cherishes them and got full support by them
<ozy> created laws for them<doom&gloom> both did<doom&gloom> dim and dull that is<doom&gloom> and now they try to lull us to sleep
<ozy> i don't buy the "they are the same thing" thing
<ozy> dershowitz tried to sell it<ozy> and that's enough for me to fell forced to choose
<doom&gloom> when youspend over 100 mill on a campaign you are beholden to the same folks
<doom&gloom> besides it takes 2 years for any prez in the us to actually do any harm
<ozy> well, in one case those folks are the lawyers
<doom&gloom> so who gets elected dont really matter untill 2003
<ozy> uhm...<doom&gloom> cet par of course<ozy> "how" doesn't matter?<ozy> it matters according to me<ozy> it's the wrong moment to let go on cultural basics
<doom&gloom> can do anything radical<doom&gloom> can't i mean<doom&gloom> it takes about 2 years for a prez to get the house and senate lobbying machine going
<ozy> it's not what he'll do. it's not the laws for pressure groups
<ozy> it's the full confirmation of the prtessure group system
<doom&gloom> modern democracy is rule by pressure groups
<ozy> nope<ozy> that's destruction of democracy<doom&gloom> name me a functtiong democracy that is not run by pressure groups
<ozy> and it's gone far enough<ozy> japan?<ozy> palestinian authority assembly?<doom&gloom> you are joking, right?<ozy> hehe<ozy> russia<ozy> but this is one of the reasons of "death of politics"
<doom&gloom> not even sark !<ozy> which is instead a bloating of politics outside its limits
<doom&gloom> not even aincient rome or greece for that matter
<ozy> let sark alone! it's a serious place
<doom&gloom> i know<doom&gloom> sark trusts protect the bulk of berlusconi's assets
<ozy> didn't he move them last tuesday?<doom&gloom> the next italian prime minister
<doom&gloom> ?<ozy> joking, again<ozy> italian judges still looking for them
<doom&gloom> its not for thejudges its for the press so no body knows how much pressure the future pm will exercise on his companies while he is in power.<ozy> what's the difference btw judges and press?<ozy> in italy i mean<ozy> hold on, have to change machine<doom&gloom> you mean magistrates not judges
<ozy2> hello<ozy2> market opened and my neck was aching <ozy2> what's the difference in italian system?<doom&gloom> no ergonomic guidelines in your shop i see
<ozy2> fully implemented<ozy2> that's why i sat at my desk now<ozy2> rational guidelines, not the crazy iones
<ozy2> i bot a keyboard last week<ozy2> on the keyboard is written: this keyboard could hurt you. read on the other side
<ozy2> on the other side it's written: take 10 min off every 50 minutes
<ozy2> they didn't write "you need a vacation"
<doom&gloom> hey , rsi is no joke!<doom&gloom> it is verrrrrrry painful<ozy2> rsi?<doom&gloom> and hard to cure when you get it
<doom&gloom> just like an avviso di garanzia
<doom&gloom> repetive stress injuries<ozy2> i know. i have a bones+sight painful stress problem
<ozy2> that's why i have a comfortable desk
<ozy2> but i don't need fucking logitech to tell me to take a vacation...<ozy2> hehe<doom&gloom> you need a vacation<ozy2> written on the keyboard<ozy2> i do<doom&gloom> you do<ozy2> did 5 days last summer<doom&gloom> 15-20 days<ozy2> i resemble photo on my passport. i do need the travel
<doom&gloom> doing nothing<ozy2> yeah, right. next century<ozy2> yeah, right. next life<doom&gloom> could well be<doom&gloom> if darma gives you a second chance
<ozy2> darma?<doom&gloom> destiny, the force behind reincarnation
<ozy2> no darmathytis problem<ozy2> i said bones and sight. no darma
<doom&gloom> but you know outta darma , game over
<ozy2> oh, I see<doom&gloom> bad darma and you become a toad
<ozy2> toads have awful derma<doom&gloom> just like in the passport photo
<ozy2> this is true<doom&gloom> so,<doom&gloom> take a vacation, and you will not get so upset about keyboards
<ozy2> i would need some vacation to play my keyboards
<doom&gloom> better<ozy2> last time i did it was 6 months ago
<ozy2> they give me rsi, but lotta fun<doom&gloom> today's nasdaq retracement is at eleven, then ........<ozy2> 11?<doom&gloom> day trader cleansing<doom&gloom> 11 am est<doom&gloom> intraday cycles on ccmp<ozy2> you too use ccmp?<doom&gloom> ccmp reverse trend between 10-12.30 every day, then resumes am direction
<doom&gloom> it works for any nasdaq tracking index
<ozy2> and for eur, according to you<doom&gloom> not any more eur was passing phase
<ozy2> or am i wrong?<ozy2> uhm... then a false correlation<ozy2> qed<doom&gloom> a case of why aquiggle traders blow up
<doom&gloom> squiggle , i meanUser [Guest] joined forum
<doom&gloom> no no a false correlation , just a transitory event
<admin> hello mr guest<ozy2> hold on: on the phoneUser [Guest] left forum <doom&gloom> you scared him away heidi!<admin> he is on the phone<doom&gloom> no mr guest<doom&gloom> you say hell and he say good bye
<doom&gloom> hello i mean<ozy2> here i am<doom&gloom> so you are<doom&gloom> are you?<ozy2> yep<ozy2> I am<ozy2> Ego sum<ozy2> then I think<ozy2> not viceversa<doom&gloom> ego sums to zero<ozy2> wrong<ozy2> ego = 1<doom&gloom> depends<ozy2> nope<doom&gloom> who the ego is<ozy2> ego = 1, tu = 0<ozy2> nope<ozy2> that's the sublect<ozy2> ego doesn't depend<ozy2> subject depends, not ego<doom&gloom> egotistical<ozy2> not lawyers here<doom&gloom> egomaniac<ozy2> hehe<doom&gloom> egocentric<ozy2> why not?<ozy2> it's me, after all<doom&gloom> its an egg or bitching problem
<ozy2> nope<doom&gloom> which cam first the ego or the bitching?<ozy2> cogito ergo sum is ego-or-chicken
<ozy2> cogito ergo sum --> come first --> ejaculatio praecox
<ozy2> descartes'd devil was a poor devil after all
<doom&gloom> logicaly clear, like pea soup
<doom&gloom> to be expected after all<ozy2> who? descartes?<doom&gloom> decartes very clear, hyper clear
<ozy2> descartes mistakes subject for ego
<doom&gloom> must be you<ozy2> descartes wrong<doom&gloom> by elimination<doom&gloom> redcutio ad absurdum<ozy2> descartes was wrong re ego. completely wrong
<ozy2> thus debasing western thought for good
<doom&gloom> what ego is now a pluralistic transitive entity
<doom&gloom> welcome to the hive mind<doom&gloom> i am you and you are me for all of infinitee
<ozy2> THAT's based on descartes<ozy2> once ego = subject<ozy2> ego DEPENDS on thought<ozy2> is not the MASTER of thought<doom&gloom> its not a question of causality
<ozy2> ?<doom&gloom> its not one before the other
<ozy2> cartesian "ergo"<ozy2> ?<ozy2> cartesian ergo is the non-cauasl link by excellence
<ozy2> that's the mistake<doom&gloom> read it as the ability to think is the definition of existance
<ozy2> the glorification of methonimy<ozy2> no no no nono<ozy2> NOPE<ozy2> that's not what cartesius meant<ozy2> absolutely<ozy2> you can't lend descartes an idea of thought which is not his
<doom&gloom> likewise<ozy2> and can't forgive descartes and his pupils the damage they have done
<doom&gloom> bollox<doom&gloom> nonsense<doom&gloom> fallacy<doom&gloom> inanity<ozy2> tauthology, sir<ozy2> not demonstration<ozy2> want a brief history of descartes' consequences?<doom&gloom> ok prof<ozy2> ok. next instalment on message board will be about this, then
<doom&gloom> what got to swot?<ozy2> and expect answers to be some more than "bollox"
<doom&gloom> old bald bait and switch<ozy2> ?<ozy2> descartes, the father of "fight club" and of the "divided ego"
<ozy2> how do you know that yoiu're not in bed dreaming now?<doom&gloom> you make a point you can't sustain to adopt the old reculer pour miex avancer tecnique is adopted and in the reprise the premises are shifted to better fit you weak case originally proposed
<ozy2> how do you know that you're not locked uo in a mental institute?<doom&gloom> very nice<doom&gloom> i am<ozy2> how do you know that you are not deceived in everything you think by an evil demon?<ozy2> who is chuckling to himself because he has taken you in so completely?<ozy2> that was the starting point of descartes
<ozy2> and that is the final point of today's hallucinatory culture, cinema, new age imagery
<ozy2> the mistake as a starting point<doom&gloom> how do you not know you are not dreaming everything
<ozy2> the primacy of calembour<ozy2> the hypostasis of a demon funding human thought
<doom&gloom> cthulu<ozy2> which is EVEN a step back by reference to sicrates (which was already a bad starting point)
<ozy2> oops, socrates<ozy2> cthulu?<doom&gloom> hp lovecraft, the old ones
<ozy2> again... i talk philosophy and you talk comics. ok, right.<ozy2> and mystic comics<doom&gloom> the uniminigable terror , just outside our narrow definition of reality
<ozy2> yeah, right...<ozy2> perfect<doom&gloom> hp lovecraft is not comics
<ozy2> it is<ozy2> it is bad pulp<ozy2> it is cheap mystics<doom&gloom> cheap msystics is my point
<doom&gloom> cheap tricks is the next<ozy2> in that case, a poor devil suits you
<doom&gloom> cthulu<doom&gloom> exactely<ozy2> descartes is a good provider of poor devils
<ozy2> he is the dark and mystic side of french enlightenment
<ozy2> the father of terror<ozy2> the grandfather of communism<ozy2> and communist idea of "science" and technology
<ozy2> his "devil" is the model for kursk
<doom&gloom> oh you do so blather and bark up the wrong tree
<ozy2> I [cartesian] plan, then I rule<ozy2> blather?<ozy2> you selling me descartes' subject as a ego, and ME I blather?<doom&gloom> so who is the model for osvaldo correct science then? newton or merlin?<ozy2> pls<ozy2> aristotle?<ozy2> if i am not too ingenouous?<doom&gloom> oh?<ozy2> too may ou's hehe<doom&gloom> and what about phaedrus?<ozy2> metaphysics with no need for a devil?<ozy2> renaissance?<ozy2> phaedrus?!<ozy2> nope<ozy2> nope nope nope<doom&gloom> who is phaedrus prof?<ozy2> lavinio, are you discussing or are you trying to win back the moving target champ trophy?<doom&gloom> no phaedrus was aristotles whipping boy used to demonstrate the primacy of reason as in constructs over intuition.<doom&gloom> since then western thought was buggered
<ozy2> founded<doom&gloom> does aristotle allow for a category such as quality in his thinking?<doom&gloom> and why not?<ozy2> why NOT?!?!<ozy2> "bluff your way in a phylosophical discussion"
<doom&gloom> we know what qualitys is , right?<doom&gloom> how does aristotles define it?<ozy2> lavinio, try to tell in direct form what you know and what you think, will you pls?<doom&gloom> quick get out your cliff notes....<doom&gloom> does aristotelian though allow for the conecpt of quality?<ozy2> nope. I already got a "smart student" interviw this morning
<ozy2> and already kicked jj's ass. bored for today.<ozy2> you now tell what you think<ozy2> pls<doom&gloom> i'm waiting<doom&gloom> this is maeutics<admin> shitty connection<admin> hold on<admin> here he comes<admin> here I am<admin> am ozy. line down on my fuckin terminal
<admin> where's doom?<admin> gone buying some affirmation marks?<doom&gloom> so class the issue is what are aristotelian concepts and constructs?<admin> ok, let me monologue again then.<doom&gloom> no class follw the format<admin> descartes creates what a real thinker called the "hysteric foundation of "modern" thought"
<doom&gloom> else you will never learn any thing
<admin> the primacy of rethorical questioning
<doom&gloom> you are not listening<admin> let's look at the origins of a "questioning" thought.<admin> Plato?<admin> pardon me if I ask it instead of affirming it
<doom&gloom> we are back at aristotle not the annotedversion of the interpretations of descartes
<admin> but i need the pure soul of a slave to confirm me
<admin> because if I have no slave to question, I cannot KNOW
<admin> the slave is possessed by a good demon
<admin> that's why he will give me the answer I expected
<doom&gloom> ozzy you are b/s again<doom&gloom> what are aristotles concepts and constructs?<admin> I am the master. My art is asking the correct questions to a slave possessed by a demon
<admin> i put him to sleep<admin> and he answers me the truth<admin> because thinking is answering to questions with preformed ideas.<doom&gloom> forget it<admin> If the ideas were already there, why ask?<admin> because the correct form of thought is the experience of imperfection:
<admin> its form is the question, the doubt <admin> doubt NOT about conformity of thoughts to reality...<admin> but about thought itself<admin> this brings from platonic foundations of mystical philosphy, STRAIGHT to descartes and his devil
<admin> WHAT IF the slave doesn't care rethorical questions of the master?<admin> maieutics is exactly what plato founded
<admin> and descartes transformed in psychoterapy
<admin> but you miss a passage<admin> the question-answer form of thought ...<admin> ... plus the hypostasis of devil...<admin> is of evil as a measure of man...<admin> created that wonderful event in human history
<admin> which is the ...<admin> witch process<doom&gloom> you are caught out fool<doom&gloom> sorry<doom&gloom> byeUser [doom&gloom] left forum
<admin> well, nice way to discuss, for somebody so devoted to "dialectic" thinking
<admin> fu<admin> next<admin> uhm... I presume that "sticking to the text of Aristotle, and not to his commentators"...<admin> ... means excluding also the best of scientific culture which brought to Renaissance, eg?<admin> that was not the same Aristotle of the first volume of Geymonat's History of Philosophy for comrades, huh?<admin> pls### November 22, 2000 #############################<admin> hi wanker<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> hi<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> lol<admin> nice name<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> thanx<admin> absolutely lonely was here 15 minutes ago<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> whatz up ?<admin> not BAC<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> ok<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> where r u frm<admin> whu do you hush?<admin> lnd<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> Indiana?????<admin> london<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> ok<admin> uk<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> yea I get u<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> whats the time out there mate?<Desperately Seeking>-><admin><admin> bone chilling<admin> why whispering in private?<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> Im frm India<admin> and live there?<Desperately Seeking>-><admin> no! 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JJ, insomma<savana> so perche'<savana> ok<admin> perch??<savana> hiroshi ierisi vantava di essere cristiano<savana> e voleva "exterminate" i shintoisti<savana> he he<admin> ah, benone<savana> era ropba per te<admin> pensa che lui ? quello mite , della banda<admin> pensa se era fanatico<savana> ha parlato di shintonazi<savana> contro cristojap<savana> i cristojap lavorano, sono buoni etc,,,<admin> e gli shintoisti?<savana> i shintonaz adorano l'imperatore, lavorano per lui e non per soldi, evogliono conquistare il mondo<admin> be'... be'...<savana> questo il succo dell'arringa<savana> alla fine - ciliegina - appare cvf<savana> sorrisono, siamo buoni, amiamoci, vogliamoci bene<admin> in quanto cristiani?<savana> vs sera, loweormai e' ribassista e dice che non c'e' piu' nulla da afre per nasquack<admin> in quanto germanofili?<savana> copiato da me il termine, stronzo<admin> in quanto sfigati?<savana> e shapo invece dice che se mkt va giu' dopo annuncio risultati florida, e' il piu' grande buy della storia<savana> insomma, riconosci i tipi, giusto?<admin> uhm...<admin> lowe ha tentato di bloccare le mie mail da qui alla sua casella bbg<savana> lavinio identifica savana con me perche' io e savana condividevamo alcune conoscenze di stat credo<admin> solo perch? l'ho ringraziato di avermi mandato BAC sotto 40$<savana> me l'avevi detto<admin> hehe<savana> alla fine devo riconoscere qualcosa<admin> shap: dopo l'annuncio di QUALI risultati?<admin> intende la vittoria di Gore?<admin> eh, quella statstica l? la dobbiamo proprio discutere<savana> infatti<savana> devo riconoscere che alla fine avevi ragione tu<admin> a proposito di?<savana> timing sbagliato, come robertson e soros magari, ma avevate ragione<savana> che nasquack e internet erano da vendere<admin> da 3000 in poi il timing non conta pi?<savana> il mkt del 2000 ha insegnato a tutti parecchie cose<admin> non so se 3000 ha veramente ceduto<savana> sono finiti i mostri sacri<savana> who cares if old or new economy<savana> utili utili utili<admin> return on investment?<savana> il vecchio verbo e' tornato<savana> daimler, old economy, viene pestata a sangue, come t-online<admin> hai letto quel paper che dice cperch? - in termini econofisici - i ricchi guadagnano piu' dei poveri?<savana> perche' non fa soldi<admin> ossia perche' il loro return on investment e' maggiore?<savana> divisone old/new e' una cagata, la usa solo chi non ha caito la nuova aria<admin> "nuova"?<savana> la nuova ria e': le aziende si dividono in chi fa soldi e chi no<admin> "nuova"?<savana> he he<savana> vecchia, ma rispolverata<admin> sai cosa temo?<admin> che chiamandola "nuova" nascano dei guru che spiegano che cio' avviene sulla base di nuovi principi<admin> cosmici, psicologici, che ne so<savana> che anche chi ha piani industriali seri non trova fondi?<savana> hai visto i dati sul bank lending in usa?<admin> si'<admin> sta arrivando il credit crunch<savana> squeeze<savana> esatto<savana> e a nessuno<savana> non come nel 98<admin> pausa di 30 secondi.<savana> nel 98 i grossi e sani prendevano ancora soldi - persino durante russia/ltcm<savana> adesso no<savana> non li becca nessuno<savana> hai visto il caso upc?<savana> o versatel?<savana> mkt ha scoperto di colpo che i dt sono 2 volte capitalizz<savana> e upc ha perso 50% in 3 sedute<savana> ok<admin> fine della pausa<savana> verstel bonds tratatno d adefault - circa 30<admin> e ahi visto che percezione ce n'? sul mercato?<savana> ok<savana> intendi mancata percezione prima o adesso?<admin> ne parlava qui l'altro giorno. il collaboratore di slavina che va da lui e gli suggerisce di arbitrare azioni contro obbligazioni di amzn<savana> un semplice spreadsheet bbg, tira giu' capitalizz e enterprise value<admin> ossia, i ragazzotti con excell che non si sognano nemmeno che il problema sia "non ci sono dane'"<savana> la diff e' il DT<savana> in 3 minuti tiri giu'500 imprese cosi'<savana> un sempplice ratio, e capisci dove stare alla alrga<savana> sembra che nessuno l'abbia fatto per mesi<admin> il oput greenspan<admin> put<admin> liquidita' = infinito<savana> a volte resto basito a vedere ste cose<savana> a vedere che solo oggi il mkt si rende conto del dt UPC<admin> be'...<savana> forse noi italaini siamo piu' abituati<savana> memorie della montedison e ferruzzi<admin> a capodanno gli avevano dato una sistemata mica male<savana> il dt qui vienen ancora osservato<savana> nemax -8% btw<admin> merda<savana> ti buttano fuori anche da qui?<savana> he he<savana> poca ram?<admin> no, ho toccato il bottone sbagliatoUser [QualityOfMercy] joined forum<savana> mercy, abbi pieta' di noi<admin> mercy?<savana> flight to quality?<admin> mercy mercy mercy?<admin> or no mercy for me?<savana> quality of mercy is here<savana> mercy is silent<admin> adesso ho imparato un altro tic da chat<savana> to log in or to log out....that's teh problem...<admin> entrano qui alla cazzo di cane e fanno: a/s/l<admin> e se non rispondi si incazzano<admin> hehe<admin> mercy? ASL?<savana> age sex location<admin> esatto. che cazzata<savana> bisex, 19, located in downtown<admin> io chiedo IEP<savana> he he<admin> Income Education and Political bias<savana> brb<admin> hehe<savana> wb<admin> e' meno razzista<savana> he he<admin> non ? politically correct chiedere sesso e eta'<savana> lol<admin> HEY MERCY?<savana> rofl<savana> anche questi hai imparato?<savana> lmao<admin> tutti meno brb<savana> be right back<admin> figurati cosa mi ero perso<savana> esco un attiomo ma torno subito insomma<admin> non hanno calcolato lo H delle chat<savana> io non sapevo cosa fosse lmao<admin> credevi fosse un antidepressivo?<savana> quando l'ho chiesto, ho dimostrato di essere un pivello delle chat e sono stato bandito per settimane<admin> imao, anti-imao e LMAO<admin> be', un bel ritorno alle dinamiche di terza media ogni tanto non fa male<savana> hehe<admin> terza media = ammettere o no le ragazze nella casa sull'albero?<savana> e non azzardarti a afre gli emoticon<admin> fiurati. gi? 'sto "hehe" mi sta cominciando a stufare<savana> dimostri di essere un matusa<admin> ho preso il vizio<savana> almeno 22 anni<savana> yahoo, innovativa come sempre, ha ovviato almproblema<admin> l'altro giorno e' venuto qui un cretinetti. l'ho trattato come trattavo giuseppe diana. alla fine scopro che aveva 11 anni<admin> yhoo?<savana> se fai :) appare per default un faccino giallo che sorride<savana> dopo 1 mese, anche aol ha introdotto l'innovazione<savana> questa e' competizione<savana> aggredire il mkt con prodotti innovativi<savana> faccino giallo = sole che ride<savana> se fai //Rose---> appare una rosa<savana> entra sexybronxy per esempio, e tu fai //Rose<savana> appare un arosa<savana> come dire che dai una rosa a sexybronxy<admin> e sexybronxy e' maschio,, 44 anni, del montana<savana> non costano come quelle vere<savana> ma sexybronxy si sbrodola<TheQualityOfMercy> have you figured it out yet ?<admin> oops. vedi sopra<savana> e ti fa un pompino virtuale<admin> hey mercy<savana> dopo che sei venuto<admin> wazzup dude?<savana> ti dice che pesa 200 chili, ha sei figli,<TheQualityOfMercy> hi gramps. hello there davi-de<savana> e ha 46 anni<TheQualityOfMercy> please. must we have to deal with americanisms today from gramps.? perhaps ebonics are next<savana> this is jj<admin> Sister Juanita Carlita of the Holy mercy<TheQualityOfMercy> Gramps, have you figured it out yet. Hello Da-vide!<savana> grampy is jj-nic<TheQualityOfMercy> no. Grampy is Ozy sobriquet<savana> asl?<TheQualityOfMercy> how's ese?<savana> yahoo ebonymate service just sent me an alert<savana> sex-o-rama wanted<savana> i dont dare to open the msg<admin> meaning?<TheQualityOfMercy> How's little Ese?<savana> ese fine<TheQualityOfMercy> wue<savana> thx<admin> savana is in compute-virus paranoia<savana> little yellow smiling facee<TheQualityOfMercy> gramps, have u figured it out yet? about phaedrus.<savana> oz, did u read my msh about languages and anthropic principle?<admin> yeah<TheQualityOfMercy> ese is yellow? jaundice?<savana> msg<admin> i figured that a lycee is a MINIMUM necessary premise to bother me about philosophy<admin> yes<admin> yes was for savana<admin> need to talk seriously about that.<admin> pls post in msg board<admin> interesting the idea of a non-darwinian evolutionism<TheQualityOfMercy> but did you figure out what phaedrus had to say about quality?<savana> here is the msg: i get easily horny, men tell me i make them hard<savana> im definitely a party girl<admin> asl : male, white, 55, fronm florida<TheQualityOfMercy> this Stela was up to his old tricks with you again.<admin> and democrat, too<admin> can't punch a hole<savana> looking for a raging party<TheQualityOfMercy> u mean a rave?<savana> wanna be spanked, spurted on and filled from every angle<admin> difefrence is, jj, that here there's transcript<admin> and plenty of space to answer<savana> whata re u waiting for?<admin> me?<admin> next bus<TheQualityOfMercy> he can't punch a hole...but he'll play 55 bingo cards simultaneously at the Convent of the Midnight Muffled Moans' bingo socials on sunday.<savana> end of msg from ebonymate alert<savana> service gently offered from Yahoo<admin> she talks a lot, huh?<admin> and not yet stopped by french government<admin> CHENEY A STROKE!!!!!!!!!<admin> cheney got a stroke!!!<admin> fuck!!!<admin> america is one heartbeat away from bush becoming president!!!<TheQualityOfMercy> well...Stela posed the query on "quality" I'll bet you he'll ask you about how that and Phaedrus have to do with Harley-Davidsons.<admin> am not kiddibg<admin> and Ralph lauren<TheQualityOfMercy> ralph is also a "k"<admin> kulattone?<TheQualityOfMercy> and he likes Harleys.<admin> Harveys too<TheQualityOfMercy> and Phaedrus riding Harleys.<savana> oz - want me to send you the paper about evolutionism?<admin> yes<savana> ok<admin> yes pls<savana> later - lunch time here<savana> bye jj<TheQualityOfMercy> pls or asl<admin> ok. later<savana> bye oz<TheQualityOfMercy> bye davUser [savana] left forum <TheQualityOfMercy> i wonder if he knew what phaedrus thought of quality<admin> I wait for slavina to expolain it<TheQualityOfMercy> he'll talk about Harley's<admin> Herats in Atlantis<TheQualityOfMercy> and the First-Nation storytelling device<admin> Hearts<TheQualityOfMercy> and Chatauquas<admin> did you read "Shelley's heart"?<TheQualityOfMercy> but he'll never bring up Lilla<TheQualityOfMercy> maybe Layla<admin> layala? eric clapton<TheQualityOfMercy> me? I'm just the Village Idiot. Just sitting here and watching 2 gramppas.<admin> layla<admin> not layala<admin> loyola<admin> loyola is not by eric clapton<admin> shelley's heart is a nice novel<TheQualityOfMercy> St John it was<admin> about a golpe organized by democrat bleeding hearts<TheQualityOfMercy> "nice?"<admin> charles mccarry<admin> nice = good idea, cheap writing<admin><TheQualityOfMercy> golpe in tagalog means to beat up<admin> very good idea, very cheaop writing<admin> golpe = fox<admin> in italian renaissance, machiavelli golpe = fox<admin> volpe, golpe<TheQualityOfMercy> wasn't he writing little pop tunes for lorenzo?<admin> nope. lorenzo wrote the tunes<admin> niccolo played the drums<TheQualityOfMercy> wasn't he kinda like the Dave Barry of the Renaissance....<admin> dave barry?<TheQualityOfMercy> merchants<admin> who's dave barry?<TheQualityOfMercy> ask STela<admin> Why should I ask slavina about bullshit YOU say?<TheQualityOfMercy> he'd put Barryp up there in culture with H.P.Lovecraft<admin> take your responsibility<TheQualityOfMercy> hehehe<admin> hey, USA looking for a conervative vicepresident. may be i should give it a try<TheQualityOfMercy> Dave Barry was the 5th Pres. Candidate<TheQualityOfMercy> is fron Florida i think<admin> reform?<admin> the 4th was the libertarian<TheQualityOfMercy> Stela? He's a sly old fox. He's been pied-piping you.<admin> after dubya, the cheater and buhahahaha<TheQualityOfMercy> 5th<admin> not reform then<TheQualityOfMercy> as in I plead the 5th<admin> socialist?<admin> green?<admin> nope: nader<admin> you don't have a 5th<admin> in philippines you don't have even the 1st<TheQualityOfMercy> Dave Barry has a larger readership them all of them.<admin> you can't plead the 5th<TheQualityOfMercy> Endorsed by Joan Rivers.<admin> lemme ask joe malli. he knows everything<TheQualityOfMercy> heheh<admin> joe says dave barruy is a clown<TheQualityOfMercy> melli<admin> i think joe should stay here and chat<TheQualityOfMercy> joselito melli. gonna call him pepito.<admin> not me<TheQualityOfMercy> Does Peptio know what Phaedrus had to say about quality?<admin> so intelligent and informed he is<TheQualityOfMercy> This Stela. FUNNY GUY.<admin> ok. republican ticket cut in half<admin> you talk abouit stela. stela talks about savana<admin> when do you guys think you buy or at least rent a EGO?<admin> and learn to monologue?<TheQualityOfMercy> Public Can = Free Toilets<TheQualityOfMercy> I've rented a Winneb-EGO. does that count?<TheQualityOfMercy> It's strong. Powerful. Good for the long run. And sleeps 8.<admin> your sister?<TheQualityOfMercy> my Winneb-EGO.<admin> oops<admin> I misread<admin> I read Whiny Bag<TheQualityOfMercy> my sister is a Portia. not a Winneb-EGO.<TheQualityOfMercy> as skinny as a pound of flesh.<TheQualityOfMercy> but she's "nice."<admin> Shakes pears then?<TheQualityOfMercy> so do anything. but the magistrate says you can do so, as long as you don't draw a drop of blood.<admin> and shylock invented laser surgery<TheQualityOfMercy> mature enough to make a Beast with Two Backs.<admin> ta!<TheQualityOfMercy> Liposuction.<admin> lipo?<TheQualityOfMercy> too bad some Austrian used that idea to make soap of his great=grandkids.<admin> hehe<admin> speaking about LIPO, how's chinese community in philippines faring?<TheQualityOfMercy> one of the more mordant humour in Fight Club at least.<admin> ?<TheQualityOfMercy> will always fare well. covered on all sides chief.<admin> i lost you<TheQualityOfMercy> only the personalities change.<admin> fight club<TheQualityOfMercy> Lippo were chinese?<TheQualityOfMercy> fight club.<admin> yep<TheQualityOfMercy> ur slow.<admin> yes i know<TheQualityOfMercy> remember they stole lipsucted fat from a derma office to make soap to extract glycerine i think for bomb making<TheQualityOfMercy> nitroglycerine<admin> yes<admin> oh!<admin> now i got it<TheQualityOfMercy> it's funny. until u relaise the internment camp reference.<admin> selling their mothers their fat back<TheQualityOfMercy> u missed it.<admin> the soap thing is incorrect<admin> it's a legend<TheQualityOfMercy> regardless.<admin> whose origing is in scientific papers in nazi germany<TheQualityOfMercy> that was the gist of the humour<TheQualityOfMercy> doesnt matter if it happened.<admin> it's even WORSE that how corrently perceived<admin> it was originally thought as part of a COMMON health program<TheQualityOfMercy> I reckon the GasBath was meant to do nothing more than nauseate lice then.<admin> hey JJ. stop this.<TheQualityOfMercy> Kinda like when the Japanese accidentally threw Filipino babies high in the air, and were kind enough to break their fall....with bayonets.<admin> gas chambers were meant to kill<TheQualityOfMercy> smooth landing.<TheQualityOfMercy> the lice?<admin> I am saying that the soap thing was meant to be used even AFTER the "final solution" had been completed<TheQualityOfMercy> how entrepreneurial!<admin> gas chambers were not "meant". they were USED. big difference. to kill humans. jewish humans<admin> nope. not entrepreneurial: the contrary. it was meant to be HEALTH CARE<TheQualityOfMercy> but from the whiff of aroma i gathered from Zurich, it seems baths are not a proclivity amongs Teutons.<admin> scoialized health care<TheQualityOfMercy> where did they use the soap?<admin> socialized<TheQualityOfMercy> german-babies swearing too much?<admin> hold on. gove you the book reference<TheQualityOfMercy> Wash gold bars?<admin> Robert Proctor, "The nazi war on cancer", pribnceton university press, 1999<admin> nope. delirium about a healthy, lean and mean german people<TheQualityOfMercy> then why don't they take showers more often?<admin> as you see, "fight club" lyposuction was a heavy reference<admin> a really NSTY reference<admin> nasty<TheQualityOfMercy> on "Quality" health care. heheh<TheQualityOfMercy> thats what i meant. mordant humour.<admin> no, don't agree<admin> "fight club" was anazi movie<TheQualityOfMercy> we never do<admin> socialist+commonplace<admin> nation=commonplace<admin> GAZA STRIP OUT OF PETROL (source: Plestinian Authority)<TheQualityOfMercy> +glamourisation of the baldy-sour haircut<admin> hehe<TheQualityOfMercy> starring a guy who went on to direct a movie about a young Catholic Priest and a Young Rabbi trying to nail the same chick.<admin> HAHAHAHAHAH!!! hehehehe<admin> funny people<admin> did you see it yet?<TheQualityOfMercy> the goatherds are still pestering u. hehehehe<TheQualityOfMercy> hahahha<TheQualityOfMercy> funny people<admin> a good 30% of yiddish jokes is about the priest and the rabbi who are friend and share sins<TheQualityOfMercy> did u pull that nuber from ur ass?<admin> first time i told one in pigpen, gargano asked me please not to offend religions (menaing the christians) hehe<admin> nope. it's a statistic<TheQualityOfMercy> number<admin> fronm the Insitute for Econophysics of Bullshit<TheQualityOfMercy> kinetistic<admin> the hurst exponent of yiddish jokes texts is .5<TheQualityOfMercy> are you sure it isnt from the Orphanage of Bedwetting Choirboys?<admin> bedwetting choirboys can't count<TheQualityOfMercy> as is the intellect of the SLA.<admin> have their fingers busy<TheQualityOfMercy> on you.<TheQualityOfMercy> that's why Mama-pajama went out of bed and she ran to the police station.<admin> i lost you one time more<TheQualityOfMercy> on SLA?<admin> mama pajama<TheQualityOfMercy> but your ok with the SLA then? ok<admin> old on. need to change contact lenses and be back<TheQualityOfMercy> mama-pajama...just a little joke. Paul Simon song.<admin> need to know anbout mama pajama.<TheQualityOfMercy> just told u. paul simon song.<TheQualityOfMercy> use B&L myself.<admin> novartis<TheQualityOfMercy> month long wear?<admin> fous daily<TheQualityOfMercy> also, why are u interested in Pahrians?<admin> change twice a day<admin> to avoid damage from dust<admin> Pahrians?<TheQualityOfMercy> really?<admin> i'm bored<TheQualityOfMercy> how much does it cost per month?<admin> i stay here answering no matter what dumb question anybody wants to ask<TheQualityOfMercy> filipino-chinese<TheQualityOfMercy> u asked a question on how they are faring.<TheQualityOfMercy> in what sense.<TheQualityOfMercy> heheh<admin> ah : pahrians = filipino chinese?<admin> didn't know<TheQualityOfMercy> seriously. on the fil-chinese question.<admin> macau man is the expert<admin> asked out of joke about lipo-suction<TheQualityOfMercy> it's an old area near intamuros where they usedto stay pre WWII<admin> it is in the book?<TheQualityOfMercy> aha...thought u had concerns if there was a change in malacanang occupant.<TheQualityOfMercy> no. not in Crypto.<admin> no, in YOUR book<TheQualityOfMercy> philippine caste system of sorts. Peninsulare, insulare, parians, indios, de buena familia etc..<admin> have not it here<TheQualityOfMercy> my book?<admin> ?<admin> are you jj or?<TheQualityOfMercy> The Book of Willfil Acts at the Convent of The Invisible Joy?<admin> funny<admin> seems hard you can't remember<TheQualityOfMercy> jj here.<admin> it weighs a ton<TheQualityOfMercy> no book.<TheQualityOfMercy> u lost me.<admin> can't be<admin> book, gregory<admin> travel, book, gregory<admin> crypto, travel, book<TheQualityOfMercy> not there.<TheQualityOfMercy> heheh<TheQualityOfMercy> u lost me.<admin> alzheimer<TheQualityOfMercy> it's your book.<admin> yes now it is<TheQualityOfMercy> Al Zheimer? he jewish?<admin> nope<admin> german. fronm Indiana<TheQualityOfMercy> actually, maybe it is in that book. not sure.<admin> it's home, not here<TheQualityOfMercy> we are not as great as Malaysia...truly Mal-Asia.<TheQualityOfMercy> btw, Roz's Dad died.<admin> sad<admin> how old was he?<TheQualityOfMercy> mid 60's<admin> not old enough<TheQualityOfMercy> actually her stepdad. but he raised her as a daughter. she does not keep in touch with her biological father,.<TheQualityOfMercy> who is macau man?<admin> benny<TheQualityOfMercy> benjamin<TheQualityOfMercy> why macau? portuguese-chinois?<admin> hold on. phone<TheQualityOfMercy> Benjamin Bettancourt Long-Chi-Hua<admin> he is not benjamin<TheQualityOfMercy> Benito?<admin> benny is short for his family name<TheQualityOfMercy> Bendinelli?<admin> can't post it<TheQualityOfMercy> Bendinelli?<admin> he can't use it due to being still in public service<TheQualityOfMercy> guess we need "whisper" function<admin> it's there<admin> select my nickname and go private<TheQualityOfMercy> pubic service = rentboy<admin>-><TheQualityOfMercy> here whisper<admin>-><TheQualityOfMercy> ha!<admin>-><TheQualityOfMercy> for all your complaints about this chat<admin>-><TheQualityOfMercy> whisper here is far better than in bbg<TheQualityOfMercy> pubic service in the Public Can --> Benny, the George Michael of Consilia.<admin> jj...<TheQualityOfMercy> Deanna still not back?<TheQualityOfMercy> Benny ---> the bum-defusal expert<admin> deanna mortally wounded in her pride<TheQualityOfMercy> yes?<admin> nothing. forget it. just advising you aganist upsetting the admiral<TheQualityOfMercy> she was jsut giving advice. and you, as usual, acted like a petulant know-it-all adolescent Ozy.<TheQualityOfMercy> he must be emotionally-frail to get easily upset.<admin> giving advice? nahhh. her dude gave REAL advice<admin> and she was upset by that<TheQualityOfMercy> i meant the admiral.<admin> he can afford it<admin> look at cheney<TheQualityOfMercy> nope. actually, pride is the only luxury the poor can afford.<TheQualityOfMercy> and the only vice that the old have left.<admin> vicepresident of the USofA, bothered by a cheater for 10 days, gets a stroke? nahhhhh<TheQualityOfMercy> he got a stroke?<admin> cheney?<admin> i am telling you since ine hour<admin> i broke the news here<admin> but you always believe i am kidding<TheQualityOfMercy> oh. i thought u were ur usual fcukin around self.<admin> he was hospitalized<admin> i never fuck around<TheQualityOfMercy> the only thing you break is wind.<admin> am damn serious. always<TheQualityOfMercy> coming from the general direction of your mouth.<admin> almost<TheQualityOfMercy> I miss ol' benny, the irritable old grampy.<admin> you will not miss him for long<TheQualityOfMercy> seriously dememted u mean<admin> on this note i take 15 minutes for coffeee and sugar<TheQualityOfMercy> himforlong? my relative?<admin> my brain needs it<admin> later<TheQualityOfMercy> good night. tell benny to post again and not be so darn irritable!<admin> furlong = filipino agrimensorUser [TheQualityOfMercy] left forum User [Deutschland] joined forum <Deutschland> hallo admin<Deutschland> huhu<Deutschland> keine lust<admin> hello<Deutschland> du bist aus london?<admin> kraut<admin> yep<Deutschland> kraut?<admin> & U?<Deutschland> ??<admin> yep: kraut<admin> where are you?<Deutschland> komme gleich wieder deutschland-harz<admin> * parp *<Deutschland> wieder da<admin> fort - da<Deutschland> wieder da<Deutschland> huhu<Deutschland> leitung war tot<admin> what about learning english? and getting a name?<Deutschland> verbindung ist nicht in ordnung<admin> or, alternatively, just fo ?<admin> verbindnung is not in ordnung?<admin> hehe<Deutschland> nicht lachen<admin> liegen lassen<Deutschland> du kommst aus london?<admin> nope<Deutschland> ??<admin> yes<admin> liegen lassen<Deutschland> was leigen lassen?<admin> unpersonal<admin> a cosmic commandment<admin> was an instruction by god to president Schreber<admin> nope. by voices, not by god<admin> did you read "denkwurtigkeiten eines nervenkranken"?<Deutschland> ach so<admin> may be when you were a kid<Deutschland> nein<admin> what did you read when a kid?<admin> kipling?<admin> conrad?<admin> melville?<admin> walter scott?<admin> batman?<Deutschland> playboy<admin> mickey mpouse?<Deutschland> *lol*<Deutschland> wie alt bist du?<admin> 43<Deutschland> br?der grimm aus deutschland<Deutschland> 38<admin> bruder grimm? ghaaaa<admin> really deutsch<Deutschland> und playboy gelesen<admin> demons, witches<admin> animated nature<admin> spirits and bad universe everywhere<admin> this was better<admin> how did you have money to buy plauyboy when a kid?<Deutschland> macht nichts<Deutschland> von mama<Deutschland> oder vater?<admin> i see. she brought it back fron the house to home, huh?<Deutschland> ich habe aber auch konsalik gelesen<admin> konsalik?<Deutschland> ist schon lange her<Deutschland> jetzt lese ich rechnungen<admin> never read konsalik<Deutschland> heinz g konsalik<admin> I never etc...<Deutschland> dieses jahr gestorben<admin> poor thing<Deutschland> hat gute b?cher geschrieben<admin> titles?<rocker> wanna talk<admin> hello rocky<Deutschland> wer stirbt schon gerne unter palmen<rocker> rocker a s l<admin> rocker chair? you over 75?<admin> iep<rocker> yes right<admin> IEP pls<rocker>-><joi> helle<rocker>-><joi> hello sorry<rocker> admin sucks big time<rocker><rocker><rocker><rocker><rocker><OZY> FY rocker<rocker>-><OZY> really<admin> your sister sucks, rocker<admin> big time<admin> go back to fag chat<rocker>-><admin> yes she really does<admin> dodn't use your sister as an excuse to meet interesting men, sucker<rocker>-><admin> hahahahahaha have nice day bye bye<OZY> hehe<OZY> you having fun?<admin> yes<admin> you were right.<rocker> sorry boys have a nice day<admin> They are amusing<admin> rockersucker must be 11<admin> hey rocker, where are you from? france?<Deutschland> was ist hier los??????????<admin> little invertebrate<rocker> na from deutschlan ofcourse<OZY> who is from DL? rocker?<OZY> can't believe<OZY> a fucking little nazi brat<Deutschland> wer???<rocker>-><OZY> some fuck from hitler land<OZY> pimpled<rocker>-><OZY> dl sucks<OZY> FU rocker<OZY> FU now.<OZY> not the chat for you<OZY> pls FU<Deutschland> rocker aus deutschland?<rocker>-><OZY> ok dickhead hope you die slowly and painfull<OZY> last imbecile game among 11 year old nerds<OZY> slowly<OZY> you can be sure i'll die slowly<rocker> fuck off everyone specilly DL<Deutschland> bitte schneller<OZY> this chat will be transcripted with your posting and URL tomorrow, imnbecile brat<Deutschland><OZY> I was saying<OZY> last amusing game for 11 year old geeks:<OZY> going around in webistes using the following words:<OZY> hitler, nazi, deutschland, etc<OZY> hoping to see if this causes some intervention<rocker> well sorry everybody aint perfect like you<OZY> after they read about the yahoo case<OZY> i'm no perfect, but you are an abortion<OZY> FU<rocker> hehe funny lol@ozy<OZY> Funda mentally Undervalued<rocker> fuck offUser [rocker] left forum<OZY> finally<OZY> later, joe[note by chat administrator: our company promised not to censure anything that would be written in chat. I don't speak Czech.So I cannot quickly establish what these people said in the following pages. Just in case, I publish here the transcript, in smaller fonts. Should it become clear it was just idle chat, it will be removed].
<Jirka> --(-@<admin> jirka is from Mars<Jirka> Yes I`m from mars :-))<Andrea> Ahojky :-))<Jirka> Ahoj lasko, chybela si mi<admin> good. now I leave you people alone. enjoy chat
<Andrea> ahoj priserko ma z Marsu :_)))
<Jirka> a tvuj hlasek v telefonu me strasne moc potesil...<Andrea> :-)<Jirka> byl plny dobre nalady :-)<Andrea> to jsem rada<Jirka> Ja jsem rad take a doufam, ze v patek bude nalada stejna :-)
<Andrea> no vsak je taky skvela<Andrea> jee!!!<Andrea> dneska se mi to posouva samo!!! :-)))
<Jirka> A co te tak potesilo???<Jirka> Posouva co?<Andrea> tady se mi libi!!!<Andrea> :-)))[Yeah, right. Stop it. It was running like this for ten pages. Delete it and move on. Next]### November 23, 2000 ##############################<Guest364> hello<Guest364> who's that<admin> wazzup sir?<admin> it's ozy<Guest364> ozy, in the ether<admin> ?<admin> ethernet<Guest364> is this chat getting busier<Guest364> bbg is dead<admin> 1) did you look the transcripts?<Guest364> ?<admin> 2) bbg dead? wait for my lawyer to get at them. THEN they will look deda
<admin> go to the chat page, you may download tha transcripts
<admin> without accessing chat<Guest364> how do i do that<admin> co to, choose chat, just click where it says transcripts are available
<admin> on the right part of the screen
<admin> there's 20 pages of chat in Czech yesterday, hehe
<admin> you there?<admin> hello jenna<admin> hello 905<Guest905> hello its raman<Guest905> who's there<admin> oh, finally<admin> heidi is redheaded<admin> and nice tits<Guest905> os you read my bbg<admin> ?<admin> what bbg?<Guest905> are her pubes the same colour
<admin> I can't ask her<jenna>-><Guest905> whats bbg<Guest905> ah you read my bloomberg message
<admin> yes<jenna>-><Guest905> whats that<admin> yes i got it<Guest905> bbg=bloomberg<Guest905> jenna ???<Guest905> who is jenna<admin> disconnection: ----> it will not stay idle. will disconnect if you don't chat. but you may log in again
<admin> jenna? have no idea<Guest905> 3 active user and i only cha
<admin> hey<admin> and who am I? mr nobody?<admin> this US elections thing is boring me to death
<Guest905> helo<admin> hello<Guest905> who's jena<admin> have no idea. lot of funny people here
<admin> many hours pass without anybody coming in
<Guest905> us elections boring,<admin> then half hour of fury and rage
<admin> market boring<Guest905> split with girlfriend, 24 hours till friday night hunt, i'm horny - i never realised it
<admin> split with g/f? that's why you tried to assault my asisstant?<admin> boy are you horny<Guest905> market, you still betting<admin> betting?<Guest905> i have some long mrk puts and thats it
<Guest905> betting on the market<admin> I have to. It's a tough passage for us
<Guest905> i've got a lot of call and put ideas but am too scared
<admin> we advise corporates<admin> savana is doing a lot of options trade
<Guest905> i figure options are better, out in time, so you don't get too crucified with volatility on expectations of short trem moves
<admin> I dunno how one could trade short term in this market
<admin> I prefer to keep a l/t course<admin> or nothing<Guest905> who's your assistant<admin> heidi<Guest905> does she suck c0ck<Guest905> swallow/ spit<admin> you made a move on the first woman who mailed you today
<admin> you better ask her directly, raman...<admin> pat lea wanted to meet the previous assistant
<Guest905> that's right keep all the jiucy info to yourself
<admin> if you now harass heidi<admin> I'll have to manage this zoo all alone
<Guest905> i just want to till i get luck tomorrow
<Guest905> it's only you and her<admin> no<admin> but she's in charge of chat maintenance
<Guest905> oh, she reads this<admin> and me in charge of chat show<admin> yes<admin> try to look good<Guest905> allways<admin> always<Guest905> & when<admin> & when<admin> ?<Guest905> she reads it real time or late at night
<admin> she is often "admin"<admin> and she reads everything early in the morning when she corrects and posts tramscripts
<admin> so next time you step in ask, admin could be a 26 redhaired beauty
<admin> if it's me you will know<admin> nite all### November 29, 2000 ###########################<lupo_alberto> hello<admin> qual buon vento?<admin> huff and puff?<lupo_alberto> galline?<admin> chicas?<admin> galline o maiali?<lupo_alberto> no fuga da talpe noiose<admin> teribbili<admin> talpe talpe...<admin> uhm...<admin> spie cinesi o occhiali a fondo di bottiglia?<lupo_alberto> occhiali fondo bottiglia
<admin> uhm...<admin> talpe alcoliste dunque<admin> o almeno alcoliche<lupo_alberto> ehila beppe!<admin> beppe?<admin> spie cinesi alcoliste ti inseguono
<admin> sei messo bene<lupo_alberto> siiii<lupo_alberto> noooo<admin> sei inseguito da spie cinesi alcoliste, e cerchi beppe
<lupo_alberto> nosso<admin> conosco qualcuno piu' incasinato di te
<lupo_alberto> e chi?<admin> il sergente delle sturmtruppen<lupo_alberto> eh no!<admin> almeno lui ha dei valori di riferimento, dici
<lupo_alberto> e quel maledetto cane pastore
<admin> la zuppa<admin> bob rock?<admin> anche lui ha un cane<lupo_alberto> chi?<admin> esiste ancora bob rock?<admin> se conosci le sturmtruppen come fai a non conoscere alan ford?<lupo_alberto> non credo<admin> bob rock: il piccoletto con il nasone e la mantellina scozzese
<lupo_alberto> non di mio gradimento<admin> uhm...<admin> troppo dark<admin> jacula?<admin> sempre dark<lupo_alberto> dark va bene ma stupido no
<lupo_alberto> ugh<lupo_alberto> torniamo a galline<admin> ok<admin> solo che su lupo alberto non sono ferratissimo
<admin> unica vera conoscenza: una segretaria 7/8 anni fa che leggeva lupo alberto
<admin> anzi frequentava un club a esso dedicato
<lupo_alberto> siamo al inizio dello spennamento sui mercati
<admin> con due pere della madonna<lupo_alberto> punto di domanda<admin> se per spennamento intendi che c'? ancora in giro un po' di polli che compreranno i rimbalzi
<admin> la risposta e' oui<lupo_alberto> siiiiiii!<lupo_alberto> vai<lupo_alberto> allora tutto finisce in lacrime
<admin> aspetta nikkei a 15500: primi segnali, 16000 conferma, a 17000 come si fa a non comprare?<admin> no, perche'?<lupo_alberto> urah!<admin> perche' lacrime?<admin> un po' di "selettivita'"<admin> FED costretta a uscire dal suo cretinismo deflattivo
<admin> l'oro che recuoera<lupo_alberto> polli senza penne piangono
<admin> ma restano libere le galline<lupo_alberto> in pentola, uno per uno: a marzo senza piume e` dura
<lupo_alberto> l; oro non si riprende fino a quando non salta un short seller di oro
<admin> be', vediamo...<admin> banca centrale olandese? hehe<lupo_alberto> ma se non aumentano le lease rates non succede
<admin> uhm... o viceversa<lupo_alberto> lascia stare il mio wim<admin> certo che solo uno che incula le galline puo' chiamartlo "il mio wim"
<lupo_alberto> wim stare il io lascia?<lupo_alberto> sopra tutto se crede che e ancora lla banca centrale olandase
<lupo_alberto> meglio cambiare lenti<admin> credevo che si fosse trasferito a francoforte
<admin> anche se il fumo lo compra ancora a amsterdam
<admin> e ne compra tanto<lupo_alberto> no lo vende e male<admin> magari! magari lo vendesse...<lupo_alberto> bid buy offer sell<admin> quello e' uno di quelli che lo comprano
<lupo_alberto> lezione non ancora imparato
<admin> non preoccuparti<lupo_alberto> lui fa gli interventi in cui l' euro e` offered
<lupo_alberto> altro che talpe miopi<admin> ?<lupo_alberto> le caspich fischi per fiaschi
<admin> caspich?<admin> lucciole per latrine?<lupo_alberto> io?<admin> ca pisch?<lupo_alberto> capisch<admin> esatto<admin> erano bottiglie, adesso sono fiaschi
<lupo_alberto> W l' italia unita linguisticamente
<admin> i fiaschi non hanno fondo<admin> non puoi farci gli occhiali<admin> la frase"i fiaschi non hanno fondo" non e' riferita a nessun mercato realmente esistente
<lupo_alberto> forse a e pets .com?<admin> a proposito di talpe<admin> hehe<lupo_alberto> ridi ridi<admin> stavo per dire "hai vistio che vendere attrezzi da guiardinaggio ha aiutato"
<lupo_alberto> che tra un po parliamo dei gnocchi delle mamma
<admin> invece gli ha portato solo le talpe
<admin> de che?<admin> quello spread amzn contro petrolio (aka: in culo a alwaleed) non era male
<admin> gnocche?<admin> talpe, gnocche, galline...<admin> e' stata una lunga settimana, eh?<admin><lupo_alberto> si<lupo_alberto> ugh<admin> goditela: e' ancora il momento migliore
<lupo_alberto> eletrosex<admin> da domani comincerai a percepire che nel weekend piovera'
<lupo_alberto> piu divertente martellarsi sui coglioni
<admin> e sara' peggio<lupo_alberto> o comperare i dips di tmt
<admin> elettrosex?<admin> cos'e': la prossima IPO ?<admin> fabbricante di frullatori della brianza?<lupo_alberto> dildotronics,vouyerweb<admin> oh<lupo_alberto> ne conosco tanti che hanno investito in simil cagate
<admin> cagate?<lupo_alberto> come<admin> scherzi?<admin> sono i siti web piu' redditizi<admin> basta farli invece di comprarli
<lupo_alberto> un b2b per gli idraulici nelle val trompia ( sono serio)
<admin> si', quello l'ho visto<admin> bravo che gliel'ha venduto<admin> chi<lupo_alberto> ma non c'e` sito<admin> come?<lupo_alberto> e stanno preparando documenti per andare al nuovo mercato
<admin> bi-tubi?<admin> giusto<lupo_alberto> bravo<admin> se c'e' andato panerai...<lupo_alberto> bi-tubi<lupo_alberto> = business to business<admin> yep<admin> fin la' ci arrivo<admin> scherzavoi su tubi-idraulici-dilsod
<lupo_alberto> sai anche se non sai nulla di webbie world devi saper spiacchicare
<admin> dildos<lupo_alberto> lo gergo<lupo_alberto> se non non sei kooool<admin> io non sono cul<admin> disntinguiamo dalle galline<admin> il brasile non ha bisogno di soldi. io si'
<lupo_alberto> e nemmeno loro pero fanno il bi tu bi a vanno al nuovo mercato
<admin> a vendere le galline<admin> o le uova?<admin> si vendono prima le uova o le galline?<lupo_alberto> e vero se ho un sacco di debito non ho bisognio di soldi, quindi W il debito a tutto spiano
<admin> cosi' dioce min fin brazileiro<lupo_alberto> meglio di debito oggi che ripagare domani
<admin> cos'hanno in comune min fin brazileiro e silicon valley?<lupo_alberto> vecchio detto argentino detto al epoca dell prima crac di barings
<lupo_alberto> aria fritta?<lupo_alberto> siliconi?<admin> no: tanti soldi<admin> la teoria che tanti si moltiplicano esponenzialmente
<lupo_alberto> naaaaaa<lupo_alberto> poco reale e molto reais
<admin> brazile e cilicon valley sono frattalici
<admin> esponenziali<admin> quindi non gli mancano i soldi<lupo_alberto> esponenziale e frattalico ? poche idee ben confuse....<admin> solo che c'e' qualche buco<admin> certo che sono ben confuse<lupo_alberto> galline?<admin> esatto<admin> buco, gallina<admin> invece che buco, talpa<admin> buco-talpa --> topologia<admin> buco-gallina --> frattali<lupo_alberto> sqwak meno penne=short seller+ sorriso
<lupo_alberto> per la propieta delle equazioni
<admin> pieta'?<admin> nessuna pieta'<lupo_alberto> sqwak+ sorriso=shortseller meno penne
<admin> senno' che lupo sei?<lupo_alberto> come e bello la matematica!<admin> (a parte il vizietto delle galline, intendo)
<lupo_alberto> lupus in fabula<lupo_alberto> hehehehe<admin> squeeze+short seller = sqwak.... meno penne lo stesso
<lupo_alberto> allora secondo te il nikkei sale?<admin> ho detto che sale?<lupo_alberto> pepe?<admin> ho detto che se sale verra' comprato man mano che sale
<admin> bear market = piatto<lupo_alberto> mr la palisse presumo?<admin> quando sale, vendi<admin> poi pitto<admin> piatto<admin> ma peggio<admin> quando tutti hanno cambiato lavoro, sale
<admin> digli scemo<lupo_alberto> nel 3003 quindi<admin> nahhhh, basta molto meno<lupo_alberto> non 2013 se adottiamo al tempistics nipponica
<lupo_alberto> anno non livello coglione
<admin> be' adesso la spari grossa ma ma ma...<admin> avevo capito<admin> e salutami tua sorella<admin> grazie prego non c'e' di che<admin> cortesia professionale<lupo_alberto> scusa bwana<admin> bwana?<admin> mista<admin> Mista Kurz<lupo_alberto> punteggiatura livello-coglione non livello, coglione
<admin> sempre piu' chiaro, hehe<admin> aperta parentesi parentesi non parentesi chiusa parentesi
<admin> metalinguaggio, cazzo<lupo_alberto> il tuo lo e` probabilmente
<admin> non esiste<admin> non esiste metalinguaggio<admin> una piccola acquisizione scientifica della prima meta' del secolo
<admin> scorso<admin> scorso?<admin> mah...<lupo_alberto> godel?<admin> nope<admin> piorandello<admin> pirandello<admin> quel tale nato nel sobborgo chiamato Chaos
<admin> vicino agrigento<lupo_alberto> io parlo epistemologia e tu mi parli di siculi paranoici
<admin> paranoico? pirandello?<admin> uno che va in germania a fare la tesi di laurea sul dialetto del chaos?<lupo_alberto> cosi e se vi pare!<lupo_alberto> uno nessuro e centomila<admin> prima o poi riuscirai a scriverene uno di giusto
<admin> enrico kuarto<admin> sei presinaggi in cera d'autore
<admin> lioqua<admin> diana e la tuba<admin> pensagi giacolino<lupo_alberto> la giara<admin> cazzo!<admin> ce l'hai fatta!<admin> vedi?<admin> mai disperare<lupo_alberto> no quello e solo un meta linguaggio
<lupo_alberto> l' hai detto tu<admin> la giara?<lupo_alberto> la giara<lupo_alberto> ehumbe?<admin> ah, allora...<admin> no, ehumbe non lo conosco. poeta nazionale del congo?<lupo_alberto> no quell'e` diaumbe`<admin> ah, be'...<admin> si', be'...<lupo_alberto> autore di le congo ivre<admin> connais pas<lupo_alberto> e puissance du village<admin> buono?<lupo_alberto> pa du problem patron<lupo_alberto> in pentola<admin> homo homini lupus?<admin> nahhh<admin> homo homini herpes<admin> sempre cannibalismo e'<lupo_alberto> sembe una reclam<lupo_alberto> invitate i vicini per cena..<lupo_alberto> ma se non c'e` senape<lupo_alberto> sempre cannibalismo e`<admin> hehe<admin> della serie "chi mangia l'ultimo cioccolatino"?<admin> o "chi viene mangiato dall'ultimo cioccolatino"?<lupo_alberto> galline<admin> a proposito di cioccolato...<lupo_alberto> buon sangue non mente disse il vecchio vampiro
<lupo_alberto> o figure di..?<admin> latte e menta?<admin> lattine? tolla?<lupo_alberto> mente non menta<admin> facce di tolla?<admin> facce di tolla fanno figure di menta?<lupo_alberto> bravo<admin> grazie<lupo_alberto> 7+<admin> a proposito di win e di cioccolato
<admin> wim<admin> whim, come cazzo si chiama<admin> ce la fa prima lui a tirare su l'euo, o icannibali a tirare su il cacao?<lupo_alberto> wim has whims as the euro swings
<admin> wim has no big dick to swing<lupo_alberto> forse ma il segreto sta nel deus nella macchina
<admin> deus chevaux?<lupo_alberto> e se il deus non ex dalla macchina l' euro varra noccioline
<lupo_alberto> e qunidi scambiabile con il cacao
<admin> guarderei piu' il te' che il cacao
<admin> riso e te'...<lupo_alberto> in un rapporto di 1000000:1 (noccoiline : cacao)
<admin> nuts<lupo_alberto> l' effetto monsone?<lupo_alberto> non senza una nina<admin> si' complotto monsonico<lupo_alberto> io sono serio e tu scherzi
<admin> e lui ?<lupo_alberto> chi?<admin> io sono serio, tu scherzi, e lui?<admin> cosa fa?<lupo_alberto> si fa spennare<admin> ma e' contento...<admin> e questo e' importante<admin> che tutti siano contenti<admin> senno', la fiducia va a farsi friggere
<admin> quindi, e' importante che i polli siano felici
<admin> ecoc perche' LI sale e AMZN no<lupo_alberto> non a febbraio senza piume
<admin> oddio... "sale"<admin> prozac batte gelo 5:1<lupo_alberto><admin> morti di freddo ma felici<lupo_alberto> meglio un pasticca di e allora
<lupo_alberto> e=extasy<admin> xtc<admin> l'indice telefonico<lupo_alberto> potranno fare la burning money parade a washington dc
<lupo_alberto> tututut<admin> tut<admin> anche tut se la sta cavando bene, eh?<lupo_alberto> tut?<admin> c'e' una cosa che si chiama nasqwack
<lupo_alberto> si<lupo_alberto> basta agguingere fesso per far soldi a palate
<admin> dove c'e' una cosa che si chiama tut
<admin> ticker TUTS<admin> e che piace ai polli<admin> o almeno, piaceva<lupo_alberto> new lows as we speak<admin> eh, fra un po' sara' "value"<lupo_alberto><admin><admin> il silenzio e' d'oro<lupo_alberto> e per quello che batti cassa?<admin> se batto cassa addio silenzio<admin> thumpo thump thump thump<lupo_alberto> bella vuota<lupo_alberto> un bell rimbombo<admin> mettici dentro stracci...<admin> thp thp thp thp<lupo_alberto> naaah<lupo_alberto> sai la cosa strana e che la volaailita implicita i molto degli ex hot stocks
<lupo_alberto> e alta ma non e skewed<lupo_alberto> segnio che la gente ci crede ancora nella web economy
<admin> ancora 'sta cosa dello skew?<lupo_alberto> e che quindi si scende ancora
<admin> l'ultima volta che nonc'era lo skew non e' venuto giu' il nesquick del 30%?<lupo_alberto> timing<lupo_alberto> lo skew era stra positivo a dic 1999 e poi a fine feb 2000
<lupo_alberto> dimmi tu<lupo_alberto> e un pollometro<admin> sorriso, ancora<admin> smile... ka-pow!<lupo_alberto> non brillante pero pollometro lo e`
<lupo_alberto> senza polo il newquick non si fa
<admin> "brillante" e "pollometro" nella stessa frase... uhm...<lupo_alberto> correzione: non billante e pollo, pollo
<lupo_alberto> brillante<admin> i love gbp/jpy<admin> sempre meglio che amare le galline
<lupo_alberto> short yen ok, gbp mah?<lupo_alberto> meglio morire da piccolo con un aud/jpy
<admin> amo molto shortare yen/dem , amo molto meno gbp/jpy, ma gbp/jpy mi da' buone notizie
<admin> aud? uhm...<admin> cacca in quelle acque ---> aud no buono
<lupo_alberto> che morire da grandi ed essere long sterling
<lupo_alberto> perche?<admin> perche' aud sta apoprofittando che yen molla la presa
<lupo_alberto> se ami gold devi amare aud
<admin> am se quell'area va in figa per altri due anni, hai voglia a comprare aud...<admin> infatti sono convinto che sia ultra esteso, ma comprare...<admin> dunno<admin> acquirente schifiltoso sono...<admin> devo move to USA, cos? chissenefrega, posso shortare tutto sbattendomene di cosa comprare
<admin> in qualunque altro posto devi anche preoccuparti di comprare qulcosa
<admin> ecco la risposta a perche' gbp<lupo_alberto> tranne le divise<admin> in argentina, compreri divise oggi come oggi
<admin> comprerei<lupo_alberto> sarebbe potere andare short yen senza aver un long dall' altra parte
<admin> yen/gold?<admin> anti-deflation play<lupo_alberto> long yen short gold?<lupo_alberto> pollo play<admin> NAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!<admin> short yen long gold!!!!!<lupo_alberto> long gold short yen?<lupo_alberto> negative carry<admin> yep<admin> who cares?<admin> positive carry on jpy killed more than siphilis
<lupo_alberto> sell yen calls and buy gold calls positive carry and nice vol play
<admin> and with less phun<admin> makes sense<lupo_alberto> that why it called a carry trade
<lupo_alberto> they carry you out<admin> dow >10600? cosa succede? si e' sparato gore?<admin> wow... exciting<lupo_alberto> nah polli sell nasquick, uick and buy dull
<lupo_alberto> vendi compra e pentiti<admin> and banks<admin> because "it's where money is"<lupo_alberto> se soft landing non e perche comperare non tech?<lupo_alberto> ok aciarie sono very cheap ma se la us va in recessione devo sposare la posizione per almeno due anni
<lupo_alberto> e con cash a 7% why bother?<admin> qual e' l'industria che produce "non"?<admin> see?<admin> sound money at 7%: why bother?<admin> short everything else<admin><admin> buy creditors<lupo_alberto> vedo cosa?<admin> if it's deflation, buy creditors
<lupo_alberto> tu dici che banche sono un ottimo affare?<lupo_alberto> noooooooooooo<admin> io dico che "buy creditors" dimentica un piccolo dettaglio
<admin> che poi devi rivenderli. a chi?<admin> al creditore di ultima i-stanza?<admin> chi compra banche spera di rivenderle alla FED
<admin> greenspan put a gog<admin> gogo<lupo_alberto> vuoi comperare agentina e amza converts?<lupo_alberto> ecco mega creditors<admin> perche'? cerchi di venderli?<lupo_alberto> che han bisognio della fed put
<lupo_alberto> io?<lupo_alberto> dorvo comprarli presto per coprirmi
<admin> allora: c'e' un tizio che 1) o e' scemo, 2) oppure, come dice uno che scemo e' davvero, e' un "true libartarian"
<lupo_alberto> ma tutto li<admin> questo tizio, SE e' un "true li-bartsimpson-arian"... ha stroncato silicon valley per promuovere prioduttivita'
<lupo_alberto> la contante e` la parolo scemo
<admin> orbene... questo tizio: davvero mettera' il suo put a disposizione di chiunque?<lupo_alberto> scemo*genio=shapiro+merda
<admin> oddio l'ho stuzzicato<admin> stavamo parlando di greensopan adesso
<admin> la favola di greensapn libertario non e' limitata a shamo
<lupo_alberto> quindi shapiro/genio=-merca*scemo
<lupo_alberto> ahhhhhh<lupo_alberto> adesso capisco<admin> e dagli con queste equazxioni linerai...<admin> quando ti deciderai a entrare nel magico mondo degli esponenti?<lupo_alberto> mi tengo al livello del mio publico
<lupo_alberto> cio un livello pubico<lupo_alberto> banale anale<admin> il che riporta al culo di gallina
<lupo_alberto> sono a-politico non credo in esponenti
<lupo_alberto> guara dim e dull che esponenti del cazzo
<lupo_alberto> garanti del mondo libero
<lupo_alberto> promotori della democrazia
<admin> uhm...<lupo_alberto> purche non sia a casa mia
<lupo_alberto> e non dopo che ho vinto le elezioni
<admin> esito a dichiararmi equidistante
<admin> perche' bore mi ha proprio scassato le p...<admin> con l'altro mi incazzero' dopo<admin> a proposito: bravini i ragazzi di berkeley... sempre all'altezza della tradizione
<lupo_alberto> non sono corrente<admin> impedito a nethaniahu di parlare ieri sera
<admin> spintoni, etc<admin> uan rinfrescatina di anni '80 non starebbe male...<admin> poi dice che uno si bnutta a destra
<lupo_alberto> boh bibi<admin> last chance<admin> dopo ci becchiamo i preti<lupo_alberto> secono me si dovrebbe otrnare al medio evo
<admin> se fallisce bibi, il prosismo governo chiude i cinema
<admin> oops! timing<admin> esatto<lupo_alberto> combattimento all ultimo sangue bibi vs yasser
<admin> yasser ne prende una sporta<lupo_alberto> or sharon Vs ?<admin> polsi molli<admin> noooooooo<admin> nah!<admin> nein<admin> lo<lupo_alberto> io contro sharon?<admin> LO = no<lupo_alberto> cioe tu contro sharon?<admin> no<lupo_alberto> aaaah<admin> non fino a quetso punto<admin> solo che sharon le prenderebbe da arafat
<lupo_alberto> con a panza che si trova?<admin> esatto<admin> a bbbira<admin> arik "fatso" sharon<admin> c'e' qui una signora bionda e avvenente che dice che se vado con lei mi nutre e mi coccola
<admin> d'altro lato ci sei tu che mi offri sollazzo e cazzate
<lupo_alberto> vai<lupo_alberto> vai<admin> non volevo dirlo io... grazie<admin> hehe<lupo_alberto> vai<admin> goodnite<lupo_alberto> adios<admin> or later... se il sollazzo non fosse poi 'sto granche'
<admin> ma il cibo mi e' necessario<admin> in culo alle galline<lupo_alberto> ti dovrebbe picchiare per questo
<admin> lo fara'<lupo_alberto> auuuuuuu### December 4, 2000 ##################################<MontevideoAramburu> The heart is abloom
<MontevideoAramburu> shoots up through the stony ground
<MontevideoAramburu> there's no room<MontevideoAramburu> no space to rent in this town
<MontevideoAramburu> you're outta luck<MontevideoAramburu> and the reason that you had to care
<MontevideoAramburu> the traffic is stuck
<MontevideoAramburu> and you're nto mivin' anywhere
<MontevideoAramburu> you thought u'd found a friend
<MontevideoAramburu> to get u out of this place
<MontevideoAramburu> someone who could lend
<MontevideoAramburu> a hand<MontevideoAramburu> in return for grace
<MontevideoAramburu> IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY
<MontevideoAramburu> THE SKY FALLS, YOU FEEL LIKE
<MontevideoAramburu> IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY
<MontevideoAramburu> DON'T LET IT GET AWAY.<MontevideoAramburu>+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++<Heisenberg_particle> who am I? where am I?<Heisenberg_particle> where am I going?<admin> hello<admin> here I am<Heisenberg_particle> back<Heisenberg_particle> i went in the chat collection universe
<admin> is it about universe?<Heisenberg_particle> your pdf collection of what was written here
<admin> or about collections?<admin> oh...<admin> pearls opf wisdom<Heisenberg_particle> one Q<admin> ?<Heisenberg_particle> do u publish Hush hush every week?<admin> nope<Heisenberg_particle> when there is something to say
<admin> when girls are nopt busy with clients
<Heisenberg_particle> girls write that?<admin> yep.<admin> mostly<admin> i contribute sometimes<Heisenberg_particle> and those thoughts about state/asia..etc...<Heisenberg_particle> werent from hush hush?<admin> sometimes they tell me stories and I write
<admin> nope. that's my editorial page<admin> and one conference<Heisenberg_particle> editorial page? is it a report u publish for clients?<admin> yes, a regular comment<Heisenberg_particle> weekly?<admin> a weekly column<admin> plus some papers for single clients
<admin> and pages of a book I am publishing as fragments
<admin> because I need money now, don't have time to wait for it to become a 12000 pages bestseller
<Heisenberg_particle> how much is that?<admin> how much what?<Heisenberg_particle> to send the weekly column
<Heisenberg_particle> +pages<admin> It's a bizarre thing<admin> Nobody really pays me for that<Heisenberg_particle> namely?<Heisenberg_particle> why?<Heisenberg_particle> is that an add-on?<admin> They pay us as consultants for a whole array of corporate trades
<admin> And that's the theoprical framework
<admin> but companies really pay us for trade startegies
<admin> so there is people who pays 3000 bucks to read it, and people who pay lot more
<admin> in short, they pay for the parctical application of those ideas
<admin> which is funny, all considered<Heisenberg_particle> i was reading 2 surveys from Bernstein
<admin> bernstein?<Heisenberg_particle> Experiencing science, 1978
<Heisenberg_particle> and Science Observed, 1982
<Heisenberg_particle> Jeremy Bernstein<Heisenberg_particle> Prof of Physics<admin> ouch<Heisenberg_particle> In Italy his book was translated by adelphi as Uomini and Macchine intelligenti
<Heisenberg_particle> it's the history of IA, Minsky, Babbage, Boole, Von Neumann
<admin> Minsky I read<Heisenberg_particle> etc<admin> history? well done?<Heisenberg_particle> It's explined well the logics of programming
<admin> ie = does he understands issue etc
<Heisenberg_particle> and what LISP is<admin> worth reading then<Heisenberg_particle> i thought your recommended book Cryptonomicon
<admin> i noticed it has become a "libertarian" cult book
<Heisenberg_particle> i will read it in the next days
<admin> enjoy the novel, and some general geopolitical scenario, but I would not use it as a "guide" book
<Heisenberg_particle> then i will tell u if it's worth, maybe everything is already in Cryptonomicon
<Heisenberg_particle> but one thing i understood
<Heisenberg_particle> cmputers dont work by simply extrapolating the tree of all combinations or all chances
<Heisenberg_particle> because it would require, even computing 1 billion data per second, more than the age of the universe
<admin> they need to cut short<Heisenberg_particle> yes<admin> it takes a project<Heisenberg_particle> they select, they make heuristics, etc
<admin> you really say: "I want this data from you", and program in consenquence
<admin> then there's a production in writing programs
<Heisenberg_particle> and even the simplest microchip
<Heisenberg_particle> has more physical states than all the atoms of the universe
<Heisenberg_particle> yes<Heisenberg_particle> and nobody knows all the picture now
<Heisenberg_particle> too many subroutines
<admin> I noticed it last week<admin> it was fascinating<admin> out of the physical-electonic level, to the cable-protocol level
<admin> nobody got the picture there eithere
<admin> but at that level it's not a pyre mathematical issue
<admin> in theory it is a PRACTICAL issue (spreading correct infromation)
<Heisenberg_particle> i wa sthinking at those scientists who tried to understand mind by mapping the physical state of the brain
<admin> that was defused by freud when he was a young clinician
<admin> try to find out freud's early works on Aphasy
<admin> BEFORE he became Freud<admin> he worked on brain's maps<admin> maps of the language areas of brain
<admin> and he discovered that he had no way to trace a point by point map because of different LOGICAL levels
<admin> not mystic or psychological differences
<Heisenberg_particle> u mean the Freud before the 1905?<admin> well before<Heisenberg_particle> before 3 essays on sexuality?<admin> 20 years earlier<admin> when still at university<admin> he was assistant of charcot<Heisenberg_particle> in 1885 he was lecturer in Wien
<Heisenberg_particle> neuropathology<admin> corerct. and studied: 1) war 2) cocaine 3) language
<Heisenberg_particle> diff topics from Interpreatation of dreams and sexuality
<admin> uhm... that's the most psychologica part
<admin> the topics are completely disconnected from neurology
<admin> both first and second<Heisenberg_particle> that's why i said diff
<Heisenberg_particle> diff as totally diff
<admin> it's not a topic,. it is a completely different path of study. which links his studies on aphasy to witz and to moses und montheismus
<admin> there is a logical coherence in THAT part of the research, which is strongly scientific
<admin> and which destroys any attempt to psychiatrize studies about language
<admin> meaning: "psychoanalysts" after freud don't understand anything about science and language and literature, because they are fixed with freud's mama+papa+shit+penis storuies
<Heisenberg_particle> ok; anyway the illusion to locate neurons+synapses to some brain activity wasnt over till 15 yrs ago
<admin> right<admin> and it is child of a non-scientific approach to language
<Heisenberg_particle> he he<admin> and to logic<Heisenberg_particle> u forgot penis envy
<admin> what is it? hehe<admin> not my problem<admin> (that's a "verneinung", if you ask a psycho)
<Heisenberg_particle> this demonstrated inequivocably that you are homo
<Heisenberg_particle> he he<Heisenberg_particle> or taht you hate your cousin
<admin> I hate my cousin. he is homo<admin> you got 50% of it. not a bad percentage
<admin> if you used a stoploss, you gain
<Heisenberg_particle> can we calculate the H of psychoanalysis writings?<Heisenberg_particle> besides jokes anyway
<admin> psychoanalysts use a dioctionary of maybe 35 words
<Heisenberg_particle> im trying to read a bit about science, development etc
<admin> ask ese<Heisenberg_particle> i just finished the conquest of space
<admin> shit. I hoped I would conquer it forst
<Heisenberg_particle> i sent you a note about rockets, did u get it btw?<admin> first<admin> yes<admin> you are learning to write from geminello alvi?<Heisenberg_particle> geminello alvi?<admin> yes<admin> didn't you ever read him?<admin> economist. goon. has this style of writing brief biograophis
<admin> all at past tense<Heisenberg_particle> finished (reading) - got it
<admin> got it what?<Heisenberg_particle> ok - in the note i used past tense
<Heisenberg_particle> maybe i thought it would give more emphasis
<Heisenberg_particle> more drama<Heisenberg_particle> the joke about finisshed reading the conquest, and finished the conquest
<admin> ah...<admin> Imagine that the western thought is based on the dialogue, and go figure why it doesn't work
<admin> hehe<Heisenberg_particle> in the conquest of space, u really realize all problems and issues of sending a ship in the outer space
<Heisenberg_particle> we are used to think it's easy
<admin> well, definitely NOT<admin> rocket science = easy?<Heisenberg_particle> we dont think ata ll about human phisyology problems in the space, about fuel types, about gravity forces,a cceelration
<admin> only on nasdaq<Heisenberg_particle> sending 20kg at 2000m height was a conquest
<Heisenberg_particle> not many years ago
<Heisenberg_particle> i was astonished about travel time
<admin> that's interesting<Heisenberg_particle> i was taking note of launch date and arrival on some planet by the vikings, mariners etc
<admin> elaborate<Heisenberg_particle> simple<Heisenberg_particle> it takes 8-120 months to reach the planets in the solar system
<Heisenberg_particle> it's a slow approach with the ebst technologies
<admin> lot of work focused on a apparently small target, hub?<Heisenberg_particle> they have toexploit the gravity of planets around to use it as a gravitational launch pad
<Heisenberg_particle> like a abll bouncing and gaining speed
<Heisenberg_particle> no, not small atrgets
<Heisenberg_particle> but i was really really thinking that everything was much easier
<Heisenberg_particle> i had no idea of the issues and troubles
<Heisenberg_particle> we think it's just a matter of "decide" when where
<Heisenberg_particle> and we beleive we can control them from here
<admin> "we" = ?<Heisenberg_particle> those ships are robots, in all meaning
<admin> Now i lost you<Heisenberg_particle> we as ordinary people
<Heisenberg_particle> who dont know that
<admin> you mean most part of the decisions are made IN TRAVEL?<Heisenberg_particle> YES<Heisenberg_particle> i was surprised<admin> nothing to do with throwinbg a stone
<admin> more like sailing<Heisenberg_particle> nothing to do<admin> meaning: nothing Laplace would have been able to do
<Heisenberg_particle> and think the disappointment
<Heisenberg_particle> venus at 500 degree
<Heisenberg_particle> mercury at 430<Heisenberg_particle> mars at -170<Heisenberg_particle> then the asteroids wall
<admin> in short, your oil fileds are not available
<Heisenberg_particle> juppiter a failed star, only gas
<admin> you need to jump on a ship to reach them, and steer it
<Heisenberg_particle> i thought your argument with savana & c in the chat on spx
<admin> not just calculate the right route and let the rocket go
<Heisenberg_particle> spx chat around mar-apr
<Heisenberg_particle> he he....yes<admin> don't remember now...<Heisenberg_particle> SF as mysthicism<admin> yeah, right!<Heisenberg_particle> click, and the rockets goes
<Heisenberg_particle> he he<admin> no: click, and YOU go elsewhere, in another EGO
<Heisenberg_particle> far from that<admin> rocket-type sci-fi was not so dangerous
<Heisenberg_particle> in a SF book, click and in 5m u are on mars
<admin> "matrix" sci-fi is psychotic<Heisenberg_particle> even light speed cant do that
<Heisenberg_particle> he he<admin> what's funny, is that internet mythology took up some elements of
<Heisenberg_particle> SF is usually divided in Hard and Soft, u know
<admin> yes<admin> 2001 is hard or soft? or both?<Heisenberg_particle> So, nothing wrong in reading Dick, if mars is only an excuse to talk about McCarthism, schizophrenic californian society
<admin> funny: i read it again lately, and i HATED it
<admin> not dick, i mean: 2001<Heisenberg_particle> but when they write about HARD SF, supposedly SF about visionary scienceH
<Heisenberg_particle> i laugh<admin> well, that brings to one point: why make science laughable?<admin> why the need to smear science?<Heisenberg_particle> the links in HARD sf are too easy
<admin> why dick doesn't write about mcacrtism?<Heisenberg_particle> it seems thata plausible theory works by itself
<Heisenberg_particle> dick wrote a lot about mccarthism trough sf
<admin> uhm... would be nice to define mccarthism
<Heisenberg_particle> but he wasnt able to translate his ideas in other types of literary work
<admin> mccarthy was a goon, but those guys WERE communists
<admin> maybe this has sometjhing to do with dick's reticence to write directly about it?<Heisenberg_particle> DIck thought McCarthism was heralding nazism
<Heisenberg_particle> a new american anzism
<admin> I mean: the deep fabric of his works is anti-reason, mystic... well...<admin> he is definitely on the wrong side of any battle against nazism or communism
<admin> throwing parallel universes at nazis won't stop them
<admin> on the contrary<Heisenberg_particle> he wrote how ideas spread, how they are taken for granted without any critical approach
<Heisenberg_particle> ok, u hv in mind The man in the high castle
<admin> I read Elmer Something, tooo<Heisenberg_particle> read the Simulacra
<admin> Three stigmata<Heisenberg_particle> or The man whose teeth were all exactly alike
<admin> not elmer, Palmer<Heisenberg_particle> this last one not a sf book
<admin> there is a confusion about nazism, and dick shares it
<Heisenberg_particle> and it is?<admin> nazism was not basically some form of rightist authoritarian society. the blood and the violence didn't come from that
<admin> didn't come from traditional rightist values
<admin> they were there too<admin> but the problem with nazism was is combination of middle-age mysticism with dreams of technology
<admin> with modern revolutionay mysticism
<admin> so, red-necks or maccarthy are NOT on the nazi wavelenght
<admin> they are lazy-minded conervatives
<admin> that's different from nazism<Heisenberg_particle> ok, but then, why is dick wrong?<admin> in his novels?<Heisenberg_particle> because he equated mccarthism with nazism?<Heisenberg_particle> i understood your point
<admin> because they way he depicts people and reality is a good basis for the kind of culture a nazi would LOVE to rule
<Heisenberg_particle> anyway, back to space travels
<admin> yep<admin> nope. back to lunch<Heisenberg_particle> last point<admin> I need a sandwich<admin> gimme 15, will you?<Heisenberg_particle> Dick wasnt simply writing about diff realities
<Heisenberg_particle> he made that too<admin> drugs?<Heisenberg_particle> usually the diff reality was originated by drugs
<admin> ?<Heisenberg_particle> he wrote how reality is perceived difefrently among ppl
<Heisenberg_particle> not a Randian thought
<Heisenberg_particle> ok - i will go for lunch too
<Heisenberg_particle> latyer<savana> back<admin> * burp *<savana> the heisenberg particle found its location and ego
<savana> now it's savana<admin> in black africa<admin> hehe<admin> pynchon rules<savana> hehe<savana> so, just 2 things and then back to starship troopers
<savana> Dick wrote about: how dangerous can be to translate game theory into politicala ctiuon
<savana> in Simulacra, since politicians can forecast everything, decide to go back in time and take some nazis, to us ethem in the present
<savana> SF obviously<admin> soft<savana> but he was scared to death to see how new concepts were filtered into political and social action
<admin> "new concepts"?<admin> what's the atrting point?<savana> game theory, strong use of statistics
<admin> starting<savana> nothing bad in it when used in some fields
<savana> bad when used for plotting theories about first nuclear blow
<admin> I mean: BEFORE figuring politician who do all those things...<admin> and PRESUMING they used game theory (I think pentagon use old-fashioned balance of power)
<savana> paranoid? maybe<admin> WHAT was the object of dick's polytical analysis? real america?<savana> probably<savana> no, not real, a possibility<admin> a possibility based on WHAT assumptions?<admin> that a caste of nerds in love with sci-fi would take power?<admin> or that THAT logic was already in US political system?<admin> because mccarthy had nothing to do with game theory
<savana> that wa sdick assumption. mccarthism making strong use of game theory
<admin> funny<savana> forecasting adversaries moves<admin> game as the center of political thought?<admin> game as the centerof life?<admin> funny<savana> then the other subject in dick's novels was
<savana> yes; game<savana> even political ballots<savana> polls<savana> solar lottery, written in 1957
<admin> seems more like counterculture, than old-fashioned warmongering
<admin> correct: the polls vs votes thing is POST-dick
<savana> election were useless, because game theory proved the inutility of politicala ction
<admin> but this is not "old" ameruican politics
<admin> this is politics AFTER the mellow 70s
<savana> so elections were decide by random estraction of the name of president
<savana> so dick got it wrong<admin> NO: he CREATED it<admin> his followers are doing it<savana> he thought to write about the 50s, and he wrote about 2000'
<admin> he interpreted a twisting of logic which gave birth to THAT kind of politics
<admin> culture is very powerful<savana> it's just an example, dick as a group of thinkers maybe?<admin> in fact they cpould have been many, but it is the LOGIC that changes things, ONE author is enough
<admin> obviously it becomes powerful if many followers write and opublish etc etc, but ONE book may be enough
<savana> the otehr thought in dick was: ok, maybe we perceive reality difefrently, so what? what is left in such a world? the important thing is how we react to each other, how we realte to each other
<admin> awful<admin> collective mind<admin> primacy of relations<admin> THEN of course primacy of mond games
<admin> mind<savana> not in a socilaist view<admin> why not?<savana> in apersonal, individual way<admin> not in a "scientific socialist" view
<savana> anyway - thought i had after reading space conquest
<admin> yeah... "invidual" as in "anybody has his owm ideas, the important is to find a way to coexist?"
<savana> scientific socialism - yes - that was what scared dick
<admin> scientific socialism had a dignity
<admin> marx had a dignity<admin> a last hint of realism<savana> like the genetist who wanted to train the corn to survive russian winters?<savana> hehe<admin> hehe<admin> that was not scientific socialism
<savana> space: the rocket takes some yrs to reach the planet
<admin> "scientific socialism" means "scientific" in the economic field. bullshit, but realist
<savana> and corrects itself<savana> this means: there are clever rockets
<admin> [new socialists would let the corn grow by himself, and blame pollution for the russian cold]
<savana> hehe<admin> clever rockets?<savana> yes<admin> who decide to go on mars?<admin> and plan the mission?<savana> ok . clever launchers<admin> and know how to find the money to build themselves?<savana> clever minds who designed the rocket
<admin> that's better<savana>'s that missiles were "mistakenly" hitting some targets during serbia war?<savana> are we sure it was a mistake?<savana> they are able to steer and sail trough million miles, exploiting solar winds and so on, but they mistakenly hit targets at 200km?<admin> is it the same technology? sure?<admin> avionics in military cuts a lot of corners
<admin> [btw: chinese embassy was a target]
<savana> hehe<savana> how do u think a rocket is guided?<admin> no real idea<savana> when light takes 20m to reach it?<savana> u get an input from the rocket, elaborate, answer
<savana> if ur lucky, it takes 1 hr<admin> choice from broad-line routes?<savana> the rocket keeps mapping the stars
<admin> the rest is done by local feedback + expert systems
<savana> and decidess its position continously
<savana> they can map stars, but not some bridges, hills, rivers?<savana> and lose themselves?<admin> now be careful<savana> and fall at 30km away from target?<admin> you are making a mistake<admin> a cruise missile is not rocket science
<savana> im aware missiles arent loaded with all that technology
<admin> they are fairly dumb in fact<admin> basically gps<savana> but ground mapping cant be more difficult than mapping firmament
<admin> not smarter than you car<savana> stars: tridimensional sight mapped in 2 dimensions
<savana> sure?<admin> yes, sure<admin> a cruise missile is a mass product
<admin> a rocket is custom built and fine tuned for a single route
<savana> i thought they were beter, and that their alleged mass product status was a fluke
<admin> a commodity<savana> 2nd point<savana> between launch and target ....some yrs
<savana> no, DISCOUNTED EXPECTATION<savana> hehe<savana> can we actualize the landing on mars?<savana> so, going forth with the analogy rocket/nasdaq
<admin> what's the inflation rate on mars?<savana> it takes some time for rockets to reach the target
<savana> and lot of work<savana> and lot of planning, test<admin> [I hope he is at least PARTIALLY grasping the sexual implications of what he is saying]
<savana> no easy "route"<savana> hehe<admin> yes... yes... go on. intersting, my dear...<savana> well, sinceu like sexual meanings
<savana> i just discovered that the highest skyscrapers in manhattan were built in 1928-31
<admin> what I like is not important, my dear. I am here just to listen... [strokes beard ]
<savana> before the new run which started around end 60
<savana> empire state building, for long the highest, was started in 28, and finished in 31
<savana> now we all need the later Freud, if nasdark keeps falling
<admin> yeah, right... paid with WHAT money?<savana> maybe we envied Clinton, he showed the world he had a dick
<admin> no Freud. Prozac : cheaper<savana> and we wanted to imitate him<savana> by rising the tarhget on nasquak
<admin> his dick is bent<admin> that should have told something
<savana> now i want to go on with these readings on IA
<savana> rockets and IA<savana> im sure they are linked<admin> I have a client who worked on IA
<admin> he quit some 5/7 years ago, saying it was finished
<admin> and went into internet programming
<admin> he just sold the company to tiscali
<savana> IA finished?<admin> "just" = before it all went to hell
<savana> leibnitz<admin> he says AI was a dead end<admin> nice for some basic achievemnts, but couldn't deliver the Sci-fi objectives
<admin> ... then no hype, no money<admin> no no no<admin> not "advanced mathematics finished"
<admin> the AI path of R&D , in industry too
<admin> AI had reached a status of quasi-epysthemology
<savana> leibnitz wrote that in 5 years we would have a well defined mathematical model of brain
<admin> that's finished<savana> hehe<admin> he could design nice cookies tough
<admin> leibnitz. I mean<savana> quasi-episthemology...yes<savana> that's true<savana> the idea is something like: small pieces of brain are brainless, the WHOLE is BRAIN
<savana> my words<savana> mind-->complexity----> meaning of awareness/consiousmness
<admin> which is a basic idea which returns in statistics, fractals etc
<savana> all is getting connected<savana> computers which deals wityh symbols
<admin> obviously the WHOLE is brain<admin> but you can't link MANY brains like they were sub-particles. brain is NOT fractal
<savana> yes, but they put it in the same way like the "self organizing complexity"
<admin> a continuum<savana> a trader is brainless<savana> the market is BRAIN<admin> ?<admin> the market is a place<savana> the neuron is brainless, 10 billions neurons automathically organize in acomplex ssytem and develop mind
<savana> im sneerin them<admin> 2 brains are 2 brains, not something of a higher level
<admin> 2 traders are 2 traders, not something of a higher level called "market"
<admin> market is where they meet<admin> with NO consciousness of its own
<savana> i mean: it was interesting the idea of complexity and selforganization
<savana> but it turned into a new "homunculus"
<admin> right<admin> which brings us back to descartes
<savana> when they cant explain something----> self organization
<admin> homunculus = devil<savana> and nobody explains why self organization should have some characteristics
<admin> yes: it is like that because it replicates its smaller components
<admin> wrong<savana> just because sandpiles or avalanches behave in some way?<savana> sandpiles are diff from neurons
<savana> detecting pure randomness is getting difficult
<savana> proliferation of H exponent everywhere
<admin> neurons seem to have some purpose
<savana> everything is now complex and autoorganizes
<admin> cancerous ones sure do<savana> it could be a fruitful path of thought
<admin> sandpiles i dunno<savana> but it's getting bullshit<admin> it makes a difference to me<admin> never seen a cancerous sandpile
<savana> hence i decided to survey better some scientific developments and thoughts
<savana> understanding scioence is getting very important for me
<admin> i understand it<admin> since you have strong relinace on it
<admin> reliance<admin> getting bullshitted on something you trust is a "bad experience"
<savana> u've eben the first ball of snow of this avalanche anyway
<savana> honestly<admin> "ball of snow" is very nice, thanks
<admin> hehe<savana> i remember your critic against trading system
<admin> you always said you MANAGED them
<savana> fine-tuning continously the systems, and "agents"
<admin> you directed and filtered them somehow
<admin> the "agent" was you, after all<savana> in fact tehyw ere working, and still do
<savana> but i dont believe in them again
<savana> crazy<admin> no<admin> not crazy<admin> when you say "crazy2, you are just perceiving there's a little problem of perspective
<admin> they are DATA<savana> i mean: i abandoned the concept of trading system, but not for disappointment in their results
<admin> you call "trading system" a way of ORGANIZING data for READING them.<admin> you abandoned the idea of them being a ROBOT
<savana> yes<savana> they were mechanical<savana> not again<savana> no more i mean<savana> i watch them as achart<savana> then i decide<admin> which leaves you with the problem of reliability of YOUR thought process
<savana> before they were predominant on my decision
<admin> it's the mathematics IN YOU you have to fine tune
<savana> i was believing they were more right than myself
<savana> because they stood a "test"<admin> But that's right<admin> if you build a machine you need to test it
<savana> even if i dont understand why<admin> but the choice of historical series, and the PURPOSE, etc, it's a scientific wortk on YOUR skills
<admin> they worked because you needed to make mone? maybe?=
<admin> money<savana> they gave me a sell signal correctly in march
<savana> but i didnt know why<savana> simply, because ndx slost some momentum, trend, and some levels
<savana> i had no idea why ndx was going down
<savana> besides msft and celera<admin> "didn't know": two different meanings: 1) really don't know, 2) automatism, competence, unconscious skills honed by experience and training
<savana> that's why i dont like them even if they worked
<admin> because you think your "systems" are just showing things you didn't know you knew?<savana> system didnt care an ass of what Abby wrote, of what newspaper wrote, of what analysts said
<savana> it sold<admin> but you knew, and you wrote the system
<savana> same thing for euro<admin> more: you knew, and you gave the system money to crunch
<savana> it stopped shorts<savana> long ago, u know<admin> yes<savana> i rememeber i told u i was exiting totally $ assets
<admin> yep, and focusing on europe<admin> in this last case you better use some human intelligence, hehe
<savana> and that saved my ass<savana> it's teh 1st year we just make the budget
<savana> before we wre making 3 times the budget
<admin> "before"? how many years?<savana> since 95<admin> half a cycle<savana> ok - no experience of bear mkt, i know
<admin> let's talk about it next year. what's the budget?<savana> ready to laugh?<savana> they expect 13%<savana> i am getting mad in making them understand it's crazuiness
<admin> buy turkish bills, keep them for 2 days 1/2
<admin> they should hold until thursday
<admin> 13% is done<admin> is not, it was "the asian crisis"
<savana> heh<admin> FMI officers get away with it. why not you?<savana> believe it or not, i could buy turk stocks
<savana> u know why?<admin> europe?<savana> ocse<admin> good<savana> no risk<savana> he he<admin> you tell me...<savana> risk management here...let me tell u something
<savana> this is a trading desk, not position like funds
<savana> we should be evaluated on some measures oof risk
<savana> right?<admin> ok<savana> Prometeia boys and girls come here, and decide to extract our bETA
<savana> BETA<savana> beta that 1000 papers showed has no value at all
<savana> and more important<admin> wasn't beta used for assets?<savana> beta, gives u a tracking error
<savana> how much u go far from a abnechmark
<savana> from an index<admin> performace mistaken for risk?<savana> my ptf beta is 1.x means my ptf makes x over the mkt
<savana> bot down and up<admin> apples and potatoes<savana> is that the correct way to value us?<savana> no, at all<savana> yes<savana> or betetr<savana> rsik measures valid for another style of investing
<savana> now i tell u this<savana> i take positions on options<savana> hedge them totally on delta<savana> mkt position=zero<savana> beta = zero<savana> gamma very high but they dont see that
<savana> because they dont check it<savana> so...if i make 20% on mkt neutrality and totally at benchmark on stock positions
<savana> i stand out as monster trader<admin> you are a risk taker<admin> arent<savana> because i make x% with position zero and even if we check only one leg of the trade, im totally at benchmark
<savana> yes, no risk wonderful performance
<savana> for them<savana> the prometeia boys<savana> ha ha ha<savana> let them realize something called gamma exists
<savana> btw<savana> i will tell u a sceret<savana> shhh!!!!!!<savana> secret<savana> SECRET<savana> Consob is giving fines to all nbanks for the reverse conv issued in the past
<admin> good<savana> because there was no documento informativo
<savana> they found the loop<admin> I hate regulations, but I hate scams too
<savana> tenghi tenghi, el caranta persent in ses mes
<savana> he he<admin> theer was no way NO WAY of telling people to look into them
<savana> i agree with u<savana> 40% without telling everybody what the risks were, is scam
<admin> also because i heard people who bleived they had bought a reverse floater
<savana> good thos eones<savana> he he<admin> (which was a dumb thing to do anyway)
<savana> ok<savana> see u another day<savana> ciao### December 5, 2000 ############################<admin> hello<Guest490> /find:Roxanne<Guest491> hello<Guest491> is there anybody there wheeeeee <Guest491> hello<Guest491> noone there<Guest491><Guest491>-><admin> do you think the market will go up today
<Guest491>-><admin> do you think bonds will decline
<Guest491> do you think bonds will decline
<Guest491> will they go down<Guest491> do you go down<Guest491>-><Guest491> boring<Guest491> boring<admin> hello<admin> i was busy, sorry<Guest159> hello again<Guest159> mutha is here<Guest159> considering you're an active user you suck
<Guest159> get os please<Guest159> fcuk off<Guest159> huh<admin> hello<Guest159> os<admin> yes<admin> mutha?<Guest159> swiss is old economy exactly, notice the latest formation over past days, widenning fan
<admin> I am not so much in the "graphical correlation" thing.<admin> in fact, I think it doesn't work
<admin> internarket technical analysis, I mean
<Guest159> if we break above implies violent up move = old economy still wins, if we break below = tech wins, if we stay in range = same story as now
<admin> i don't believe in the "old vs new" game, either
<admin> it didn't work in last months<admin> I think it's more of "same story as now",
<Guest159> you might be right but that's why I ask - I don't use it to trade, but i use it for ideas
<admin> In this case, it's better to take ideas from macro data today
<Guest159> guess what<admin> i don't think markets have clear ideas and can give them to you
<admin> now<admin> what?<Guest159> have you seen the site
<admin> not<Guest159> you bet where you think markets will be daily, weekly, and basically can pick 8 share sector bets from a basket of 60-70 stocks
<Guest159><admin> and you win?<admin> food?<Guest159> money, you bet money and make money
<admin> cool. let me take a look now<admin> funny. what's the difference with buying and selling them on the market?<Guest159> BUT, you bet say ?1 to win ?250K and not pounds per point in futures etc.<admin> I see<admin> there's the usual bet levearge<Guest159> eg you have to say exactly, to 1 decimal placve where the mkt will close today
<admin> there's a totalizer<Guest159> if you get it right you win 250k , if you're close maybe some of the pool
<Guest159> a totaliser alos<Guest159> i like the basket bets, they call it share selector
<admin> cool. predicting close of the Dow
<Guest159> you know picking the best performing shares for the week
<Guest159> yes dow, remember that game<admin> yes. you did it<Guest159> it costs you ?1 and you win much more than shapiro dissing you
<Guest159> I did it, on FTSE I was 2.5 points away so I lost, but on the basket I won ?38 for ?8 betted
<Guest159> I got a bet on for FTSE close (you have to place it before 12.00) of FTSE at 6297.4
<Guest159> and put another bet on basket of pure tech, for close on Fri/Mon
<Guest159><admin> now you distracted me<ozy> hello<ozy> where you gone?<ozy> I changed machine<Guest159> yeah and I go knoked into the ether, did you say anything new
<Guest159> was it something i said<Guest159><Guest159> oh ndx hold baby pls then it's a scremin buy
<ozy> you buyinbg into it?<ozy> 2730 going for 3200<ozy> uhm...<Guest159> i got small positions for monet and will add slowly as she holds above level, any closing break below, or move 1.4% below and I'll close
<Guest159> wait for close above to commit, this intraday volatility shite is something
<Guest159> target is more 3500 on NDX<Guest159><Guest159><ozy> 3500 means little<Guest159> can you get this logging out shit to last longer, say like 5 mins rather than 3 seconds
<ozy> are you on html chat?<Guest159> 3500 means a shite load to me os
<Guest159> yes html<ozy> no, I mean 3500 is not so a strong reference
<ozy> html can't be fixed. we'll change the whole thing ASAP
<Guest159> if i look at bbg for too long waiting for your answer say, it disconnects me then i have to relog in and i can't see anything that was said
<ozy> I know. html is shite<Guest159> btw. you should try Britney chat
<ozy> britney?<ozy> where?<ozy> at multicity?<ozy> lean chick chat?<Guest159> such sad people - do you think they w@nk themselves stupid when they think they're chatting to a girl
<ozy> slender pussy ?<ozy> hehe<Guest159> yes multicity, view all active chats
<ozy> they already wanked themselves blind
<ozy> [please notice you may say wank here, no need to camouflage it]
<Guest159> i just dissed a guy in there before, he's saying "hello little girl"
<ozy> hehe<Guest159> i know - comoflauge, but I'm not sure about our internal security and firewalls here
<ozy> if a real girl enters there, they will tell her she's a man in 5 minutes
<Guest159> exactly - same as BBG right<ozy> sad people<Guest159> anyone who tells you thier pubic colours etc is a man though - gotta be
<ozy> right<ozy> that's why they will never recognize a woman
<Guest159> speaking of which - "cluadia
<ozy> they won't believe she doesn't like to put obn a lkewbian show for them
<Guest159> claudia<ozy> yes?<Guest159> big T^ts<ozy> you must stop harassing my employees
<ozy> hehe<ozy> they read this, you know?<Guest159> shaved gash<ozy> dunno.<ozy> wife is partner in the company. I dunno. repeat. I du-nno
<Guest159> good tell her if she doesn't reply she's sacked
<ozy> reply to?<Guest159> all're wife<ozy> ?<Guest159> 1) she's got to reply to all this now? 2) you're wife works here
<Guest159><Guest159><ozy> yes, my wife works here<ozy> she chattend in bbg too<Guest159><Guest159><ozy> she said it, the goons won't believe it
<ozy> one evening she entered chat and dissed RICO.<Guest159> when, what's her name<ozy> and the childfren won't believe she was really a woman
<Guest159> i thought you were divorced<ozy> in 1985. remarried<ozy> remarried 1990<ozy> triumph of optimism etc etc<ozy> but this time i succeeded<Guest159> how many wifes have you had, how many times can you lose 50% of everything you own before you become poor
<Guest159> what's her name<ozy> muriel<Guest159> big t^ts<Guest159> shaved gash<ozy> good<ozy> nope<Guest159> just kidding<ozy> in this case, no problem<Guest159> muriel - is she english<ozy> french-ne5therlandese<ozy> or something like that<Guest159> dutch - oh MY GOD<ozy> no, french but grew up somewhere btw netherlands and belgium
<ozy> something like that<ozy> nerver investigate your wife's past
<Guest159> LUIK?<ozy> ?<ozy> luik?<Guest159> muriel is such an english name, does she speak french - do you speak french
<ozy> yes<Guest159> LUIK is a town on Dutch / Beligium Border
<ozy> oh. she will know for sure. hold on
<Guest159> is she a bear too, does she understand the market
<Guest159><Guest159><ozy> she's not in financial markets. she's in real-world trade
<Guest159> ?<ozy> customs, things like that<ozy> fiscal<ozy> contracts<ozy> etc<Guest159> what's the real world like?<ozy> better than markets<ozy> exept for some blood<Guest159> Ok so you married her cos she goes like the clappers
<ozy> i don't know that idiom<Guest159><ozy> clappers?<Guest159> I could win this FTSE thing 6297.4 come on
<Guest159> clapper - you know like a chu chu train
<ozy> 9 points more<ozy> I lost you : chu chu what?<ozy> oh<Guest250> what happenend ther, did you say anything after my last comment
<ozy> yes, I asked<ozy> what you were talking about<Guest250> what?<ozy> clapers, trains?<ozy> is that something erotic?<Guest250> I got booted out by some error. and just logged back in
<ozy> you didn't lose anything<ozy> but still you are not answering about chu chu train
<Guest250> when someone goes like the clappers - it means they fcuk like a rabbit on heat
<ozy> ah...<ozy> not. she says it's me the one<ozy> in italian "scopare come un riccio"
<Guest250> I've just bot calls on RIMM<ozy> "fuk like a hedgehog"<Guest250> sounds right, but more sexy somehow in modern latin
<ozy> bot calls after a 10% rise? you in business of buying volatility?<Guest250> he he<Guest250> bot ATM and sold OTM<ozy> 4))).<ozy> that's the hedgehog<Guest250> bot jans and sold de3cs, and will sell jans when they expire
<ozy> 100 can be done<Guest250> EXACTLY, I sold the 100's<Guest250><Guest250> slooooowwwww down market, you gotta peak just right
<ozy> 6297?<Guest250> 6297??? what???<Guest250> oh I see yes<ozy> sorry<ozy> i risked giving you a heartstroke
<ozy> how much are you going to win?<Guest250> ?50K if it's right at 6297.4
<Guest250> for a bet of ?1<Guest250> if close I share the pool of all those who bet
<ozy> peanuts<ozy> the real game is getting it right on the point
<Guest250> 50000:1<ozy> hu<ozy> i think I will try the dow<Guest250> yup, but at least you get powder to guess again
<Guest250><Guest250> the weekly game??<ozy> yes<Guest250> if you get dow and FTSE right for 1 week projection you get ?500K or ?250k if you get 1
<ozy> i will take a serious look at the website, then I think i'll place a bet on the dow
<Guest250> go osy go<ozy> rahhhhh!!!!!!<Guest250> NB your VISA details are required - if you want you can bet on my name, i'll give you the passwords
<ozy> if you see me begging for money in leichester square, you'll know how it all started
<ozy> no, I'll bet under a cover name provided by my accountant in Channel Islands
<Guest250> get yee wife to soho laddy<ozy> just in case i win big money<Guest250> it's fun, you should try the sector bets, I think it's better odds and chances
<ozy> nope, because i'm not in that game (the micro analysis), so i fell lucky (hehe) with macro objectives
<Guest250><ozy> "i feel lucky"...<ozy> last famous words<Guest250> good for you<Guest250> tell me your numbers<ozy> 1, 3, 5 7, 13<ozy> 0, infinite<Guest250> oh predictor of all the news for the next week
<ozy> 3,1416<Guest250> tell me will it rain tomorrow
<ozy> yes<Guest250> will you get laid tonight<Guest250> by claudia<ozy> anyway this is not a solicitation to buy or sell rain
<ozy> me?<ozy> you kidding?<Guest250> true<ozy> an employee?<ozy> this is not a solicitation to buy or sell any girl either
<Guest250> I just think the weekly bet is quite hard, but good luck
<ozy> i dunno how it works<Guest250> where've you got FTSE<ozy> ?<ozy> HEHEHEHE<ozy> 6297.40<ozy> .30<Guest250> You basically have to say where you think dow will be in 1 week, on the nose for ?250k and within 8 points to be in the money
<ozy> no decimals?<Guest250> with 1 decimal place<ozy> shit<Guest250> yup<ozy> it will be earned money<ozy> well, in this case i could do it<Guest250> oh yes very earned<Guest250> daily, is less earned but difficult also. you know when I was 2.5 points out last week, it was only because of those late rogue trades that go thru after close
<Guest250> I guess I lost the FTSE bet<ozy> and who are the only losers of this wonderful day?<Guest250><ozy> philippines<ozy> japan<Guest250> ?<Guest250> ??<ozy> and the ONE special italian stock ramped by that fampous BBG employee
<Guest250> you got reuters or BBG for pri=cing
<ozy> i will never endorse a wire again, sorry.<ozy> anyway: not bbg, the two others<Guest250> where is your FTSE close<ozy> definitely not bbg<ozy> is it close?<Guest250> 16.35<ozy> right<ozy> 6311...<ozy> no<ozy> 6312.90<ozy> no.<ozy> hold on. wrong machine<ozy> hehe<Guest250> I lost, anyway<ozy> 6312.90 seems right<Guest250> now for the post mortem , where did I go wrong, HEEEHEEEE
<ozy> you were greedy, for starters<Guest250> i got 6310.1<ozy> you thought about women instead of focusing on the market, for second
<ozy> me i got 6310.40 now. you sure it's over?<Guest250> yup, but not greedy enough - i thought she'd close below the support not above it. My second guess would have been 6310 region
<Guest250> REALLY<Guest250> I think so<ozy> i start to talk like a horse-race better
<ozy> you<ozy> after-thoughts, second guesses... uhm...<ozy> beware<ozy> it's a dangerous path<ozy> you could end like shapiro<Guest250> yup, but true, i got back from luinch and thought 6310...somit but it was after 12.00
<Guest250> no way - he spends his days on US college football chat now
<ozy> talk about winning personality<Guest250> probably kidding all that he's agreat football player
<ozy> but he oprefers not to play because the great men in wall streets makes football stupid. he prefers to fade them
<ozy> hehe<Guest250> I could swear 2 years ago, he was a good trader, now he talk's SHITE
<ozy> you knew him then?<Guest250> yup, he knows who won a game AFTER it was played
<Guest250> sorry 18months ago<ozy> amazing<ozy> ah, 18 months ago...<Guest250> time flies on BBG chat<ozy> yes, you become old fast there<Guest250> when did you start chatting<ozy> first day<ozy> quarreled with mike bloomberg<Guest250> yup, I learnt a lot though<Guest250> how long ago ius that?<ozy> spring 1999<Guest250> I learned, if you're going to play big trader, allways right - be as vague as possible - like a horoscope readr
<Guest250> spring 99 wow<ozy> "I see a man in your life..."<Guest250> the age of innocence<ozy> bullshit<Guest250> PS - how is DB doing<ozy> DB? fine: he was here this morning.<ozy> no: yesterday<Guest250> with YOU<ozy> yep<ozy> i mean, he was in chat<Guest250> he uses your advice or what when did you meet, does he still work for the bank
<Guest250> did he set up his fund<colonel saunders> any chickens round here?<ozy> hello col<ozy> hello colon<ozy> hello colonoscopy<ozy> nope. he is still at the bank, but in a better role
<ozy> he runs the proprietary desk<Guest250> mr sanders tell me about that secret blend of spices
<Guest250> go on - or are you chicken<colonel saunders> just add nasquick<ozy> yes, we give away chick for free here, colon
<Guest250> prop desk at his bank<ozy> yep<colonel saunders> who's propping what desk?<Guest250> same bank<ozy> and busy studying<ozy> same bank, but there was a merger
<Guest250> studying what<colonel saunders> markets<Guest250> mr sanders pls say something funny or FCUK off
<ozy> mathematics, physics, rocket science
<ozy> kamasutra<Guest250> ohh that stuff<Guest250> is he making money<Guest250> he didn't do his hedge fund in the end
<ozy> this i dunno<colonel saunders> to what dial is your humour tuned to?<ozy> nope.<Guest250> just humerous really, you know like wit
<colonel saunders> humeurous as in funny bone?<Guest250> you met DB and you don't know how he's doing?<ozy> I sense good vibrations btw you, brothers
<ozy> I met him HERE, in chat!<Guest250> col. you know the britney page is real fun
<ozy> not in person<Guest250> just kidding stay, if you like
<Guest250> are you from kentucy<ozy> lettucy?<colonel saunders> not bloody likley<ozy> i would recognize that dyslexia anywhere.<Guest250> oh english<colonel saunders> just came looking for some fryers
<ozy> yeah, right<Guest250> how do you like your herb spiced
<Guest250> 1.50 an hour same as macdonalds
<colonel saunders> who gets i.50 an hour at mcdo these days?<Guest250> could be dyslexia os, takes a long time to reply - a spell checker perhaps
<Guest250> a fryer<colonel saunders> as in capucine monk?<colonel saunders> or monkey?<colonel saunders> is that like wit?<Guest250> hold front page os....where do you show FTSE now
<Guest250> URGENT<ozy> 6299<Guest250><Guest250> 1.6 points<ozy> have to have it shout other side of the room though
<Guest250><Guest250> I'll give it more time late trades pls
<Guest250><Guest250> who you talking to colonel<ozy> I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<ozy> I knew it<ozy> babboon<Guest250> ozy?<ozy> yes<Guest250> found what<Guest250><ozy> baboon<ozy> I found a legitimized reference to "baboon" used to define human beings
<Guest250><ozy> baboon = stupid<Guest250> ah like mon colonel<ozy> didn't say that<Guest250> i know neither did I<Guest250> come on you frigging FTSE<ozy> this is somehow exciting<ozy> I am winessing the making of a millionnaire
<Guest250> FTSE<ozy> no, not FTSE. you<Guest250> hehe<colonel saunders> sounds like spread trading at its finest
<Guest250> close though<Guest250> something like that<ozy> FTSE straddling 6400 since one year is not exactly the epythome of excitement
<ozy> It's confortable though<Guest250> 6297.4 come on<ozy> I could xerox 35 of our last 52 weekly commentaries about FTSE instead of writing them
<Guest250> send me some<ozy> forget it<colonel saunders> yawn<Guest250><ozy> say something intelligent, colon<colonel saunders> yawn<ozy> yawning colon?<ozy> it was a rough night, huh?<colonel saunders> no<Guest250><ozy> was it sweet?<Guest250><Guest250><ozy> having your colon expanded?<colonel saunders> a colonoscopy?<colonel saunders> nope<colonel saunders> sorry?<ozy> just a plain fuck?<Guest250> that was a ruff night<colonel saunders> nope<ozy> colon is a believer in Q&A<Guest250> he stuffed a chicken with his special blen dof herbs and spices
<colonel saunders> just feeling for the chickens lining up
<colonel saunders> piling in<ozy> counting chickens to fall asleep?<Guest250> Fcuking chickens to fall asleep
<colonel saunders> nad pretty bored with every thing else
<Guest250> what's the zinger like<ozy> everything else from chikcens?<ozy> ever tried women?<colonel saunders> and for amusement what do i find
<ozy> jo-jo?<colonel saunders> a chicken trying to get ftse to go up
<Guest250> fcuk the zingers<ozy> nope, you goon. not go up<Guest250> i thought i had a sore ass<ozy> he is trying to get it RIGHT<colonel saunders> worse<ozy> neither too high nor too low<ozy> he bet his house on it<colonel saunders> a goldie-footse<colonel saunders> naaaH<Guest250> where are you from colon<ozy> but he is not a slave of betting<ozy> he may quit whenever he wants<colonel saunders> no a homeless better
<colonel saunders> or a better homeless?<ozy> or a homeletter?<ozy> a omelette bless?<colonel saunders> a kfc special<Guest250> but at least i'm not a gormless chicken fcuker
<Guest250> is your family neame saunders
<ozy> good point<Guest250><colonel saunders> nope its kringle as in kriss
<Guest250> just a small point but he was called sanders
<colonel saunders> and i bring prezzies to good chickens
<colonel saunders> for a large price<Guest250> but no wit<Guest250> or humour<Guest250> or fun<Guest250> you're just chicken fodder<Guest250> go and spank your chicken<colonel saunders> my dear fryer breviery is not the sole of wit <admin> hello<ozy> hi<colonel saunders> hola<Guest250> how then do you try to evade all answers with your version of wit
<Guest250> hello admin<colonel saunders> what were the questions?<Guest250> admin = heidi<Guest250> admin = claudia<Guest250> admin = ozy<admin> heidi<Guest250> hello heidi<admin> hello sir<Guest250> you checking up on the days chat
<admin> no<admin> that's tomorrow<Guest250> oh you want to chat<admin> no. just here to relieve the boss
<Guest250><Guest250> where is the boss<ozy> here<ozy> but I gotta go in few minutes<Guest250> how are you relieving him, by hand or?<ozy> guest<ozy> guest...<Guest250> thats' guest250 to you<ozy> oh<Guest250> heidi<Guest250> don't worry ozy - i gotta go soon too
<ozy> i tot it was guest 6297<admin> yes sir?<Guest250> B@stard<Guest250> what tricks can you do heidi
<admin> I can display your real name in tomorrow's transcription sir
<Guest250> How?<admin> that's a professional secret, sir
<colonel saunders> its in yer browser<admin> brows?<Guest250> really<admin> really<admin> if you had a wife I could send here a copy too
<Guest250> my name isn't in my browser - is it
<admin> here = her<admin> No. ozy told me<ozy> hehe<Guest250> wow my browser knows a lot - my marital status also
<ozy> smart girl<admin> I read that you asked if I could escort you last weekend sir
<ozy> hu ho<ozy> brace for trouble, guest 250<Guest250> did I, escort me where<admin> some place where old men can rest maybe?<Guest250><ozy> that was tough<Guest250> that relieving place<ozy> tell him what you said before, heidi. you're authorized
<admin> no<ozy> ok<Guest250> pls pretty ps<admin> no<Guest250> why<admin> it is not decent<Guest250> PS - OS you see any change in FTSE
<ozy> nope<Guest250> that's ok Heidi, it's good to be honest and open
<admin> yes but here, in public<Guest250> yeah, there's only me you os and a chicken
<ozy> ok, I'll tell it.<ozy> she said something about shaving YOU
<Guest250> ok<admin> no more details<admin> ok?<Guest250> is it painful<admin> "OK"??<admin> sick<admin> sick, SIR<admin> I hope it is<Guest250> I need more details, I'm english - no imagination and all that
<Guest250><admin> you are english? Ozy told me you are from Pakistan or something like that
<ozy> hu ho<Guest250> blo0dy FTSE, someone coulda sold just a smidge
<ozy> when it gts stuck like that, usually he gest a big order just in tha last 10 seconds
<ozy> the big order must be there, trying to fee through
<ozy> feed<Guest250> 1 sec i'm on phone<Guest250><ozy> hehe. he is trying to sell 100 pieces of something to move it 2 pips
<Guest250><Guest250><Guest250><Guest250><Guest250><Guest250><ozy> who cares if tomorrow it falls 300 points?<Guest250><Guest250><Guest250><Guest250><ozy> it will be the effect of that little last sell order who suddenly appeared in the last seconds...<Guest250><Guest250><Guest250><Guest250><ozy> entered but one well know fund management company
<Guest250><ozy> for no apparent reason<ozy><ozy><Guest250><ozy> and who started what will be known for years like "the big crash of december 6th"...<ozy><ozy><Guest250> i'm back<ozy> just trying to fine tune it<ozy> to fine tune those two pips<ozy><Guest250> the sell didn't work<Guest250> now heidi what did you want to shave
<ozy> that's the butterfly which will make the hurricane happen
<admin> ur tongue sir<Guest250> KFC = Colon Saunders = Kentucky fried colon
<kfc> the chicken that can hypnotize the axe
<kfc> smart man!<Guest250> ouch heidi<Guest250> good disguise!<admin> that will teach you how to treat ladies
<kfc> nope no disguise<Guest250> heidi - will you answer me 1 question
<kfc> beowolf crashed<ozy> is kfc your real name?<Guest250> hehe<admin> please ask, sir<kfc> kinna fucking clueless?<Guest250> promise to answer<ozy> kafaz?<admin> well, if it's decent<ozy> kefic?<Guest250> unconditional<kfc> keffia<Guest250> what's decent - thats a definition we can't clarify
<Guest250> which gives you control of the answer
<admin> forecastiong is not decent<kfc> murkey manners?<Guest250> foreplay is - but why not forecasting, what's wrong with that
<kfc> no decent is forecast<admin> some intelligent man said that<Guest250> who<Guest250> - that's not my question<ozy> stop beating the bush<kfc> hindcasting is a very respectable profession
<Guest250> he he<Guest250> kfc = shapiro<ozy> in that case, I know pleanty of respectable people
<ozy> shapiro is not a hindcater, he is a hind-better
<ozy> hind-caster<Guest250> heidi - the question<ozy> zzzzzzzzzzz<ozy> this question...<Guest250> undoing your flies oz<Guest250> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<kfc> 2b or b2b?<ozy> to see or b2c?<Guest250> question is for heidi but she must answer
<ozy> if she doesn't die before<ozy> by boredom<kfc> wether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of adverse nasdaq
<Guest250> then i'll no the question only
<kfc> or by selling stock<kfc> to ipoing end them<ozy> you're never wrong selling stock. proviso you can print them
<Guest250> heidi - you gone<admin> I am here sir<Guest250> is os relieving you<admin> But I am not a "chatter"<admin> I am not entitled to entertain guests
<kfc> nope stock certs are optional<Guest250> what are you entitled to<kfc> its caller sukker bookeeping<admin> Paycheck?<Guest250> hehe<kfc> be entertained by guests?<ozy> fokker bookkeping<kfc> that's chicken feed<Guest250> kfc what are you<ozy> as in "firts falls the plane, then falls the stock". In the middle someone buys
<Guest250> heidi can I ask you my question
<kfc> a man?<ozy> DASA<kfc> or a stock deraming its a man?<kfc> dreaming<ozy> a buterfly dreaming it's a fokker?<ozy> dreaming it's a butterfly dreaming it's a hurricane?<Guest250> I'm going, heidi is not answering my question and now I'm sad
<Guest250><Guest250><ozy> YOU DIDN'T ASK THE QUESTION!<admin> He is nice, ozy<Guest250> she wouldn't give an unconditional answer
<kfc> lest try another tack<admin> He seems so shy<kfc> lest tell the guest that 42 is the ans
<ozy> 42? again?<kfc> you bet<ozy> am 43 now<Guest250> last go: Heidi, will you answr my question unconditionally
<admin> yes<Guest250> 1 sec on phone<ozy> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. loser<Guest250><ozy> desperate loser<kfc> 42<Guest250><Guest250><ozy> panic<Guest250><ozy> panic is dumbing guest250<kfc> milan panic?<Guest250><ozy> got his finger stuck<Guest250><ozy> seizure<Guest250> back<ozy> yeah, right<ozy> back from seizure<Guest250> heidi - unconditional<kfc> guest is dutch stuck finger in dike
<ozy> you don't remember anything, right?<kfc> moi?<ozy> no, guest<ozy> he had a brief epileptic episode<ozy> now he is back<Guest250> heidi?<ozy> shoot, guest<kfc> with a large earth work on his finger?<kfc> bang<Guest250> jesus os put yourself in my shoes - i got a client calling with a $100mn deal and all I can think of is my question to heidi
<ozy> bhang?<kfc> you said shoot<ozy> your are always like that<Guest250> Heidi you there<kfc> trigger happy?<ozy> you always talk to clients thinking of sex
<ozy> yes, she's there.<ozy> falling asleep<Guest250> where - go log on as admin os
<ozy> you cost me a lot in lost productivity, guest
<ozy> she's here<kfc> productivity?<Guest250> ok<Guest250> ready<admin> here<ozy> ...<ozy> ...<ozy> tap tap tap<ozy> tic toc tic toc<Guest250> what colour is your ..........<ozy> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<kfc> chiuaua!<kfc> poodle!<Guest250> MINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<kfc> dobermann?<admin> The answer is: "unconditional"User [admin] left forum <ozy> ouch...<ozy> I forecast anothe lonely weekend for you, guest
<Guest250> oops i did it again<kfc> clap clap clap<kfc> a true bravura performance<Guest250> i gotta go too<kfc> encore, encore<Guest250> any predictions for FTSE close tomorrow
<ozy> blush, at least!!!!<kfc> moi/<ozy> no, guest<Guest250> ok i'm blushing - what can i say it was only a question
<ozy> no comment<Guest250> with a predictable consequence
<ozy> one of these days she will tell her fiance what happens here, and somebody will hit ME
<kfc> safer to play in ftse traffic<Guest250><ozy> footsie?<kfc> yep<ozy> yeah: you could always go into foot fetish, guest250
<ozy> safer<ozy> lotta foot fetishist around<Guest250> get her fiance on here, he'll answer the question
<ozy> you could buy heidi new red shoes
<Guest250> jesus its not like i asked her her jug size
<Guest250> or asked her if she swallowed or spat
<ozy> no... you asked MY WIFE's jug size
<ozy> and asked if Veronica swallowed<Guest250> veronica?<ozy> there's ONE woman left in this firm, guest 250. after that, you better move to AOL chat, hehe
<ozy> it was not you, right<ozy> itv was JJ<ozy> he sent an e-mail asking if Veronica swallowed
<ozy> she's 70<Guest250> no not me, hehe<ozy> I told him, and he answered he likes elders
<Guest250> do me a favour<ozy> it depends<ozy> not inconditional<Guest250> pls tell heidi I'm very disppointed in her
<ozy> not if it has stgh to do with asking a woman a favour for you
<ozy> yeah, right<ozy> guest250?<Guest250> yes<ozy> that's how a woman REALLY is, even in chat
<Guest250> hehe<ozy> did you really expect her to answer?<Guest250> mind you either way I look at it I was had by a woman tonight
<Guest250> always check the speach marks
<kfc> buck buck buck<Guest250> no<Guest250> I wanted to see how far she would go
<ozy> you mean this was your best sexual experience of lately?<ozy> cool<kfc> buck buck buck<kfc> buck buck buck<Guest250> no she had me<ozy> buck is trying to tell us something, dad!<kfc> sqwak!<Guest250> how far she would go - frigid, fun, tight, sexy -
<ozy> uhm...<kfc> buck buck buck<Guest250> clever girl - i'm impressed<ozy> I think I should stay out of here
<kfc> looney bin<Guest250> I bet she sucks a good D^ck<Guest250> maybe we could pick this up in a day or so, when I've caught up with my work
<kfc> sorry looser bin<ozy> looser, yawning colon. kfc is really trying to say something
<ozy> open, kfc<ozy> espress yourself<Guest250> not sure what<ozy> don't be afraid<ozy> be urself<kfc> get in touch with my inner chick?<Guest250> say it quick chicken shite i gotta go
<ozy> you out a chicken in it too?<ozy> put<ozy> alive?<ozy> ouch<kfc> or chicken and egg<Guest250> kfc, pleaae fcuk of and die somewhere , os i gotta go I'll mail ya -
<kfc> i'm sorry did you ask a question guest?<ozy> night guest-i-know-who-you-are-and-will-give-her-your-address-if-you-don't-be-a-good-boy
<Guest250> thanks see ya<ozy> he just lost 251 pounds because FTSE move 2 pips
<ozy> poor guy<kfc> not leveraged enough<ozy> 1:250?<kfc> made it 100:1 and the its 251,000 quid
<ozy> ?<kfc> being silly<kfc> as always<ozy> it was perfect<ozy> you got me<ozy> either am gullible<kfc> we aim to confuse<ozy> or you are silly<kfc> both<kfc> but you do have an exploitable gullability
<ozy> nope<kfc> yes yesy yes<kfc> phew!<ozy> best rally in months, all of america finally relieve it has a Commander in chief, and bancamerica stuck at 40
<ozy> maybe duisenberg could apply for a job there
<kfc> are you surprised?<ozy> no: happy<ozy> was just thinking loud<kfc> look what is rising<kfc> the chickens never learn<ozy> among bks?<kfc> in general<kfc> in the indices<ozy> among banks it is the brokers...<ozy> meaning they think more IPOs, more trade etc etc etc
<kfc> ipo"s in this market?<ozy> you called them "chickens": it's a confirmation
<kfc> impossiible pricing order<ozy> look at schwab<kfc> confirming?<kfc> shwab: the man or the stock?<ozy> the stcok<ozy> mer issues a warning on european banks, shoots up 10%
<ozy> C just 5%, because "you must discount argentina" (yes, argentina could slightly reduce C's earnings. slightly)
<kfc> yeah! lesse argentina problematic, turkey is problematic, russia is still down, venezuela is about to , venezula is going, mexico will if the us does
<ozy> here's my list: mer 66/68, leh 64, gs 94. wait till there, sell short
<kfc> well a beautiful picture<kfc> then<ozy> sound money rules!<kfc> ?<kfc> nope fed put<ozy> fed put is mystic<kfc> in a confidence economy is the confidence games that win
<ozy> it will be the biggest disappointment in human history after Heidi for guest250
<ozy> yeah, right, the confidence game<ozy> remember the movie?<kfc> nope<ozy> the house of games?<ozy> when he did explain how the confidence game works?<kfc> nope<ozy> "You give them confidence until THEY give you coinfidence. then you scalp them"
<kfc> yep<ozy> he lent money to a boy, until the boy lent money to him
<kfc> you mean you prop up the banking system till you renationalize it?<kfc> great way to solve social security
<kfc> merge c with menatep<kfc> and boa with iregent<kfc> fix all the int'l squeeky wheels<kfc> merge the imf with cazenove<kfc> wow!<ozy> make corzine surgeon genearl<ozy> and rubin lead guitar with the backstreet boys
<kfc> corzine mi corazon, ( not)<ozy> you into plutocracy?<kfc> and al?<ozy> as in pippo pluto and paperino?<ozy> al?<ozy> chairman of the Leonard Peikoff Institute
<kfc> al the spanning green<kfc> nop the abt<kfc> american ballet theater<kfc> as prima ballerina assoluta<kfc> in a pink tutu<ozy> this rumour again!<ozy> it's false<kfc> what greenspan in a tutu?<ozy> or is it?<ozy> greenspan in pink<kfc> as in follower of the other gospel?<ozy> yeas. choirboy dept<kfc> not with outsubstance<ozy> I wouldn't be impolite now<kfc> he is!<ozy> but it's my massage time<ozy> have to greet you<kfc> choir boy?<ozy> nope<ozy> nice girl<kfc> e da mille voici unitamente osvaldo salutare si sente!<ozy> sono commosso<kfc> we were talking of rates===> tasso
<kfc> only bronx cheers though<kfc> rest lost in translation<ozy> tassi e tasse?<ozy> that gest lost in tranmslation too
<kfc> have a good grope<ozy> it was on my badge (badger, hehe) when a young pit trader
<ozy> some story about tassi and tasse<kfc> you in the pits?<kfc> when?<kfc> where?<ozy> 1985<ozy> milan<kfc> not at pit<ozy> go figure<kfc> like liffe<kfc> or cbot<ozy> right<ozy> almost<ozy> no funny jacket<kfc> i was nervous in case i had met you afore
<ozy> where you there too? nahhh...<kfc> not milan<kfc> imm<kfc> and liffe<ozy> imm?<ozy> i worked with gelderman in 1986/1992
<ozy> crncys<kfc> strange shop<ozy> elastic<kfc> so i heard<ozy> very elastic<ozy> it bounced everywhere<ozy> clients made margin calls to the broker... hehe
<kfc> i know<ozy> gotta go now. have a nice nite<kfc> bronx cheer<kfc> good grope### December 06, 2000 #############################User [kid_rock] joined forum
<kid_rock> hiiUser [kid_rock] left forum <admin> helloUser [sarah(bi-17)] joined<sarah(bi-17)> oops<sarah(bi-17)> wrong room!User [sarah(bi-17)] left forum User [Mcnigga] joined forum <admin> helloUser [Mcnigga] left forum <ozy> nice zoo today<savana> hi<savana> ci sei?<OZY> eccomi<OZY> oggi non suona il campanello<savana> quando parli di coerenza nelle analisi, ti riferisci al termine comune o al termine usato da Goedel?<savana> chiedo perche' so che quello e' il tuo campo
<OZY> perlopi? al termine corrente<OZY> ma non ? molto corrente<savana> haha<OZY> o meglio: "coerente" secondo la logica come la intendo io
<OZY> ieri ne ho sentite delle belle<savana> cioe'?<OZY> viiene a trovarmi una ragazza, laureanda
<OZY> bravissima<OZY> tesi di layrea sul romanzo romantico e la borghesia europea
<OZY> incazzata nera perch? in Italia non trova con chi parlare
<OZY> ma<OZY> dopo un po' che parliamo<OZY> una tragedia<OZY> una tragedia<savana> pere sempio<OZY> cioe':<OZY> questa ha capito che l'europa e' cotta
<OZY> ha capito che manca un pezzo di storia, che l'europa si e' fernata nel 1914
<OZY> che non c'e' una CULTURA che sia insieme umanistica e ecopnomica e che arrivi dal 1914 a oggi
<OZY> insomma, dal 1914 gli europei hanno lasciato fare all'america
<savana> ma<OZY> ma<OZY> aspetta<OZY> legge marx<OZY> DEPURA marx delle sue "derive" socialiste e comuniste
<OZY> trasforma marx in un teorico del capitalismo
<OZY> poi attraverso marx va a leggere la rand, hayek, von mises
<OZY> la globalizzazione<OZY> il libero mercato<OZY> la storia del 900<OZY> e e' un po' confusa<OZY> cioe': ha capito DOVE deve guardare
<OZY> ma NON RIESCE a abbandonare l'idea di CAPIRE l'america attraverso la cultura europea del '900
<savana> errore anche di alcuni americani
<savana> es/ H.James<OZY> QUESTO e'il suo problema: l'idea l'ha presa da LI' !!!<savana> per capire l'america viaggio' in europa e visse a lungo in UK
<OZY> esatto l'inghilterra, che e' un grosso problema
<savana> e tanti altri<OZY> cioe' questa ragazza scambia gli inglesi per americani
<savana> l'idea presada americani o da James?<OZY> da americani socialisti<savana> ok<OZY> o da americani liberal<OZY> scambia l'accumulazione originaria per il far west
<OZY> non distingue le pecore dalle mucche
<OZY> le filande dalle miniere<OZY> e la regia marina dalle ferrovie<OZY> figurati se distingue blair dalla silicon valley
<OZY> un'anima tormentata<savana> eurocentrismo solito<OZY> intelligente, ma con un fardello<OZY> esatto<savana> l'universo visto dall'europa<OZY> l'america come PROBLEMA<savana> he he<OZY> le ho chiesto come definisce il capitalismo...<OZY> e mi ha detto: c'e' un capitalismo americano e uno europeo
<OZY> quello americano, e' 2+2=4<savana> a si?<savana> e quello europe?<OZY> quello europeo ?: 1+2+3-2=4<OZY> "non e' detto che dobbiamo arrivarci tutti allo stesso modo"
<OZY> hehe<savana> +3 = piu' capitale usato da noi inutilmente perche' veniamo piu' tassati etc...<OZY> no, voleva dire semplicemente "ci sono tante maniere di definire la stessa cosa"
<savana> -2 0 tasse e malfunzionamento<OZY> hehe<OZY> scusa, mi manca un po' di umorismo sull'argomento
<OZY> insomma: ti decsrivo la situazione
<savana> strano, tante maniere per definire...e questo dopo aver letto Rand
<OZY> bella ragazza, lavora, ottimi voti
<OZY> ha "capito" perfettamente da che parte stare
<OZY> ma professori, letture, ambiente culturale CHE LEI RIGETTA
<OZY> la invischiano per cui non vede le cose piu' semplici
<OZY> e si sente obbligata a "digerire"
<savana> e se andasse in usa per un po'?<OZY> c'e' stata un anno<OZY> michigan<savana> alla faccia<OZY> hai capito?<savana> perche' non cali?<OZY> dovevo prestarle dei libri e spiegarle delle cose sulla teoria del romanzo della Rand, e invece...<OZY> ... le ho dato un saggio della Rand che si intola "The comprachicos"
<savana> ?<OZY> e' dedicato alla sofferenza della mente di un bambino-->ragazzo --> universitario sottoposto a 20 anni di "cultura" irrazionalista
<OZY> "comprachicos" e' una metafora tratta da Hugo.<savana> ha capito che era per lei?<OZY> si', perche' gliel'ho detto, con la mia solita diplomazia
<savana> he he<OZY> ma ha delle grandi chance<OZY> deve solo... "shrug"<Guest465> hello<OZY> hello<savana> hello guest<OZY> mandarli a cagare<savana> asl?<savana> he he<Guest465> guess who<savana> raman?<OZY> the loser?<savana> stefano?<Guest465> raman<savana> ok<Guest465> the loser<OZY> if it's raman, let me tell you that I stopped heidi this morning
<Guest465> stopped what os<savana> raman....i remember you used to trade options
<savana> still doing that?<OZY> she wanted to replace your login "guest 250" with "will_pay_for_love"
<OZY> in the transcript<Guest465> still do, i got a bull spread on RIMM yielding 50%
<OZY> mkt is buying into the "greenspan put" story, once more
<savana> this si something interesting......anytime they propose an option strategy, they always compare the premium cashed to notional, and say..."this yield xxx%"
<savana> options arent bonds<savana> rite?<OZY> ho ho. a FIGHT!!!!<OZY> go raman!<savana> no no<OZY> yes please<savana> just baffled from the observation that options are treated as yields
<savana> never in terms of delta/gamma/vega
<OZY> raman?<OZY> what's your answer?<Guest465> sorry was on phone<OZY> yeah, right<savana> hehe<OZY> with a 100mill buck trade<OZY> chicken<Guest465> whose they savanna<savana> g/f telling him what ring she wants for Xmas
<savana> THEY = brokers<Guest465> honestly os, i was<OZY> hehe<Guest465> DB = savanna i hope<savana> yes rama, here is db<Guest465> otherwise i would fight<savana> hehe<Guest465> ok yield sorry bad word<OZY> raman is the only chatter who couldn't wank on this chat
<savana> that's the first stage of selection for me
<OZY> because he has to go on typing just to keep it open
<OZY> with one hand<savana> whenever a brokler starts with "yield is..." - i dont work again with them
<savana> like old "premisti" here<savana> premista is an italain word for option specialists in the past
<savana> OTC<OZY> hehe. expert in "conto trasformazione"
<savana> all of them<savana> well. premisti were calling u and saying
<savana> sell this call ATM for 200 (on 10,000)
<savana> it is 2%<Guest465> you've changed DB - you making money?<savana> 24% in a year<Guest465> not bad<savana> always the same refrain<savana> they werent able to speak something else
<savana> BS for them was a rock singer<OZY> not a shoe brand?<savana> yes, in milan<savana> hehe<Guest465> for the options i thought the outright call for JAN ATM was expensive so i sold DECS OTM and will sell JAN OTM on expiry next week
<Guest465> my upside is 100% profit<Guest465> and if the price stays around 85, the price i will sell the jan otm will negate my costs implying my upside is 20
<savana> those strategies are designed as if someone keeps the position till expiration
<Guest465> dec expires next friday, i'll keep it
<savana> why not trading as if you close every day your position, marking to market?<Guest465> for the jans i don't care if i can sell jan 100 for 10
<savana> i use diff startegies<Guest465> sorry i gotta go till tomorrow
<savana> ok raman, see u<OZY> nite raman<Guest465> i am MTMing that's how i know my profit - really gotta go
<OZY> see ya<savana> io faccio opzioni tenendo conto del gap gamma/vega
<savana> sono sempre delta neutral, mentre quelle strat alla raman sono sbilancaite sul delta
<savana> lui potrebeb fare la stessa cosa comprando posiz equivalenti cash
<OZY> on the phone. go on<savana> cioe': se compra ATM e vende 2 OTM
<OZY> no, lui fa operaziopni direzionali?, trattando le opzioni come titoli
<savana> magari operaz e' delta neutral all'inizio, e finanziamento e' zero
<savana> esatto, quindi e' sbilanciato sul delta
<OZY> cio? gioca proprio su delta<savana> pareggiato all'inizio quando incassa premio venduto per pagare l'acquisto, ma dopo, quando sottostante si muove, e' delta direzionale
<OZY> non ? quindi sbagliato che lo chiami "rendimento"
<OZY> in qualche modo<savana> per questo dico: potrebeb replicare stessa struttura andando direttamenet sui titoli
<OZY> solo che non ? il 100%<savana> ok, in quel senso si<OZY> no: scambia delta per volatilit?<savana> ma % sul delta, non su nozionale o premio pagato
<OZY> cioe': tratta delta come se l'opzione fiosse un titolo con piu' volatilita'
<savana> quando dice 100%, intende guadagno 100 su premio 100
<savana> quindi usa opzioni per il leverage
<savana> come i warrant per i retail<OZY> leverage o volatilita' ?<savana> se per lui opzione e' un titolo a maggiore volatilita', leverage
<savana> lasciamo perdere l'esegesi ramanitica
<savana> dicevo: spread gamma/vega<OZY> ripeti che prima ero al telefono e adesso non posso rileggere
<savana> dicevo che per me l'opzione va trattata sul agmma e vega
<savana> sul delta non ha senso<savana> allora:<savana> ci sono fasi in cui tutti, IPOTIZZANDO BRUSCHI CAMBAIMENTI DEL MKT, VOGLIONO OPZIONI PER SFRUTTARE GAMMA
<savana> questo fa salire i costi<savana> dell'opzione<savana> e si dice che vol imp e' salita ed e' tot
<savana> ed e' corretto<savana> ma non perche' il mkt ipotizza che in futuro i movimenti saranno ampi
<savana> = vol imp<savana> bensi' perche' lo spera<savana> e' ben diverso<savana> e' diverso forecast da hope<savana> per questo vol imp e' un cattivo previsore della vol realizzata
<savana> c'e' un tradeoff tra agmma e vega
<savana> tutti vogliono essere long gamma? benissimo, ma i mkt maker alzano i prezzi, e la vol pagata implicita diventa acar
<savana> il mkt trova equilibrio quando utili gamma non compensano piu' la vol imp pagata
<savana> a quel punto se vol imp e' troppo cara, mi accollo rischio gamma e vendo opzioni
<savana> e quindi vendo vol<savana> per questo parlo di tradeoff tra gamma e vega (vol)
<savana> ogni trader deve stimare sua volatilita' e sulal abse di quello determina pt di breakeven tra strategie gammao vega
<savana> nella nota di alcuni gg fa accennavoa questo
<OZY> si'<savana> SOcgen<OZY> esatto<OZY> cioe?: non c'e' neutralita'<savana> NO<OZY> perche' quella che viene chiamata vol implicita include aspetattive direzionali
<savana> NO<OZY> e NON posizioni "rocket"<savana> partaimo dalle fondamenta<savana> BS ipotizza moto browniano e continuo
<savana> continuo e' quello che causa il casino in pratica
<savana> es// T-Online ha vol storica 70%
<OZY> cioe' che in ogni momento il prezzo rifletta variazioni gia' avvenute
<OZY> oops<savana> implicita 100%<savana> come faccio l'hedging per tenermi neutrale?<savana> cosa e' la volatilita'?<savana> quella che viene definita vol e' calcolata close to close
<savana> ma al vol close-to-open yst o close today to open today
<savana> sono ben diverse<savana> oggi chiude 102 e ieri aveva chiuso 100
<savana> +2%<OZY> e l'operatore queste due ultime le vede bene
<savana> annualizzato 32% vol<savana> si<savana> l'hedging o lo fai seguendo assunzioni BS
<savana> e quindi . indipendentemente da qualunque cosa succede intraday, fai l'hedge at close
<OZY> o "servi"<savana> oppure, se fai hedging discrezionale, comee ' enlla prassi operativa
<savana> per es - ogni 2 ore, oppure ogni volta che prezzo varia del 2%
<savana> alloar subisci volatilita'<savana> ne' storica<savana> ne' implicita<OZY> ma percepita<savana> ma subisci volatilita' storica calcolata su intervalli di due ore o altro
<savana> ORCL<savana> vol imp = 140%<savana> vol storica = 70%<savana> vol oraraia?<savana> dal 40 al 300%<savana> dipende dai momenti della giornata
<savana> se vendo vol=120%<savana> posso perdere o guafdaganre<savana> guadagno se faccio hedging quando vol e' 40%
<savana> perdo se copro delta a vol 300%
<savana> come faccio a sapere quando?<savana> HARD WORK<savana> for every stock<savana> e alla fine stimi timing ottimale
<savana> e puoi fottere Socgen<OZY> questo e' un altro buco nella presunta non direzionalit? delle eoperazioni su opzioni
<OZY> e non discrezionalit?<savana> ai loro tarder non lasciano spazi discrezionali di questo tipo
<OZY> perche' sono convinti che non esistano, quindi
<savana> macchina impone coperture ogni tot variaz %
<OZY> ma la scelta di quel % non dipende da specifica analisi
<OZY> bensi' da policy<savana> esatto<savana> per non restare delta open<OZY> non e' rocket science<savana> impongono copertura<savana> ma si rendono conto che stanno operando su vol orarie?<savana> e non daily?<savana> pricing = vol daily<savana> copertura delta = usare vol oraria
<savana> casino<savana> casino<OZY> hai detto che hanno trader su un singolo titolo
<OZY> e non hanno policies differenziate?<savana> si, e ho chiesto infatti<savana> e sai cosa?<savana> l'opinione dell'ingegnere conta piu' del trader
<OZY> ma l'ingnbgnere sa questio piccolo dettaglio?<savana> e quindi la macchina dice al trader "copriti"
<savana> anche se per lui e' una cagata
<savana> perche' magari sa che in quel momento subisce vol 400%
<savana> devo fare report<savana> a domani<OZY> a domani<savana> ciao<OZY> ciao, buonnotteUser [schrodinger's cat] joined forum <schrodinger's cat> the sounds of silence!<Jens K.> finally back to ozy's corner<admin> hello<admin> i am ozy<Jens K.> hi, is ozy already gone?<Jens K.> ahhh!<admin> hullo<admin> do you speak my language?<admin> bring me to your chief<Jens K.> bbg was slower<admin> i know. no need to panic<admin> take it easy.<Jens K.> sure<admin> relax<Jens K.> i don't have an internet connection on my bbg terminal
<admin> where are you logging from?<Jens K.> from a friens's computer<admin> cool<Jens K.> friends<Jens K.> not really, shows me that i finally should buy one for myself
<admin> like, dude, get wired, huh?<admin> connected, huh?<admin> share the experience...<Jens K.> wanted to be a "computer free" zone at my home. well old fashioned, or?<admin> pretty sane<Jens K.> yeah<Jens K.> do you think that bbg will let you get back in the chat game?<admin> you kidding?<admin> dodn't you know?<Jens K.> why not?<admin> because we canceled our contracts
<admin> one month ago<Jens K.> cool<admin> yes. cool<admin> cold blooded, better<admin> in the last two months I prepared it, changed cthe system, hired two different wires, set up the site, then... DUMPED the idiots
<Jens K.> so know only using reuters?<Jens K.> now<admin> I am just waiting for Gore to get kicked off, then the show begins
<admin> using the two main other wires<admin> will NEVER again endorse one<Jens K.> yep<admin> now i am focused in getting this site wotk like i'd like
<admin> work<Jens K.> chat's really boring since you left
<admin> shit. I hoped it was dead<admin> it will<admin> davide and raman were here today
<Jens K.> o.k. lets talk in the next day's about markets.<admin> whenever, jens<admin> if i am not in, mail me<Jens K.> sure. it was nice to talk to you again.<admin> for me tooUser [older guy] joined forum
<admin> hello<admin> how older?<admin> 80?<older guy> i'm 44<older guy> oops clicked wrong room<older guy> sorry<admin> 80<admin> alzheimer<older guy> lol### December 7, 2000 ######################<yves> salut<admin> hello<yves> hello<admin> hello, again<yves> bonsoir<admin> bonjour<admin> il 9 heures du matin<admin> il est<admin> ca etait une nuit sauvage, hein?<yves> puis-je vous demander ce que vous apprennez?<admin> oui, tu peux<admin> mais je ne comprends pas la question
<admin> qu'est ce que je apprends?<yves> oui<admin> uhm...<admin> comment la realite' existe<yves> ta tu as quel age toi<admin> 43<yves> moi je suis plus age que toi<admin> bien. n'usez pas le tarducteur<admin> il est ridicule<yves> quoi ca?<admin> chosse "english", then speak french
<admin> choisizzes "english", et apres ca parlez francais
<yves> chinese ca va?<admin> who cares?<admin> je n'aime pas les chinoises<yves> pourquoi?<admin> pourquoi devrais je?<yves> tu aime la grande mureille?<admin> j'ai marrie une femme qui s'appelle muriel, mais c'est pas la meme chose
<admin> elle n'est pas "grande"<admin> taille 42<admin> le mandarin chinois<admin> si tu pouviez devernir riche<admin> simplement avec un geste<yves> mais si<admin> et si ca allais couter la vie a un mandarin en chine
<admin> farais-tu cet geste?<yves> nous sommes en train de devenir riche
<admin> bon: pouvet etre qu'n francais a penser une idee tant idiote
<admin> pouvait<admin> ou est l'erreur?<yves> sais pas<admin> tu vois?<yves> quoi?<admin> ca infecte la culture francais jusqu'a aujopurd'hui
<admin> francaise<admin> c'est le modele de l'idee francaise de geopolitique
<admin> la meprise de la causalite reelle
<admin> "cogito ergo sum" et l'apologue du mandarin chinois partage la meme idee
<admin> de causalite'<admin> la machine comme ce qui va de soi
<yves> italiano?<admin> va bene, italiano<admin> tu veux parler italien?<yves> non non<admin> est tu francais?<yves> chinois<admin> tu a dit "bonsoir": est tu en asie?<yves> forever<admin> ha<admin> ou en chine?<admin> guangdon? shenzen?<yves> east of asia<admin> hong kong?<admin> taiwan?<yves> tu sais shenzhen<yves> Peking<admin> you in peking?<admin> cool<admin> welcome<admin> bienvenu<yves> merci<yves> et toi ou<admin> london<yves> suisse<admin> nom, london = angleterre<admin> le domain est en suisse<yves> oui oui tout a fait<admin> le "server" est es suisse<yves> oui c'est bien claired<admin> gouvernment anglais avait des droles idees sur la censure, et nous on a deplace le server en suisse
<yves> ciao admin<admin> ciao yves<Rite1/ 32/m> hi<Rite1/ 32/m> new here what is this room about
<admin> economics, politics, philosophy
<admin> scroll the tranmcription of previous days
<admin> some porn too<Rite1/ 32/m> excellent I didnt know there was on ehere
<Rite1/ 32/m> ok<admin> how did you get here?<Rite1/ 32/m> just jumpin around<admin> I see<admin> check the site, the message board etc, will giove you an idea
<Rite1/ 32/m> so with a name like admin I take it you know alot about this
<admin> what do you do , apart from jumping?<admin> hehe: "admin" is the default login on this machine...<Rite1/ 32/m> financial Planner<admin> go figure<Rite1/ 32/m> oh<admin> my name is ozy<Rite1/ 32/m> cool<admin> go figure<admin> where do you plan finances?<Rite1/ 32/m> World Marketing Alliance<admin> I am a strong assertor of do-it-yourself financial planning
<Rite1/ 32/m> really? ever hear of VUL'S
<Rite1/ 32/m> whys that<admin> the bucket thing?<Rite1/ 32/m> no its a type of planning for the future
<Rite1/ 32/m> what brings you to this site?<admin> yes. it was marketed using the metaphor of a bucket?<admin> this site? i run this company<Rite1/ 32/m> excellent<Rite1/ 32/m> im not familiar with the bucket theory
<admin> it's better like that<Rite1/ 32/m> could you elaborate please
<admin> i think showing the clients the numbers is the only thing to do
<Rite1/ 32/m> I agree<admin> without doctoring the numbers with metpahors which distract them
<admin> buckets, mountains, etc etc<admin> people are not stupid<Rite1/ 32/m> Ive never used any metaphors
<Rite1/ 32/m> thats why Im unfamiliar with what you are describing
<admin> good<admin> forget it<Rite1/ 32/m> lol np<admin> the bucket was somewhere in a VUL presentation I saw once
<admin> that's why I asked<Rite1/ 32/m> where is your company<admin> london-based<admin> operations in uk, france, swiss, italy and israel
<Rite1/ 32/m> yeah I seen one with an umbrella presentation couldnt understand it though and I knew the product
<admin> hehe<Rite1/ 32/m> We operate in US and its territories trying to expand to Brazil though
<admin> when I said "do it yourself" I meant: "learn the tricks, THEN go to an insurance brokers or FP"
<admin> why brazil?<Rite1/ 32/m> I understand<admin> some acquisition or did you set up an operation?<Rite1/ 32/m> Beats me thats just what they want to do
<Rite1/ 32/m> I myself will be staying in the US
<admin> which area do you work in?<Rite1/ 32/m> Dallas<Rite1/ 32/m> or do you mean product?<admin> hey. you wake uop early<admin> I meant the city<Rite1/ 32/m> no insomnia<admin> regrets or remorses?<admin> hehe<Rite1/ 32/m> neither I just had a really good day and te excited to sleep
<admin> cool<Rite1/ 32/m> :)<admin> really?<admin> nahhh... you kidding<Purplepeopletr> hello<admin> you tell me you earned a billion, got laid by two redheaded twins in their 17s THEN coudln't sleep and logged in into a chat? nahhhh
<Purplepeopletr> are you a woman?<Rite1/ 32/m> no I started talking to one of our congress man today and found out we may be able to market to military personell around the world
<Rite1/ 32/m> we go after the middle income market
<admin> well, thta's a business<admin> i understand you're excited<Rite1/ 32/m> yeah<admin> "may able" means you have to get some authorization to mail them or contact them?<admin> it's a huge communication system ready-made
<Rite1/ 32/m> no we are trying to send our associates to their bases
<admin> huge network<Rite1/ 32/m> talk in a class enviroment
<Rite1/ 32/m> yeah over 1 million strong
<admin> merill lynch thrived on something similar many years ago
<Rite1/ 32/m> really?<Rite1/ 32/m> did it work?<admin> well, they were the only broker that could receive orders from anywhere in the world
<admin> so whenever an officer wanted to buy or sell american stocks, they were the reference
<Rite1/ 32/m> ah, well ours deals more in mutual funds and life insurance
<admin> yes, two different markets<Rite1/ 32/m> very<admin> I was just comparing the extension of the deal
<Rite1/ 32/m> i understand<admin> how many people are you?<Rite1/ 32/m> whew lets see at last count I believe we were 20,000
<Rite1/ 32/m> but most die out<admin> how many "seniors", meaning skilled people who do this for a living for 5/10 years?<Rite1/ 32/m> uhm hold on ill check<admin> forget it, just a general idea<Rite1/ 32/m> probably about 20%<admin> so let's 4000 strong professionals
<admin> not bad<Rite1/ 32/m> thats at 100,000+ a year<Rite1/ 32/m> no actually i am Quiet impressed myself the companies only been in business about 9 years
<admin> where does it come from then?<Rite1/ 32/m> Its really quiet amazing They started a MLM type of program that trained the associates to explain the rule of 72 to everyone they met. You would be suprised at how many people didnt know about it
<Guest691> hello<admin> hello guest691<Rite1/ 32/m> especia;;y middle income families
<Guest691> =raman, was going for guest666
<Guest691> admin = ?<admin> admin = ozy.<Guest691> HELLO<admin> raman is a fund manager, rite1 is a financial planner
<admin> with insomnia, in dallas<Rite1/ 32/m> ok hello<Guest691> I tried reading yours and DB's conversation after I left, I followed some but not much
<Rite1/ 32/m> lol<Guest691> you're in dallas<admin> it was very very interesting raman. db is into something there. pity it was in italian
<Rite1/ 32/m> yes<Guest691> a summary would help<admin> I will ask him<Guest691> on phone, 1 sec<admin> as you may see, raman is a very busy man
<Rite1/ 32/m> I wish I was<admin> when he says "one second" , he is managing some 100 billion deal
<admin> or he is getting dumped by this week's fiancee...<Rite1/ 32/m> lol<Rite1/ 32/m> I bet<admin> usually on thursdays it's the fiancee
<admin> they try to get out in time for weekend
<Rite1/ 32/m> please be aware Im just a small fish in this pond
<Guest691><admin> nobody is a small fish here<admin> only human allowed<Guest691><admin> you remember "harvey" the rabbit?<Guest691><admin> "no man brings anything SMALL into a bar"
<admin> meaning "a bar chat"<Rite1/ 32/m> gotcha<Guest691><Guest691><Guest691><Rite1/ 32/m> brb<admin> brb=?<admin> i still don't get all of chat lingo
<Guest691><Rite1/ 32/m> be right back<admin> ok, see ya<Rite1/ 32/m> I just learned it myself<Rite1/ 32/m> im back now<Guest691><admin> raman is still begging his fiancee...<Guest691><admin> she must be listening, because it's taking long
<Guest691><Rite1/ 32/m> wish I could stay I believe I could learn alot but i gotta go
<admin> go to sleep. see ya next days. if nobidy is here, mail
<Rite1/ 32/m> can I find Add at home page
<admin><admin> or, it's me<admin> raman is
<Rite1/ 32/m>-><admin> thats wrong lol<admin> hehe<Rite1/ 32/m>-><admin> cya<admin> that was bad<Guest691><admin> cyaUser [Rite1/ 32/m] left forum on Thu Dec 07 05:33:52 EST 2000
<Guest691><Guest691> cheeky fcuker<admin> who?<Guest691> you<admin> why?<admin> I just try to focus people attention on your primary needs
<admin> just trying to help<Guest691> the only thing I'm begging my fiancee not to do is take half of everything
<admin> ouch...<Guest691> yes<admin> divorce-like?<admin> when they go for the money it's tough
<Guest691> here, if you live with someone over a certain period of time, they become your common law spouse
<admin> ouch...<admin> when I remarried, we chose the opposite way
<Guest691> she wont win, it's not on. She know's the wealth we had was down to me, she saved evrything she got in a cash account and took it
<Guest691> what do you mean "opposite way"
<admin> ouch, sorry<admin> married, asscoiate in business, but contract to keep everything separated
<Guest691> like the film stars<admin> exact<admin> it's a good idea<admin> it juts takes 5 minutes to decide "who pays for the freezer"?<Guest691> I must say though, even though I'm the dumper - this stuff really knocked me for 6
<Guest691> I feel like a shite<Guest691> also i feel i've wasted years
<admin> this will pass soon<admin> that's just mourning<Guest691> yeah, I hoooking into the new year for a new start
<admin> what against hooking?<Guest691> in the mean time, i leer and try to get laid at the weekends
<admin> you will re-learn some skills<Guest691> hooking = latching onto, my pivot point
<Guest691> re-learn oh yes<Guest691> garage, funk, rap<Guest691> I'm not taking drugs though<admin> ouch...<admin> "ouch..." was for the music<Guest691> i agree - some is ok though<Guest691> funny thing is, i moved on with a lot of my friends who are still coupled and don't want to party
<Guest691> too much<Guest691> anyway, enough of that, that's what Britanys page is for
<admin> really?<admin> dodn't they spend their day having orgies? hehe
<Guest691> no, but just looking at the stuff on that page is sad - I mean really sad
<admin> you feel the advantages of having really slept with a woman in the past years
<admin> that leaves you sonething anyway, better than having wanked
<admin> hehe<Guest691> i suppose so, but change woman to women
<admin> ok, how old are you? less than 30?<Guest691> you know already<admin> i don't remember now, but it seems to me
<Guest691> i'm 29<Guest691> 30 in april<Guest691> and still learning<admin> get ready for the learning thing to go on for long
<Guest691> I've been educated for the past 2.5yrs with some nasty lessons
<Guest691> the market charges expensive tuition fees
<admin> first nasdaq, now this...<admin> OUCH... timing<Guest691> what's wrong with Nasdaq<admin> i was kidding about "nasty lessons"
<admin> just kidding<Guest691> my lesson last month, stop wasting time picking exact turning points, just tag onto the trend
<admin> that's in part what we discussed with DB yesterday
<admin> you getting directional<admin> after all that talk of "rocket science"
<Guest691> yup, I mean look at my strategy - 1 sec
<admin> he continues to fine-tune systems, but finally decided he is going by his assessment of trends and market conditions
<admin> still in mathematic, not "gut" format, though
<Guest691> exactly, that's it - you win more often that way
<admin> and your strategy on options last days, was sheer direction play
<Guest691> I'm not so gut form - I'm technical
<admin> you used options just to get leverage
<Guest691> yup, but on PA only<admin> PA?<Guest691> personal account<admin> and the fund management is still system-driven?<Guest691> leverage yes, but that's the way I've allways done it
<admin> hold one 1 second<Guest691> futures only, so leverage yes, some system, some technical and more safe
<Guest691> ok<Guest691> for the RIMM, I bot jan 80 calls for 13, I sold dec 100 call for around 3 net cost was 10.5, If the price holds till next week / goes up I plan to sell jan calls to retrieve my stake
<Guest691> My profit will be the difference between the 2 strikes on expiry in jan
<admin> which is a plain market-guessing strategy.<admin> now: what about the comments by DB on greeks?<Guest532> os<admin> yes. In asnwered you in mail<Guest532><Guest532> Ok seems to be working again
<admin> i asked you: what about the DB greeks question?<Guest532> did you say anything<admin> no. I waited for your answer<Guest532> and what was that?...Is DB free to join
<admin> yes. hold on a second. I mail "savana"
<Guest532> the question<admin> hold on<Guest532> ok<Guest532><Guest532><Guest532><Guest532><admin> ok. messaged him<Guest532><Guest532> ok what was your question<Guest532><admin> I just asked your comment about what DB was saying, but i would like better if he resumed it
<Guest532><Guest532> I don't really know what he was saying as it was in latin
<Guest532> poetic and romantic - of course - but latin
<admin> let me resume. it started some days ago, when I criticized one "rocket scientist" for using once again the "gambler run" theory
<Guest532><Guest532><admin> according to which you cannot beat Golldman sachs because they have more money. and since size matters in a fractal world, their wrong bets kill them slower than mine wrong bets
<Guest532><admin> i mailed DB when GS fell 6% in a morning
<admin> telling him abbia couldsuck my dick
<Guest532><Guest532><Guest532> your getting desperate I thought you were married
<admin> from this, he went to question the options strategy of another big institution
<Guest532><admin> hehe. I even told she could keep her dentist's work on
<Guest532> hehe<admin> anyway<Guest532> ok<Guest532><admin> the point by DB is<Guest532><admin> that hecould see where the oseudo-rocket perfect hedging of an institution like societe generale goes wrong
<admin> pesudo<admin> pseudo<Guest532><Guest532><Guest532><admin> it is centered on delta hedging, and with a conflict between the logic of trades and the logic of hedging
<Guest532><admin> with options trades based on daily-calculated historical and implict volatility
<Guest532><admin> and rocket-science hedge forced by engineers on traders,
<Guest532><admin> which are based (but they don'tseem to know it)
<admin> on hourly volatilty<Guest532><Guest532><admin> in the bteween lies the OCCULTED directionality and discretionality of trades which are instead opresumed to be non-directional and perfectly hedged
<Guest532><admin> at that point, savana said he studies the intraday moves of the shares he trades options on
<Guest532><admin> in order to regulate the hedges on coherent parameters
<Guest532><admin> BUT that doesn't allow for a purely delta-focused hedging
<Guest532><admin> at THAT point, you had entered chat
<admin> with a trade which makes sense<Guest532><admin> but which is based on a discretionary evaluation of delta hedging
<Guest532> why did that make sense?<Guest532> ah I see<admin> that's the issue: because I agree with the directional evaluation
<admin> but it is NO WAY a rocket-science trade.<admin> you just used options to leverage
<admin> and took a risk on delta<Guest532> DB, is too scientific for thsi Options stuff
<Guest532> everything i read says options are allways mis-priced because of volatility assumptions
<admin> well, you must take into account that he spotted a big player on the market who is even more "scientific" than he is
<Guest532> soc gen & Paribas<admin> ... but that player is simply getting it wrog because of a LACK of scientifi approach
<admin> it's not "scientific", it is "practical rocket science"
<Guest532> ok just hear me out a sec<admin> ok<Guest532> I think it ties in<Guest532> right. as i say volatility is central to a lot of option value calcs
<Guest532> to me why devote half a lifetime developing your version of volatility, when you could just devote the same time to predicting direction
<Guest532> for me I look at the expected move, and from there pick a strategy that will give me a 1:1 return at least
<Guest532> I look further and see how further I could reduce my risk, without killing the upside too much
<admin> and how do you measure "risk"?<admin> in this strategy, I mean. how do you concretely assess risk?<Guest532> i'm in again, I mailed you instead
<admin> i waited for you. don't bash my chat too myuch, pls
<Guest532><admin> you said<Guest532> thanks....did you say anything I missed
<Guest532><admin> no. nu please repost here your comment
<Guest532><Guest532> how do I copy and paste from BBG
<Guest532><admin> that was your final comment<admin> they keyword is "discretionary"
<Guest532> ok?<admin> how much of that is really an automatic calculus base on some greek. and how much is "gut"
<Guest532> wow I spelt it right<admin> no, i corrected it... hehe<admin> . kidding. you spelled it right
<Guest532> you don't need a greek to tell you a trade is good or bad, I look at the risk reward
<admin> let me ask: meaning that you CONTINUOUSLY (please note the spelling) monitor the position
<Guest532> yes soem trades look expensive and you think shiet
<Guest532> sorry. carry on<admin> no. i was finished<Guest532> yup<Guest532> i monitor it to see how I can reduce risk
<admin> then you READ and look at all the prices
<admin> you could almost trace a rimm chart in your mind
<Guest532> sometimes I'll buy the naked call or put and then sell against it latter
<Guest532> the chart yes, only the relevant pieces though
<admin> and you don't call it "delta hedging"
<Guest532> i call it risk reduction<Guest532> how can i make money without losing a penny
<admin> ok. WHEN do you hedge?<Guest532> are you saying the writing of the call is the hedge?<Guest532><Guest532><admin> you buy a call, the stock rises, you sell the stock. you hedge
<Guest532> no I'm trying to make more money
<Guest532> well trying to get my money back and have a free ride
<admin> DB will be here in 15 minutes. let me mail him the transcript
<Guest532> usually I will "hedge" immediately to get my 1:1 ratio, If I get it naked I will write the option latter.<Guest532> Or if i can't and the option is too expensive I'll buy the stock and write the call against it at ahigher price
<Guest532> another strategy I heard about (but doesn't suit my style) is writing put options to buy a position you feel bullish about at a lower level.<admin> "too expensive" = ?<Guest532> eg. If a stock is ion a trading range which you expect to hold, or you think a stk will go up in a few days based on whatever
<Guest532> then write a put at the price you think is the turning point and hope to get excercised against
<Guest532> too expensive = no 1:1 return possibilities
<Guest532><Guest532> I use the strategies in certain circumstances.<Guest532> technically. That wedge stuff I told you about on NDX
<Guest532> normally a break from the wedge (the technicals pointed to up) User [Guest84] joined forum
<admin> hello 84<Guest84> whose here now, did you say anthing else os
<admin> no, still waiting for you<admin> relax<Guest84> was 532 me<admin> yes<Guest84> b4 i got booted out again<Guest84><Guest84><Guest84> os<admin> there is a parameter which tells to chat NOT to boot, but I can't enter it on html chat. I am trying to have it programmed
<Guest84><admin> btw, be patient<Guest84><Guest84><Guest84><admin> you left the chatroom as 532. must be a schizo experience
<Guest84>User [Guest532] joined forum
<Guest84><Guest84><Guest532> hey you<Guest84><Guest532> guest 84<Guest532> blockhead<Guest84><Guest532> it's me<Guest532> your dark side<Guest84> who is 532<Guest532> raman<Guest84><admin> cool<Guest84> excellent<Guest84> raman, what's your view for today
<Guest84><Guest532> my view is that we both just improved our finaces and lessened our risks
<Guest532> because each of us can lose just 25% to that bitch
<admin> that's sicko<Guest84> hehe<Guest84> guest 532 i like you already<Guest532> i don't<Guest84> u have humour like mine<Guest532> i am your dark side<Guest84> how dark<Guest532> let me put it like this: I get laid every weekend
<Guest84><Guest84> hehe<Guest84> anything else<Guest532><Guest84> taht you wouldn't read on a transcript
<Guest84> can you spell<Guest532> no<Guest532> I am not SO dark<Guest84> you can't be my alter ego then
<Guest84> so who are you - you - you ---imposter
<Guest532> I told you: there's a limit in how "alter" an alter ego can be
<Guest84> what's the limit<Guest532> you wouldn't imagine<Guest84> where's the limit<admin> hu ho<admin> raman?<Guest84> yes<admin> you are getting into trouble<Guest532> I am heidi<Guest84> how?<savana> gm<Guest84> heidi<admin> Nway<Guest532> yes<Guest84> hello, it's a prty<savana> 532 raman, 184 tea?<Guest84> 69, yes please<Guest532> 532 was raman until 15 minytes ago, now it's heidi feigning to be raman's alter ego
<Guest532> i am innocent. ozy told me to do it
<admin> I confirm<Guest84> ok now pay the penalty<admin> it was too tempting<Guest532> THAT was the penalty, sir<savana> and the 69? where does that fit?<Guest532> for you<savana> with whom?<Guest84> consider me chastised<Guest532> pardon?<Guest84> 1 sec phoneUser [Guest532] left forum on Thu Dec 07 06:53:16 EST 2000
<Guest84><admin> that's amazing<savana> what?<admin> heidi and raman seem to be the same person
<Guest84><savana> he logs out to use the phone<savana> do they hv only 1 line?<admin> but it seems he can walk and chew gum at the same time
<Guest84><savana><admin><Guest84><savana> .<admin><Guest84><Guest84><admin> i am on the phone. have a 100 billion trade
<savana> this seems old joanne and lowe chat
<Guest84><admin> no, that was like this:<admin> .<admin> .<Guest84><admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<admin> .<Guest84><Guest84><Guest84><Guest84><Guest84><Guest84><savana> hello sexy<savana> this was joanne with newbies<admin> ozy is boring<Guest84> right<admin> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> nutter out
<savana> chat dead since oz came here<Guest84> db - you read the script<savana> yes<Guest84> and?<savana> i mostly agree<Guest84> anything to add<savana> between theoretical hedge and practical hedging tehre is a discretionary loop
<Guest84><Guest84><savana> that loop is what can make you money against rocket scientists
<admin> [note: it's all about "discretion" and "continuous"]
<Guest84><savana> rock scient by definition implement systems like text book
<savana> real mkt diff from text book<admin> diff = ?<savana> continuos doesnt exist in real mkt
<Guest84> problem for me is a "rocket scientist" can't see the big one coming, or feel funny to do a trade
<savana> rock scientist like Socgen arent worried by the big one
<savana> because they are hedged<Guest84> a computer is only as good as you program it
<admin> is it possible than "continuous" as "integrated by human mind" is differenmt from "continuous" as "aligned in a historical series"?<Guest84> LTCM<savana> explicit your Q better<admin> mine?<Guest84><Guest84><savana> LTCM wasnt hedged, it was making spreads
<savana> yes oz<Guest84> true, but using a form of "rocket science"
<savana> spread between corporate and gov bonds
<Guest84> os<savana> diff underlyings<Guest84> btw do you prefer os or OZ<savana> oz<savana> zoo<admin> prefer? it IS Ozy<admin> not oz, not os<admin> Ozy or Osvaldo<Guest84> it's my spelling you know<savana> what was that babbling on continous integrated mind?<admin> nahhhh<admin> mind integrates data<Guest84> yes<admin> which belong to different series
<admin> and fills holes and discontinuities
<Guest84><savana> i was meaning continuos as if prices dont show any bid-ask bounce. as if anytime a stock moves 0.00000001% u hedge
<savana> this doesnt occur<admin> which is very different from presuming that the observed data ARE, in each series, continuous
<admin> yes, right.<Guest84><admin> which means: mkt data series are NOT continuous
<Guest84><admin> but human mind evaluation of data doesn't follow the same path on equations applied to signle series of data
<savana> yes, a REAL chart should show POINTS not LINES of prices
<savana> mind integrates the gap between two points
<admin> right<admin> integrates, non extrapolates<savana> but in reality there was nothing between them
<Guest84><admin> in reality there were other data
<admin> othere series<savana> right<admin> which human mind sees<Guest84> maybe<admin> that's why i found interesting that the "gut" felling of raman was really: watching continuously to the data
<Guest84> that's why you never really get a good explanation of how a trader makes money
<admin> but it would be very interesting having a trader trying to define in logical terms his miond's worrk to integrate data
<Guest84> each human mind is different and is continuosly changing
<admin> far more interesting than having a trader say "it's the mathematics who do it for me"
<admin> raman: that's vague, to say the least
<savana> gut can be soothed by analysis
<Guest84> ok how can i be less vague<savana> still a bit of gut remains<admin> "gut": material component of thought
<savana> let me give u an easy example<savana> opposite of yst<Guest84> yes, analysis = experience DB
<admin> as in "thinking with your feet"
<admin> no, wait, raman<savana> suppose i buy an option<savana> i pay the volatility imp<savana> estimated close to close or what?<admin> default is close to closeUser [Bo?tjan] left forum on Thu Dec 07 07:09:53 EST 2000
<Guest84><savana> i often saw that vol imp is nothing else than a raw average between hour vol and daily vol
<savana> hist hour vol and hist daily vol
<savana> where hist = last 2-3 days<Guest84><Guest84> ok<savana> it's like to say (from an option traderr who sell them) <savana> i will hedge 1/2 of the position every hour, and 1/2 at close
<Guest84><savana> the final payoff is that<savana> now<Guest84><savana> what can i do after knowing this?<savana> i buy vol which is 1/2 hourly and 1/2 close daily
<savana> realized<Guest84><Guest84><savana> i discover that in some hours vol is very high
<savana> and in some hrs vol is low<Guest84><savana> so i will hedge ny purchased option to be delta neutral
<savana> and will cash my gamma during the most volatile hours
<Guest84><admin> which is cashing on a market imperfection
<savana> in short i will cash the diff between the most volatile hour and an avg of all hours+daily
<Radu> gamma's always positive, right?<savana> right<savana> the example was gamma+<Radu> it means the long position always gains.<admin> ...<savana> mkt imperfection originates from the fact that nobody can really hedge continously
<Radu> no matter if it's call or put option
<savana> tehre is a agp betwween a pricing theory and a real behavior
<Guest84> exactly<admin> or from the fact that most traders play a "practical" rocket science
<admin> the harder most traders try to be "rockets", the wider the <savana> exactly<Guest84> how do you know if vol is high to sell position, when you haven't had all the hourse of vol for the average calc
<savana> the paradox is that<savana> u want to be "perfect" like text book and hedge evry minute?<admin> is a minute enough?<savana> fine, pity that u suffer 500% vol
<admin> which brings us back to the continuous/discretion thing
<savana> u sell 150% vol and pay 500% t o hedge
<Guest84><savana> so my trade is that<savana> i calculate hours volatility<savana> if vol>vol paid i am long gamma
<Guest84> what about bid offer speads<savana> otherwise short<Guest84> and so you take the average of the day so far.<savana> no<savana> avg of day is calculated by option mkt maker
<Guest84> average of day so far is not equal to average of what the day will be
<savana> + daily close<savana> this translates into what is called VOL IMP
<admin> radu: gimme your e-mail, will ship you transcript of all the discussion
<Guest84> yes which brings in the bullshite factor#
<Guest84> you haven't bot the actual average until the end of the day
<Radu>-><admin> sure,it's
<savana> did u note that vol is highest at open?<savana> hedging at open is the foolest thing u can do
<savana> still, many do that<Guest84> so you buy it up the day before and sell at the open of the next day?<savana> watch the volumes ta open<Guest84> and closes<savana> but around midday, hedge immediately
<Guest84><savana> maybe i didnt make myself well understood
<Radu> admin, got it?<Guest84> why not just buy vol at midday and sell when higher
<savana> im not spreading volatility during the hours of the day
<admin> yes, heidi just sent you<Guest84> HOLD - let me tell you what I think you said and you correct me
<savana> im saying this: mkt maker price option making an avg of the day+close
<Guest84> ok<savana> but prices dont move like an avg of the hours+close
<savana> they move every minute<Guest84> day = day so far or previous day?<savana> spot the hour where mkt is more volatile
<savana> diff between that volatility and the avg paid to the mkt maker
<savana> will make u money<savana> gamma+ of course<savana> previous day<Guest84> buy midday and sell in the morning
<savana> then they adjust vol imp during the new hours passing by today
<Guest84><Radu> admin, thanks<admin> you're welcome<savana> those gaps between prices, filled by other info
<savana> other data sets<savana> do u check if ndx futures on globex correspond to european prices?<admin> whihc brings back the good old "noise"
<Guest84><savana> european prices of ndx stocks listed in easdaq and germany
<savana> take bid ask prices of first 20 ndx stocks listed in germany and easdaq
<Guest84> no<savana> weight them like ndx<Guest84> but good idea<Guest84> I use europe to give me technical clues on breaks
<savana> and then calculate the implicit open of ndx as if u dont know there is the globex
<Radu> admin, this is too interesting. If my computer crashes, please mail me ALL the conversation, i mean till the end. Please...<savana> simply basing your calculation on euroipean prices
<Guest84> MRK is a good eg at the moment of that
<savana> 95% globex=your calculation<savana> 5% very diff<savana> like yst<savana> yst globex expressed -05% at open, european prices were showing -3%
<Guest84><Guest84><savana> something was wrong<savana> i mean 95% of times ur calculation will agree with what globex show
<Guest84> yes but eurpoe not equal to US
<savana> but 5% u will spot a diff<Guest84><savana> those stocks are liquid even in europe
<savana> who buys sell them?<savana> retailers?<Guest84> ahh I got you now - yes interesting idea
<savana> or europeans who try to hedge residuals because they went home 2 hrs before ndx close?<Guest84> are you saying trade say MRK in germany and hedge to US market?<Guest84> when ther si an anomoly<savana> or europeans who anticipate delta hedge of open because they feel/know something?<savana> open too volatile on ndx<savana> u feel there will be agap?<Guest84><savana> why not starting hedge on european ndx stocks
<savana> some do that trough globex futures
<savana> some trough stocks<savana> where that diff come from?<savana> when there is a diff<Guest84> and hedge currency risk?<savana> easdaq list in $<savana> germany in euro<savana> calculation are made by taking ndx close rettified by $/eur rate
<Guest84> so you're exposed to $/Eur<savana> 95% of times....globex=europrices
<savana> but 5% globex very diff from europrices
<Guest84><savana> will be back later - lunch for 30m<Guest84> raman<Guest84> i'm stuck on the desk everyone else has gone to lunch
<admin> me I am having lunch<Guest84> tell me am i getting this right
<admin> at the desk<Guest84> DB is buying vol at the average, each hour, until vol is at some minute above what he bot it at
<admin> I didn't follow last part of your discussion. am gonna read it
<Guest84> and he keeps on averaging until it is
<Guest84> it's not the last part it's the first part
<Guest84><Guest84> in which case the delta hedge is the fcuker
<Guest84><Guest84><Guest84><Guest84><Guest84><admin> i would like not to comment here, I mean, not to RESUME DB's position, because I saw you were discussing about averaging, but didn't read it all
<Guest84><Guest84> ok - I thought you understood his comments from yesterday
<Guest84> no matter till latter cheers os
<admin> I did, but you brought if further today. based on yesterday, was not an average thing. you will find the tramscription on the site in 15 minutes. go to the "chat" button. forget the java chat
<Guest84> thanks os<Guest84> give my best to heidi pls<admin> just choose the "click here" button who says "read transcripts". no need of java
<admin> hehe<admin> i think today she felt repaid<admin> silly girl<Guest84> was she insulted<admin> yes<admin> but calling you a blockhead made her feel better
<Guest84> because of the minge Q<admin> btw: my wife read the question about shaving
<Guest84> and her answer<admin> no, the question about MY WIFE shaving
<Guest84> yes, what was her answer Y/N<admin> let me put it like this: you better go on using "guest " as a nickname, hehe
<Guest84> blockhead<admin> who?<Guest84> not really insulting is it<admin> oh, in this case...<admin> you are REALLY trying to find any available trace of love, huh?<admin> understandable<Guest84> I mean if someone you know did something awful to her - would she call them a cheeshead
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<Guest84> whose spoon<admin> hu ho<admin> we are not in the business of catching falling spoons, are we?<Guest84> just knives<admin> hehe<Guest84> true, though, it's the same as getting a turning pt in the mkt
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<Guest84> no group dinners at x-mas<admin> no<admin> also because 75% of the office is jews, hehe
<Guest84> ho wdid you meet your wife then
<admin> oh<admin> a vernissage<admin> I sponsored a art exhibition, she was the friend of the artist
<Guest84> ok<admin> things happen<Guest84> i going to have some ffod now people are back
<admin> later then<Guest84> and hey, i REALLY hope i haven't insulted anyone on your side - It's very easy to get carried away on the internet
<admin> hey, raman...<Guest84> only respect from now on<admin> raman?<admin> you kidding<admin> the rulse in here is:<admin> rulse<admin> rule<admin><admin> "you just have to get the answer, too"
<Guest84> yes<admin> you say anything you think you can afford to be answered to
<Guest84> yes os but the reading of that comment wasn't just for your benefit....latter
<admin> I will not stop anybody from saying anything. and will not stopp heidi... hehe
<admin> hehe<admin> later<savana> oz?<admin> yes<admin> eccomi<savana> ok<savana> ieri parlavi di greenspan put comprata dal mkt<admin> si'<admin> per qualche ora<admin> in realta', pensano di averla da sempre<savana> se Green vende gratis al mkt una put che succede?<admin> interessante<admin> vediamo<savana> che il mkt la rivende a qualsiasi prezzo<admin> vuole dire che considera che ci sia un floor<admin> e che su quel floor a lui sta bene essere esercitato<savana> la compro gratis, posso rivenderla quasi a zero<savana> correct?<admin> a chi?<savana> a chi non si fida di Green<savana> chi si fida vende puts strike 2500<admin> sono gratis i put?<savana> allora vol imp dovrebbe scendere<savana> si<savana> sono gratis<savana> se vol imp non scende, vuol dire che mkt non crede alla put gratis<savana> quindi stiamo a vedere che succede alla vol imp put ndx strike 2500<admin> intenbdevo dire: attualmente sono gratis?<Guest752> hello<admin> hello<Guest752> back to latin<admin> whiner<savana> e' quello che vedremo indirettamente dalla vol su ndx put 2500<savana> hi<admin> you don't want greek, you don't want latin<admin> I am not sure that greensapn put is traded on ndx<Guest752> hi<admin> after all, greenspan DIDN'T help ndx<savana> 84, we were saying, do u think Green sold a free put to the mkt on strike 2500 ndx?<Guest752> looks alright even after that news<savana> or 1300 spx. or 10000 dow<Guest752> funny though 2 numbers were spoke about in past weeks 2500 and 2800 as being bottom<savana> why 2800?<Guest752> and it looks like it was<savana> i can understand 2500, why 2800?<Guest752> uk fund mgrs were talking that number, US guys 2500<savana> 2500 made more sense<savana> it was the level oct99 before the strong rally<savana> those who missed that rally, can now enter<Guest752> it was the low of may<savana> hoping to see again the rally<admin> hehe<admin> fighting the last war<savana> on that level Green sold a putt free to the mkt<Guest752> is that a Q or statemnt DB<savana> what happens if the level is broken?<Guest752> "hoping to see rally"<savana> delta hedge----> sell sell sell<savana> 2500 will be critical now<admin> DBV: greenspan sold a put free on the market at usd/jpy 120, and still we're not back there after 2 years<Guest752> I got about a 100 point fall from spot as ok for rally intact over 125 points ouchhhh<savana> this shows that Green puts are free and strong<savana> hehe<Guest752> the move indicated is 1000 points (just less)<savana> if ndx goes back to 3000-3300<savana> i would buy otm puts strike 2500 exp 1 yr<Guest752> if this was a false break up it will be hard going down<Guest752> i think move up is to 3500<savana> raman, wot about this<admin> speaking of "floors": look at MOT<savana> at 3300 u buy an otm put strike 2500 exp 1 yr<savana> delta is .2<Guest752> MOT is funny, PE yesterday was 18, you lower estimates drastically to keep same PE implies a price of 11<savana> u buy 5 puts for every QQQ<savana> QQQ---> no margins paid, unlike nasdaq futures<Guest752><savana> if mkt drops again , u naturally finf yourseld short<savana> if it keeps rising, u are long automatixcally<Guest752> you are only short below 2500<savana> wrong<savana> learn what delta is<Guest752> hold on let me think then<savana> we are at 3300 for instance, and delta is 0.2<savana> if mkt drops to 3000, delta of puts is 0.23<Guest752><savana> at 2800 is 0.2<savana> pardon 0.3<savana> u see the point?<savana> u start hedged, at zero delta<savana> delta will get long if mkt rises, short if mkt drops<Guest752> yes but to hedge you are long .2 of index at 3300<savana> and so what?<admin> hasbro profit warning: it dealt with pokemon success, then overcapacity, inventories.<savana> .2 index remains 0.2<admin> pokemon cards = amazon stocks<savana> while put delta gets 0.3<savana> diff 0.1<savana> on the right side<Guest752> if mkt falls from 3300 for whole year<savana> no, immediately<savana> even if this happens the following day<Guest752> you are continually going longer to rehedge<savana> did i talk of rehedging?<Guest752> what in 1 second<savana> let delta expand on the right side<savana> u lose only if mkt remains stucked at 3300 for an year<savana> note:<savana> u can do that even now, strike 2000<savana> imagine what happens if mkt breaks fast 2500<Guest752> hang on<savana> u can see 2200-2000 very fast<Guest752> you are long .2 of mkt<savana> let me give u numbersUser [ragazza /] joined forum on Thu Dec 07 10:09:55 EST 2000<savana> strike 2000 at 2713 exp 1 yr is delta=0.17User [ragazza] left forum on Thu Dec 07 10:10:01 EST 2000<admin> go figure<admin> ragazza enters the room, see you two lunatics...<savana> 5.88 ratio put/index<Guest752><Guest752><savana> with that ratio u hedge and exploit fast moves<Guest752><savana> automatically<savana> make that on 3 mths<savana> even betetr<Guest752> ok i thought you meant over 1 year it falls<Guest752> that's fine, you're avoiding the time decay<savana> about this morning<savana> watch ndx<savana> it went to -2.5%<savana> and now it's -0.5%<savana> think those poor rock scientists who maybe hdged the position<admin> "time decay"? in this market, is your biggest fear a SLOW death?<savana> at -2.5% sold<Guest752> yeah and i'm longer than long<savana> at -0.5 rebuy<savana> if they dont esteem well the timing of rehedging, they get slaughtered<savana> to admin<admin> yes?<Guest752> I wonder what they do<savana> term structure of ndx is falling fast<Guest752> maybe they don't do it time but on %age moves<Guest752> fixed oredrs<savana> vol is at 55-60% till 1 yr<savana> then starts decaying fast<savana> to 20% in 4 yrs<admin> uhm...<admin> how much of it traded?<savana> mkt thinks that technology will be mature by 4 yrs<savana> this is my explanation<savana> 20% is the vol of dow and spx<savana> another explanation could be:<Guest752><admin> all ndx shares worth something will be in dow in 4 years?<savana> mkt thinks ndx will rise so much, that will remain stucked in a narrow range after<savana> i believe 1st expl<savana> and therefore your conclusion could be true<admin> mature technology becomes THE economy<savana> mature and alive<savana> in the dow<admin> not the dream<admin> less pokemon<admin> more microsoft<savana> but if the mkt is fully rational<Guest752> you don't think it's anything to do with they aren't regularly traded<savana> it should think that mature stocks will be replaced by new ones and more volatile ones<admin> if market was already full rational epystemologists would sell ideas and they would list on ndx<Guest752> that's what happens in FTSE<Guest752> tech in then out<admin> that's turnover WITHIN tech, raman<admin> meaning UK can't really find real techs<admin> which is real and well known problem<Guest752> don't tell my mum that<admin> I have lotta things I could tell your mum<Guest752> hehe<Guest752> lotta was the name of my fiancee<admin> lotta? german?<savana> swedish<admin> hu ho<Guest752> 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under heat duress swirling them out as planets<Guest752> a kind of swallow and spit<savana> wrong<Guest752> no savana your matter explains the missing link<savana> first the galaxy, then the black hole<Guest752> WRONG<Guest752> new theories<savana> black hole comes after white dwarf...then quasar,,,,then black hole<Guest752> that doen't imply a galaxy existed before only the quasar<savana> have u ever seen a black hole outside a galaxy?<Guest752> the black hoel was created in a maelstrom of gasses via a quasar it then fed on the gasses sucking them and compressing them<Guest752> these formed new suns which were spat out of the swirling maelstrom<savana> in this case we should see black holes emitting agses somewhere<savana> galaxies forming in short<Guest752> the only black hole i saw outside the galaxy was your wifes<savana> swallowing all amtter<savana> matter<Guest752> that's what they are looking DB, problem is you can't see a black hole unless its active<savana> but we should see some of them spitting out those gase<savana> gases<savana> im aware we cant detect them<savana> we can do it only indirectly<Guest752> the speed of the stars in the galaxy are directly related by speed to the relative size of the black hole and their distance form it<Guest752> no - no gasses are spat out unless they are fed<Guest752> same as your wife<savana> my wife as a symbol of things which are born then<Guest752> she swallowed your matter and created the universe<savana> i heard hubble is wrong, and that doppler effect is a fluke<admin> funny: symbol of things when borne is usually mother, not wife<Guest752> you are right - one question is still not answered by the theory i read, where did the gass come from<Guest752> in your version it's the same question<admin> air swallowed?<savana> and the EQD theory?<Guest752> doppler - remind me<savana> red shift of stars<savana> like sound<Guest752> you'll need to expand (not literally) my recent drinking binges have caused havoc with my brain cells<savana> doppler effect was discovered in 1842<Guest752> btw, how long do brain cells take to reform<savana> they usually make the example of the sound of ambulance<Guest752> great DB, let it all out<admin> they don't<savana> the sound changes if ambulances approaches you, and then passes you by<Guest752><savana> same thing seems to happen with spectrum of light<Guest752><savana> so u can see galaxies changing color in relation to speed and distance<savana> spectrala nalysis of stars begun in 1860<savana> some yrs after doppler efefct discovery<Guest752> fascinating<Guest752> do you watch star trek too<Guest752> he he<admin> no, just the Addams Family<admin> chachacha<admin> snap snap<savana> it took another 60 yrs<savana> in 1920<Guest752><savana> discovery of red shift in spectra of galaxies<savana> and 9 yrs later<savana> 1929<Guest752> the crash<admin> oops<Guest752><savana> hubble discovered the relationship between galaxy distance and radial velocity<admin> you mean ER is reliable for the 1929 crash?<savana> end of the story<admin> you lost me<Guest752> hubble in 1929?<admin> I thought we were dealing with Addams Famnily, not ER<savana> yes<savana> hubble in 1929<admin> and rubble in 2000<admin> ruble in 1998<admin> ruble 1998, bubble 1999, rubble 2000, hubble 1929<Guest752> and stuble on pussi if shaved today<savana> babble in admin end 2000<savana> quasar 1963<savana> and pulsar 1967<admin> ok, i'll shut up<savana> end<Guest752><Guest752> and your wife<Guest752> was she a result of doppler<savana> my wife 1993<Guest752><savana> any question?<savana> he he<Guest752> ?<admin> not now<savana> my SF books turned to be useful for once<savana> hehe<admin> i would have to ask something about doppler effect<savana> ask<Guest752> ok<admin> in oberheim synthesizers. but i think i better not<admin> hehe<Guest752> does it swallow or spit<admin> obie?<admin> it spits<savana> it hits oz in the back<Guest752> no doppler<admin> ambulance?<savana> shrinking and expanding<savana> a dopplerfuking<savana> in and out<Guest752> i wonder what sound that makes as it goes by<admin> ansd lot of screaming: an ambulance, then<savana> bye guys<savana> it was fun<savana> see you<Guest752> see ya DB<Guest752> os you going to print this?<Guest752><Guest752><admin> of course<Guest752> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<admin> hehe<admin> we censured only the two czeks last week<Guest752> this has no relevance to economic chat<admin> but 25 pages of babble in czeck was too much<admin> you kidding? suppose the doppler thing has some foundation<Guest752> oh my god - as the nun would say to the priest<Guest752><Guest752> it's the office X-mas party tonight<admin> ouch...<Guest752> tell me though<Guest752> 1) does savana = DB<admin> I helped nadia kamal preparing her office's<Guest752> 2) is his wife nigerian<admin> yes, savana=db<Guest752> 3) is he nigerian<admin> yes, she is<admin> no, he is not<admin> at least not until 3 months ago<admin> but you know: you cannot trust those negroes<Guest752> ? 3 months ago<admin> hehe<Guest752><admin> a propos: what did you do in israel one month ago?<Guest752><Guest752> throw stones<admin> nice boy<Guest752> i just had to help<admin> "I went to Betlehem and got stoned"<admin> I will have you stopped at the airport and bodily inspected next time<Guest752> he he<admin> speaking of black holes<Guest752> oh yes please<Guest752> my black hole emits strange gasses it doesn't swallow them<Guest752><admin> this will teach you eating too much humus<Guest752> what is up with MRK<Guest752><admin> LEMME CHECK WHAT THE BOYS HERE SAY<Guest752><admin> funny<Guest752><Guest752> yes<admin> my collegue looked at me and said: "you are the bush expert, according to chat. ask him"<admin> does this mean something to you?<Guest752> he he whose the colleauge<Guest752> yes<Guest752> kaosex<admin> one silly mr feldman<Guest752><admin> i dunno who "kaosex" was. word<Guest752><admin> mkt went asleep<Guest752> ozy the bush expert<admin> nope. just a bush fan<Guest752><Guest752> did i tell you about my dell call with the 22.5 strike<Guest752> expiring in dec<admin> non't think so<admin> hope you sold it<Guest752> well i bot that little sucker about a wee ago<Guest752> that's a lame duck wouldn't you sayUser [GRINDGOD] joined forum User [GRINDGOD] left forum <admin> well, it could be worse<Guest752> gringod lol<Guest752> asf<Guest752> mty<Guest752> kot<admin> he was looking for "pale blond bysex bitch, hungry for a big bone"<Guest752> how could it be worse oz<admin> you could have bought dell<Guest752> shame about the hair coz db coulda helped<Guest752> oh thanks<admin> hair<admin> ?<Guest752> what about MRK any view<admin> nothing useful<Guest752> his wifes hair is black<admin> yes<Guest752><Guest752> do you thin kchatting as admin might scare people away, you know a big brother type syndrome<admin> really?<admin> problem is: until it works fine, I want to be able to fine tune it, and i can only do it logging in as "admin"<Guest752><admin> that's why this "admin" thing<Guest752> just wondering aloudUser [admin] left forum User [daffy duck] joined forum <daffy duck> feel better now?<Guest752> hello os<daffy duck> quackUser [daffy duck] left forum User [bugs bunny] joined forum <Guest752> ok now think, change to a female type sexyname and blokes will join who we can take the p^ss out off.<bugs bunny> hhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelooooooooo!<bugs bunny> i see<Guest752> what happens if you change to a sexy man type name - women<bugs bunny> women are not so stupid<Guest752> or gay men<bugs bunny> they are<bugs bunny> then i better not<Guest752> right so what names would attract the fairer sex<bugs bunny> feigning a sexy identity will bring here either gay goons or wankers<Guest752> i'll be the wanker you be the gay goon<Guest752><Guest752> why don't you call yourself micrtick - be a bit more marketty<Guest752> DB can be delta squadron<Guest752> and i'll be illiterate<bugs bunny> i really asked people to use their true name<bugs bunny> and i usually use mine...<Guest752><bugs bunny> "admin" is even more official<bugs bunny> i am not so much into this tranvestite thing<Guest752><bugs bunny> btw: do you want your login to be modified in your true name in the transcripts?<Guest752><bugs bunny> that can be done anytime<bugs bunny> oops<bugs bunny> it was not a menace, huh?<Guest752><Guest752> i want to be called shaved<Guest752> or better shaved Y/N<bugs bunny> are you?<bugs bunny> hehe<bugs bunny> then: "shaved?"<Guest752> "unconditional"<Guest752> shaved, pierced and loose<bugs bunny> seems a law firm<Guest752> and with a cherry on the top<Guest752><Guest752><bugs bunny> gotta go now<bugs bunny> have a nice evening### DECEMBER 8, 2000 #################User [magician] joined forum <ozy> eh... hop!<magician> hey ozy whos admin tnite?<ozy> tnite? it's 10 am here<ozy> admin is the usual nice young lady
<magician> sorry in Dallas<ozy> oh.<magician> ok<ozy> you = rite1?<magician> yeah<magician> brb<ozy> hulloUser [jess] joined forum
<jess> hi ppl<ozy> hu. lo<ozy> hello jess<jess> what's up<jess> hi ozy<ozy> lemme see.<jess> the sky??<ozy> anticapitalist gathering in Nice...<ozy> ... and some peasants protesting against it
<jess> they are?<ozy> both<jess> isn't there a eu summit or sumthin
<ozy> yesp: those are the anticapitalists
<ozy> the others are just hippies<jess> they are anticapitalists???!<jess> lol<ozy> the Eurocrats? you bet they are<jess> why are the anti cap? i thought they are capitalist
<ozy> wrong<ozy> they nerver earned a cent in their life
<jess> correct me<ozy> never worked<ozy> never risked a dime<ozy> you call them capitalists?<jess> so how did they do it<ozy> parasytes<jess> inherited??<ozy> stolen<ozy> taxes<jess> stolen from the ppl<ozy> right<ozy> from the workers<jess> but all countries have taxes<ozy> right<ozy> there are no capitalist governments
<jess> then? all are thieves?<ozy> governments?<ozy> more or less<jess> yup<ozy> less = when their citizens are MORE capitalist
<ozy> and then stronger<ozy> more = when citizens are whiners<ozy> so: the best supporters of EU are the "seattle" hippies
<ozy> it's all a show<jess> uhu<ozy> they meet, they exchange some stonethrowing...<ozy> old friends... policemen and protest leader know each pther
<ozy> they drimk a beer when the day is over...<ozy> like thieves and corrupt policemen
<jess> what's the most capitalisit government in your opinion?<jess> which country?<ozy> their is NO capitalist government
<ozy> country?<ozy> still USA, after all<ozy> after all<ozy> not singapore or similar<jess> singapor??<ozy> yes. every business consultant would tell you singapour is a capitalist country. I disagree
<jess> my history teacher said russia is like very capitalists they even allow the mafia to do thier dirty work
<ozy> where do you study? Gaza?<jess> what??<ozy> hehe<ozy> that theory is slightly pro-communist
<ozy> slighlty<ozy> just a bit<ozy> russia is not capitalist, and Putin will show you soon
<jess> well that was last year when my teacher told me
<ozy> wel, at that time the "Wall Street Journal" praised Putin.<Guest128><ozy> One good exemple of imbecility<jess> and now<jess> ?<ozy> now = ?<jess> nm<ozy> oh,s hit<jess> what?<ozy> destruction of language is not the best way to make internet a place to share ideas
<ozy> nm brb ttt kkl ply<ozy> ply ttm hgh<ozy> aao<jess> lol<jess> oh sorry<ozy> hehe<ozy> FU<jess> what am i suppose to say now?!!<ozy> fundamentally undervalued<ozy> who areyou?<jess> excuse me?<ozy> who are you<ozy> your job, what do you do, study<jess> why do you want to know<ozy> where are you from<ozy> because we are chatting<ozy> it is an archaic version of a/s/l
<jess> ohhhh ok<jess> used on the net language<ozy> i don't care about age or sex or location, but ideas and job are interesting
<jess> my job is a high school student so it might not be that interesting
<jess> ideas? got no ideas yet...just info
<ozy> no ideas? don't believe it<jess> what about you<ozy> me?<ozy> i would like to be a high scholl student again
<ozy> not for the ideas, but for the sex
<jess> oh yeah?<ozy> I had one hell of a fun<jess> ok what are u doing right now<ozy> research<ozy> I run this compeny<ozy> company<ozy> still learning, too<jess> what company?<jess> i mean what does it do<ozy> economic and political research<jess> okay<ozy> helping capitalists to become just that
<jess> obviously...<ozy> not so obvious<jess> are we the only ones chatting here??<ozy> now? yes<ozy> it is a "slow" chat<jess> better than fast<ozy> yes. no need to ruch into saying nothing
<ozy> rush<ozy> it is not so good for finding women
<ozy> but nor are the other chats either
<jess> finding women? in the economic forum??<ozy> most horny women you find in "quick" chats are ugly truck drivers whose name is Bruce
<ozy> yes.<jess> there is a dating chat room if you want :P
<jess> haha<ozy> no need, thanks. but thanks anyway
<ozy> hehe<ozy> this chat has no "porn" language control though
<jess> is there any chat that does??<jess> well you can ignore the unwanted ppl anyway
<ozy> go to microsoft chat and try to say: wanker, dick, porn or negro
<jess> i didn't go there since june<ozy> it was a good idea<jess> i don't remember it had any control
<ozy> dunno. i just went there some days ago to comment on US elections, and got kicked off because i said...<ozy> i don't rememeber... just some banal idiom
<jess> got kicked? hosts can do that<ozy> the moderator took it at its literal meaning
<jess> it's not the chat itself is it?<ozy> i think most of the job is automatic
<ozy> OR the host was very stupid<ozy> didn't realize it was some metaphor
<jess> hehe<ozy> and that's a problem<ozy> because internet is all about language
<jess> yup<ozy> and you ahve people twisting words just to escape censure, or to keep it quick
<ozy> at the expoense of articulate thought
<jess> well anyway....<jess> i gotta go<jess> nice talking to you ozy<jess> tc and bye bye<ozy> nice talking to you too<ozy> i will<ozy> see ya any timeUser [not real smart] joined forum
<ozy> hello mr understatement<not real smart> ugh<not real smart> wadda you mean<ozy> forget it<not real smart> forget what<ozy> what?<not real smart> uhh?<ozy> right<ozy> you're joanne evans fiance, right?<ozy> no, you are not<not real smart> what is all this right biz about?<not real smart> i want to go left<ozy> money<not real smart> oooh bucks?<ozy> you want to have money?<ozy> bucks<ozy> if you want to have bucks, go left
<not real smart> mucho dinero<ozy> rightUser [svana] joined forum
<not real smart> not left?<ozy> if you want to make money, go right
<ozy> hello bwana<svana> *burp*<svana> he he<not real smart> hamjambo uhulagahni!<ozy> savana, meet our brainless friend
<svana> who wants to make money?<ozy> brainless wants to have money<not real smart> i wanna go left!<svana> who's the admin?<svana> veronica?<svana> the female side of ozy maybe?<ozy> nope. heidi<ozy> no no<not real smart> this is too confusing<ozy> try harder, smartie<ozy> use the other brain cell<svana> who's dumby?<svana> dumbo smart<not real smart> me!<ozy> a MAssachussets leftie<ozy> must be kennedy's grandson<svana> a communist?<ozy> nope, a softie leftie<svana> so even communists wanan make money now?<ozy> with a nice hairdress<ozy> they want to have money<svana> before tehy were stealing it<ozy> they always did<ozy> thwy always wanted to have it<not real smart> putin your two cents in eh?<ozy> dumbo: veronica was a friend of the President
<not real smart> i was a president once!<ozy> putin? putin is a creature of Gore
<ozy> ah you are THAT brainless then!<svana> president of the dumb club?<not real smart> of my poetrrdeny class in kinderga
<not real smart> but then this gore guy came
<not real smart> and contested my vote<not real smart> so i biffed him<svana> it's not called vote, it's called "chap" now
<not real smart> heard he did well<not real smart> became a member of the vice squad
<not real smart> in washington dc<ozy> Miami Vice P.?<svana> are u Captain AMerica?<not real smart> maxwell smart<not real smart> have a cell phone in my shoe
<svana> not in your back?<not real smart> i watch my back<svana> vibra call device should be enjoyable
<not real smart> all day<ozy> you watch your back? like linda blair?<not real smart> nasi biru biridi!<svana> gay?<not real smart> arse<ozy> nasi gore?<not real smart> one cold beer<not real smart> swahili<not real smart> peel off<not real smart> for savana<ozy> swahili? savana?<not real smart> savana=> a'frica+>swahili=> lingua franca
<svana> ijn nigeria reshuffling old ruling class means gunning them down on the Lagos highway
<not real smart> boriiiiiiiiing<ozy> east europe needs you<not real smart> low grey cell allocation
<not real smart> after bantu the most common language spoken
<svana> i can speak only a bit of ishan
<ozy> plus some serious reshuffling of the ruling class
<not real smart> aside from english and frog
<ozy> nuke tiscali<svana> but the new elections there didnt cause any victim among old classes, a sign of the rising maturity of nigerians User [svana] left forum on Fri Dec 08 07:33:56 EST 2000
<not real smart> twerk<not real smart> aand facce<svana> spoken by 3% of nigerians<ozy> nuke<not real smart> wahahaha<svana> 3% of nigerians is more than all scandinavians anyway
<not real smart> oh pity<not real smart> i'm never nice<ozy> goldilocks' cousin?<not real smart> dubbya!<ozy> nuke nice<not real smart> not even ibo?<svana> ishan looks like ibo<svana> like portuguese and italian<not real smart> but sounds like?<not real smart> conan doyle?<ozy> "bluff your way through chat knowing just one phrase in swahili"
<svana> similar, but different<not real smart> negritude?<not real smart> banned from the family for obvious reasons
<ozy> comes from freud-cocaine to conan doyle
<not real smart> nope speak perfect kitchen swahili!<not real smart> lived for 5 years in kenya
<ozy> hehe<not real smart> and a a young fool<not real smart> ehough!<svana> allocation there is high, not low
<not real smart> and faceUser [Guest783] joined forum
<not real smart> did bebt restructuring for malawi and tanzania
<ozy> fascinating<ozy> suicide?<ozy> you watch your back? like linda blair?<ozy> nixon's 11am shadow?<not real smart> yeah yeah yeah!<ozy> to make place for french laureates
<not real smart> koooool<ozy> which is telling<svana> no wonder their conditions worsened <ozy> very articulate<ozy> thanks for helping world faceless bureaucrats wasting some of my money
<not real smart> ubet<svana> later cells, must eat something now
<not real smart> your just jealous<ozy> boring what?<not real smart> welcome to trading em debt
<not real smart> 7%<ozy> (oops. that's done)<ozy> it's true what they say, the people in MA are the most similar to Europeans
<ozy> you like somehow like a Bavarian<not real smart> what is MA<ozy> solution 7%<ozy> MA<ozy> grey cells in which part of the body?<ozy> welcome<ozy> where are you?<not real smart> ma?<not real smart> bermuda?<not real smart> chomp<ozy> bermuda?<not real smart> bermuda!<ozy> you in bermuda?<ozy> cool<not real smart> warm<not real smart> i found a better solution
<ozy> you could go there, learn some of the local language and food, teach them some basics, and go elsewhere
<ozy> heidi gave me wrong information about U
<not real smart> i know<not real smart> well the bastards hogged them all
<ozy> gridlocks' little brother?<ozy> later<ozy> i see you started reading the freud's essays on cocaine...<not real smart> sengor?<ozy> dumb girl<not real smart> i log in in bermuda but log out via cranston, RI
<svana> debt restructuring just means rollover of prevvious debt+new debt to pay interests on old debt
<not real smart> which is not MA<not real smart> geography!<ozy> lowell, MA<ozy> you the genius of the family, right?<not real smart> shallow end of the gene pool
<ozy> why are you not in Nice?<ozy> nuke 'em<not real smart> no way!<ozy> with a login in cranston, right<not real smart><ozy> he is not really smart<ozy> savana?<not real smart> maybe i should stick to the finnish re-mailer
<ozy> maybe you should stop wanking<ozy> your brain<not real smart> i'm sherlocks other brother, after mycroft
<ozy> nuke the seattle people<ozy> and start thinking<ozy> that would leave your left hand free
<not real smart> i'm trying hard<ozy> not the right<svana> me?<not real smart> the other right, right!<ozy> right<ozy> that's all it's left<not real smart> i called i giving back
<not real smart> rightUser [Guest783] joined forum
<Guest783> do you think the nasdaq will go up today
<ozy> it's going up<ozy> globex<Guest783> would you recommend buying now
<ozy> no<ozy> i just don't buy ndx<Guest783> why not<ozy> because<Guest783> because what<ozy> because aI wait abounce to sell<ozy> I<Guest783> you think the market is headed lower
<ozy> yes<Guest783> when<ozy> medium and long term it's down<ozy> "when"???<ozy> what did it do last months?<Guest783> how long is your short term<ozy> short term less than one month<ozy> medium 3 mth<ozy> long 3/12 mth<Guest783> you think it will go below 2500
<ozy> long term? yes<Guest783> within 3 months<Guest783> are you an expert<ozy> ?<Guest783> at the market<ozy> what does that mean?<ozy> guest? who are you?<ozy> I tot you were raman, go figure<Guest783> how can i judge what you say to be correct
<ozy> you must read what I write<ozy> and compare it with facts<Guest783> do you shave<ozy> check my ideas for coherence<Guest783> does your wife<ozy> yes but i have a beard<ozy> I shave part of the face<ozy> another part i don't<Guest783> I think i gave it away now<ozy> yes u did<ozy> the question was interesting though
<Guest783> was it the shaving<ozy> not "do you shave?",, but "how do I know you make sense?"
<ozy> how do you know abbie cohen can be trusted when she speks on CNBC?<ozy> I mean, if she earns money by sheer fractal effect of the size of her portfolio, as some rocket scientist said?<ozy> will you earn money doing like she says?<ozy> or do you need to be in her pants to make money?<ozy> pun not intended<Guest783> what is your method of market movement prediction sirs
<ozy> prediction?<ozy> trend assessment, forecast of targets long term, then try to understand intermediate moves
<ozy> top to bottom<ozy> thank you for the comment<ozy> so?<Guest783> what do you think the high of nasdaq will be in the short term pls sir
<ozy> two possibilities: 3100/3200 or 3500/3700
<Guest783> Sorry , myy boss came over for a chat, i had to shift windows very fast
<ozy> why? you show him you are getting trade ideas from some big shot at Consilia
<Guest783> it wouldn't wash - he's dutch
<ozy> so?<Guest783> why 3100/3200 where is that calc. from
<ozy> meaning?<Guest783> his idea of work is to do work not talk on the internet
<ozy> if his idea of work was work he wouldn't work in a bank
<Guest783> hw would rather me fiddle on with a spreadsheet than ask for opinions
<ozy> yeah, right. and why he came to you for a chat?<Guest783> his idea of work is playing politics - he should work in a bank
<ozy> in this case chatting ih his whole business
<ozy> is<ozy> oh, I see<ozy> he could be afraid you are starting playing politics too
<Guest783> he chatted to me because a big mouth told him i was pissed of with some of his decisions
<ozy> it was not me. word<Guest783> now. he doesn't say that exactly, but you know something is up when he starts explaining all his actions to you
<ozy> anyway: 3100/3200 is what my "technician" tells me, on the basis of the 3000/3300 brief pause in ndx fall.<Guest783> and i know who it was<ozy> oh, I see<Guest783> i was a bit drunk at the x-mas party last night
<ozy> want me to send the dork an anonymous mail? can be done
<Guest783> who is your technician<ozy> "igor" feldman<ozy> the colelgue who takes care of giving my delirium a short/term operative meaning
<Guest783> give it a week , i'll have my bonus by then
<ozy> any time<Guest783> is he any good<ozy> he will receive a anonymous maio from the caribbeans, saying... you name it
<Guest783> thanks<ozy> mail<ozy> feldman? yes<ozy> he is very humble<ozy> a trend spotter and trend follower
<Guest783> what's his methodology<Guest783> with lines<ozy> mixed bag of traditional technoical analysis
<ozy> some of it sophisticated, he knows better tahn me
<ozy> he even knows something of that savana stuff
<Guest783> ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh - you kept that quiet
<ozy> what?<Guest783> so what do you do - plagerise it all hee hee
<ozy> me?<ozy> no, I'm just the chat boy here<ozy> i tell him: "i think nasdaq is gonna fall: find me a scientific trendline somewhere"
<Guest783> where is his ultimate bottom
<ozy> no, ME i am the one of targets<Guest783> and does he see a slow decline to it
<ozy> bottom is first 2000, then we'll discuss. and not so fast
<ozy> it takes dow to fall<ozy> and we are not there<Guest783> mind you it seems quite bullish now, MOT is bad, then INTC and the mkt holds and goes up
<Guest783> yeah i agree about dow - but we need confirmation of the slowdown or the bank collapse
<ozy> exact<ozy> until then it's a slow death<Guest783> i don't know oz, i'm feeling for a dec and jan rally
<ozy> dec+jan?<ozy> wow<ozy> 3500/3700 then<ozy> on what basis?<Guest783> yup, i've seen mkts will tend to recover at same speed they collapse, end sept to start dec = 2 months
<Guest783> we might be out a couple of weeks but yes
<Guest783> remeber the light volume at end of dec will help a lot
<Guest783><Guest783> and hopefully take us past this 3k shite
<ozy> well, the fall was 4 months long<ozy> 800 points<Guest783> 3k i think is the key it needs to hold to confirm the 3500 rally
<ozy> 2 moths at the same speed<Guest783> wealth effect from the bonus suckers will help
<ozy> makes 400 points<ozy> and it makes 3200<Guest783> even students are getting sign on bonusses here
<ozy> Dunno. I don't pay students<ozy> they come here as stagistes. and only nice girls
<Guest783> what are you saying what was the level of NDX on sep 29th
<ozy> otherwise... -------------> go to a bank
<ozy> sept 1 = a186<ozy> 4186<ozy> low = 2436<ozy> on nov 30th<Guest783> 50 % = 3286<ozy> right. and igor says the other reference point is... hold on
<ozy> 100 day mov avg at 3550<ozy> and 40 days mvg avg at 3100<ozy> then 3100/3200 first stop<Guest783> .382 = 668 points & .628 = 1099 points
<ozy> it has no energy for a .628<Guest783> exactly 3100, 3000 is key but mkt will allways overshoot, test, maybe retest and then go for next level
<ozy> no way. it is a bear market, not a bull market retracement
<ozy> "no way" was for .628, not for you last comment
<Guest783> then 50% = 3286 i would go for
<ozy> did you already buy?<Guest783> and yes be very careful after
<Guest783> yup<Guest783> i told you yesterday, i'm longer than long
<Guest783> do you see the wedge pattern from sept end to dec start
<ozy> hold on<Guest783> it's a curved coil<Guest783> the direction it is broken in implies a rapid move in that direction
<Guest783> if it does break again the other way just reverse your position, either way you'll make big cash
<Guest783> they are one of the most relaible patterns i've ever come accross and i love trading them
<Guest783> now the expectation of the move is normally to touch the beginning of where the coil formed
<ozy> 3300<ozy> but 3000 is strong, now i see<ozy> why you call it a pivot point<Guest783> in that case you argue 3500 or it could be 3400 ish
<ozy> I repeat what the goon here is saying. quote "it's not empty" enough to give you a rapid gap up through 3300/3400" unquote
<ozy> whatever that means<Guest783> empty?<ozy> don't ask me<Guest783> ah resistance levels<Guest783> ok but to 3k it is<Guest783> 3k to 3.5k is yes busy<Guest783> but that's how it will take the time
<Guest783> tell him not to forget x-mas and low volume
<ozy> he will never forget xmas<ozy> he already asked me for vacation<Guest783> last x-mas he gave you his heart but the very next day you gave iot away
<ozy> instead I will get vacation for xmas
<Guest783> are you going somewhere together
<Guest783> you know a bonding thing<ozy> who? me and the far-sighted genius?<ozy> you kidding<ozy> technical analysts become nervous during holidays
<ozy> after three days the look at the same chart which doesn't move, they start building theories
<ozy> no way to explain them the market is closed
<Guest783> seriously, though if you compare this to hong kong in 93/94, this should be the bottom brfore a large rally
<ozy> dunno. I can't understand why I should compare hong kong 94 to new york 2000
<Guest783><ozy> this I really never understood<Guest783> psycology<Guest783> the masses<Guest783> herd behaviour<ozy> cinese masses vs american masses 5 years after? the same psychology?<ozy> and all the psychology is in one single chart?<ozy> without looking at charts of rates, bonds, etc?<Guest783> mind you i acn't believe in the bottom part but the top part and rally up to it is ablueprint to follow
<Guest783> it was a classic M - top that everyone saw and many chose not to
<Guest783> volume decreased to successive tops stochastis and MACd diverged - it was the clearest signal you coul dget.<Guest783> btw i chose not to see it till latter
<Guest783><Guest783><ozy> job data, rising ndx and happy everybody is... sinking jpy. good
<ozy> gbp/jpy up, eur/jpy up, gbp/usd up... uhm...<Guest66> you there i got kicked out again
<ozy> yes<Guest66> did you say anything<ozy> i asked the programmer to find a way to extend idle time
<ozy> no<ozy> gold up<Guest66> it wasn't idle tim ethat time
<Guest66> it was soemthign else<ozy> maybe, but that's the bug<Guest66> maybe, but look at NDX, ma bebe
<Guest66> com eto papa<Guest66> now maybe my puts on MRK should start performing
<ozy> may I ask you something?User [Guest783] joined forum <ozy> still you?<ozy> raman?<Guest783> at a guess 300 today, possibly needs monday morning also
<ozy> pardon me, need to ask you something
<Guest783> who is guest 66<ozy> you<Guest783> 300=3000<ozy> when you get kicked out, WHERE are you rejected? which steps do you have to perform to reenter?<Guest783> guest 66 was me.<ozy> pls tell me one step at time<Guest783> i thin i'm just enetering a message
<Guest783> it tells me i'm disconnected
<ozy> so you just get ONE yello window<ozy> and just reenter a name and click
<ozy> no several passages<Guest783> i have to close down this window, then the active chat window, and anything consilia like
<ozy> ALL the passages?<ozy> nahhhh<Guest783> then i go to that bbg you sent me (heidi - mmmmmm) with the specific page refs for this chat
<ozy> try the following<ozy> whn you are disconnected<Guest783> I then choose active chat<Guest783> etc etc<Guest783><ozy> try the following: just wait couple of seconds, "tab" into thelogin window, accept the old login, and click
<ozy> I think you cannot reenter because you are not alrredy really disconnected
<ozy> and it rejects your old "self"<Guest783> there is no login window, it's HTML - maybe it doesn't show it
<ozy> ok<ozy> i will send this to the programmer
<Guest783><ozy> thank you for using "help help"<Guest783> get bbg back os<ozy> why?<ozy> you must be kidding<ozy> chat was not the only reason for dumping them
<Guest783> it's easier to use, and i don't have to keep looking over my shoulder for my boss
<ozy> sorry for that<ozy> paint the screen black and blue<Guest783> hehe<Guest783> oohmy bebe ndx wants to fill the gap first ok
<ozy> I go 15 minutes<Guest783> 2800 if not 2760 will<Guest783> ok latter<Guest634> ozy when you get a sec check out FTSE, over past 30 days, see the bradenning formation - that's another reliable breakout pattern producing fast results
<ozy> daily chart?<Guest634> direction as yet is unknown<Guest634> yup daily<ozy> 30 minutes for bush to become president
<ozy> 23 minutes really<ozy> check the market<Guest634> kinda looks like it broke upwards, but not too convincing yet
<Guest634> how 23 mins<ozy> 12.30 et<ozy> florida sentence<Guest634> ndx=3k today then<Guest634><ozy> either that, or<Guest634> where does it say 12.30<ozy> cnn<ozy> nope. bridge<ozy> cnn says 12User [lokesh] joined forum
<ozy> lokesh?<ozy> hehe<lokesh>-><ozy> hi how are u?<ozy> fine<ozy> why whisper? there's nobody here<lokesh>-><ozy> where are u from?<ozy> atlantis<lokesh>-><ozy> means which contry please
<ozy> atlantis<lokesh>-><ozy> it is in europe<ozy> sure not<ozy> it's the contrary of europe<lokesh>-><ozy> ok how old are u?<ozy> 43<lokesh>-><ozy> m/f ?<lokesh>-><ozy> iam 24 male from india<ozy> male. how much do you earn a year?<ozy> what did you study?<ozy> and what's your political orientation?<lokesh>-><ozy> no iam business man<ozy> then what's your job<lokesh>-><ozy> i have my won business<ozy> good<ozy> you too from atlantis then<lokesh>-><ozy> i need some help from u
<ozy> tell me<lokesh>-><ozy> iam interested in to develop my business activities in overseas
<ozy> overseas = USA?<ozy> = europe?<lokesh>-><ozy> yes any where<lokesh>-><ozy> because iam trying to export my product to any where
<ozy> what's your business?<ozy> what's the product?<lokesh>-><ozy> apparels,textile,fabrics,undergarment
<ozy> do you style them or produce for brands?<lokesh>-><ozy> yes<ozy> both?<lokesh>-><ozy> u please do for me<lokesh>-><ozy> yes<ozy> i suggest you send me details. send to
<lokesh>-><ozy> i want to visit your contry for marketing
<ozy> i think we could be of limited help
<ozy> it's not our usual kind of job, but have clients in your sector
<ozy> that could help<lokesh>-><ozy> yes<lokesh>-><ozy> i want to visit u<ozy> let's see if we can do anything, before that
<ozy> a generic visit wouldn't be very effective
<lokesh>-><ozy> ok please iam ready with u as a partner
<ozy> you might better visit some of our clients, if your business intersts them
<ozy> ready?<lokesh>-><ozy> ready<ozy> you better mail me with details about your product and what you want to do. will let you know if we can help, and the cost of it
<lokesh>-><ozy> ok my e-mail is
<ozy> that's good. pls send me a presentation
<lokesh>-><ozy> ok,whats your job presently
<ozy> economic research<lokesh>-><ozy> oh<ozy> our clients are corporates<ozy> hence their possible interst<lokesh>-><ozy> its my pleasureUser [Guest312] joined forum <ozy> 312?<Guest312> no news yet os - did you see some
<ozy> nope. except bush announced he would fight back IF
<Guest312> allways late<ozy> who?<Guest312><Guest312> the americans, they promise and never deliver on time
<ozy> go figure<LOKESH>-><ozy> ONCE AGAIN HIGH<LOKESH>-><ozy> SORRY POWER PROBLEM<LOKESH>-><ozy> are u there?<ozy> yes<Guest843> I'm close to giving up on this.<Guest843> did you say anything<ozy> nope<LOKESH>-><ozy> please till me clearly now
<Guest843> interesting hee hee<ozy> lotta people around<Guest843> quite quiet aren't you<ozy> yes. I was looking at a new porn site i just discovered
<ozy> something about lesbian teenagers shaving on bikes<Guest843> we hey<ozy> seems fine. now I will subscribe using feldman's credit card number
<ozy> this way they'll suck him dry<Guest843> now do you think people have filters that detect when a chat is getting hot
<ozy> which peole?<ozy> people<Guest843> Rite 1 just joined when you mentioned drty things
<Rite1> hey<Guest843> same thing happenned yesterday with DB
<ozy> multicity definitely have, but it's none of their business
<ozy> hello rite1<ozy> define "dirty things"<Rite1> hi ozy<ozy> since we are just idle chatting while we wait for florida sentence, hehe
<Guest843> no i just wonder if the proletariate have that so they know the best chat to go to at any one time
<ozy> no, proletariat have sensors to go in the place they are less desired
<Rite1> but it is agood idea<ozy> what good idea?<Guest843> i gotta leave have a good weekend BYE <ozy> bye<Rite1> sensors todetect chat keywords<ozy> yeah...<ozy> that's how it all started<ozy> we had them too. we decided to disconnect them completely
<ozy> it's one of the rules of this chat
<ozy> no filters. but transcripts are published <Rite1> lol<ozy> I won't tell WHERE's "up"### DECEMBER 10th, 2000 ######################<alto1>-><admin>
<Scrivi Qui>ciao<admin> ciao<admin> benvenuto<alto1>-><admin> mi servirebbe un piacere
<admin> ma se scrivi in italiano stacca il tarduttore
<admin> setta su english e scrivi in italiano
<alto1>-><admin> allora<admin> dammi 30 secondi. scrivi pure nel frattempo
<alto1>-><admin> vorrei sapere dove trovare un dizionario economico in italiano on line
<alto1>-><admin> c6<admin> si'<admin> cosa significa dizionario economico italiano?<alto1>-><admin> scusa<alto1>-><admin> conosci<alto1>-><admin> siti<alto1>-><admin> che<alto1>-><admin> fanno da dizionariUser [alto1] left forum <Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> there<Sweet Kisses> im here baby<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> im here too baby
<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses><Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> why this chat<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> cuz its not crowded
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> ???????<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> i dont think that anyone would even come in here with us
<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> cause of the name of it
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> i was gonna make a chat called Sweet Kisses And Pablo
<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> remember last time we tried to it didnt let us
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> it let me<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> but we couldnt find the room
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> i guess i dont remember then
<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> k<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> lets try<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> ok<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> name it<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> ill make it<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> Nikki and Pablo
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> Sweet Kisses and Pablo
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> k<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> Nikki and Pablo
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> k<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> right after i leave look for it
<admin> happy to see you here, boys. chat is not crowded because we need it free to work.<admin> so you two fags please go elsewhere
<admin> now<admin> thanks<admin> and regards<Pablo>-><Pablo> fuck u<Pablo>-><Pablo> and regards<Sweet Kisses> fuck u<admin> forget it<Sweet Kisses> admin<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> ill leave after u make it
<admin> I pay for this chat, idiot<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> k<admin> FU<admin> build your own chat. it's freeUser [Sweet Kisses] left forum <Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> im back<Pablo> it didnt let me<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> guess u were right
<Sweet Kisses>-><admin> admin i got a ? for u
<admin> hey maria and chiquito, call help desk at multicity and ask them to teach you nerds to build a chat
<admin> 13 years old are able to do it<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> nexted time ill listen
<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> k<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> what took so long to get a response
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> from u<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> im doing something else too
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> what<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> joining a club thing
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> what could be more important then me ?<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> whats it about<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> not a damn thing is more important then u
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> thanx baby<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> welcome baby<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> *kisses u*<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> *french kisses u*
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> whats the club about
<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> its actually a multi city registration thing
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> r u makin a chat
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> ??????<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> im going to see if i can
<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> for me and u<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> the ones you have to pay for??<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> thats so sweet<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> its for me and u
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> thats so sweet<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> do u gotta pay for it
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> ??????<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> no<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> oh<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> did you read the fine print
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> lol<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> l<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> o<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> l<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> nope<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> no time for it<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> ur more important
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> thats true<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> yep<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> r u almost done
<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> yes<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> hurry<Pablo>-><Sweet Kisses> look for one called ChatWithMe
<Sweet Kisses>-><Pablo> okUser [Sweet Kisses] left forum <mr eek> hih<admin> eeeech!<admin> hi<mr eek> wazup<admin> sunday<admin> at the office<mr eek> what<admin> go figure<mr eek> what are u talking about<admin> it is sunday, and I am at office. that's "wath's up"
<mr eek> oh<admin> cool, huh?<mr eek> no<admin> why not?<mr eek> 'cuz<admin> right<admin> yeah<admin> right<admin> like<mr eek> hi karenstarUser [karen star] left forum
<admin> you scared her<admin> you must be ugly<mr eek> no<admin> smelly, then<mr eek> jackass<admin> that explains a lot<admin> she knows you?<mr eek> no<admin> maybe from some TV show<mr eek> shut up<admin> forget it<mr eek> where are u from<admin> london<mr eek> seriously?<admin> well, funnily<admin> but yes<mr eek> oh<admin> and u?<mr eek> wisconsin<admin> which town?<mr eek> lake geneva<admin> lake geneva is in wisconsin?<admin> like paris, texas?<mr eek> yeah but its in england too<admin> funny people, americans<mr eek> yeah im american<admin> good<mr eek> im not funny<admin> i know<admin> you are boring<admin> until now at least<mr eek> yeah<admin> articulate, though<mr eek> wahts that mean<admin> that you have articulate thoughts
<mr eek> ok<admin> you use words longer than 3 letters
<admin> that's a lot<admin> not complete phrases, but, hey, you are fron wisconsin, after all
<mr eek> like four and stuff<admin> exactly<admin> like: VIDEO<admin> video has 5 letters<admin> almost a greek word, huh?<mr eek> do u have an accent<admin> yes, heavy<mr eek> i am part greek<admin> hehe<admin> left leg? a ear?<mr eek> governer bush is a freak<admin> yes, but he won [that will send him away]
<mr eek> "im gunna go to my ranch and and scoop poop"
<admin> why did you elect him then?<mr eek> they didn't count all the votes
<mr eek> dumbab ss<mr eek> thnat was my brother<admin> "don't ask" opr "dumbass"?<admin> no need to camouflage dirty words here. it's a no-censure chat
<mr eek> dumbass<admin> see?<mr eek> ok<admin> there's no tipper-gore -like shit here
<mr eek> theres no texas ranchin' goin on here either
<admin> right<mr eek> so there<mr eek> lol<admin> it's a happy place<mr eek> texas isnt a happy place it sucks
<mr eek> do you have to pay for fresh air in texas?<mr eek> well?<admin> nope<admin> am not in texas<admin> and i don't pay for fresh air<admin> teher is not fresh air in london
<admin> except whn using AC<admin> and that I have to pay<admin> we have cold air<mr eek> u dont pay yur parents do<admin> do you pay for cold, moisty air?<admin> my parents?<admin> I am 43<mr eek> yeah<admin> pay my bills since 17<mr eek> im ten<admin> yeah, right<admin> so young and alrready a democrat. poor boy
<mr eek> yeah better than a damn republican
<admin> gore will make a law to forbid 10 years old to use internet
<admin> too much sex<admin> too much naked girls<admin> too much bush<admin> hehe<mr eek> I like nader more than any of um
<admin> * barf *<admin> you a communist?<mr eek> so yur a republican<admin> nope<admin> not a US citizen<mr eek> what are u<admin> rightist libertarian<admin> the Rand kind, not the Bozo kind
<mr eek> communist? I live in america, the land of the free and the home of the brave
<admin> so not exactly a libertarian<admin> the land of the lawyers<admin> and the honme of the journalists
<mr eek> u live in england?<admin> yes<mr eek> too bad for u<admin> you tell me<admin> but will not mobe to USA until the green-socialist rule
<admin> they are ruining america<mr eek> so does the queen rule or someone else
<admin> the queen rules<mr eek> I don't get england's government
<admin> hopefully she doesn't make laws
<mr eek> that suck u got a woma<admin> the queen is the one who says "enough recounts"
<admin> the parliament makes laws<mr eek> lol<mr eek> we elect our leaders here in the states
<admin> HAHAHHAAHHAAHHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<admin> you TRY to elect them<mr eek> you forgot the last A<admin> your schools are so bad you van't even co8nt ballots
<admin> spelling is not so good here either...<admin> hehe<mr eek> my brother goes to a school that has 130 computers
<admin> yeah, right, and no brains<mr eek> straight A's, sorry<admin> on what standard?<mr eek> Its the nicest school in the region
<admin> the recently lowered stad?ndards?<admin> the racially correct ones?<mr eek> No, on high honors<admin> half the country not speaking english?<admin> the other half mistaking theaters for theatres?<admin> nahhhhh<admin> we'll have to withdraw your indipendence
<mr eek> bullcrap<admin> teach you play football<admin> teach you play rugby without armours, you sissies
<mr eek> thats like soccer right<mr eek> we call it soccer<admin> you call things funny names<mr eek> we don't play rugby, we jump our bikes
<admin> and show on TV people falling fronm their bikes
<admin> and find it amusing<mr eek> we have a guy in the states that can do a double backflip and land it
<mr eek> on a bike<mr eek> no joke<admin> make him president<admin> no joke<mr eek> lol<mr eek> We dont want more than one president
<admin> so why doi you elect two?<admin> two is a tie. elect three<mr eek> there just running<admin> at least they could vote among themselves
<admin> just running?<admin> they guy in the bike would outrun them
<mr eek> yes<admin> see: i find them funny<mr eek> 0n the bike you mean<mr eek> not in the bike<admin> on the bike<admin> right<admin> i find this all funny<admin> i live in london, am not a brit. not a subject of her majesty
<mr eek> Your queen doesn't vote among herself
<admin> give a dman about their taxes and their government
<admin> and her vote<admin> give a damn about gore and bush
<admin> don't need them<admin> this ritual of becoming excited for a leader doesn't belong to me
<mr eek> so it belongs to us<admin> and the worst of them are the "uninterested" leader like nader
<mr eek> gotta go soon<admin> nice to meet you<mr eek> nader has no chance<admin> thanks god (am atheist too)<mr eek> bye bye got to go to church<admin> good<mr eek> yep<admin> may buddha help you<admin> ...<admin> ...<admin> oh: a brief note for myself: the imbecile who entered this morning and asked for "a dictionary", and got angry when I asked him to explain (did he mean an italian/english dictionary? or a website giving definitions of what "inflation" is? bof...)
<admin> ... well, the goon was a tiscali user. I just mind if he was a tiscali shareholder too...<admin><admin><admin> nite<admin>### DEC 11TH, 2000 ################<admin> hello<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> Gramps?<admin> ?<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> Gramps?<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> where's Gramps?<admin> gramps?<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> Gramppy Ozzy<admin> hold on<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> hedi?<admin> he is coming<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> heidi?<admin> yes sir<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> i have a complaint<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> i submitted a response on the message board but it does not appear
<admin> i am sorry to hear that<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> are u going to be acerbic about this
<admin> oh, this I know<admin> the problem is: message board should NOT filter the messages
<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> what do u mean filter?<admin> but it is filtering them since 3/4 days
<admin> filter = require authorization<admin> it's a bug<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> so will it ultimately post my message?<admin> I will immediately unlock your message
<admin> in minutes, sir<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> what about just any message. i notice hiro jsut posted his today and it appeared.<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> does it just filter responses?<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> ok. heidi?<admin> no, I just saw the note by Mr Hiro and unlocked it. Maybe you you posted your message after I had checked the board
<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> no. i posted it Far East morning today
<admin> guest 875, correct?<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> lastly, i still have this recurring problem of being assigned a guest number rather than being to post my name
<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> yup.<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> also, today it gets worse.<admin> what can be worse than that?<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> hehehe<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> it automatically assigns me an email address as well
<admin> you should see your message now. and here is osvaldo
<admin> sorry for the delay<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> thanks<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> thank u<ozy> hi<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> hi there gramps<ozy> * burp *<ozy> * fart *<ozy> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhhhhhhhh ## PTUI ! #
<ozy> hello<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> residual semen out of your ass
<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> andre nathan was in london
<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> trying to contact u<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> he set up a lunch with pigpen mates
<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> i told him i doubted that you would make the effort to apparecer.<ozy> why doesn't he just: mail, e-mail, fax, chat, message, phone me?<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> (THANK YOU FOR THE ASSISTANCE HEIDI)
<ozy> send a messenger?<ozy> send me his sister as a gift?<ozy> wire me money with attached instrutions?<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> hi told him you don't show up for anyone. he thought you would relying on the "
<ozy> plenty of ways to contact me<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> "jew thang"<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> he says it be a jew thang. and u'd show
<ozy> 1) I don't show 2) the "jew thang", I couldn't care less
<ozy> pigpenners? meaning joanne evans?<ozy> hehe<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> heheh. zactly<ozy> but I'd like to hear from nathan. hope he is well
<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> she was here in asia recently
<ozy> ah, that's the reason for won crash
<ozy> and that outbreak of sleep fever<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> is that how they spell baht in hebrew?<ozy> no. we just bath.<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> in Bath?<ozy> but won was not bad either<ozy> beautiful place<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> the lose wasnt better, for sure
<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> i will be there hopefully august. hope to see ya
<ozy> heer?<ozy> here?<ozy> cool<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> yup.<ozy> in august?<ozy> awful<RaunchinJJ:A'OK> shaddup. i know thats when u get your bonus!<ozy> hehe<ozy> july, really<ozy> august is when i spend it<ozy> thie year was a good year: it took me until half september
<ozy> end september i was so broke that all i could buy was this chat<jj.hemlock> oooopsss///<ozy> shaky fingers?<ozy> after meeting joanne, maybe<jj.hemlock> no. no DSL<jj.hemlock> i did not meet joanne<ozy> damn<jj.hemlock> u can email andre at
<jj.hemlock> u never told him about this place apparently
<jj.hemlock> i am here<ozy> i mailed him at bbg<jj.hemlock> he doesnt have one anymore
<ozy> thought he had one<jj.hemlock> bbg that is<jj.hemlock> nope.<ozy> hehe<jj.hemlock> no bbg. no hair.<ozy> good<jj.hemlock> he is still looking for a job
<ozy> now that he has not a bbg, maybe he'll get his hair back
<jj.hemlock> heheheheh<ozy> a job in Asia?<jj.hemlock> he has a lot of hair but it aint on his head User <ozy> palms?<jj.hemlock> he is an HK resident. yes in asia
<admin> hello<James Bond 007><James Bond 007> hello<jj.hemlock> go away<jj.hemlock> roz is not here<ozy> hi jimmy<James Bond 007> way<ozy> nahhh... can't believe<jj.hemlock> breslin?<ozy> jimbo<James Bond 007> no<James Bond 007><James Bond 007><James Bond 007><James Bond 007><James Bond 007><jj.hemlock> u in town for Christmas gramps?<ozy> epyleptic?<ozy> no, I will take a brief vacation from 21 to 27
<jj.hemlock> slapstic<James Bond 007> ASSHOLE<jj.hemlock> where u off to??<ozy> france<jj.hemlock> paris?<ozy> no, countryside<ozy> books+sleep<jj.hemlock> where? southwest?<ozy> bourgogne<James Bond 007> to HOLLYWOOD<ozy> STOP SHOUTING , JIMBO!<ozy> sleep+food+books<jj.hemlock> ahhh...i was headed for the southwest. acquitaine. biarritz, st etienne de baigorry, etchebar. pays-basque
<ozy> for xmas?<James Bond 007> good<ozy> hey, you suddendly rich?<jj.hemlock> no. when i was there. but ended up just going to paris
<James Bond 007> rfgjnohntjthnbgh<James Bond 007> ijfij<ozy> somebody finally cut oo7's tongue
<jj.hemlock> i jsut wanted to finish paris off this time.<ozy> and had him eating it<James Bond 007> WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<James Bond 007> !11111111<jj.hemlock> but still regretting that i didnt go to pays-basque
<James Bond 007> njbbvj nidhb88huuhufhunbbbgnytgbnryhfbbhvhbfhcbhdff
<James Bond 007> UCK<jj.hemlock> where;s bourgogne<ozy> F<ozy> bourgogne is center-south<James Bond 007> fuck<jj.hemlock> right.<ozy> sweet hills<jj.hemlock> just a romantic casita for you and the missus then..<James Bond 007> SHIT TOWN<ozy> right<ozy> didn't know that 007 had tourette syndrome
<James Bond 007> SHITEATER<ozy> that explains a lot<jj.hemlock> i actually found the riviera (nice, monaco, st tropez, antibes) terribly overrated
<ozy> overexpensive<jj.hemlock> and too expensive!<jj.hemlock> europe is jsut too expensive.<ozy> coming from south asia, beaches in costa azzurra must seem cheap
<James Bond 007> Party is over<jj.hemlock> i hear london is notorious
<James Bond 007> Iam<jj.hemlock> no.User [James Bond 007] left forum on Mon Dec 11 07:45:04 EST 2000
<ozy> if just 007 could control his hands...<jj.hemlock> in southeast asia. u can stay at a 5-star hotel for US$90-US120
<ozy> he would be almost human<ozy> hehe<ozy> not here<ozy> definitely<jj.hemlock> i know!<jj.hemlock> i am really feeling the pain from all my bills.<ozy> unless in some airline-hotel<jj.hemlock> i stayed at a puny hotel in nice and it cost more than a 5 star in southeast asia.<ozy> didn't you use some jubilaeum package?<ozy> some rome+lourdes all inclusive?<jj.hemlock> heheheheh<jj.hemlock> missed the bifg celeb. i arrived the monday after
<ozy> as usual<ozy> all your women tell that<jj.hemlock> i was supposed to head for lourdes. but just wanted to spend more time in paris
<ozy> both opf them, i mean<ozy> paris instead of lourdes?<ozy> bad boy<jj.hemlock> around here lobbies are the size of 2 football fields
<ozy> would have been bettere for your sexual life
<ozy> lourdes, I mean<jj.hemlock> named after sister bernadette as well|!<ozy> remember that<ozy> you know what bernarda means in italian?<jj.hemlock> by the dripping balls of the grotto
<jj.hemlock> tell me<ozy> female sexual organ<jj.hemlock> heheh<jj.hemlock> apropos<jj.hemlock> u arent interested in visiting the Far East?<ozy> not compellingly<jj.hemlock> so what would u like to visit?>
<ozy> just now, nowhere<jj.hemlock> country/city<ozy> not in a travel mood<jj.hemlock> how terribly insular<jj.hemlock> and insulated<ozy> nope<ozy> just sick of planes<jj.hemlock> trains are fantastic<ozy> london-milan, rome-london monthly
<ozy> trains? some 18 hours<jj.hemlock> hehe<ozy> orient express<ozy> but there i could meet 007<ozy> nahhh<ozy> better not<jj.hemlock> i am fascinated by them. north america hasnt had a decent train system since some american president did the 50's build a hi-ways routine
<jj.hemlock> there are 3 orient express lines
<ozy> ike<jj.hemlock> yup<ozy> ike did the hitler-like job<ozy> used hitker's blueprint<jj.hemlock> for the car industry<ozy> not only<jj.hemlock> u ever been to the basque countryside?<ozy> he wanted to destroy route 66<ozy> nope. never been to spain<jj.hemlock> dont mess with texas!<jj.hemlock> i meant the french side.<ozy> neither<jj.hemlock> 3 of the basque provinces are in france
<jj.hemlock> next year, i tour spain. much cheaper!<ozy> you sure?<jj.hemlock> italy was expensive<ozy> italy is expensive<ozy> crazy<jj.hemlock> i hear london is worse<ozy> milan and rome (even if rome 20% less than milan)
<ozy> london is another planet<ozy> only tax avoding allows to survive here
<jj.hemlock> milan is 20% cheaper than zurich..<ozy> forunately, there's no reason to go to zurich
<jj.hemlock> cheap watches in bucherer<ozy> except if you are a sicko masochist
<ozy> cheap watches?<jj.hemlock> or a loser no-life<jj.hemlock> cheaper<ozy> correct<ozy> a desperate loser<ozy> a terribly alone young man<ozy> a wanker<ozy> hehe<jj.hemlock> worst if u live there<ozy> in this case you ARE a wanker<ozy> otherwise they don't give you green card
<ozy> or what they have there<jj.hemlock> a lot of flips actually go to lucerne just to see a river that is actually blue...and to buy a watch at bucherer
<ozy> a blue river? go to leverkusen!<ozy> it's blue until 4pm<ozy> then it becomes orange (different filtering parameters)
<jj.hemlock> kidding aside Switzerland is beautiful . biut i consider it one of nature's most malevolent caprices locating the stunning and beautiful Alps in a country so sere and bereft of passion.<jj.hemlock> leverkusen?<ozy> alps are in italy<ozy> leverjusen --> bayer<jj.hemlock> ahh<ozy> only town on earth whose video adpter is set on 16 colours
<jj.hemlock> hehe<ozy> even sky has primary colours<jj.hemlock> i notice tho european women are not as fitness conscious as americanas
<ozy> because they are not fat<ozy> americans are fatsos<ozy> hence the fitness trip<jj.hemlock> i know american women can get obese... but those in say the beach regions really stay fit!<ozy> italians end french are voluptuous
<jj.hemlock> that's the thing.<ozy> bitch regions, i agree<jj.hemlock> when one grows up outside of europe, one is put under the impression that you see all these stunning women in italy.<jj.hemlock> not true at all.<ozy> but beach regions are small, and half ot them are fag monoply
<ozy> no, it's true. lot of nice girls in italy
<jj.hemlock> generally. they are more fitness-conscious
<jj.hemlock> nope. was not impressed.<ozy> because you looked for 50 years olds
<jj.hemlock> prettier ones are in Venice yes. nasty ones down south.<jj.hemlock> no. not at all.<jj.hemlock> at least in France, they have a certain style which makes them more attractive-- paris at least.<ozy> uhm...<jj.hemlock> the women in Spain are the best-looking still,.<jj.hemlock> the italian women have at endency to look really masculine. particularly as they get older.<ozy> masculine?<ozy> who did you meet?<jj.hemlock> which is not to say that there arent good-looking women there; there are. but it is not in the volume u expoect.<ozy> stop judging countries from their ports
<ozy> you will always find mascukline women there
<jj.hemlock> not just in the ports.<ozy> moschino-dressed sailors<jj.hemlock> countryside. stopovers. etc.<ozy> peasants?<ozy> peasants are obviously masculine<jj.hemlock> main cities etc.<ozy> go figure<ozy> what lacks in Italy is some "spark" in people, this I concede
<ozy> every time I land, I have the sensation to slow down
<ozy> and I have not a fanatically businesslike attitude
<ozy> lunch time, jj<ozy> gimme 15<alpha aleph> hello<alpha aleph> nobody>?<savana> hi<ozy> hi<ozy> che succede?<savana> " libertario rifiuta di dare allo Stato l'autorizzazione morale di commettere azioni che...<ozy> rothbard<savana> se commesse da qualunque altro individuo o gruppo , sarebbero considerate immorali, illegali o criminali"
<savana> he he<ozy> ci ho preso?<savana> l'ahi riconosciuto istantaneamente
<ozy> certo che se uno batte lo stesso chiodo tutta la vita...<savana> e' ora di cambiare<ozy> chiodo<savana> leggi mao e fatti comunista<ozy> no, mi riferivo a rothbard<savana> cioe'?<ozy> cioe' alla differenza fra rothbard e rand
<savana> e qual'e'?<ozy> anarchici e minarchici<ozy> fondamentale<savana> illuminami<ozy> il motivo per cui la rand non si considerava "libertaria" e detestava rothbard
<ozy> il relativismo<savana> rothbard e' relativista?<ozy> ossia: da rothbard in poi i libertari prendono la strada del relativismo morale, e del considerare l'abolizione dello stato come lo scopo
<ozy> si': la libert? come punto di partenza
<ozy> invece che come condizione per uno scopo
<ozy> per ranmd lo scopo e': vita, quindi produzione
<ozy> che non esiste senza liberta'<ozy> per rothbard tu sei "libero" di stare a pancia in su e grattarti i peri
<savana> rothbard come gli autonomi dei centri sociali insomma
<ozy> appunto<ozy> il che se ci pensi e' molto inteersante quando si tratta di new economy
<ozy> e' li' che non miopiace grabbe<ozy> cioe' i "libertarians" cibernetici sono quasi sempre relativisti
<savana> new economy come anarcocapitalismo, come possibilita' di gratatrsi e non lavorare
<ozy> infatti, per loro hank rearden e l'ultimo Indio delle amazzoni hanno diritto alla stessa liberta'
<savana> fanno tutto i fotoni e i mesoni
<ozy> vedi che ci stai arrivando?<ozy> le amebe<ozy> la questione e' la volonta'...<ozy> il che porta a un paradosso<savana> ecco perche' odi Darwin<savana> adesso capisco<ozy> io?<ozy> io odio darwin?<ozy> specificamente?<savana> no, odi e' termine mio<ozy> ah...<ozy> odio descartes<savana> diciamo, ti piave l'idea di teorie nuove diverse da
<ozy> una deriva: libertarians escludono volonta', e si ritrovano in braccio a nietzsche
<ozy> paradossale, apparentemente<ozy> altro paradosso:<savana> dionisio<ozy> questa differenza e' la componente EGUALITARIA in rand
<savana> infatti<ozy> ossia: secondo Rand TUTTI gli uomini potenzialmente sono hank rearden
<ozy> TUTTI hanno diritto alla volonta' di potenza
<ozy> potenzialmente<ozy> poi sono cazzi loro<savana> infatti<ozy> ma non esistono immense folle di idioti E poi i ciber-intellettuali che devono emergere, come credono i libertarians
<ozy> che sottintendono: gli idioti che lavorano
<savana> invece di fare ipo<ozy> esatto<savana> poveri minchioni<ozy> MACCHE' IPO!!PEGGIO!!!<ozy> MULTIPROPRETA' in costarica!<ozy> hehe<ozy> magari facessero IPo<ozy> vendono carta straccia<ozy> azioni virtuali, ma va' da' via i ciapp
<ozy> laissez-faire city, ecc<ozy> parlano semopre come se avessero a che fare solo con altissimi finanzieri
<ozy> re mida<ozy> che invece sono perlopiu' semplicemente gente senza paranetri morali
<ozy> facile, fare i soldi cosi'<ozy> la questione e' FARLI, i soldi<savana> non fregarli<ozy> lasciare la ricchezza dove passi, non il deserto
<ozy> e "gli altri" nmon sono feccia<ozy> sono soci, traders<ozy> competitors<ozy> non poveri coglioni<ozy> non amebe<savana> a proposito di amebe<ozy> yep?<savana> diverse teorie di econofisica<savana> si basano sulla rinormalizzazione
<savana> sai cos'e'?<savana> mi sono informato<ozy> quella faccenda di logh-normal ecc
<savana> due cose<ozy> ?<ozy> non so<ozy> spiega bene<savana> 1) non contano le particelle in fisica, ma solo la loro rlazione fra loro
<ozy> cool<savana> 2) le particelle emettono diverse particelle virtuali, che si ricompongono o si scindono in altre, a cascata---> di nuovo conta solo relazione, non le particelle
<savana> perche' e' troppo incasinato tenere conto di tutte
<ozy> tutte fungibili, right?<savana> non solo<ozy> conta la massa<savana> ma io mi scindo in oz, lowe e shapo, e shapo si scinde in un mesosavana e meso oz, che si ricombinano con alfabendi e fanno caldwell
<ozy> segnati che ti devo dire una cosa a questo proposito
<savana> quale proposito?<ozy> i nomi. vai avanti<savana> insomma, l'analogia del gruppo di rinormalizzazione e' un po' tirata
<savana> e "conta solo la loro relazione, come interagiscono"
<savana> sa di<savana> P.Dick<savana> devo ammetterlo<savana> a proposito di Dick<savana> piccolo escursus<savana> Sai che forse Elena non si trovava a Troia
<savana> in una versione Elena fu trattenuta in Egitto, dopo la fuga
<savana> insomma, 10 anni di assedio e guerra totale
<savana> che ha distrutto gli eroi e la cosmogonia olimpica
<savana> per un<savana> "simulacro"<savana> he he<ozy> fermo li'<ozy> dov'e ' troia?<ozy> vicino a costantinopoli<savana> e allora?<ozy> a costantinopoli, quasi 2000 anni dopo
<savana> tu dici. che c'entra l'egitto<ozy> spaccatura fra icnonoclasti e iconoduli
<ozy> c'entra<ozy> si massacrano per anni<ozy> con perdite da guerra moderna<ozy> per un simulacro<savana> allora cos'e' il simulacro esatatmente?<ozy> e' la questione della cerniera fra l'occidente giuridico e l'oriente non-ebraico
<ozy> e' un pastone di diverse nozioni logiche
<ozy> immagine, immagine acustica, punto di fuga della prospettiva, corpo
<ozy> carne<ozy> a costantinopoli traducono l'incarnazione di cristo "svuotamento", kenosis
<ozy> e siccome e' svuotamento non si deve poter vedere il corpo
<ozy> bang, 9000 morti in una settimana
<ozy> perche' gli altri non potevano fare a meno di saldare il senso della vita al copro
<ozy> corpo<ozy> il tutto, sempre su quel cazzo di confine fra europa e asia
<savana> i greci ci erano arrivati 2000 anni prima
<ozy> "i greci"?<ozy> no, sto parlando del 900 dopo cristo, erano ancora greci
<ozy> ah, intendi "non pagani"<savana> quando Ade, fratello di Zeus, reclama sposa viva e terrestre
<savana> era la prima volta che il mondo dei morti fa una commistione con i vivi
<ozy> tutti gli dei olimpici hanno corpo
<savana> intendevo. Zeus Poseidone e Ade, si fanno i cazzi loro
<ozy> non lavorano<savana> ma ad un certo punto, Ade vuole i vivi anche da lui
<savana> Zeus, prima di Troia, vide qui il primo segno della disfatta
<ozy> cosa sono i "vivi" all'epoca?<savana> uomini, eroi, mostri, dei<savana> anzi<ozy> i "mortali": sono la MERCE<savana> dei erano immortali, negli altri vi era un di piu', la morte
<ozy> la merce principale all'epoca sono gli schiavi
<ozy> i sudditi<savana> merce da stupro per dei?<savana> he he<ozy> ade vuole sudditi<ozy> e' la parte pagana della grecita', che giustamente si e' estinta
<ozy> a causa degli ebrei<ozy> gli dei greci non producono<savana> lo so<ozy> vivono a scrocco<ozy> MA<ozy> agiscono sulle cose: fanno piovere, eccetera
<savana> passavano giornate a cornificare, stuprare, imbrogliare, ingananre
<ozy> tutte cose per cui gli servono soldi, forniti dai sudditi mortali
<ozy> senno' ti mando una saetta<ozy> arrivano gli ebrei e fanno:<ozy> 1) downsizing<savana> he he<ozy> dio, ce n'e' uno solo, gli altri vadano a lavorare
<ozy> 2) quell'uno, non fa un cazzo dalla mattina alla sera
<ozy> dice solo cosa e' giusto e cosa no
<ozy> e basta<ozy> la creazione, la continuiamo noi<savana> fa anche un patto<ozy> lui ci dice se va bene o no<savana> non proprio un abazzecola<savana> se.....allora<savana> pensa ai mesopotamici, poveri cristi
<ozy> ancora li' a nutrire di carne umana i loro dei
<savana> paradiso e' solo per gli dei, i mortali, qualsiasi cosa fanno, all'inferno
<ozy> fatto sta<ozy> che gli ebrei non devono piu' pagare un dio per avere la pioggia
<ozy> o la neve o l'acqua<ozy> O trovano l'acqua, o si attaccano
<ozy> e quindi usano il lavoro per trovare l'acqua, invece che per nutrire dio
<ozy> a dio va una provvigione del 10%<ozy> per i servizi di tribunale<savana> he he<ozy> e' il salto logico provocato dal monoteismo in economia
<savana> era Abramo che stava per uccidere il filglio?<ozy> si'<ozy> e dio non lo vuole<savana> infatti<ozy> voleva solo l'autorita'<ozy> non la carne<ozy> infatti e' abramo quello che comincia la faccenda
<savana> non e' Dio che mette alla prova Abramo, e' Abramo che mette alla prova Dio
<ozy><ozy> uhm...<savana> si<ozy> abramo crea dio<savana> se Dio non l'avesse fermato, il cristianesimo non sarebeb qui
<savana> perche' Dio non sarebbe stato diverso da quelli del politeismo
<savana> invece<ozy> esatto, l'?umanit? sarebbe ancora a sprecare energia a nutrire idoli
<savana> Abramo ha provato che Dio era diverso
<ozy> che dio non produce TUTTO<ozy> che ha solo COMINCIATO<ozy> ha fissato lo standard<ozy> l'uono produce proseguendo la creazione su quegli standard
<ozy> uomo<savana> adesso arriviamo a Drawin<savana> Darwin<ozy> saltando i romani? peccato...<ozy> ok<savana> qui si incasina visione teleologica edterminismo/riduzionismo/olismo
<savana> da Darwin, si sviluppa idea della mente
<savana> come si e' evoluta?<savana> e si tirano in ballo i neuroni, la complessita', e analogie con i formicai
<savana> formica non conta un cazzo<savana> ma tante formiche fanno formicaio
<savana> piu' complesso<ozy> domanda:<ozy> posso?<savana> "intelligente"<savana> dimmi<ozy> domanda a Darwin<ozy> quando avviene, in un formicaio o in una comunita' di orsi, la decisione che "non mi piace che tempo fa"?<ozy> o che "quella monatgna e' troppo alta"?<ozy> ossia che: moriro' quando voglio io?<ozy> e non quando tocca tocca?<savana> no, e' cosi'<ozy> e' questo il passaggio che manca a Darwin
<savana> formicaio muore se i "segnali" non trovano trasmettitori adeguati
<savana> ma segnale esterno e' random<ozy> l'uomo non e' random<savana> aspetta<savana> stavo dicendo che Darwin crea casino perche'
<ozy> si'<savana> introducendo concetto di evluzione, senza distinguere i livelli (mia interpretazione)
<savana> introduce idirettamente uno strano concetto
<savana> che evluzione agisce a livello cieco nelle particelle/amebe (formiche) e genera in modo random, comportamenti intelligenti
<savana> in apparenza o veri<ozy> aspoetta<savana> ma intelligenza come derivazione di neuroni idioti, che interagiscono e egenrano insieme complessita'
<ozy> laddove si definisce "intelligente" cio' che NON rientra in questo schema, uno standard di valutazione che le formiche non capirebbero
<savana> si<ozy> cioe': ci vuole il signor darwin che osserva
<ozy> e che chiama "intelligente" un risultato
<savana> formiche non si rendono conto di cos'e' il formicaio
<savana> esatto<ozy> e quindi stabilisce una differenza fra cio' che esiste brutalmente, e cio' che modifica l'esistente
<savana> intelligenza e' output di evoluzione cieca
<ozy> manca la differenza fra esistenza e coscienza
<savana> ma non solo<ozy> random puo' essere la materia, mai la coscienza
<savana> formicaio potrebbe estinguersi se i segnali venissero interpretati a acso
<ozy> esatto<ozy> ma la coscienza non e' intermittente a seconda dei segnali esterni
<ozy> l'uomo non regredisce a seconda di quel che si ytrova dinanzi
<savana> invece, tramite distribuzione delel classi, stabilisce regole di sopravvivenza, s evogliamo definirle cosi'
<savana> ok<ozy> distribuzione di classi: continua a frammentare l'esistenza, in cerca della coscienza
<ozy> continua a dissezionare la realta', in cerca dell'intelligenza e dello scopo
<ozy> e non lo trova<savana> ma intelligenza uomo diventa, in queste interpretazioni, uno due tre livello solo piu' compl
<savana> ecco perche' contesto analogia mente/formicaio
<savana> e' piu' complessa al afccenda<ozy> no: e' RADOICALMENTE un'altra<ozy> e' piu' che "piu' complessa"<ozy> "formicaio" appartiene alla ESISTENZA, al reale
<savana> si, volevo dire questo infatti
<savana> infatti contesto le teorie della complessita' applicate alla mente
<ozy> "uomo" e' definito dal CAPIRE, dare uno scopo, modificare
<ozy> immagina il paragone mercato=formicaio. assurdo!<savana> eppure lo fanno<ozy> come se il mercato avesse un automatismo "evolutivo"
<savana> mercato azionario come coscienza "emergente"
<ozy> cazzate<savana> condivido<ozy> mercato: strumento di soggetti COSCIENTI
<ozy> senno', non fa nulla ne' capisce nulla
<savana> emergente, ovvero, noi poveri idioti non possiamo capirlo
<savana> perche' siamo le formiche<ozy> esatto<savana> mentre mkt e' il formicaio<ozy> e ha una sua mente<ozy> avrebbe<ozy> che e' "piu' complessa" delle sue componenti
<ozy> certo che e' complicata!<savana> pero'<savana> se si crede alla storia della emergenza"
<ozy> aspetta<ozy> aspetta un secondo<savana> si<ozy> un passaggio importante<ozy> seguimi<ozy> se il formicaio e' REALE<savana> ok<ozy> NATURALE<ozy> ineluttabile<ozy> cioe' mortale<ozy> mentre chi si organizza sopravvive perche' VUOLE vivere e SA vivere
<ozy> , allora la "complessita'" di cui si parla riguarda l'esistente, il reale, la natura
<ozy> la materia<ozy> e' semplicemente la complicazione delle cose inerti
<ozy> la vera ricchezza e complessita' della vita, del mercato
<ozy> e' data NON da quel primo tipo di complicazione, ma dal fatto che esistono MOLTI soggetti PENSANTI
<ozy> l'umilt? del liberista che dice "il mercato e' troppo ruicco e vario per regolarlo e capirlo tutto in una volta"
<ozy> guarda alla COsCIENZA degli operatori
<savana> mente del mkt non come ulteriore livello di complessita', ma come interazione tra soggetti pensanti
<ozy> sono DUE diverse complessita'<ozy> esatto<ozy> quella degli atlan o dei morin non e' QUESTA
<ozy> rene' thom, eccetera<ozy> umilta' dinanzi alla complessita' del mercato significa MAGGIORE sforzo di capuire cosa pensano gli operatori, non ABBANDONO del tentativo
<ozy> perche' sarebbe tutto "comp0lesso", cioe' automatico
<savana> questa idea di fondo ha una conseguenza importante
<savana> idee iniziate guarda caso in concomitanza con sviluppo concetti complessita' e formicai
<savana> che, mkt e' un DATO<savana> da seguire ciecamente<ozy> un dato collettivo<savana> deterministicamente, evoluzione stupida
<ozy> cieca, ma con una sua intelligenza specifica
<ozy> "naturale"<savana> siccome sono formica, il formicaio ha sicuramente piu' ragione di me
<savana> allora lo seguo<savana> SEMPRE<ozy> tanto male che vada muoriamo tutti
<ozy> e la FED interviene<ozy> la nostra morte e' NATURALE<ozy> OVVIA<savana> fa parte dell'evoluzione del mkt
<ozy> esatto<ozy> serve ai posteri<savana> ne possiamo persino vedere i precursori
<ozy> tanto io usciro' un minuto prima<ozy> sono la formica meno scema<savana> basta calcolare il logaritmo periodico complesso
<savana> he eh<ozy> cioe' un dato riassuntivo della formicita'
<ozy> il pattern<savana> feromoni delle formiche<savana> "segnali"<ozy> esatto<ozy> anche qui, vai di metafore sessuali
<savana> che determinano la "distribuzione"
<savana> e quindi:<savana> se esiston fat tails<savana> e' perche' siamo formiche<savana> avalanches theories<savana> imitazione<ozy> formiche grasse<savana> lemming<ozy> METAFORE NATURALI, ANIMALI<ozy> cazzo c'e' un salto fra la natura e l'uomo!<savana> il formicaio organizzato e i lemming suicidi si diferenziano da
<savana> "soglie critiche"<savana> di qua il formicaio<savana> di la' il lemming<savana> il crash<savana> c'ho messo un po' a capire le assunzioni implicite e nascoste
<savana> ho dovuto legegre di mente. cervello IA, formicai
<savana> ma alla fine ci sono arrivato<ozy> e hai avuto la sensazione<savana> il punto critico<savana> come deus ex machina<savana> come motore<savana> per questo ti dicevo che anche se funzionano i trading systems
<savana> mi parebva fossero formicai<savana> maeria grezza che si adatta<ozy> se non ci fosse che ci sei tu a dire loro a che cosa servono
<savana> ?<ozy> e in quel caso diventano, fai attenzione,
<ozy> SPECCHI dealla realta' bruta che hai dinanzi
<ozy> ossia: non maltrattare troppo i trading system
<savana> ti riferisci ai colleghi?<savana> ok<ozy> no, ai sistemi. non disprezzarli troppo
<savana> no no<ozy> mi spiego<savana> li guardo<savana> interpreto<ozy> se tu hai costruito bene un trad system
<savana> e li accompagno da altri<savana> ma ben diversi<ozy> ne hai fatto uno strumento che ESASPERA la crudezza dei dati reali. ti schiaffa davanti in numeri la REALTA'
<savana> ho diviso i calcoli in due<ozy> cioe?<savana> previsioni e conferme<savana> conferme servono come primo alert
<ozy> piano piano<savana> se mancano---> alert<savana> previsione: vecchi sistemi trading
<savana> ma<savana> adesso integro con politica, societa' e mio giudizio personale
<savana> ma da solo non riesco<savana> a proposito<savana> sistema delel "conferme" e' totalmenet diversa da quello previsioni
<savana> mi spiego<savana> conferme si basano su statistica banale, numeri grezzi tipo correlazioni, peso settoriale negli indici etc...<savana> non cosi' banale<savana> ma tanto per adre l'idea<ozy> niente frattali etc?<savana> niente fratatli<ozy> perche'?<ozy> perche' la parte descrittiva niente frattali?<savana> quelli li uso nella previsione--> spazio probabilistico
<ozy> uhm...<ozy> allora i livelli sono tre<savana> poi ci sono io<ozy> tre<ozy> statistica 1, statistica 2, giudizio
<savana> terzo?<savana> esatto<savana> terzo sono io<ozy> il "secondo livello" sono due<ozy> perche' anche la parte statistica del secndo livello tratta sempre il PRIMO tipo di dati
<ozy> e' solo il terzo livello che VUOLE fare soldi
<ozy> e non vuole morire<savana> devo anadre<ozy> a piu' tardi<savana> ciao<ozy> ciao### DEC 12TH, 2000 #############User [rett butler /] joined forum User [rett butler] left forum
<admin> note for myself: "rett butler" seems to be the usual dork who sometimes signs "voltaire"<admin> he must be some 13 years old nerd who just discovered how tu use a remailer. all the symptoms are there: weak sense of ideantity, scarce contact with reality, passion for cheap horror stories, philosphic ideas received by magazines
<admin> bof<admin> next<The J.J.-Baby> Gramps?<The J.J.-Baby> Gramps?<The J.J.-Baby> Grampapito?!<The J.J.-Baby> que se joda?<admin> HI<The J.J.-Baby> Gramps!<The J.J.-Baby> Hi Hei-<The J.J.-Baby> Hi Heidi<The J.J.-Baby> Hi Heidi, howdy!<The J.J.-Baby> I got cut off yesterday.<The J.J.-Baby> And I still can't seem to sign in without being automatically assigned the "Guest875" sobriquet.<admin> ozy is on the phone<admin> will join you in 5 minutes<The J.J.-Baby> Is there anyway we can troubleshoot this problem?<The J.J.-Baby> I know it's a pain and no big deal. but i'd really rather post under my name.<The J.J.-Baby> I would appreciate any assistance you can extend to me with regard to this matter.<The J.J.-Baby> Admin?<The J.J.-Baby> I am woman<The J.J.-Baby> hear me roar<The J.J.-Baby> in numbers too big to ignore
<The J.J.-Baby> and i knwo too much to go back and pretend...<The J.J.-Baby> oh yes i am wise!<The J.J.-Baby> but it's wisdom born of pain!<The J.J.-Baby> yes i've paid the price
<The J.J.-Baby> but look how much i've gained
<The J.J.-Baby> if i have to<The J.J.-Baby> i can do anything<The J.J.-Baby> I am strong!<The J.J.-Baby> (STRONG)<The J.J.-Baby> I am invincible!<The J.J.-Baby> (INVINCIBLE)<The J.J.-Baby> I am Woman!!!!!!<ozy> hello<The J.J.-Baby> A good pac-rim evening to you Gramps
<The J.J.-Baby> i got cut off yday.<ozy> good mid-of-the day mid-of-the-world politica-mid european lunchtime
<The J.J.-Baby> Wont have DSL available til early next year.<ozy> dsl<ozy> ?<The J.J.-Baby> broadband internet<ozy> isn't a good old 57600 enough?<ozy> this is supposed to run even at 33600
<ozy> that's one of the reason why we kept it so "light" User <KaraokeJJ> Arrrghhhh!!!!<KaraokeJJ> thats what i mean<ozy> but this is not the band<KaraokeJJ> i have call waiting and everytime someone calls i get logged off!<ozy> oh... disable it in the modem setup
<KaraokeJJ> with DSL, i can hook up by phone, get broadband speed, and not get cut off!<ozy> go into the dial up adapter setup, and disable call waiting
<KaraokeJJ> no. i have call waiting which means i need to remove that service and have to call the phone company
<ozy> no, you can tell the modem to ignore it
<KaraokeJJ> ok i will try now<ozy> heidi, invoice to mr sumulong for technical support
<admin> what rate ?<KaraokeJJ> heheh<ozy> he'll pay in pesos<KaraokeJJ> ahhh...cant find it. will sort it out later.<KaraokeJJ> remind her. the mickey mouse peso. philippine.<ozy> this all is meant to say us you receive a lot of calls
<ozy> let's make it clear it's cousins, not women
<KaraokeJJ> in rome even the...what do u call those small privately owned convenience stores there..tabacalera?...they have DSL
<ozy> tabaccheria<KaraokeJJ> i am at home. receive a lot of calls. from nephews and nieces.<ozy> see?<KaraokeJJ> tabacqueria<ozy> old people get support by the family in tradition oriented civilizations
<KaraokeJJ> switzerland has DSL.,..except Lugano!<KaraokeJJ> hehehehe<ozy> pity in those civilizations they become old at 30
<KaraokeJJ> tradition...there's the Topol-thang again
<ozy> lugano has not dsl? really?<ozy> cool<KaraokeJJ> yup.<ozy> funny<KaraokeJJ> we have it here on the retail level only at the biz district and metro manila area
<KaraokeJJ> i am up in the hills<KaraokeJJ> no DSL til next year<ozy> wait for those former marines to lay down the cables, hehe
<KaraokeJJ> hehehe<ozy> if the dentist doesn't stop them<KaraokeJJ> u heard about the cable getting cut off near singapura recently?<ozy> yes<ozy> didn't i send you something about it?<KaraokeJJ> what a corker!<KaraokeJJ> nope. read it on Asian WSJ<KaraokeJJ> u sent me something about a sub in austria
<ozy> right<KaraokeJJ> Happy Birthday to Krissy Hopkins. 23 summers long today
<ozy> the same day or day before there was the sub history. the two jokes were linked. maybe i sent to a wrong address
<ozy> happy birthday to the brat<KaraokeJJ> bendinelli<KaraokeJJ> he says u should join us here in boracay
<KaraokeJJ> why dont u<ozy> boracay?<ozy> YOU meaning?<KaraokeJJ> powder whitesand isle<ozy> good for fractal studies on sand<KaraokeJJ> u r welcome to join us<ozy> "US" being?<ozy> nieces?<KaraokeJJ> more things to do on sand then things of a fractal anture
<KaraokeJJ> nope.<KaraokeJJ> think andre coming.<ozy> i wrote him yesterday<KaraokeJJ> a malaysian gal from perth. a couple of pals from north america
<KaraokeJJ> maybe andy bachtiar.<ozy> will not the island sink?<KaraokeJJ> depends if he doesnt get laid off in the mighty j.p. morgan 5000 job yearend firing.<KaraokeJJ> sink? we have 7107 islands in this archipelago. down to 6579 during typhoons. boracay not one of them
<ozy> bacjtiar+nathan+your shitload...<ozy> makes tons of stuff<KaraokeJJ> island has enough floaters<KaraokeJJ> andre's ass for one<KaraokeJJ> so u really go to milan and roma twice a month?<ozy> once<ozy> either or<KaraokeJJ> nice!<ozy> awful<KaraokeJJ> purely work. client sucking up and the like eh?<ozy> one week a monty losing my sight on a laptop
<ozy> except the sucking part<KaraokeJJ> what do u do there?<KaraokeJJ> visit clients?<ozy> there where?<KaraokeJJ> roma, milano<ozy> yes, clients<ozy> milano for press and politics<ozy> sorry: rome for press and politics
<KaraokeJJ> that colonanino whatsisface was featured on the latest bbg mag
<ozy> the kiss of death<ozy> like newsweek cover<KaraokeJJ> hehehhe<KaraokeJJ> not even on cover<ozy> in that case he has a chance<KaraokeJJ> anyway, year round verdi fest in milano started dec. 27
<ozy> maybe he will only get cancer<KaraokeJJ> sorry dec. 7<ozy> i know<ozy> the scala<KaraokeJJ> am sure u are sick of all that
<KaraokeJJ> la scal<ozy> what?<KaraokeJJ> la scala<ozy> why?<ozy> they have good ballet school<KaraokeJJ> i dont know. am sure its always been around. available. etc
<ozy> available?<ozy> you kidding<KaraokeJJ> when i was in Verona..they had Aida playuing in the amphitheatre..<ozy> that's cool<ozy> arena di verona is very cool<KaraokeJJ> i'd give my left testicle just to hear that march!<KaraokeJJ> Aida<ozy> from aida?<ozy> heidi could sing it for us<KaraokeJJ> we get sound here? neat!<ozy> nope<ozy> not at all<ozy> fortunately<KaraokeJJ> andy bach i think is flying in to milano just to check it out! we don't have things such as those easily accessible
<KaraokeJJ> just sluts<ozy> flying to milano to attend a scala concert?<KaraokeJJ> yup<ozy> from Papuasia?<ozy> cool<KaraokeJJ> dont u dare call it papua to his face
<ozy> tell him they'll force him to leave the canoa out of the theater
<KaraokeJJ> get it right chief . Irian Jaya, andy will tell ya
<ozy> ouch...<ozy> he a partisan of Itan Jaya?<KaraokeJJ> u wanna hear him lose it papua
<ozy> i'll do<KaraokeJJ> no. he just reckons if irian jaya shall be exploited, let the pac-rim monkees do it.<ozy> do monkeys exploit?<ozy> that's new in economic history<KaraokeJJ> old in jungle ways<ozy> i tought they were passive by definition
<ozy> hehe timing<KaraokeJJ> back to milano, i would love to attend a scala presentation. but the way the peso is going, italy prices are just too restrictive budget wise. i'll have to stick to spain.<ozy> goto barcelona<KaraokeJJ> seeing the whole thing.<KaraokeJJ> of course usual art nouveaux architecture sightseeing
<KaraokeJJ> in barcelona<KaraokeJJ> Barthelona!<ozy> architecturral equivalent of lavinio's mathematics
<ozy> or of whipped cream<KaraokeJJ> fuzzy....heheh<ozy> lotta air<KaraokeJJ> structurally unsound<ozy> some monsters...<ozy> ... some vision of madonna...<KaraokeJJ> nebulous load capacity<KaraokeJJ> looks liek sandcastles. and as structurally sound as one.<ozy> ...and a southern italian idea of metaphors
<KaraokeJJ> no way. lavy is from the south?!<ozy> no idea<KaraokeJJ> thougfht it was Beppe<ozy> no idea<ozy> just talking of language structures
<KaraokeJJ> aha<ozy> he graduated in milano, but this doesn't mean
<KaraokeJJ> anyway, i think Spain is easily 20% cheaper price-wise than italia.<ozy> milano econ university is full of terroni
<KaraokeJJ> yeah. i know this gal here. she went to that b-school in milano.<ozy> all terroni want to be a fiscal lawyer
<ozy> bocchini?<KaraokeJJ> whats the B-school there?<KaraokeJJ> the famous one<ozy> Bocconi, aka Bocchini (bocchini = blow jobs)
<KaraokeJJ> thats it<ozy> the biggest decline in histiry iof educatuion institutions
<ozy> started as a business school, ended as...<KaraokeJJ> is it like american education? in that it has deterirated since the 60's.<ozy> ... nursery for 30ers<KaraokeJJ> deteriorated<ozy> no, different deterioration<KaraokeJJ> sure. as i said intellectual vacations designed to prolong adolescence
<ozy> right<KaraokeJJ> was padua expensive?<ozy> in that case, master after master, you get 40 years old teenagers
<ozy> almost free<ozy> state university<KaraokeJJ> free?<ozy> make it 1000 bucks a year<ozy> plus the taxes my family paid , obviously
<ozy> like in russia<KaraokeJJ> in the u.s. berkeley i suspect will cost a california resident us 2000. out of towners pay up to 6k/.<ozy> nut berkeley is not top-notch<KaraokeJJ> here in the prime univ/state-owned...they appropriate it according to family income bracket
<KaraokeJJ> its a state-owned univ.<KaraokeJJ> stanford on the other hand is private
<ozy> exactly, like in italy<KaraokeJJ> exactly. what u mean? appropriation?<KaraokeJJ> in italy its accdg to income bracket as well?<ozy> I THINK NOW IT IS<ozy> let me ask. have a stagiste here<KaraokeJJ> i think during ur time 1000 usd was a lot to pay for a public univ though...<ozy> yes<ozy> I had no deductions<ozy> due to being son of bad people<KaraokeJJ> i am certain. u guys owned like a huge lumber mill right?<KaraokeJJ> i recall u said u gained a fat inheritance.<ozy> right<ozy> fat?<KaraokeJJ> you've never been an employee right?<ozy> 12 days<KaraokeJJ> hang on. kris still haveing probs getting in.<ozy> that's my state retirement plan account
<KaraokeJJ> sweet.<ozy> sweet?<KaraokeJJ> so you've at least never had to fight it out in corporate freakin politics
<ozy> nope<KaraokeJJ> sweet = u lucky guy!<ozy> well, paid the price of it<KaraokeJJ> paid the price? please . must u create an artificial drama for yourself?<ozy> no, you're right<KaraokeJJ> u won the genetic lottery ---> rich family.<ozy> after all i think licking assess would have been far worse
<KaraokeJJ> its not an indictment of character u know.<ozy> genetic lottery?<ozy> you should see my brother<KaraokeJJ> genetic lottery = born rich
<ozy> was joking about my dumbo bro<ozy> he seems the genetic product of a trailer parking saga
<ozy> if trailer parks existed in europe
<KaraokeJJ> hehehe<KaraokeJJ> the infamous ozzy bro!<ozy> something like: unamovable, deep rooted trailer park junk
<ozy> if hank rearden had my brother, Atlas Shrugged would have been 15 pages long
<ozy> he would have lost his patience at page 14
<KaraokeJJ> that rand i hear was a whiner
<ozy> a whiner?<KaraokeJJ> yup<ozy> escaping by feet from russia and dying at 80 while smoking a cigarette? a whiner?<ozy> hehe<ozy> paranoid maybe, but a whiner...<KaraokeJJ> seen sterner stuff from my granny ho-hum
<ozy> yes, but your granny belonged to a primitive civilization
<ozy> tougher skin<ozy> he probably escaped by feet from some island
<KaraokeJJ> my granny is spanish yes u are correct
<ozy> I meant what I said<ozy> meaning: less food, less money, tougher people
<KaraokeJJ> hang on gramps. 2 minutes. need to squeeze a lemon.<ozy> or to shag a branch<KaraokeJJ> ...<ozy> did he scream?<KaraokeJJ> u like men dont u<KaraokeJJ> uu and benny-babes have not posted anything on the board of late.<KaraokeJJ> anyway. seems you are busy at the mo'. talk soon. ciao grmapapito.<rett butler> allo mr. le frogellectual
<ozy> hi<rett butler> you fing board is bust<ozy> cocksucker<rett butler> nice to see you<ozy> maintenace<ozy> manintenance<ozy> minantenaaaccc<ozy> maintenance<rett butler> who in the man in tennancy?<rett butler> btw<ozy> yeah, right<ozy> mots valises<rett butler> you are wrong on the frogallectual posts
<ozy> maybe, but at least i exist<ozy> that's the difference<rett butler> you specify i want good bread from somebody who could provide you with bad bread , no?<ozy> get a life then we'll debate<ozy> i cannot discuss for free, sorry<rett butler> if you don't and you get bad bread its your fauly for making the wrong assumption
<ozy> it makes no sense<ozy> you don't exist<ozy> you don't speak<ozy> so what's the purpose?<ozy> feck off<ozy> speaking of assumptions<ozy> assume this<rett butler> and the assumption is?<ozy> assumi 'sto cazzo<ozy> need a picture?<ozy> get a life. get a name<ozy> get a thought<rett butler> why hire a dick<ozy> then we'll discuss<ozy> bof. boring brat<rett butler> why you don't like the name?<rett butler> or you don't know who rett buttler is?<ozy>-><rett butler> don't bother me, rossella
<rett butler> man of the memorable line frankly i don't give a damn
<ozy> right, then fek off<ozy> zzzzzzz<rett butler> so why are you so pissy?<ozy> wasting my time discussing with a non-entity
<ozy> some lautreamont fan<rett butler> who?<ozy> yeah, right<rett butler> no really who, is lautremount
<ozy> nice biopic of lovecraft, yesterday on "Il corriere della sera", by that son of libertarian mom whose name is geminello alvi
<ozy> should read it<ozy> a real celebration<ozy> by the most loved pupil of baffi<ozy> worth it<rett butler> ?<ozy> baffi<ozy> Bkita<ozy> before bkita<rett butler> did he not die?<ozy> when in Basel<ozy> no, gemellino alvi is alive and well
<ozy> not kicking, coz he couldn't kick if he was a horse
<rett butler> lovecraft, baffi, basel, lautremont , avi
<ozy> nice parataxis<rett butler> what is this a plot for a telenovela?<ozy> try some suntaxis for once<rett butler> don't like taxis<rett butler> germs<ozy> see? i told ya: lautreamont<ozy> the cheap version of lautreamint<ozy> zzzzzzzzz<rett butler> don't know hat you are talking about
<ozy> i know<rett butler> so do you<ozy> it would take some reading<ozy> not my job to teach you<rett butler> oh kulture!<ozy> nope. just books. no "ka"<ozy> and let that gun down<rett butler> like you can take a hore to culture but you cant make her think?<ozy> metonimics<ozy> and more metonimics<ozy> and more and more metonimics<ozy> but no metaphor<ozy> it's really amazing<ozy> you don't get it, huh?<rett butler> nope<ozy> then leave me alone<ozy> go play with shapiro<rett butler> no fun<ozy> no, no fun. that's wahat i was saying. then go play with shapiro
<rett butler> its more fun to hoist a pompous one by his own petard than to make fun of a fool
<ozy> speaking of pompous<rett butler> but i know it<ozy> yeah, right. self-awareness instead of consciousness
<ozy> typical 70's psycologist shit<ozy> you are a stereotype<ozy> and still don't get it<rett butler> now that is low<ozy> nope.<ozy> it's a judgement<rett butler> so make fun of me<ozy> no<ozy> why?<ozy> you seem so depressed of late<rett butler> don't know how?<ozy> would gain nothing<rett butler> depressed?<ozy> and you seem to gain something by doing it yourself
<ozy> yes<ozy> running around in circles<rett butler> why?<ozy> ask your mirror, why<ozy> gotta go<ozy> bye<ozy> get a life<rett butler> in which dimension?<ozy> will read your monologue tomorrow, if you can concoct one <rett butler> coquette?### DECEMBER 13TH, 2000 ###############
<chintu>-><ozy> hi<ozy> hi<chintu>-><ozy> where r u from<ozy> mars<ozy> how much do you earn a year?<chintu>-><ozy> k, i am from jupiter<ozy> mean are from mars, women are from venus
<ozy> what are you people on jupiter?<chintu>-><ozy> sexy<chintu>-><ozy> asl ?<ozy> asl?<ozy> eip?<ozy> education/income/political bias?<ozy> job?<chintu>-><ozy> stud<ozy> cool<ozy> what?<ozy> what do you study?<chintu>-><ozy> bombay<chintu>-><ozy> what do u do<ozy> research<ozy> run this company<ozy> bomaby is "where", but what kind of studies do you do?<chintu>-><ozy> i'm doin' MBA finance<ozy> good<ozy> what's your main interest?<Guest327> hello<Guest327> r u a girl or a boy<Guest327><ozy> a man<Guest327> gay?<ozy> what's your job?<ozy> no<Guest327> model<ozy> wtong chat<ozy> go to "men who fake to be women" chat
<ozy> aka "loser wanker chat"<Guest327> if cpq has bad results, how would you extrapolate a new equilibrium price from their projected earnings
<ozy> imbecile<Guest327> would you back calculate to keep the same p/e ratio
<ozy> fuck off<ozy> this not "free market hints chat"
<Guest327> bad mood<ozy> I told you to fuck off<ozy> no<ozy> YOU are an annoyance<Guest327> didn't get laid last night<ozy> please, pls pls pls<Guest327> who am I<ozy> the man who doesn't know the answer
<ozy> role model for schizos<Guest327> are you old<ozy> no, you are old. and boring<ozy> leave me alone, pls<Guest327> do you masterbate<ozy> no. i spell<ozy> more exciting<ozy> use dictionaries as a sexual toy<Guest327> do you like being alone in this chat room
<ozy> yes<ozy> if the alternative is you<ozy> because i know what a chat is<Guest327> why are you so aggressive<ozy> you don't<ozy> "aggressive"? hehe<ozy> If i were aggressive, you wouldn't even be awake now
<ozy> you'd be sleeping and dreaming a quick death
<Guest327> if chat is being alone in a room you don't know what chat is
<ozy> "being"?<ozy> idiot<ozy> chat is a place to write things<ozy> not to BE<ozy> imbecile<ozy> I am not in chat<ozy> i am writing in it<Guest327> i'm writing, tell me about cpq
<ozy> if you ARE in chat, you are a desperate loner
<ozy> why should i tell you?<ozy> YOU tell something<Guest327> just like you - but pls cpq<ozy> no free lunch here<ozy> go to raging bull<Guest327> what do you want to know - ps what is your job
<ozy> i run this company<Guest327> what does it do<ozy> economic, financial and political research
<ozy> and I am in charge of the macro research
<ozy> and some studies on IT<Guest327> right - what about CPQ<ozy> a dog. happy now?<ozy> that's news, huh?<ozy> a big novelty<Guest327> right - how would you estimate new fair value
<ozy> what's fair about cpq?<Guest327> trying to estimate it's new price
<ozy> why?<ozy> what's the purpose?<ozy> wanna buy some?<Guest327> to see what the fair value coul dbe
<ozy> call me if it ever goes back at 30, will sell some to you
<Guest327> maybe, but not yet<ozy> right, not yet<ozy> call me if<Guest327> ok<ozy> good. now you may go<Guest327> thank you - you were very helpful -
<Guest327> maybe you know jack<ozy> now you had your market chat, you may go away
<Guest327> jack shite that is<ozy> works for Shag Piercing and Faggot, right?<Guest327> but i want to talk to the great Miani
<ozy> where you clean toilets<Guest327> the "bear"<ozy> "bear"? is your daddy's nickname?<Guest327> a bear shites in the woods - do you
<ozy> you like them hairy, huh?<ozy> as i told you before: you a fag looking for some good old dirty chat
<Guest327> no i prefer the opposite<ozy> you better go to "Fairy Queen chat"
<ozy> you talked about "fair"...<ozy> you are a fag, you said nothing, you ask dumb questions. what's your purpose in the big scheme of things?<Guest327><ozy> perhaps: making me happy when you'll leave
<Guest327> to annoy youUser [admin /] joined forum <ozy> hi babe<Guest327> hello admin<Guest327> do you knwo anything about the markets
<Guest327> you are gay<admin> Hello sir<Guest327> a gay bear<Guest327><Guest327> admin - do you know anything about CPQ
<Guest327> what about long NDX, vs short CPQ
<ozy>-><admin> who is this imbecile?<admin>-><ozy> hold on<Guest327><admin>-><ozy> odd. seems a multicity address
<Guest327><Guest327> are you all in gay bear chat page now
<admin>-><ozy> must be logegd in through htmls chat
<ozy>-><admin> i see<ozy> hey dork<ozy> was whispering to my collegue<ozy> are you logged in through html chat?<ozy> good<Guest327> hello<Guest327><Guest327> is mr miani in the house<ozy> hello. it's me<ozy> <-----------my name<Guest327> could you tell me about cpq pls
<ozy> what's your fecking name, guest?<ozy> Maria?<Guest327> did you boot me out before<ozy> nope<ozy> you booted yourself, imbecile<ozy> nobody is booted out of here<Guest327> oh it's that HTML AGAIN<ozy> just asked to leave<ozy> please leave<ozy> model<ozy> a model, ha<ozy> wanker<Guest327> osy, you are in a bad mood<ozy> spell my name correctly, dickhead
<ozy> cut and paste it if you can't tyope
<Guest327> ossie, you are in a bad mood
<ozy> "mood": who are you, a grateful dead fan?<Guest327> tyopijng doesn't appear to be your speciality either
<ozy> who cares?<Guest327> take soem pills<ozy> i don't mistype other people's names
<ozy> "pills", right. shifted from grateful dead to backstreet boys
<Guest327> who do you think this guest is?<ozy> i don't give a damn<ozy> frankly<Guest327> so you won't tell me about CPQ
<ozy> IQ?<Guest327> who is maria<ozy> maria is your name when in soho<ozy> you said you are a model<Guest327> it's Sally actually<Guest327> i've got bigger jugs<ozy> so, you've changed from maria? too many debts
<Guest327> did i say model, i meant model-er
<ozy> you said what you meant to say<ozy> linguistics 101<ozy> "meaning" something different from what you said ---> bullshit
<Guest327> i like to look at human behaviour and model it
<ozy> take notice: Gore era is OVER<ozy> finished<Guest327> into a market context<ozy> it's over, hippie<ozy> "model human behaviour"<ozy> awful<ozy> nazi hippie<Guest327> the bull market?<ozy> your are too boring<ozy> imbecile brat<Guest327> I heard a lot of good things about you Mr Miani, so far I am very disappointed
<ozy> good<ozy> not enough<ozy> i want you to leave, so i'll have to disappoint you some more
<ozy> let me see<Guest327><Guest327> i'm waiting<ozy> difficult to disappoint you<Guest327><ozy> it's like disappointing a amoeba<ozy> low expectations<ozy> ok<ozy> try this<ozy> * fart *<Guest327> yes you'd know with your pond life background
<ozy> zzz<Guest327> how nice<ozy> it's working<Guest327> do you smell gas<ozy> * burp *<Guest327><Guest327><Guest327> i don't feel very disappointed - i feel more disppointed with your market calls - pls give me some
<ozy> heidi, give him some<admin> here 's a dildo, sir. please go and enjoy.<Guest327> i'm waiting<admin> no need to give it back. it's a gift
<admin> proviso you never show again<ozy> got some?<Guest327> thank you, how long has it been up your arse
<ozy> as you may see, yoiu are very popular here
<Guest327> it's a bit mouldy<admin> lick it sir<admin> it will help not to get some more ndx up your ass
<ozy> heidi<ozy> stop now<Guest327> I'm sorry i cannot accept such genorosity
<Guest327> pls stick it back where it belongs - your arse - it's stop you talking
<admin> seems he really has nothing better to do
<ozy> yup<Guest327> just waiting for the mkt to open
<ozy> no way to ask you to get a life, right?<Guest327> you are my life<ozy> sad<Guest327> you and gobstopper<Guest327><Guest327> i know it's sad but that's the way of it
<Guest327> how do people pay your company for reasearch
<ozy> you need to dialogue, right?<ozy> you can't just talk?<Guest327> with dildos<ozy> you really need me to answer you?<Guest327> oh yes pls sir<ozy> can't you get a life and talk alone... need an audience?<ozy> and just leave me alone<Guest327><ozy> boy are these brats boring...<Guest327><Guest327><Guest327> sorry to disappoint you, but that's what you've been doing to me
<ozy> go then<ozy> please<ozy> now<ozy> it's boring, here. please go<ozy> do yourself a favour and go<ozy> I completely agree with you<Guest327> pls tell me about CPQ first and I will leave
<Guest327><ozy> i will tell you something really meaningful about cpq
<ozy> ready?<Guest327> no no play on words<ozy> ready?<ozy> this is my advice:<Guest327> i would really like to know and that i why i am here
<Guest327> i'll be bcak to britney after this
<ozy> "If you are able to focus your life on cpq for more than 45 minutes like you did today, kill yourself before it's too late"
<ozy> now please go<Guest327> that's no answer<Guest327> it's a cop out<ozy> You need cpq.<ozy> and you need a hole in your head<Guest327> i was told you could chat mkt here - share ideas - am i wrong
<ozy> you didn't chat<Guest327> cpq - is used as an example<ozy> you asked for free advice<ozy> lied<ozy> didn't tell your name<ozy> insulted everybody<ozy> so fuck off<Guest327><Guest327> my name is raman - is it so important
<Guest327><ozy> yes<Guest327> you knew it was me<ozy> so why did you have to waste my time, raman?<ozy> nope<Guest327> heidi certainly did<ozy> nope, because you are assigne an IP from multicty
<ozy> that's what she was explaining to me earlier
<ozy> i find this transvestite thing annoying
<Guest327> SORRY - I won't do it again<ozy> you better<ozy> you wasted one hour<ozy> yours and mione<ozy> mine<Guest327> i know but i can't help it os, the silk it's soooo........<ozy> hehe<ozy> silk...<Guest327> was it an hour<ozy> yes<ozy> life is short, raman<Guest327> then i am sorry- that was kind of a waste
<ozy> art is long, but life is short<Guest327> i guess you're busy then<ozy> then: don't let that Art guy manage your money
<Guest327> but i did really want to talk about CPQ
<Guest327> and that was my first question
<Guest327><Guest327> i'm thinking about hedging back against the long NDX
<ozy> and you wait cpq to be on support to use it as a hedge?<Guest327> but i'm not a fundamentalist, and am wondering how to derive fair value given that you know the P?E yesterday, do you just keep the same P/e ratio and change the price of the stock given the new earnings
<Guest327> no os CPQ is an example - and probably not a good one - but the theory would be
<Guest327><Guest327> we can talk latter if you like os
<ozy> on the phone 5 minutes. go on<Guest327> i'll even try and get my own log on
<Guest327> ok. if CPQ earnings are now revised down to 30 for the quarter
<ozy> that's not the problem, raman, but too many people come here and jokes without ever saying anything
<Guest327> from 36 then that is 6 cents....right is it logical to do the following
<Guest327> can you say 6 cents X 4 = 24 cents for the year
<Guest327> and then multiply that by P/E to get an expected fall in value
<Guest327> to be safe could you just say it for the quarter and multply 6 by the p/e ratio
<Guest327><ozy> what are you trying to do? adjust cpq value keeping the same p/e for falling earnings?<Guest327> os<Guest327> sorry oz<Guest327> admin = heidi ?<Guest327><Guest327>User [Guest327 /] joined forum on Wed Dec 13 09:31:15 EST 2000
<Guest327> hello<Guest327><Guest327>User [Dad] joined forum User [Dad] left forum
<ozy> doud<ozy> dvd<ozy> daud<ozy> came and left<sdr20>-><ozy> hi<ozy> buongiorno<ozy> bonjour<ozy> welcome<ozy> fuck the IMF<ozy> sdr<Guest771> ozy<Guest771><Guest771> you there<Guest771> oh dear<ozy> hello<ozy> busy day<ozy> everybody seems crazy<Guest771> i can understand, what a turnaround
<Guest771> 3k level<ozy> yeah... relief rally, hehe<ozy> hail to the chief<ozy> * burp *<Guest771> strange, funny how europe predicted this anyway
<Guest771> weak all morning while futures were up
<Guest771> i'm short CPQ<ozy> good<ozy> I was answering to you before<Guest771> 3k level<ozy> but you quit<Guest771> you were, i got kicked out<Guest771> AGAIN<Guest771> that was why i asked you to help see the low for the stock, technicals won't help here
<ozy> funny: it didn't kick you out while your were doing your stefano lavinio impersonation
<ozy> yeah... relief rally, hehe<ozy> i wouldn't look for a floor based on EPS
<Guest771> it did once, but yes<Guest771> you think i do it on purpose
<ozy> no<ozy> somebody does<ozy> somebody at multicity hates you<Guest771> who?<ozy> and controls it in the dark<Guest771> who?<ozy> maybe a former girlfriend<Guest771> hehe<ozy> hehe<Guest771> she wants half of everything but not half of multicity
<ozy> good<Guest771> so when should i close cpq<ozy> on a bounce?<ozy> because if ndx really turned down
<ozy> best thing is to hold on shorts<Guest771> yup, kinda, i got 18.16 in mind
<Guest771> i don't think ndx will yet<ozy> why not a good old trailing stop?<ozy> when did you sell?<ozy> today at open or before?<Guest771><Guest771> 20.05<ozy> seems 19 was busy last week<Guest771> yup, 18.16 was low<Guest771> it's a good hedge<ozy> either on the low, or leave it open with 18.95 stop loss
<Guest771> remember i've got a disaster call position in DELL, dec expiry
<ozy> we could be here discussing a BOUNCE to 18.16 in days
<ozy> you sold the dec calls<ozy> or already the jans?<Guest771> for dell no, i bot 2 weeks ago 22.5 dec calls - disaster
<Guest771> STUPID<Guest771> did my old trick, picking bottoms, not flowing with the market
<Guest771><ozy> well, flowing with the market has some side effect
<ozy> for exemple: waiting for a rally "after ndx breaks 3100"
<ozy> hehe<ozy> bottom picking was not a bad idea in that case
<Guest771> i got my money back with the short but i don't wanna loose it, 18.95 was hit about 20 mins ago, so it's a bit low for a stop, 19.05 is good perhaps
<Guest771><Guest771><ozy> checking, hold on<Guest771><Guest771><Guest771><ozy> I say trailing stop<Guest771><Guest771><Guest771><Guest771> agreed if it breaks low of day
<Guest771><Guest771><Guest771><Guest771> so you think 3k was it<Guest771> & my cpq evaluation earlier, was it rubbish
<Guest771><Guest771><ozy> hello<Guest771> it let me back in - did you reply
<ozy> 1) i am on the phone<ozy> no<Guest771><ozy> no meaning: didn't reply<Guest771> ok<ozy> dunno if 3k was it. i'd wait for the close
<Guest771><Guest771> you think if it closes below that's it - i don't think so
<ozy> no<ozy> no no<Guest771> stick with the 1 word answers - it helps
<ozy> i want to see a full day of reaction to the election thing
<Guest771> hehe<ozy> soa viuotiuoptuoirutoeiutbkjl?k?bldsk ?lk ?slkhs BUT?l ?lkag ?lk a?lkg?lk??akl?dkl? g?lk
<ozy> IF<ozy> IF NOT, then<Guest771> funny mrk is down<ozy> sdfjg pbjlskjh l?kjdhl?kbjlkjnobitsoj?lskj n?lbkjhl?kj?lbkjh
<ozy> FUCK THIS TRANSLATOR<Guest771> hehe<ozy> got stuck with turkish<Guest771> why turkish<ozy> because it was last currency crisis
<Guest771> oh - now tell me about CPQ<ozy> let it go<ozy> tight trailing stop<Guest771> ?<ozy> chart the 5 minutes<Guest771> your tight is too tight, 19.05 is in
<Guest771> what about my p/e talk<ozy> hold on, sorry. phone<Guest771> you know everytime i see admin logged on i think about shite ladden dildos - erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<Guest771> i feel sick<Guest771><Guest771><Guest771> btw...i didn't get the $100mn deal
<admin> i understand your girlfriend sir
<Guest771> wanting half of everything<Guest771><admin> yes, but you have awful images in your head
<admin> sir<Guest771> that's your fault - eeuuuuuuuucccccccccchhhhhhhhhh
<admin> I am sorry<Guest771> yes<admin> Ozy told me to get rid of you, without "killing" you, and I tried
<Guest771> you're not - and pls don't be, it helped me think of you in a new light
<Guest771><admin> He does. I will sue him<Guest771><Guest771><ozy> hey. what's happening?<Guest771><ozy> heidi you know am on the phone<Guest771> admin is suing you<ozy> earning bread for all of the firm
<ozy> i read<Guest771><Guest771><admin> YOU INVOLVE ME IN DIRTY TALKING
<Guest771> what's the settlement - eeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<Guest771> is that a request admin<Guest771> a command involve me or else
<admin> No. I'm tired of being involved in dirty chats. It was bad enough when I had to type all that bloomberg chat
<admin> but staying here with all this people watching me is even worse
<Guest771> huh?<Guest771> you joined admin - your choice
<Guest771> everytime it gets dirty you seem to join the room
<Guest771> room, what am i on - cyberspace
<admin> This is the problem. Once in a while Osvaldo will call me telling me to join, and each time I find the chats is about dirty talking
<Guest771><Guest771> refuse<admin> He never calls me when it is about something serious
<admin> refuse? I have my rights. I will sue him.<Guest771> what is serious to You<admin> Diamonds?<Guest771> you never say a word when it is serious
<Guest771> what aspect<admin> I am told to stay silent and smile
<Guest771> is it their fractal quality<admin> I feel like I am a trophy assistant
<Guest771> i can't see you smile, and now i imagine the wrong end smiling User [admin] left forum
<ozy> ?<ozy><ozy><ozy><ozy> what's up?<Guest771> bye<Guest771> OZY<ozy> what's up?<ozy> i am still on the phone<ozy> but why is my assistant screaming?<ozy> what did you say her?<Guest771> nothing, just sittin here, watching the game having a bud
<ozy> hold on<ozy><ozy><Guest771><Guest771> i'm holding - but onto what eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh
<ozy> i stay on the phone 10 minutes and you find a way to have me sued
<ozy> here i am<Guest771><ozy> hehe<Guest771> hehe<Guest771> now CPQ<ozy> had a phone call with a clients, at the same time having heidi screaming like hell and ttrying to understand what was up
<ozy> now CPQ?<Guest771> P/E ratios<ozy> ?!?!?!?!?<ozy><ozy> there's hell here. hold on<ozy><Guest771><Guest771> why, what's the big dealUser [admin] joined forum <Guest771> lost her dildo<ozy> shut up<Guest771><ozy> pls shut up<ozy><ozy> now<admin> I'm sorry sir<Guest771> about what CPQ<Guest771> me too admin<admin> I didn't mean to fraternize<admin> ok. best regards<ozy> good<Guest771> what does fraternize mean<ozy> bitching<Guest771><Guest771> oh is that what i was doing, honestly OZ i got really awful images in my head
<Guest771> really i feel sick<Guest771> now CPQ<Guest771> tell me can you extrapolte a value by the decline in earnings given yesterdays p/e ratio
<Guest771><Guest771><Guest771><Guest771><Guest771> are you talking to admin , come on i'll e-mail her when we talk dirty again - happy
<ozy> cpq<Guest771> yes cpq - computer manufacturere
<ozy> i won't extrapolate a value from a decline in earning, for the following reason
<Guest771><ozy> when it rose<Guest771><ozy> which didn't happen often<ozy> hehe<Guest771><ozy> what was the relation btw changing earnings and the changing price?<ozy> was there, embedded in the price, an exopectation of further earning gains?<Guest771> i see it psycology<ozy> no, numbers<ozy> you are a better statistician than me
<ozy> i wouldn't work on simple proportion btw old p/e and new p/e
<ozy> but on rate of change of earnings compared with rate of change of price
<Guest771> yes, but as a guide, will it hit an estrimiation what woudl be a fundamental viewpoint on the news, where would value be seen again
<Guest771><ozy> estrimiation?<Guest771> estimation -<ozy> TRY TO TYPE WITH BOTH HANDS, YOU WANKER!<ozy> estimation<Guest771> he he<Guest771> stop talking dirty , admin will get upset
<ozy> she's not here now<Guest771> get spell check on this thing
<ozy> cannot<Guest771> EXACTLY<Guest771><ozy> "cannot" is correct<Guest771><ozy> old fashioned but correct<Guest771> i meant admin will be upset you talk dirty without her
<ozy> nop, I really must be careful<Guest771> nop, TRY TO TYPE WITH BOTH HANDS, YOU WANKER
<Guest771> hehe<ozy> I do<ozy> not my hands in question<Guest771> lucky sod<ozy> this I agree<Guest771> that's why admin logged off<ozy> no<ozy> she's filing something in a very noisy way
<Guest771> euuuuuuuuuuhccccccccccccccc - there goes that thought again
<ozy> did you ever spot your parents doing something dirty?<Guest771> i bet she is - eeerghhhhhhh what is she filing
<Guest771> can't remember - why?<ozy> because you look like somebody who was traumatized by seeing his mama doing something odd
<ozy> or some psycho stuff like that<Guest771> interesting, i'll ask her latter
<Guest771> maybe i'll get a demo<Guest771><ozy> demo? cool. like in a roadshow?<ozy> with charts, pies etc?<ozy> and an idiot smiling and explaining all about the cashflow?<Guest771> exactly - you can even buy merchandise
<ozy> where "cashflow" is the money you are presumed to throw in?<ozy> merchandise?<Guest771> errrrrrrtttchgdddddddddddddd - that thought AGAIN
<ozy> i didn't see a road show with mechandising yet
<Guest771><Guest771><ozy> You mean to say that , eg, you go to a Godman presentatio and they SELL you baseball hats with Telecom Italia logo on them? cool
<Guest771><Guest771> no chocolate dildos<ozy> fortnum and mason has them<ozy> for xmas<ozy> try<ozy> mint+chocolate<Guest771> i think walls icecream is tring to get a franchise
<Guest771> a new choc-ice range<Guest771> with nuts<ozy> black chocolate dildos. you bite the point, you get the fresh mint sauce
<Guest771> eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<ozy> i knew you'd love it<Guest771> i loved it so much i bot the company
<ozy> F&M?<ozy> go figure<Guest771><Guest771><ozy> don't tell me you really bot ftnm
<Guest771> so where would mr fundamental see value
<ozy> not in ftnm<Guest771> does funda mean anything in latin
<ozy> i don't think cpq is playing the value thing
<ozy> fundus<ozy> means land<Guest771> i'm out of it<ozy> your reach fundamental when you have your face in the mud
<Guest771> so fundamental means land thinking
<ozy> fundus: land wealth<ozy> right<ozy> thinking like a landowner<ozy> or a sheperd<Guest771> ok<ozy> you know: nice young paysan girls... those things
<Guest771> no sheep, don't go down that route
<ozy> ius primae noctis<Guest771> hehe<Guest771> are you heidi<ozy> me?<ozy> am ozy<Guest771> in disguise and ozy is doing work
<ozy> no no<ozy> nop disguise here<ozy> soetimes i log in as admin<ozy> but if i use ozy, it's me<ozy> "admin" is one computer<ozy> who logs in from there is forced to use "admin"
<Guest771> so when does a fundamnetal see value
<ozy> when metals found<Guest771> or oil<Guest771> like middle east - btw i read a book called the prize all about the history of oil, it was fascinating
<Guest771><Guest771><Guest771><Guest771><Guest771> anyway - value<Guest771> is it a view on where things will be
<Guest771> and if value today =
< than that value of future buy otherwise sell
<ozy> phone again<Guest50> wow it let me in<ozy> drastic downszing, huh?<ozy> from 771 to 50<Guest50> a nice small number<Guest50> again i was going for 69<Guest50> can you see me get kicked out
<Guest50><Guest50><ozy> yes, I see that you leave the rooom
<ozy> i dunno if you are kicked, booted or ejected
<ozy> or if you just leave<Guest50> ok can you disconnect<Guest50> me<Guest50><Guest50><Guest50> when i get kicked out<ozy> i cannot. heidi can<ozy> but she won't do it<ozy> she can ban you<Guest50> it's her<ozy> but it is not our policy to do it
<Guest50> she's not telling you something
<ozy> what?<ozy> she is not here<Guest50> it's her<Guest50> the logger outera<Guest50><Guest50><ozy> the logegr...?<ozy> nope. she can only destroy you<ozy> alert, then destroy. no log out<ozy> is "the prize" any good?<ozy> I read "the color of oil" and it's nothing serious
<ozy> hu. 19 was tight<Guest50><Guest50> destroy me<Guest50> over a chat page<Guest50> interesting<ozy> destroy means "block your access"
<ozy> meaning your IP would be banned. and for obvious reasons, we won't do it
<ozy> if heidi really gets angry at you, I'll just give her your address [Guest19] joined forum on Thu Dec 14 <admin> welcome<Guest19> welcome too<Guest19> welcome too<Guest19> welcome too<admin> why don't assistants have surnames?<admin> silvia, heidi, molly<admin> even claire has a surname<admin> but not me<admin> enough!<heidi hercenberg> here I am<heidi hercenberg><heidi hercenberg> nobody want to talk dirty to a girl with a surname <Guest19> hmmm<heidi hercenberg> having fun, guest?<Guest19> you are you now<Guest19><Guest19><Guest19><Guest19><Guest19> you there<Guest19><Guest19><heidi hercenberg> yes<heidi hercenberg> what about my question?<Guest19> how's your dildo<Guest19><Guest19><Guest19> or<Guest19> do you shave<Guest19><Guest19><Guest19><Guest19><heidi hercenberg> this is becoming a problem User [heidi hercenberg] left forum ### DEC 15TH, 2000 ##################<admin> hello sir<admin> i start to find you boring<Guest914>User [zut] joined forum <admin> hello<admin> oh, zut<admin> fresh flavour of bologna 77User [zut] left forum <admin> good<ozy> well<ozy> well<ozy> well<ozy> lemme see<ozy> what was my list?<ozy> wait for mer to hit 66/68, leh 64, gs 94, then short them
<ozy> lemme see where the tops were<ozy> gs 95.5<ozy> mer could hit 72 for two days! wow!<ozy> and leh?<ozy> leg too topped far above 64: at 68!!!<ozy> leh, sorry<ozy><ozy><ozy> now leem see where we are today<ozy><ozy> mer 62 7/8<ozy> gs 86 3/8<ozy> leh 61 3/8<ozy><ozy><ozy> uhm...<ozy><ozy> nice celebration rally, both for dubya and for alan-"will save our asses"-greenspan
<ozy><ozy> now the question is: are we gonna see spxf break 151 after it went under 155?<ozy><ozy> 155 seems tough. let me see the close today. on confirmation of 155, look for 151 then it's done
<ozy><ozy><ozy> hope this will not upset usd/jpy<ozy><ozy><ozy> a 151 break combined with a ndx/comp selloff (under 2500) would be a firework show
### DEC 16TH, 2000 ###User [Guest901] joined forum on Sat Dec 16 11:36:44 EST 2000
<ADMIN> hey portia!<Guest901>-><ADMIN> hi how are u?<ADMIN> fine<Guest> find: falcon<ADMIN> are you relatives?<Guest> /find: falcon<Guest901>-><ADMIN> where are u from?<ADMIN> london<ADMIN> U?<Guest901>-><ADMIN> iam from india<ADMIN> where in india?<ADMIN> mumbai?<Guest901>-><ADMIN> what do u do?<ADMIN> me? run this company<ADMIN> economic research<Guest901>-><ADMIN> karnataka state<Guest901>-><ADMIN> its my pleasure<ADMIN> have no idea where it is<ADMIN> north?<Guest901>-><ADMIN> south india<Guest901>-><ADMIN> bondry to mh<ADMIN> oh, yes<ADMIN> facing the Gulf<ADMIN> so we are collegues somehow<ADMIN> you an iran missile target too, hehe
<Guest901>-><ADMIN> ok i need some help from u
<ADMIN> funny word, "help". but please tell me
<Guest901>-><ADMIN> no iam hindu<ADMIN> that's the reason<ADMIN> iran is extremist muslim<Guest901>-><ADMIN> iam interested in to develop my business activities in uk
<ADMIN> which kind of biz?<Guest901>-><ADMIN> apparels,textile and fabrics
<ADMIN> didn't we discuss this some days ago?<ADMIN> I asked you to send me details by e-mail
<Guest901>-><ADMIN> ok ok ok please give your e-mail add
<ADMIN><Guest901>-><ADMIN> oooo ican understand==== ozzy?<ADMIN> yep<ADMIN> just one "z"<Guest901>-><ADMIN> ok i remamber<Guest901>-><ADMIN> ok i will get back to u soon
<ADMIN> will be here<Guest901>-><ADMIN> bye bye<ADMIN> bye### DEC 18TH, 2000 ############<admin> hullo<J.J. Hemlock> There's a charming village in Borgone named Joncy.<J.J. Hemlock> Borgogne<J.J. Hemlock> Hi Heidi?<admin> nope. ozy<J.J. Hemlock> Hi Gramps.<J.J. Hemlock> Saone et Loire<J.J. Hemlock> Bourgogne de Sud<J.J. Hemlock> u been there?<admin> nope<admin> no<admin> have been in corbigny<J.J. Hemlock> u might wanna see it seeing as you are headed in that vicinity
<admin> for 48 hours<admin> in 1991<admin> august<admin> had to fly back because elstin, gorby etc where doing some mess
<admin> aug 17/18<admin> that's all i know about bourgogne
<admin> except oi slept, ate well, and played with one funny dog
<admin> no<admin> nope<admin> no tourist<admin> i go there, unwrap my luggage,<admin> sit down, open a book<admin> and don't move for 3 days<J.J. Hemlock> i thought u were headed for bourgogne in the coming weeks
<admin> monuments give me seasickness<admin> nice old towns give me psoriasis
<admin> I'm headed for a two-rooms place in bourgogne
<admin> whose beauty is being out of here
<admin> last thing I need is dumb frenchmen in xmas mood
<admin> who would sell me souvenirs in euro
<admin> no<admin> no no no no<admin> pls<Guest> Technical probs.<admin> i see<admin> time-sharing power supply?<Guest> i think on your end<admin> makes you feel like a Californian
<Guest> message board went avante garde
<admin> avantgarde?<admin> only avantgarde thing there is lavinio playing the french 70s intello
<Guest> bit screwed up<admin> goedel+escher+bach etc<Guest>'re headed for bourgogne with the missus correct?<admin> le chaos, la complexite', le signifiant
<admin> la co-herence su systeme<admin> yes<Guest> i wonder if they appointed an Africna-American administrator there
<admin> where?<admin> l'ancre du systeme est le systeme lui-meme
<admin> african americam?n what where?<Guest> bourgogne, seems today's practise involves ASSUAGING the sensitivities of a segment u only garner 5% of the votes of..<admin> they named an african-american president in teh USA
<Guest> correct<Guest> but he's an Oreo<admin> white dedans?<admin> always better than dirty negroes like lester crooks
<admin> what name is Dubya? seems african to me
<Guest> Black on the outside, white on the inside
<admin> and Condoleance? what name is it? hispanic?<Guest> is he corresponding with u again?<admin> Rice, Rizzo: must be italian<admin> who? dubya?<admin> no<admin> we disagree on oil price<Guest> black gold; texas tea<admin> oil is not black. oil has many colours
<Guest> u toadying to the naacp then<admin> ask Armando Izquierdo<Guest> "if ain't white, hot dang, then it's gotta be black fool."
<admin> do you know armando?<Guest> Mandy the Lefty?<admin> spic artist<Guest> nope<admin> painted the colours of oil<admin> a series of paintings about crude
<Guest> if he's spic , then artist must be prefixed with con
<Guest> crude paintings<admin> nono<admin> he is of the power-friendly spic variety
<admin> the kind: "picrtoresqie hispanic subsidized by rich white men"
<Guest> go on<admin> no need to con. just selling junk paintings for millions
<admin> *burp*<admin> #prat#<admin> pratting or burping?<admin> or my review of iquierdo?<Guest> a burp is a mouth-fart<admin> friend of Mike Economides<Guest> but are we reduced to the most base of biological functions here?<admin> do you know Mike?<Guest> u into any "Sports" gramps?<admin> he is the Ralph nader of texan oil
<admin> a life devoted to propaganda, this time FOR oil industries instead of against
<admin> wrong<Guest> u better write to Deanna again<admin> deanna?<admin> she alive?<admin> if that may be called life<Guest> yes she is; if we aren't to deal with semantics
<Guest> see...i knew ur next statement<admin> last time I heard, she was angry for running a measly life in her bank
<Guest> but she is in amour<admin> said she was a poor bureaucrat<admin> good for her<admin> her chance to quit<Guest> when are u and your amour of to bourgogne? u can still join us here in the south china sea
<admin> no, not before the war<admin> it's possible I'll have to be there to cover the events when it breaks off
<Guest> no war<Guest> dont be a sissy-westerner<admin> yeah, right<admin> anyway<Guest> am serious. come over<admin> I don't want to have friends in a soon-to-be-nuke area
<admin> i am a romantic<Guest> u worried about the faggy Aussies?<admin> would feel crushed to read you were vetrified by chinese
<admin> prefer to hate you<Guest> is your southeast asian researcher that lame? the phils is already a nuke zone
<admin> i meant "nuke" as in 3,2,1... bang
<Guest> did he do research on subic at least
<admin> not as in "keep this pill for me until I tell you, please"
<admin> he will not tell me if i don't need to know
<admin> we already had to waste a partner for knowing too much two years agho
<Guest> ho-hum<admin> yep<Guest> he must have been a naughty boy scout.<admin> he is buried under the millennium dome
<Guest> or didnt appreciate the nocturnal visits you made to his porte de nuit.<admin> this firm is strictly etero<Guest> Willenium boy. git it right!<admin> except for some show from the girls (but they fake for our benefit)
<admin> I understand only chance you have of a lesbo show is dressing kris and greg in drag, but here we have money
<admin> and can afford girls for that<admin> did you listen to pete grabriel's record about millennium dome? "Ovo"?<admin> "OOOOOOOOOOOOOovoooooo...."<admin> the only work of art on earth which is WORSE than the Dome itself
<Guest> once again, a case of the pot slandering the kettle.<admin> OOOOOOOOOOOOOOvvvvvvvvoooooooooooo....<Guest> no. art deco, pop art...the worst
<Guest> OOOOOOOOOooozy; a face best described as abstract art.<Guest> or Whistler's momma<Guest> apologies to Momma Dubyah<admin> Momma dubya was a nice lady<admin> a wise woman<admin> not wise enough, but wise<admin> zzzzzzzzz<ozy> hello<sonam>-><ozy> hello<ozy> gimme 10 minutes. need a coffeee<sonam>-><ozy> how do you do<sonam>-><ozy> you are from which place
<sonam>-><ozy> are you there[sonam] has paged ozy<sonam>-><ozy> for what[sonam] has paged ozy<sonam>-><ozy> are you waiting for some body else
<sonam>-><ozy> ok bye<ozy> back I am<ozy> go figure### DEC 20TH, 2000 #########<savana> hi room<ozy> HELLO<ozy> vrrroooooom<savana> ci<o<ozy> ciao<savana> the "a" upside down in simpathy with the mkt
<savana> ciao<savana> allora?<ozy> allora sono un po' sul saturo<savana> rimbalz-one, ino, o croll-one?<savana> chissenefrega<savana> tanto dopodomani e' natale<ozy> eh, mi sembrava<ozy> per questo sono tutti schizzati<savana> gioco con ese, e si fotta il nasdark
<ozy> hai prenotato un po' di d-mail?<savana> d-mail?<ozy> la prossima matricola nuovomercato
<savana> hehe<ozy> hanno in catalogo una snocciolatrice a pila che va molto forte nella zona di avellino
<savana> come vedi sono un esperto<ozy> ti racconto d-mail<savana> di matricole NM<ozy> c'era una volta il terzo mercato<ozy> e c'erano una volta due operatori del terzo mercato
<savana> e una casetta di cioccolato<ozy> che si chiamavano virgilio degiovanni e rinaldo denti
<ozy> rinaldo faceva il procuratore, e virgilio tirava pacchi
<ozy> appiopparono a gestori un pacco di azioni di una societa' che si chiamava PAAR
<ozy> sparita<ozy> tre settimane dopo la "quotazione"
<ozy> gestori pieni fino alle orecchie: comit e altri
<savana> e i gestori? spero siano spariti anche loro
<ozy> gestori sono sempre li'. poi faro' nomi
<ozy> partita iva della PAAR<ozy> = partita iva di freedomland<savana> come quelli del Spaolo? dopo ti dico
<savana> davvero?<ozy> si'<ozy> hehe<ozy> aspetta<ozy> rinaldo denti si occupa di impiombare i gestori
<ozy> dopo PAAR ne combina un altro paio
<savana> quando e' successa la storia della PAAR?<ozy> 1990/1991<savana> ok<ozy> insomma, rinaldo denti scompare<ozy> aiutato dal babbo<ozy> AD della SORIN<ozy> hehe<savana> my god<ozy> altro ttiolo glorioso<ozy> hehe<ozy> aspetta<savana> quetso e' da bestseller natalizio, scrivilo
<ozy> aspetta<ozy> che arriva il bello<ozy> rinaldo denti si dedica alle televendite televisve
<ozy> poi ricompare due anni fa<ozy> e popmpa al rialzo la SCHIAPPARELLI
<ozy> hehe<ozy> nel frattempo continua a fare le televendite
<ozy> e alla fine porta in Bbbbborzza<ozy> l'azienda delle televendite<ozy> ossia D-Mail<ozy> della quale nel frattempo ? diventyato l'amministratore delegato
<ozy> la D-Mail controlla fra l'altro un'aziendina
<ozy> che si chiama Pocket Power<ozy> e che vende servizi di consulenza finanziaria
<ozy> questo braccio e' gestito da un altro vecchio amico di denti e degiovanni
<ozy> un certo daniele bevacqua<ozy> ora: tu fai i nomi di denti e bevecqua a qualsiasi operatore di Borsa che abbia pi? di 30 anni, e senti cosa ti dicono
<savana> tralli?<ozy> d.mail viene quotata il 22 dicembre
<savana> doris?<ozy> il 23,24,25,26 il mercato ? chiuso
<ozy> riapre il 27<ozy> noooooo.....<ozy> non a quel livello<savana> mandella?<ozy> parlo di gente che stava alle grida
<ozy> mandella? virgilio degiovanni DISPREZZAVA mandella
<ozy> aspetta: sono al telefono 5 minuti . stai li'
<savana> e chi se ne va?<savana> hehe<ozy> rieccomi<savana> ok<ozy> allora: daniele bevacqua<ozy> nel periodo in cui sono compresi questi eventi, gestisce le seguenti societa':
<ozy> FOrinvest, pocket power, il giornale tendenze Borsa
<ozy> la fiduciaria e commissionaria Mobilvalor
<ozy> quando e' alla mobilvalor (che fa fallire) e' lui che contatta alessandro rossi
<ozy> attuale direttore di bloomberg investimenti
<ozy> e allora (secondo noi, tuttora) redattore di milano finanza
<ozy> e gli fa scrivere articoli che sostengono alcuni titoli del gruoppetto di amici
<ozy> metalectric mapelli (scomparsa)<ozy> paar (scomparsa)<ozy> perlier (scalata fallita)<ozy> e infine...<ozy> la new economy<ozy> adesso, tuttavia, non leggerai articoli sfavillanti su d-mail,
<ozy> perche' con il nasdaq a 2000 nemmeno i paraculi si espongono
<ozy> stavo dicendo<ozy> siccome il mercato resta chiuso 5 giorni
<ozy> a seconda di cosa fa il nasdaq fra domani sera e mercoledi' prossimo
<savana> fa in tempo ad uscire notizia inattesa?<ozy> rinaldo denti fra una settimana e': 1) reperibile 2) irreperibile
<ozy> su d-mail?<ozy> hehe<ozy> lo farei, se il nasdaq fosse a 5000
<ozy> ma a 2000 preferisco lasciare che sia il mercato a stroncarlo
<ozy> tuttavia non potevo mancare l'occasione di questo tributo a rinaldo
<savana> mandami TUTTO, ti prego<ozy> hehe<ozy> questo?<savana> si<ozy> ok<savana> grazie<ozy> non c'e' di che<ozy> siete nel cosorzio di collocamento?<ozy><savana> non lo so<ozy> non lo sai?<ozy> ouch...<savana> proprietary totally separated<savana> non so cosa fanno per il commerciale clienti
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<thudmcguffin> gold<thudmcguffin> ok fuck off then[thudmcguffin] left forum ### DEC 21ST, 2000 #############User [savana] joined forum
<savana> ciao<savana> be', io comincio<savana> dinosauri<savana> 1) si nota qualcosa---> si fanno ipotesi (caso specifico: estinzione)
<savana> 2) ipotesi si fanno SENZA GUARDARE A TUTTI I DETTAGLI
<savana> caso specifico ipotesi a) dinosauri estinti per cambiam temperat dovuti ad ababsamento livello degli oceani
<savana> oppure b) estinti causa mammiferi che mangiano le loro uova
<savana> queste ipotesi erano piu' accettabili rispetto a quelle catastrofiste
<savana> meteorite o vulacnismo anomalo
<ozy> eccomi<savana> riesci a leggere indietro?<ozy> si'. ma esiste l'estinzione dei dinosauri?<ozy><savana> he he, aspetta<savana> facciamo finta di si<savana> ok?<ozy> no. hehe<ozy> ok<ozy> vai avanti<savana> bene, pero' ad un certo punto si guaradno i dettagli
<savana> e sis copre che:<savana> 1) i mammiferi sono comparsi con i dinosauri 220 mio anni fa, e perche' diventano divoratori di uova solo 65mio anni fa?<savana> 2) perche' spariscono anche plancton e varia fauna marina all'80%?<savana> insomma, ipotesi mammiferi non regge
<savana> livello oceani---> sis copre che e' accaduto diverse volte durante vita dinosauri
<savana> perche' "colpisce" solo 65mio anni fa?<savana> allora si analizzano meglio le ipotesi che erano state scartate in precedenza perche' ascientifiche
<savana> e si torna ai vulcani e meterorite
<savana> si nota che l'iridio, scarso sulla crosta tererstre, e' anomalmente ricco nello strato geologico di 65mio anni fa
<savana> e l'iridio e' presente nei meteoriti
<savana> vince ipotesi meteorite<savana> MA<savana> alcuni anni fa un vulcano hawaiano erutta
<ozy> iridium ha fatto estinguere i dinosauri? hehe
<savana> e sis copre che ha buttao fuori parecchio iridio
<ozy> e neanche un osso di dinosauro<savana> in India, esiste un'area a est, i TRAPPI DEL DECCAN
<savana> hehe<savana> che si e' originaat 65 mio anni fa
<savana> ed e' un'area di 10.000kmq<savana> magma vulcanico<ozy> ero sicuro che saltava fuori l'India
<savana> insomma<savana> scacco matto<savana> perche' efeftti meteorite e vulcano coincidono
<savana> varaizionitemperatura, inverno lungo,poi effetto serra etc...<savana> questosecondo me fa vedere come in realta' la scienza si muove per ipotesi plusibili/accettabili e non "strane"
<ozy> nel senso che tu dai per buona la tesi del vulcano?<savana> e inizialmente i dettagli vengono ignorati o meglio, si va piu' a fondo e si scoprono proprio questi dettagli
<savana> il meteorite mi afafscina di piu'
<savana> perche' potrebbe succeere ancora
<savana> he he<ozy> hai letto "The lost world"?<savana> mentre i vulcani paiono spenti adesso
<savana> quello della?amazzonia dove sis coprono dinosauri?<ozy> no no no<ozy> Crichton, il seguito di "Jurassic Park"
<savana> e' un famoso libro, poi ne hanno fatto un film
<savana> il libro e' di 100 anni fa circa
<savana> ok<ozy> no no<ozy> parlo del libro pi? recente, che CITA quello antico
<savana> ok, Crichton ha copiato un totolo vecchio di un secolo
<savana> ok<savana> e allora?<ozy> non lo copia: lo USA, lo aggiorna. il libro piu' recente e' interessante perche' ? pieno di allusioni "furbette" alla scienza contemporanea
<savana> tipo?<ozy> cio?: prende gli scienziati dei decenni scorsi, e li tratta da scemi in nome della teoria del caos eccetera
<ozy> una bella parodia<ozy> ma c'e' una cosa interessantissima
<ozy> contesta dalle fondamenta la ricerca della causa dell'estinzione dei dinosauri
<ozy> sulla seguente base:<ozy> la vita, sulla terra, si sta estinguendo dall'inizio
<ozy> il numero delle specie sta decrescendo in continuazione
<savana> ?<ozy> la scomparsa dei dinsauri e' un fatto fisiologico
<ozy> insieme ai dinosauri sono scomparse altri non so quanti migliaia di specie
<savana> cioe' la terra nasce con i viventi, e vanno via via sparendo?<ozy> esatto<savana> e i viventi da dove vengono?<ozy> no<ozy> parlo di DIVERSIFICAZIONE<ozy> c'erano molte piu' specie sulla terra un milione di anni fa che adesso
<ozy> adesso c'e' stata SELEZIONE<savana> questo puo' ancghe essere un modo corretto di vedere le cose
<ozy> quelle che sono vive adesso sono magari piu' numerose o evolute
<ozy><savana> mi spiego<ozy><savana> pensa alla grande classe fauna flora
<savana> inizialmente ce ne erano almeno 3 o 4
<savana> e is essi?<savana> si e' imposto il modello a due, perche' piu' efficiente
<ozy> uhm...<ozy> disagree<savana> ma erano tanti inizialmenet<ozy> la differenza sessuale ha implicazioni logiche. il numero delle varieta' di ameba no
<savana> la faccenda delle superclassi l'ho letta un paio di anni fa
<savana> su Nationa Geo<savana> molto prima del Cambriano<savana> sembra esistessero almeno 3 superclassi
<savana> 2 sono andate avanti<savana> una si e' "quasi " estinta<ozy> cioe' si e' semplificata<savana> e non parlo degli organismi simbiotici
<savana> tipo i moulders<ozy> virus?<savana> o i licheni<savana> no no<ozy> fate?<savana> lichene = organismo simbiotico tra pianta, batterio
<ozy> si'<savana> moulder= simbiotico tra batterio+fango+piante
<ozy> e scully?<savana> comunque si, da tre a due<savana> e' una semplificazione<ozy> posso segnalare un altro punto di vista sulla faccenda?<savana> problema: vero se parliamo di grossi aggregati
<savana> ma all'interno di un tipo, specie relata diversificaz cresce
<savana> poi esistono i rami secchi magari
<savana> ma comunque si espande<savana> es/ noi<ozy> ossia: pi? organizzazione, piu' evoluzione
<savana> si<ozy> allora seguimi<ozy> tutto questo e' visto dal punto di vista umano
<savana> ok<ozy> la scomparsa dei dinosauri e' un problema umano
<ozy> perche' a nessun altro glien'e'fregato nulla
<savana> esatto<ozy> quindi: perche' ci interessa tanto la scomparsa dei dinosauri?<ozy> perche'<ozy> perche' e' una potente metafora del fatto che la natura uccide gli esseri viventi se non si danno da fare
<savana> perche' e' grazie alla loro estinzione che ci siamo
<ozy> no<ozy> no<savana> aspetta<savana> i mammiferi c'erano<savana> da tempo, come i dino<ozy> il riccio<savana> ma non riuscivano a competere con questi
<ozy> coetaneo dei dinosauri<savana> ed erano reelgati a nicchie<savana> con scomparasa dino<savana> i mmammif hanno potuto occupare la > parte dell'habitat
<savana> e non solo nicchie<ozy> comeptizione per cibo+energia?<savana> ed e' qui che loro evoluz ha accelerato
<savana> stabile per 160mio anni<savana> poi acceleraz<ozy> stabile?<ozy> e' qui che c'e' qualche dubbio<savana> nel senso che pur in evoluz era relegata alla nicchia
<ozy> certamente i dinosauri erano grossi
<ozy> e quindi la loros comparsa libera piu' energia che non la scomparsa dell'ameba modello 455
<ozy> ma<savana> cioe' credi che i mammiferi abbaino "vinto" perche' so sono "dati da afre" vs dino?<ozy> no, dico che ne parliamo perche' l'uomo e' FRA L'ALTRO mammifero, quindi tifa per i mammiferi
<ozy> gli scienziati sono mammiferi. tranne la hack
<savana> NB: Ipotesi Crichton viene parzialmente negata proprio dai dino
<ozy> cioe': tutta la faccenda del "cosa succede se succede di nuovo?"
<savana> c'erano RETTILI inizialmente<ozy> "potremmo estinguerci come i dinosauri?"
<savana> poi tecodonti, dinosauri, arcosauri, rettili
<ozy> "uso del motore a scoppio ---> uomo come dinosauro"
<savana> aspetta<ozy> non sono in gradio di sostenere qui la polemica come la prospettava crichton, perche' e' una lettura fatta di sfuggita, ma affrontava anche la questione "evoluzione"
<ozy> ok<savana> se ipotesi meteor/vulcano----> vittoria e' 2casuale"
<savana> se ipotesi mammiferi---> vittoria non e' casuale
<savana> cambia parecchio<ozy> certo<ozy> quanto TU la racconti, NON e' casuale
<savana> due ulteriori dettagli ti do<ozy> e' storia<savana> i dino erano probabilmenet "omeofori"
<savana> cioe', producevano ebnergia internamente, calore corporeo e lo mantenevano
<savana> come i mammiferi<savana> non come i rettili attuali<savana> perche' e' importante?<savana> 1) rapporto preda/predatore cambia parecchio
<savana> 2) un sistema nervoso sviluppato ha bisogno di calore prodotto internamente
<savana> quindi un rettile non potra' mai diventare intelligente
<savana> i mammiferi si<savana> avvevano questo potenziale<savana> e pure i dino<savana> e questo che sconcerta<savana> le prove; istologia ossea e habitat
<savana> esistevano dino artici<savana> e ossa sono come quelle dei mammif attuali
<savana> senza anelli di crescita<savana> rettile ha ossa come gli alberi
<ozy> il che impediva di partorire "bambini"
<ozy> ossia scatole craniche espandibili
<savana> ada nello, perche' cresce in modo discontinuo
<ozy> ossia cervelli espandibili<ozy> il dinosauro piu' intelligente deve comunque passare per il buco del culo della mamma, cosa che limita la sua intelligenza
<ozy> mentre se mamma riesce a far passare
<savana> cal?ma<ozy> quel tanto di zucca, il resto poi lo fa la crescita e l'educazione
<savana> esistevano anche dino piccoli<savana> anzi erano la maggior parte<savana> fa piu' scena il tirannosauro o ceraptor o diplodoco
<ozy> ossia de silguy<savana> ma la > parte erano tipo pollo o piccolo mammifero
<ozy> grande culo e piccolo cervello<savana> hehee<savana> ora, non e' che buco del culo sia tanto piu' piccolo della figa
<savana> sforzandosi<savana> treno scappa<savana> andiamo avanti domani<savana> ti mando fax su antropologia<savana> cosi' parliamo meglio dei metodi scientifici
<savana> my Q<savana> esiste settore TMT?<savana> o e' un'invenzione?<ozy> anch'io aereo stasera<savana> perche' siccome mancava settotre tech in europa
<ozy> domani ti rispondo dalla borgogna
<savana> desinenza TMT<savana> cioe' telecom+<savana> tech<savana> = tutto tech<savana> e allora tim=cisco<ozy> includendoci anche gli ex debiti pubblici
<savana> bella trovata vero?<ozy> spg+bot = csco<savana> ok<savana> ciao<savana> e salute<ozy> la piu' bella = adesso Soru e' il guru sui mercati. lo hai sentito oggi?<savana> he he<ozy> ok. domani<savana> hehe<ozy> saro' ciucco<savana> ciao### DEC 22ND, 2000 ###<ozyonholiday> hello<ozyonholiday> cool.<ozyonholiday> connecting from a internet cafe en bourgogne
<ozyonholiday> cool again<ozyonholiday> note for myself:<ozyonholiday> dumb asians and brits who complain this chat is difficult to use from a cafe are just morons
<ozyonholiday> bye[youngSkywaler] joined forum [youngSkywaler] left forum [KrisHopkins] joined forum [KrisHopkins] left forum ### DEC 23RD, 2000 ######## [thud mcguffin] joined forum [thud mcguffin] left forum [YoungSkywalker] joined forum [YoungSkywalker] left forum ### JAN 2nd, 2001 ###<TheDynamicDuoJ> A picture of you and of me and we're laughin' and lovin it all......<TheDynamicDuoJ> i have a picture<TheDynamicDuoJ> pinned to my wall<TheDynamicDuoJ> an image of you and of me and we're laughin
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<admin> go figure<admin> notorious wanker<InternationalPlayboyJJ> hello..heidi, gramps..<admin> ozy<admin> have a question for you jj<InternationalPlayboyJJ> notorious felinocide = curiosity
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> go on heidi?<admin> it's not heidi, it's ozy the nutter
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<InternationalPlayboyJJ> krissy boy!<admin> look who shows his face!<YoungSkywalker> bonjour!<YoungSkywalker> shut it!<admin> you just saved jj, kris!<InternationalPlayboyJJ> give gramps a kiss will ya?<YoungSkywalker> xxxx<admin> thx<YoungSkywalker> happy new year to you both
<admin> [tear]<InternationalPlayboyJJ> that with a bit of lengua kris?<YoungSkywalker> what??<admin> haooy new year to you too<InternationalPlayboyJJ> bit o tongue..ur kiss for gramps
<admin> that's "happy"<InternationalPlayboyJJ> gramps = ozy<YoungSkywalker> i kow jj.. i havent been out of the loop that long
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> what was ur query? whats quine?<admin> forget it<admin> next time<InternationalPlayboyJJ> u've been loopy long enough
<YoungSkywalker> so how'd you like your message board being over run by total poo?<admin> the loop? there is a loop? wow!<InternationalPlayboyJJ> heheh<admin> poo?<InternationalPlayboyJJ> did u see the vienna post?<YoungSkywalker> like my "wall street @
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> bluehorshe loves annacott steel
<YoungSkywalker> saw the vienna post..and the band aid thing too!<admin> no problem, only poo there is these two dorks feigning a college education
<admin> but this we'll discuss later<InternationalPlayboyJJ> that would be ozy and the admiral
<YoungSkywalker> never went to college in my life
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> and stefano lavandero
<YoungSkywalker> cant tell can you!<InternationalPlayboyJJ> plus joe smelli
<admin> at one moment I thought that both jj's and lavinio's posting were really written by gargano
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> i reckon u'd be lucky if u finished elementary kris
<YoungSkywalker> haha.. i went to T.S.O.H.K
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> Gagono? gago=stupid in tagalog
<admin> i was expelled by pre-school<InternationalPlayboyJJ> pedo<admin> nope<InternationalPlayboyJJ> tsohk?<admin> my cousin tried to kill me<InternationalPlayboyJJ> frank pentangeli?<admin> hehe<InternationalPlayboyJJ> joey blengko from de brohngx?<YoungSkywalker> my education was the place where honour is traded for power and peace of mind for a piece of paper!<admin> joey bottafogo<admin> what's tshok?<admin> the loo?<YoungSkywalker> The School Of Hard Knocks
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> kris, that would be the franck provost bbeauty school
<admin> the loo<YoungSkywalker> hey.. gotta get me some Franky hair cut soon
<admin> again this provost thing!<InternationalPlayboyJJ> lavinio overtures and oratories (loo)
<admin> with a name like "provost"...<InternationalPlayboyJJ> its provostcative eh gramps?<YoungSkywalker> so are you gonna pick me up from the airport next week?<admin> he must be the clerhy equivalent of elton john
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> orations<admin> clergy<InternationalPlayboyJJ> u'd wanna have a cut like Frankie goes to hollywood u mince!<InternationalPlayboyJJ> (Hoy Gramps u senile ole farrt, all my posts are under the double J or guest!)
<YoungSkywalker> ozzy has a "flock of seagulls" haircut!<admin> WOW! I KILLED CHAT !!!!!<InternationalPlayboyJJ> yes i am kris-bo.<admin> cool<InternationalPlayboyJJ> u'd clergy elton john ozy u fagg
<admin> didn't lost my touch<InternationalPlayboyJJ> was bourgogne
<admin> bourgogne was beautiful<InternationalPlayboyJJ> ozy has A flock of seagulls for a haircut
<admin> didn't see it<InternationalPlayboyJJ> he thought flock o seagulls song I Ran was about a country
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> eh? where'd you go for vacance then
<YoungSkywalker> if Carlito's learned anything from the streets, it's that a favour will kill you faster than a bullet
<admin> bourgogne<InternationalPlayboyJJ> heheh...or a nice subway stab from benny blengko frohm de hbrongz
<YoungSkywalker> haha<YoungSkywalker> took me 8 hours to drive home yesterday
<admin> drive?<InternationalPlayboyJJ> sorry...john Leg Weed Samo
<admin> did you sell the train?<InternationalPlayboyJJ> biking takes awhile
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<YoungSkywalker> twats<InternationalPlayboyJJ> next time, something with a 50cc engine will be required
<YoungSkywalker> heard from Andy Bachtiar JJ?<admin> without passing through between
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<InternationalPlayboyJJ> Doner told me Andy's wife had a miscarriage/tumor when i was in europe? u heard bout that
<YoungSkywalker> thought he was back on 30th?<InternationalPlayboyJJ> ??<InternationalPlayboyJJ> kris, u hear bout that?<YoungSkywalker> who's Doner?<InternationalPlayboyJJ> he still not in. but should be back when u get there on the 22nd so dont worry
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> doner wong = richard jackson
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> the eurogook<InternationalPlayboyJJ> from chat<admin> true that about andy? I'm sorry
<InternationalPlayboyJJ> u are sorry ...regardless of any truth to the andy story
<admin> charming<InternationalPlayboyJJ> dreaming of your prince agian?<Kris> something went wrong!<admin> you on html chat?<Kris>-><YoungSkywalker> java<admin> you = kris<Kris>-><YoungSkywalker> my phone line cut off for some reason
<Kris> .<Kris> ...<OZY> funny game<Kris> this is weird<Kris> bit like joncy<OZY> it disconnects you?<OZY> the chat, not joncy<OZY> jj is disconnected<OZY> jj is under medication: too quiet to be true
<Kris> is he? i got disconnected from the whole computer.. had to re-dial the network
<OZY> nahhhh... he got a brownout maybe
<Kris> i cant see the top of this chat screen
<OZY> sky is the limit<OZY> what do you mean "the top"?<Kris> my name isnt even in the box of names on the left
<OZY> yes you are there, "kris"<OZY> i see it<OZY> try to wipe out foam from upper part of screen
<OZY> did you use tippex to correct your last Word job?<Kris> i cant see my name!<Kris> or that line i just wrote!<Kris> or that one!<Kris> i can see that one though!User [InternationalLovesexyJJ] joined forum <OZY> cool.<Kris> hahah<OZY> brain damage<InternationalLovesexyJJ> crappp<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Brenda Mage?<Kris> JJ.. and you had the cheek to slate that other chat room!<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ya gotta fix this dang site
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> sorry!<OZY> it works poerfectly<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Gramps Ozy cannot get this site working properly!<OZY> i used it from a internet cafe in BOURGOGNE!<InternationalLovesexyJJ> i'll be logging in from the poder isle of Boracay and HongKong jsut to test this sucker!<OZY> and bourgogne is technologically superior only to Zambia
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> poder=powder<OZY> powder isle?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> bourgogne probably has broadband
<OZY> bourgogne got phone lines in 1964
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> powder isle = bora cay
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> cay=quay<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Ozy the E.T. mologist
<Kris> in a world where loyalty is earned and betrayl is a way of life, a new and deadlier terrorist has emerged- the freelance killer!<InternationalLovesexyJJ> whazzat flick
<OZY> new job, kris?<OZY> next kris' assignment = Gaza<Kris> Ronin.. i now write covers for videos!<OZY> cool<Kris> the former Spurs , Lazio and england player??<OZY> Debby Does dallas?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> heheh...sweet! that ampohitheatre scene in Arles
<OZY> Gaza = Gascoigne, not Bourgogne<InternationalLovesexyJJ> I wanted to see that Amphitheatre in Arles that was shown in Ronin
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> not too far from bourgogne
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Kris, u seen Crying Freeman yet?<Kris> i saw morgan freeman on BBC 1 last night
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> so now we know better. thank u ozy.<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ur contributions are invaluable..<InternationalLovesexyJJ> btw...invaluable is the opposite of valuable..correct?:)
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ;)<Kris> hehhe<OZY> *burp*<InternationalLovesexyJJ> the Electric Company reruns??<InternationalLovesexyJJ> is a mouth fart
<Kris> Read Hiro's s/f story.. is he off his head
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> he likes money rather than gal
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Hiro likes money rather than gal.<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Kris? U see Crying Freeman yet??<OZY> hiro is a decent person<OZY> nuts, but a decent person<InternationalLovesexyJJ> never said he wasnt
<OZY> nuts?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> he puts in as much time on chat these days as u used to do gramps...<InternationalLovesexyJJ> took it upon himself to be the new ozy
<OZY> good<OZY> does chat still exist then?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> sexdreamin again gramps?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> cept Hiro makes more sense
<OZY> right<InternationalLovesexyJJ> left<OZY> so he quit designing and started talking?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> i'll send u all the pages of pigpen from tomorrow
<OZY> no, thx<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Hiro now writes stories
<OZY> pls<InternationalLovesexyJJ> draws "turips"
<Kris> hiro has gone mad<OZY> how do you know, kris?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> he likes money rather than gal
<OZY> me too<InternationalLovesexyJJ> clairvoyant<Kris> he has a long white beard and dribbles alot
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy likes Eddie Money rather than gal
<OZY> I like money rather than Gallstones
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy kirs?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> u'd suck on kris' gallstones u fagg
<OZY> eddie money?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> singer<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ask Joe Smelli
<OZY> oh. famous filipino croooner?<OZY> joe smelli is from trieste, italy
<Kris> gallstones?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> triste=sadness?<Kris> who says i have gallstones? ill kill them!<OZY> so little chance he knows sicilian crooners
<OZY> jj did<InternationalLovesexyJJ> shag ozy's missus
<Kris> so you lived through the manila bombings then
<OZY> he did it<OZY> jj just converted to isalm<OZY> islam<Kris> JJ starting a coup?<OZY> when there's trouble in manila, jj is always on the people's side
<Kris> he's flip royalty you know<InternationalLovesexyJJ> yup. a coup caracha
<Kris> or so he tells me<InternationalLovesexyJJ> heheh<InternationalLovesexyJJ> marge told u<InternationalLovesexyJJ> our PH waitress at champs elysees
<OZY> margot?<Kris> Mmmm.. ofcourse.. she wasnt in your caste so you couldnt touch her!<OZY> uhm...<Kris> margot kidder?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy belongs to the caste...caste-rated
<OZY> "caste" and "margot" in the same sentence... doesn't add
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> canu read my mind?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> do u know hwhat it is u do to me?<OZY> me above castes.<Kris> no.. but i can punch your face!<InternationalLovesexyJJ> but prefer Isabelle Adjani
<OZY> first sensible sentence this day. go kris
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy is a memeber of the castrati
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> u'd suck my face you mince
<Kris> JJ.. how did you like my use of french when ordering keebabs from that street vendor
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> now tell ozy about how u didnt shag any of the bridesmaids at andy's wedding.<Kris> feck off!<OZY> naaahhhhhhh....<OZY> can't be!<Kris> they were all married<InternationalLovesexyJJ> and tell ozy about how u failed to shag any of the javanese ladies in bali during andy's wedding.<OZY> nahhhhhhh<OZY> can't believe it<Kris> there is a difference between failling to shag.. and not wanting to shag
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> am gonna have Bachtiar email ozy to tell oz about all the stuff Kris DID not do in Bali
<Kris> bollox!<Kris> i did everything that was required
<OZY> ho ho...<InternationalLovesexyJJ> that answers gramps query...failed to shag
<OZY> to whom?<Kris> i didnt fail!<OZY> you restrained, correct?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> u are a frail
<Kris> excatly!<OZY> i see<OZY> a gentleman<InternationalLovesexyJJ> he popped it on but did not ejaculate...the clinton logic
<Kris> i imposed a period of restraint upon myself
<OZY> what did a gentleman do in bali, in the first place then?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> he'd get gentle with a man u mean!<InternationalLovesexyJJ> u imposed a restraint on your period u mean
<OZY> "gentle with a man" would be "goy/gay"?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> he was there to give bach a kiss before walking down the aisle
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> goyim?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> u';d goy a him oz!<Kris> oi! i could have had plenty should i have so desired
<Kris> an international playboy such as myself was on a rest break
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> could've would've should've...didnt didnt didnt
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ur starting to sound a lot like the Gay Cardinale
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> without the self-pity
<OZY> Bannier got self-pity? since when?<Kris> dont you dare compare me to the mule
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Ozy and Deanna have an L.Q. Krissie..<OZY> L Q ?p<OZY> LETTER QUALITY?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Bannier is a walking muck of self-pity
<Kris> LQ??<InternationalLovesexyJJ> El Burro<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Lover's Quarrel
<Kris> latex quim?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> yuck<OZY> Deanna? she still alive?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ask luigi<Kris> yes.. she takes brandy to trapped walkers in the mountains
<Kris> she is a st bernard<OZY> santa bernarda<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy got all hot and bothered he removed all of deanna's post...acting like a scorned teen boy bruised by his girly friend
<Kris> who does she post under?<OZY> nope. just reinstalled the messageboard, you dork
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> deanna<Kris> figures!<OZY> yep<InternationalLovesexyJJ> deanna posts under deanna as her name is deanna...u know kris, Left Bank logic.<OZY> all her postings are available in chat transcript
<Kris> i have those next christams<OZY> only bank manila has left<InternationalLovesexyJJ> u wanna hear a corker of a statement gramps?<InternationalLovesexyJJ> take the Seine River cruise
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> the voice-over goes...<Kris> dont even have a sperm bank anymore.. too many withdrawing customers
<Kris> jj's always open for them!<InternationalLovesexyJJ> "to your left is the Left Bank, called so as it lies on the Left-hand-side of the Seine"
<OZY> drunk fags?<OZY> ah, la rive gauche!<Kris> he takes all kinds<OZY> saint laurent<InternationalLovesexyJJ> no. but am sure to boire themm occasionally gramps
<OZY> fags, in short<Kris> he gives new meaning to "turn the other cheek"
<OZY> hehe<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy missus so fat she could turn the other "cheek"
<OZY> i suspect THAT's always been the meaning
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> fold it like a pressed shirt
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> which is why u engage in it
<OZY> your mama is so fat she has greenpeace's zodiacs escorting her
<Kris> the japs try to catch her for soap
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> your momma's like mcdonalds...over 50 billion served
<OZY> the flesh eating bug is killinmg your mama. in 234 years maybe
<Kris> your mommas like KFC.. finger licking good <InternationalLovesexyJJ> oh...dont do that soap thing on Oz kris....internment camp implications
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> but who gives a hoot about oz's feelings anyway
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> cept his fellow emotionally fragile fwends
<OZY> feelings?<OZY> I have no feelings<InternationalLovesexyJJ> your momma's like |Polaroid...the one step
<OZY> it just entices my killer instinct
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy's momma like 7-Up...crisp and clean with no caffeine
<OZY> na lavada na sugada la par naca duperada
<Kris> joncy was thinking of opening a new place.. instead of eating food he'd let all his mincer mates have a go on him... he's gonna call it BUGGER KING
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy's momma so greasy she glides ewhen she walks
<OZY> polaroid? three steps in the delirium
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> she goes to the beauty parlour for a lube job not a hair cut
<Kris> hahah<Kris> my family had to call search and rescue when i'd shagged joncys mum.. she was so big i got lost inside her
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy;s momma so wide and lose, her gynecologist is Mr. GoodWrench
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Kris mom beshat Kris
<InternationalLovesexyJJ> nuff said<OZY> i'm just gonna e-mail her all of this
<Kris> your mum is like a roll on , roll off ferry
<Kris> and she charges too!<InternationalLovesexyJJ> ozy's momma like Karate Kid...Wazx on, wax off
<Kris> she paints a mean fence too!<InternationalLovesexyJJ> she'd do the whole picket!<OZY> that's Miagi, not Miani!<Kris> haha<InternationalLovesexyJJ> in your vcase ozy, Me-yah-gay
<OZY> ha-ha<Kris> bye kids! gotta go and do stuff<OZY> speaking of fags, jj...<OZY> bye kris<InternationalLovesexyJJ> Ciao. Nite gramps!<OZY> bye bye### JAN 3RD, 2001 ###<TheJJMan ofMystery> Mornin<kris> mornin.. you at work now?<TheJJMan ofMystery> yep<kris> smashin!<kris> one week tomorrow and ill be on my way!<TheJJMan ofMystery> about to nap til 9:am in a bit tho
<TheJJMan ofMystery> yup. ok<TheJJMan ofMystery> here's the HK deal
<kris> go on<TheJJMan ofMystery> we stay there til the 22nd, fly back to manila on the morning flight to make it to your flight to tokyo in the p.m.<TheJJMan ofMystery> 5 days 4 nites<TheJJMan ofMystery> i think should cost about USD510, accoms and biz class flight
<kris> so i get to manila on friday 12th at 5pm
<kris> when is boracuy?<TheJJMan ofMystery> cheap as it is buy 1 take 1 these days...the flight, not d chicks
<TheJJMan ofMystery> boracay is 14th to 18th. we fly to manila morning of the 18th to make it to our p.m. flight to HK
<TheJJMan ofMystery> 12-14th = manila...14th-18th = boracay, 18th to 22nd = hk
<kris> hang on.. im writing this down<TheJJMan ofMystery> u got that smart ass?<TheJJMan ofMystery> we either stay at the Pen or the Shang here in Manila for just a couple of nites.<kris> so all of the 14th and 18th ill be sitting in fecking airports all day!<TheJJMan ofMystery> I'll finalise travel arrangements with Joy today so she can give u instructions on the reaminder of the transfer
<TheJJMan ofMystery> remainder<kris> do i have to send another transfer? cant i give her the rest when i get there.. my bank is poo
<kris> she already has 296 usd<TheJJMan ofMystery> no. on the 14th, we have a big brekky at the shang, then get driven to the airport.<TheJJMan ofMystery> the 18th that is.<TheJJMan ofMystery> ok, i can just foot the additional part til u get here.<kris> thanks<kris> i cant be doing with going down to my poxy bank again.. they are total twats
<TheJJMan ofMystery> our trip is tight so i doubt even i will have time to see joy. thats why i wanna have all tickets etc by me come early enxt week
<TheJJMan ofMystery> no prob chief<kris> do we have brekie included in honk and boracuy
<TheJJMan ofMystery> i also suggest u have shopping money. lotsa sales in HK. it's a time between the christmas and winter sales, and pre-Chinese New Year sales.<TheJJMan ofMystery> everything will be expensive in Tokyo
<kris> my bag is gonna be heavy as it is
<TheJJMan ofMystery> in manila and boracay yes on the brekky. in hk, u have to add an additional US 10 per day. we can just grap a dimsum brekky much cheaper somewhere in teh streets
<kris> im taking a case and a back pack type thing
<TheJJMan ofMystery> bring a big backpack
<kris> can i still leave my suitcase at your sis house while in boracay and HK?<TheJJMan ofMystery> no as there will be no time
<TheJJMan ofMystery> not a prob with my sis for sure, but our sched is tight
<kris> is boracay eco flight or biz?<TheJJMan ofMystery> boracay is biz class seats as it is a 55 minute flight
<TheJJMan ofMystery> sucks eh?<TheJJMan ofMystery> i still have shitloads of discounted PAL tickets
<TheJJMan ofMystery> but this time, no need to use it in light of the HK buy one take one biz class offer
<TheJJMan ofMystery> u excited yet???<kris> i will definetely be back in time for my jap flight right?<TheJJMan ofMystery> yup. u have probably at least a 4 hour leeway
<kris> as soon as you get flight numbers and times email them to me would ya
<kris> you told the HK chicks?<TheJJMan ofMystery> yup.<TheJJMan ofMystery> wanda knows...she says u wrote her. i think u need to write her again
<kris> oh you do , do you!<kris> am looking forward to it! bet youre creaming your pants.. mincer boy!<TheJJMan ofMystery> I'll have joy email all the details
<TheJJMan ofMystery> heheh...yeah...that ggook playin hard to get wicha
<kris> whats honk weather like?<TheJJMan ofMystery> HK weather was stunning when i was there. but doenr wong says i was lucky. usually cloudy and a bit cool. 15c
<kris> im a right fat fecker now! too many sweets over crimbo
<TheJJMan ofMystery> doner wong/richard jackson...we hooked up on boxing day. he and his wifey met up witme, my bro, and my bro-in-law
<kris> so what did you do new year?<TheJJMan ofMystery> lit up firecrackers , the usual. beirut in manila.<kris> machine guns in the air huh?<TheJJMan ofMystery> firecrackers are legal here so the enitre country lights up these explosives for a solid 3 hours. absolute madness. takes a day for the smoke to clear
<kris> allah be praised<TheJJMan ofMystery> shrapnel...gunpowder wrapped in paper...all sorts
<TheJJMan ofMystery> but LOUD!<TheJJMan ofMystery> machine guns sound petty by comparison
<kris> "the moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever"
<kris> used that on the swede<TheJJMan ofMystery> ps: bro, u gotta get one of those mandarin outfits in Stanley Market. plus they got hugh hefner silk pajamas. we gotta get those!<TheJJMan ofMystery> bleurrggh~<TheJJMan ofMystery> she bought it?<kris> gotta luv the hefner!<kris> fuck knows.. she hasnt replied<TheJJMan ofMystery> all for about 9 quid bro!<kris> id want a girl in them for 9 quid!<TheJJMan ofMystery> did u tell her to meet you a track nine g months from now??<kris> you know how i was with the 7p rice!<TheJJMan ofMystery> heheheh<kris> told her lots of stuff<TheJJMan ofMystery> u gave her a bit of B4 Sunrise eh?<TheJJMan ofMystery> a bit o' Waltzing to Strauss' Vienna Blood...<kris> also told her this little gem.. " enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise that they were the big things"
<TheJJMan ofMystery> a bit of the Danube, no?<TheJJMan ofMystery> ur dick?<TheJJMan ofMystery> guess u got a right to dream
<kris> my original letter was full of vienna esque stuff.. but she didnt get it.. the second was less schmultzy
<kris> i saw that!.. asshole!<TheJJMan ofMystery> lemme hear some of the vienna-esque schmaltz...hehehe
<kris> puff!<TheJJMan ofMystery> i.e."i'd spank your booty like a pinball machine and yell 'MERDE!'"...that type of vienna-esque line??<kris> no... thats all finished with now
<TheJJMan ofMystery> not while track 9 is open it isnt
<kris> track nine is shut!<TheJJMan ofMystery> tell her to meet u at track 9 of the Shinkansen
<TheJJMan ofMystery> Shinkasen=bullet train
<kris> anyway.. an international playboy shouldnt be tied down.. even if it is to a beautiful blonde swede with nice tits!<TheJJMan ofMystery> what about inviting her to the next La Scala presentation of the classic opera "Bring me the Horns of Wilmington's Cow."
<TheJJMan ofMystery> you're the cow...<kris> haha "i am the cow"<TheJJMan ofMystery> heheh<TheJJMan ofMystery> those to austrians were corkers!<TheJJMan ofMystery> to=2<kris> so you looking forward to our forthcoming activities>#
<TheJJMan ofMystery> u can get the screenplay on the net
<TheJJMan ofMystery> dang straight!<kris> the girls up for it?<TheJJMan ofMystery> i think we gotta buy snorkeling equipment here in manila
<TheJJMan ofMystery> dont wanna rent a snorkel some german pederast sucked on in boracay
<TheJJMan ofMystery> the chicks are psyched...masseef!<TheJJMan ofMystery> especially the roshan
<kris> urgh! dont know where those germas have been!<kris> what one is roshan?<TheJJMan ofMystery> zactly. we just need goggles and the snorkel...should cost maybe 20 usd...rather pay for that then suck on some pedo sucked on snorke
<TheJJMan ofMystery> the (russian)
<TheJJMan ofMystery> the other malay<TheJJMan ofMystery> u get pino<TheJJMan ofMystery> hehehe<kris> haha<kris> she a nice looking russian<kris> ?<TheJJMan ofMystery> yup...pretty cute<kris> taken?<TheJJMan ofMystery> pino = the italian dude
<kris> i know who pino is<TheJJMan ofMystery> no...but pino wants a go at her,,,,but it is each man to himself...<kris> so do you three already know each other?<TheJJMan ofMystery> so feck pino<TheJJMan ofMystery> course...they were on my tour
<TheJJMan ofMystery> they've known of you since the tour...<TheJJMan ofMystery> i wast texting u throughout the dang italy tour
<kris> so i'll be the odd one out!<TheJJMan ofMystery> they know u are an international playboy....<kris> haha<TheJJMan ofMystery> plus u got wanda in HK
<TheJJMan ofMystery> less u prefer andre
<TheJJMan ofMystery> u got java now??<kris> any previous form with pino and the chicks?<TheJJMan ofMystery> nope. pino is the unluckiest man alive.<TheJJMan ofMystery> goodlooking fella, an engineer, bodyy builder. but couldnt get laid ion a whorehouse with a fistfull of hundred$.<kris> so how will my beer gut go down with the ladies!<TheJJMan ofMystery> he is italian, but canadian. too nice.<TheJJMan ofMystery> chicks will love it. reckon the malay chick will have a go at ya.<TheJJMan ofMystery> she is married, though niot happuily
<TheJJMan ofMystery> fella is an aussie bloke = boring and fumbling!<kris> puts out does she?<TheJJMan ofMystery> hope so for u<kris> hahah me too!<kris> it'll be back to dolphin waxing if she dont!<TheJJMan ofMystery> educated and quite well-off...good taste...dresses well. unlike greg's malay
<TheJJMan ofMystery> anyway, lotsa chicks in boracay. we will be there in the week between the annual cutty sark windsurf tournament and the week of a local town fiesta.<kris> so what does the 12th and 13th have in store for us?<TheJJMan ofMystery> the 12th i pick u up at 5. yatie, the malay, arrives earlier at 1. we do a nite out.<TheJJMan ofMystery> hopefully you 2 hit it off
<TheJJMan ofMystery> on the 13th, i pick up pino and natalya at 6AM. meet u for a big brekky at the hotel.<kris> ill wear my union jack boxer shorts.. that'll impress her!<TheJJMan ofMystery> from there we proceed to Bamboo beach and my beach hut. Go cliff diving, a bit of snorkeling.<TheJJMan ofMystery> then back to the city for the nitelife.<TheJJMan ofMystery> leave thenext day for boracay
<kris> smashin! so when is andy b back in town.. any idea?<TheJJMan ofMystery> heheheh...the britannic amjestys flag on your dingdong...the chiocks will love it!!<TheJJMan ofMystery> dont know. should be back in latest comin monday
<TheJJMan ofMystery> the beach isnt super great here in the main isle of luzon, but better than any in europe. at least when u see the beach where my hut is, you'll see the diff with the spectacular boracay
<TheJJMan ofMystery> how much are goggles and that snorkel spout there?<TheJJMan ofMystery> maybe u can bring it...<kris> fuck knows.. we dont excatly have nice sea's for snorkelling!<kris> be back in a minute<TheJJMan ofMystery> women are loose enuff to snorkel in tho
<kris> brit women! you could snorkel in one of them and still never reach the bottom!<TheJJMan ofMystery> no need to bring in the little stuff u do with your momma kris
<TheJJMan ofMystery> ozy did not like our Ozy momma post. he edited it. thought he was a tough guy and could take it.<TheJJMan ofMystery> this shows him that we get on this chat as early as 6;am my time, and past midnite your time!!<kris> hahha<kris> thought he'd be here!<TheJJMan ofMystery> check it out on the message board...he edited the original post. what a poser and a loser
<TheJJMan ofMystery> he was probably smarting from the truth
<kris> im going to bed soon. i actually feel tired for the first time in ages
<kris> so when does andy get back?<TheJJMan ofMystery> i dont feckin know exactly when?<TheJJMan ofMystery> i aint his momma<TheJJMan ofMystery> for one, i'm not a whore
<kris> well you should.. and you look like his momma
<kris> heheh<TheJJMan ofMystery> you look like his momma's unshaved ass
<TheJJMan ofMystery> on a bad hair day!<kris> does anyone use bbg chat these days?<TheJJMan ofMystery> yup.<kris> twat<TheJJMan ofMystery> hiro puts in as much time as gramps ozy these days
<kris> really?<TheJJMan ofMystery> that and he emails his stories: so sorry for my jap-english tlakes
<TheJJMan ofMystery> tlakes=tales<TheJJMan ofMystery> hang on.<kris> gonna laze about and watch gladiator tomorrow
<TheJJMan ofMystery> am trying to get pino on chat
<kris> ive been on this fecking thing for hours
<TheJJMan ofMystery> watch The Crying Freeman!<TheJJMan ofMystery> believe me! awesome flick!<kris> fecking better be.. anyone would think you get royalties the way you plug it!<TheJJMan ofMystery> like b4 sunrise<TheJJMan ofMystery> heheh<TheJJMan ofMystery> plot not that great but kickin cinematography!!<TheJJMan ofMystery> Good nite chief! gotta do the morning meeting....<LovesexyDoubleJ> Wilma?<LovesexyDoubleJ> Willlmersssss!!!!<LovesexyDoubleJ> Admin?<LovesexyDoubleJ> Heidi<LovesexyDoubleJ> Come on boy<LovesexyDoubleJ> come on girl<LovesexyDoubleJ> succumb to the beat surrender!<LovesexyJ"on'the'rocks> is anybody home?<LovesexyJ"on'the'rocks> I have a request
<LovesexyJ"on'the'rocks> I'd like a Lovesexy on the rocks ### JAN 8TH, 2001 #####User [LoveMahShayneDoubleJay] joined forum
<KrisHopkins> spare a talon for an old ex-lepper
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> Schlepper u mean
<KrisHopkins> bollox! how ya doing big man?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> u like my name?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> it sounds so ebonic eh?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> yo momma a big man!<KrisHopkins> bubonic morlike<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> lay-up easy<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> u excited?<KrisHopkins> im past the excitment stage and moving into the "pantsing it " stage at the moment
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> u gonna take forever answerin?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> freakin faster on sms
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> wat wit dat seka?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> in your case "pantsying stage"
<KrisHopkins> talked on the msn messanger thing for a couple of hours.. still cant work out the score
<KrisHopkins> given up trying now<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> after 2 hours?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> wat be wit dat who'e
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> she done you wrong nigah!<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> i'd slap her bootie til she merdes!<KrisHopkins> we were just talking and joking around.. didnt really try to sort out what had happened.... think i'll leave it like that... if i see her again when i get back..fine... if not.. im not all that bothered
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> seein as u'll be shaggin a lassie by the cocnut trees on boracay?<KrisHopkins> and you'll be shagging lassie the dog!<KrisHopkins> woof woof!<KrisHopkins> talking of dogs...... anyone seen ozzys momma??<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> will u get cryin freeman already?<admin> hey you<KrisHopkins> no i will not get crying freeman
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> ozy momma getting a pap smear...with a shovel!<KrisHopkins> im too busy<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> 20 lines and only now the feck recognises us!<KrisHopkins> woof woof!User [KrisHopkins] left forum on Mon Jan 08 07:33:50 EST 2001
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> back in 2 minutes
<admin> agh<admin> did you read "stricking thoughts"?<admin> Tuttke, 228 pages, by Bruce Lee?User [KrisHopkins] left forum on Mon Jan 08 07:34:33 EST 2001
<admin> oops. Tuttle<kris> joncy?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> yo<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> also, good afternoon gramps
<admin> joncy is sleeping<kris> with yo momma?<admin> did you read that?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> whats strickin thoughts??<kris> no.. got kicked out<admin> not you<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> in dah nutballs?<kris> so are u picking me up from the airport?<admin> how sweet<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> i told u yep!<kris> ok<admin> run ralenty towards him<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> u gona watch crying freeman gramps and krissy??<admin> with some mantovani playing in background
<kris> shut up about that bloody film<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> feckin time u two watch it!<admin> I asked you if you read "stricking thoughts" by bruce Lee
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> no<admin> the philosopher bruce lee<kris> didnt your mum have a relationship with mantovani?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> yep<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> the tao of kungfuy etc..<admin> published by tuttle<admin> nope<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> never read strickin thoughts
<admin> it seems he was a asian-libertarian-anticapitalist-something philosopher
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> why?<admin> ie: a dork<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> gramps, don't 4get to watch Before Sunrise and Crying Freeman ok?<admin> i will carefully avoid them<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> a dead person<kris> hahha<admin> s?eaking of dead persons<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> gramps...tell us more about yourself...<kris> ozzy Bin laden<admin> speaking<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> i wanna know what you are as a person
<admin> I fully support stephen hawking's wife
<admin> she finally beat the shit out of him
<admin> I hope she will quickly kill him and get the money
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> i wanna know what makes you sing with rapture and dance like a dervish...<kris> ozzy's momma is in the Taliban... she has a fantastic beard
<admin> you could marry heer, JJ. pretty old chicken
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> i wanna know what your passions were, what moved you...before the general pace of life took it away from u...<kris> your momma joncy<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> (sorry...bit o kris' uncle anthony there in the dervish bit....and marlon in don juan de marco on the general pace bit
<admin> yo moma yo moma.<admin> I thought yo momma was a asian celloist
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> a whore<kris>-><LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> more of the "momma
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> nice!<kris> a good one though<admin> yo yo ma?<admin> very good<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> but it should be cellist...not celloist
<admin> he from honk kong, methinks<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> no<admin> cellist? celloist<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> he's from paris
<kris> who's from paris?<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> yoyo ma raised in paris
<admin> spends lotta time in HK. a friend met him there
<LoveMahShayneDoubleJay> think went to julliard after
<kris> im from jerusalem.... the new jerusalem.. yeah, thats short for New Jersey
<admin> cellist?<admin> speaking of sell...<kris> i got a garden full of trees and a pocket full of cheese
<admin> do you have palestinians in new jersey?User [JoncyBaby /] joined forum on Mon Jan 08 07:44:06 EST 2001
<admin> and bombs on buses?<kris> yes.. and they stone the soldiers too
<JoncyBaby> yep<admin> you are stoned, no matter how many palestinians you got
<JoncyBaby> ozy momma look like itzhak perlman's momma on a bad hair day!<admin> JJ's knowledge of jews entirely built through TV. I repeat this.<kris> Joncys momma looks like butros butros gahli.<admin> na... more like U Thant<JoncyBaby> have u ever seen a stoning? absolutely brutal. a classic case of the wad serving as executioner. buncha cowards, u see no ONE person is responsible for the end resulkt of a stoning.<admin> pass that joint, maaaaaaaaan ----------> stoning
<kris> ive seen a stoning on "life of brian"
<kris> does that count?<admin> great movie<admin> far better than "JC superstar"<kris> damn right!<admin> which sounds like a french train User [LeJonce] joined forum<admin> speaking of french fags,...<LeJonce> ozy's knowledge of anything = zero
<kris> what are you doing poncy?<LeJonce> feckin this website is cwap<LeJonce> u dont need to do a thing. it fcuks itself. kinda like ozy's sexlife
<admin> french fag alert!<admin> manual ability -----> sub-monkey level
<kris> hahah<LeJonce> u spotted admiral someplace?<admin> when will they ship opposable thumbs to these poor asians?<kris> love to stay and chat with you two mincers... but i got things to do
<LeJonce> or joe smelli<LeJonce> cant be victoria...she's not french
<admin> joe busy with clients. admin preoparing a surprise
<kris> speak to you later boys<LeJonce> ozy momma is so loose, she'd fit 2 ships in alongside the panama canal...and throw in liberia.<admin> later kris. latest<admin> why not "DE lejonce"?<admin> would be even frenchier<LeJonce> c ya gramps. gotta fix this thing. ps: give lowe a job.<admin> give lowe a job? I am not a magician
<admin> how many eterosexual Bankamerica employees do you need to screw a light bulb ?<admin><admin><admin> both of them<admin><admin><admin> ok, it's an old joke. "how many san francisco eterosexual waiters do you need etc etc...?"
<admin><admin> but I thought the "san francisco" reference could offend somebody
<admin><admin><admin> back to stephen hawking<admin> full support to Elaine Mason<admin> who finally punched the freak in his nose
<admin><admin> what odd idea of science must contemporary world have, if the most "popular" scientist is a crippled monster?<admin> are his discoveries really so important?<admin> really?<admin><admin> so, why the opublic display of "the mind" must be so a sorry show?<admin> speaking of mind/body dichotomy
<admin><admin> aka: descartes' sexual problem### JAN 9TH, 2001 ###<savana> As concerns an indicator now in fashion, namely PEG (price earning growth), I will discuss about it in the following days
<savana> Discussion will be linked to the general topic of pseudotheories and pseudoscience
<savana> In the past I was acritical on the bull market, and I was paying attention only to my mechanical trading system signals
<savana> I was trying to rationalize "after" the signals obtained
<savana> Anyway they had at least the emrit of keeping you with the trend
<savana> and weren't falling in love with a sector or with a stock
<savana> The system works fine, but I don't understnad perfectly the reasons for that
<savana> Why did the market fall on last Friday for instance? The system gave me a sell signal
<savana> I can only muddle trough some hypotheses
<savana> maybe the short covering terminated
<savana> or else<savana> but I don't perfectly why<savana> The simple fact is that the system "sold"
<savana> Of course, since I worked out that system, I know why it sold
<savana> But maybe I'm expecting something impossible from that
<savana> namely an explanation that goes further and beyond the aspects of volatility etc...<savana> In some cases I can find a good match between system indications and fundamental reasons
<savana> ie: Banco Bilbao<savana> System is in buy on that stock
<savana> only after a few days I discovered why
<savana> It's the bank less exposed to the revenues from investment banking activities
<savana> and marginally exposed to loans towards the telecom sector
<savana> just one flaw<savana> it has an exposure toward Argentina
<savana> but after IMF agreements, even that should be alright
<savana> the system "bought" before I knew these things
<savana> because it exploits informations available by other investors
<savana> that reflect themselves on the price action over a specified stock
<savana> We talked some time ago about a paradox ensuing from that
<savana> if we all behave this way, we will have an informationless market
<savana> I wish I could integrate my stat/math analyses
<savana> with qualitative ones<savana> because if teh system tells me to sell before a 10% drop, i feel comfortable with that
<savana> but one day i will get the indication after the 10% drop already occurred
<savana> ....<savana> ....................................<savana> as regards a literature about those issues
<savana> of private information, trading volume, stock return variances
<savana> you can read:<savana> "Continous auctions and insider trading" by Kyle, Econometrica 55, 1985
<savana> " A theory of intraday tarding patterns" by Admati and Pfleiderer, Reviwe of financial studies 1, 1988
<savana> "Noise" by Black, Journal of Finance 41, 1986
<savana> "differential information and dynamic behavior of stock trading volume" by He and Wang, Review of Fin studies (RFS since now) 8, 1995
<savana> "Equilibrium price with institutional investors and with naive traders", Fed paper, Apr 1998 ## JAN 30TH, 2001 ###<ZiggyStardust> he is the m.d. of his futures desk
<~tia~> :) i can also go<admin> did you read our messageboard?<~tia~> ok,likely<ZiggyStardust> why dont u ask andys HK mate Dave?<~tia~> ya?<admin> it's illegal<~tia~> then...<admin> 43<~tia~> how old r u?<~tia~> ooooohhhhhh<admin> the records trance guys sample<admin> electric jazz<admin> jazz, the more modern kind. fusion
<~tia~> what do u like?<admin> no, I don't like trance<admin> please disconnect translator<~tia~> dont like ?? :)<admin> aaaarghhhh!!!<~tia~> dance, trance but alsdo others<admin> good. what kind?<~tia~> music<admin> what do you like the most?<~tia~> fast<admin> whenever it happens?<admin> ?<~tia~> ?? i let surprise<admin> and planning to start life when, exactly?<~tia~> futer education<admin> where will you go at college/university?<admin> what branch?<admin> what kind?<~tia~> in school<admin> education?<admin> no income, then<admin> lil maria<admin> the nephew<admin> not the auntie, then.<~tia~> ?<admin> oh<~tia~> 16, f german<admin> r/i/s<admin> i/e<admin> good<~tia~> no :)<admin> tia maria?<admin> you a auntie?<admin> tia?<~tia~> a/s/l?<admin> hi<~tia~> hi!!### FEB 2ND, 2001 ####<Atsap> i dont have a bottomless cash pit!!! wish to fuck i did
<ZiggyStardust> yep<Atsap> you know what i mean though?<ZiggyStardust> yeah. feckin swede cleared u out!<ZiggyStardust> what about asking andys mate dave in hk. he's teh m.d. of his futures desk.<Atsap> you forget that i havent recieved any income since september
<Atsap> doesnt help my bank balance though <Atsap> ofcourse<ZiggyStardust> didnt u consider all that b4 u flew here?<Atsap> not for local hires<Atsap> its not that massive<Atsap> then ill have to put down a deposite on a place to stay <thud mcguffin> test<thud mcguffin> YAWN<ZiggyStardust> so what? the payscale will be massive.<Guest> hello<Guest> fuck off<Guest> thud here<Guest> goodnught!<Guest> night<Atsap> then itll cost for me to fly out here again <ZiggyStardust> good. coem ehre first<Atsap> if i get a job in tokyo.. i have to fly home and aply for a visa <ZiggyStardust> then i suggest u shift to a higher gear in japan. keep it to two weeks. and then hit HK.<Qued><Qued> Hmmm<ozy> bye<Qued> Wow, hmmm bye<ozy> I need food. see ya later<Atsap> yeah but its all relative!<ozy> bit slow. huh?<Qued><ozy> slow<Qued> ????<Qued> Hmmmm whot<ozy> nice to meet you<ozy> bye. gotta go. need food<ZiggyStardust> 8 dollars is a meal at the shang here!<Atsap> i reckon is i have 5 thousand usd left id be lucky
<ZiggyStardust> i know it costs! but it just seems ur quid has more bang her in the phils and in hk.<Atsap> what do you think i use to finance all my trips...... magic dust??<ZiggyStardust> much money u have left enough to stay in hk and jap?<Atsap> yes obi\wan<ZiggyStardust> rewally?<ZiggyStardust> so just stay and be [patient
<Atsap> my cash is virtually 0<ozy> it spells QED though<Atsap> yeah well i was hoping to get something within days rather than weeks
<ZiggyStardust> home will always be there whether u go home now or 3 months from now.<ozy> mr feynman<ozy> hello<Qued> Hello
<Atsap> who knows.. i might just go home and try something completely different <Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> hello there me ole muck
<krisHopkins> hello matey<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> andy lookin for his wifey
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> she wit u>?<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> hoy!<krisHopkins> no mate<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy><krisHopkins> out to lunch with her mate
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> talkin to andy<krisHopkins> hows it going big fella... my mobs doenst work here
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> tellin him about my luck
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> you get to shag...all i get is to suck face with a sexpot from stockholm.<krisHopkins> about my fuck though!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> not about ur fuck. jsut my luck!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u a slow typer??<krisHopkins> you are a mincing fag... he knows that and doesnt need reminding!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i had only 18 hours with her. if i recall, u needed about 80 hours from fastbreak to dunk chief!<krisHopkins> bollox did I... if i was trying i could close any deal with any chick within 1 hour tops
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> hurry up! limpwrist cant type?<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u were in bali for a week. nada. dont bark pepito
<krisHopkins> bali i was being faithful to my swede
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u were faithful to a swede named Bjorn u mean!<krisHopkins> i could have shagged in bali... just didnt want to
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> fact is, u werent allowed to put it in til day7!<krisHopkins> bollox!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> in that time period, someone managed to make the world!<krisHopkins> anyway.. theres more to relationships than sex!<krisHopkins> the wooing is more sexually demanding mentally
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u said it. but i enjoy the banter. the fucking with the mind so to speak. in that respect, the swede got it hard from me!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> and u know it!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i think the poontang from perth used u like a piece o' meat.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u were number 151<krisHopkins> yeah right!<krisHopkins> if anyone was doing any mind fucking.. it was me!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> that must explain why she hasbnt written back
<krisHopkins> i was 151??? i think not!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> and why u broke first...errr..i mean "wrote" first
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> excluding the chicks she messed with
<krisHopkins> i did not break... i was being nice
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u were used like a piece of bratwurst
<krisHopkins> hey.. im impervious<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> did she give you the "you're so spesh to me that's why i'm doin this" line?<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> pervy-youse<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> so when we go to boracay???<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i wanna have a go at the tanned jap chick from the dive shop
<krisHopkins> you have no chance!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> the swede sure liked me
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i need not remind you who i am around these parts
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> my british rajah<krisHopkins> king sumulong of the third world
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> "i do not sit on floors"
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> Kris of the Noble House of Hopkins
<krisHopkins> i dont sit on floors!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> "but there are cushions" you'll feel like a Viceroy
<krisHopkins> anyway.. let me remind you who was making all the moves in getting me into bed
<krisHopkins> im not easy you know!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u saw pino's letter? bless him!<krisHopkins> i was very viceroy-esque<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> were like "please! just let me feck you!"
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> then you were like a lap dog accompanying her to get her jacuet back from J.J.'s...carryin her shoppin bags....sad
<krisHopkins> oh feck right off .. i was nothing like a lap dog
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> betcha u told her how much u wanna see gher again
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> that russki is a downright nutter!<krisHopkins> yeah right,, comming from a guy who has never sampled the flesh of a women
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> wonder what happened to our ole boy on that last day
<krisHopkins> nutter of the highest order
<krisHopkins> im so dissapointed<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u kidding? u saw the reception i got at planet hollywood paris... it's been easy for me chief.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> heheheh" I CAN'T AHNDLE THE DISAPPOINTMENT!"
<krisHopkins> ofcourse it is! you are just a pimp and the whole country are your whores
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i still want at least just 3 days weith the that too mcuh to ask?<krisHopkins> the philippines is one big third world brothel
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> dontcha love it?!<krisHopkins> the swede would have fucked you there and then if she was interested
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> so, when we goin to boracay? whats ur plans?<krisHopkins> but she didnt<krisHopkins> haha<krisHopkins> atleast ive sampled swede
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> she would've...she said she didnt want to be a number
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> so suck face it was<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> she didnt want to be taken as an easy suede like the tramp you got from a boat
<krisHopkins> i think youre mistaking my National Westminster current account with that of the Fedreral Reserves
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> heheheheh!!!!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> what is with that crapp woman's line..."i dont wanna be a number."
<krisHopkins> hehhee<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i didnt tell you i got that same line from the bloody swede!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> it floored me<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> am serious so dont laugh!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> tell me krissy, how can someone stick their tongue down your throat and not "want to be anotehr number" half an hour later??<krisHopkins> i know all too well the heartbreak that results from a Nordicmind
<krisHopkins> i dont know pal.. never normally happens to me.. its just a natural progression usually
<krisHopkins> you kiss.. then fuck<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> there shoukld be a rule! u stick a tongue down my gotta shag!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> in your case...kiss...then beach walk....then play with our thingy's...then 3 dyas...then fuck
<krisHopkins> excatly.. now that youve been crowned King.. cant you make that a proclamation?<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> is that what u call a natural progression?<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i jsut wanna get things straight seeing as u are the expert
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i'm asking u!<krisHopkins> i dont know.. there are some exeptions.. such as whether or not they are married
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> you're natural progression, it seems,, kiss, beach walk, no penetration sex, 3 days of mental-fucking, then and only then after all that, that the sex comes in.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> one day, i hope to be as expert in no-penetration sex as you.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> but i do not have a penchant for giving myself a case of azure balls
<krisHopkins> oh shut up!<krisHopkins> i wasnt even interersted in shagging... so it was a bonus
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i am just laying things out in their proper context chief. nothing personal.<krisHopkins> anyway.. three days of build up makes the final act more explossive and memorable
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i wasnt interested in finding anyone. the suede jsut fell into my lap. the point is, you and i are slow on the make.<krisHopkins> no way!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> but i reckon that if we had our undies out, i'd get it in immediately, whilst in your case, there is a 72v hour interval
<krisHopkins> i wasnt even out of first gear.... ever
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u stuck to her like fly on shit.<krisHopkins> infact i was in neutral for most of it
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u werent on 1st gear. more like overdrive.<krisHopkins> noway<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> the emotional residue clings chief. and it is smarting.<krisHopkins> i did not stick to her at all
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> pino gave all of himself. so he must really be in major pain now!<krisHopkins> there is no emotional residuewith me
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> day and night u clung to her like a used undie from a dryer with a lotta static cling.<krisHopkins> pino will be pining big time
<krisHopkins> no way chief<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> I CANT HANDLE THE DISAPPOINTMENT
<krisHopkins> hahhaa<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> then puts blanket over head and pouts!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> bless his heart<krisHopkins> haha she just lies there and doesnt move!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> powder on the balls too
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> before he went out<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> jsut in case<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> " u know she wanted it bad. she was moanin." 3 days later..."she's jsut lying there, while the other goes cowgirl on KLris!"
<krisHopkins> the first time he cracked me up..... " she was moaning and i was great "
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i like the way he said with sincere envy, "she was jsut lying tghere, while the other was all cowgirl like riding kris"
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> a corker!<krisHopkins> maybe the moaning he heard was her swallowing her own vomit from all that booze she consumed!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> or when he said to me "Jonce, you got the best-looking chick on the trip! man, i never get any luck!"
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> or from the vomit she sucked after locking lips from the no-class flip.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> Gutted like a fat tuna, pino was!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> I enjoyed as much as I pitied looking at his lost dog face
<krisHopkins> yeah.. that gutted fish look was fantastic
<krisHopkins> the swede wasnt all that great
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> he was a Monet painting that time!<krisHopkins> ive seen and had better<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> yeah...but yours dumped you for a filipino cook in a cruise ship
<krisHopkins> he couldnt even shag whistlers mother
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> yours was used by all the Flip 3rd petty officers at the Royal Scandinavian Cruise Company
<krisHopkins> yeah right!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> then shag u while their sperm was still intact her
<krisHopkins> you now how to hurt a guy!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> hehehehheh!!!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u talk about hurt? i'm the one always being given tiem with a lass for under 18 hours chief! that's hurt!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i am focused on the jap divemaster now
<krisHopkins> oh shut up<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> at least i know she'll be in boracay for more than 18 hours!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> next itme i'm there, i'm booking a personal one week dive instruction tour with her.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> and we'll be diving alright
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> with penetration!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> unlike some people<krisHopkins> theres noway in the world you can be feeling hurt over some bint you met on a bus and talked to for a couple of hours..unless your a sad twat
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i'm not hurt about that! i'm hurt about the luck life shoves at me.<krisHopkins> and i penetrated big time.. unlike you!<krisHopkins> VIRGIN!!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i'm hurt about the tongue jousting with the "i dont wanna be a number" follow-thru
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i'm a virgin in the butt unlike u!<krisHopkins> well you should have made her a number.... in your case.. number 1
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> like i said. yes u did get to shag. on Day 7. I recall someone made the entire world within that time period.<krisHopkins> or 0.5<krisHopkins> being such a dwarf and all!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u r talking like a man affected!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i wonder by whom?<krisHopkins> no.. it was made within 6 with the seventh as a rest period
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> impervious? jajajjajajaj!<krisHopkins> you are on a permanent rest period
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> like i said, the flock comes to poppa
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u saw the reaction at the champs elysees resto
<krisHopkins> like the good book says... turn the other cheek
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> been liek that for me since i pubertised
<krisHopkins> which is what u do for men
<krisHopkins> i am impervious<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> u on the other hand spread ur cheeks you mince!<krisHopkins> twat<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> she told me you were all teary eyed
<krisHopkins> now i know your lying!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> am serious!@<krisHopkins> yeah right<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> ok. all i know. pino probably got gutted into the close of the match.<krisHopkins> i dont cry over women<krisHopkins> spunk over .. yes... cry.. no
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> by a russki with the fashion sense of a tramp from st denis
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> what's ur plan there?<krisHopkins> ozzy's gonna love the degeneration of his chat page
<krisHopkins> pino has lots to learn about international plyboyness.. but he is gaining the basics from two great jedi masters!<krisHopkins> plan where?<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> pino has miles and miles to go chief. love him as we do, he's got miles and miles to go.<krisHopkins> sure has<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> there in tokyo. u and corr a-ok now i reckon?<krisHopkins> i bet he's saying thankyou to the ATM as we speak
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> heheheheh<krisHopkins> we are fine... dont want to overstay my welcome though
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> yep. his conversational skills are absolute twat. "we got 25 cm of snow overnite." that must get the panties off...not!<krisHopkins> im speaking to some guys.. no job offers as yet though
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> how long u staying?<krisHopkins> not sure chief<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> k<krisHopkins> the nations capital!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> either way u head back for the U.K. right? either to pack or go back for good..<krisHopkins> pretty much so<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> so make sure u make a pit stop here in boracay
<krisHopkins> a pit stop!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> heheh yeah!<krisHopkins> anyway.. how can you take all this time off!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> cause i can!<krisHopkins> hehehe<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> hehehe<krisHopkins> a classic!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> a corker even!<krisHopkins> sure is pal.. we had a good time
<krisHopkins> everyone of us<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> we will continue to have good times!<krisHopkins> sure will<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i really wanna own a bar in kicking tunes etc.<krisHopkins> money is just an obstacle to be over come
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy><krisHopkins> a hurdle to be jumped in the game of life
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> will have to save to buy property along white beach
<krisHopkins> a snookerball to be potted
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> just marry a rich bitch i sya!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> sya=say!<krisHopkins> i reckon so<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> bag the big one<krisHopkins> i could easily settle into the life of beach bum
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> jam the chik with the juice
<krisHopkins> damn righ<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> the pearl fo the pacific lady wants me to date her daughter. i reckon i dont mind owning that joint
<krisHopkins> spit roast her like the pig at dinner
<krisHopkins> oink oink<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> and bunk with the jap chick at boat station I. boink boink.<krisHopkins> look how bitter i have become.. where ive reach the level of refering to women as mere animals here for our pleasure!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i may have time off end of feb for boracay. we may have a 3 day weekend. plus i'll take one day off so it can be 4.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> no. the malay momma used u liek yesterday's bratwurst
<krisHopkins> i'll have to see what happens mate
<krisHopkins> hope theweather improves out there
<krisHopkins> here its fecking cold<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> but at least she aint a dawg like greg's
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> feckin cold her too. 23.5C!<krisHopkins> hey.. we all use and get used
<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> hits 19C at nite!<krisHopkins> oooh.. bet you have a coat and gloves on!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> yep. life is liek a ball of chains.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> the suede jacket at hugo boss is on sale for USD 180 from USD 350!<krisHopkins> im impervious.. couldnt care less if i was used or not
<krisHopkins> i feel like a slut now.. i am a slut??<krisHopkins> hahha<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> i bought a Boss spiller shirt today for USD 18 and Cerrutti Dark Brown/Greenish club jeans for USD 55 only
<krisHopkins> gotta dig the spiller!<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> yep. boss and cerutti in sale
<krisHopkins> ok mate.. i gotta go now<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> gonna lock and load the wardrobe.<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> on sale that is<Dayyyyyyyyyyyy> anyway. am gonna bail. keep me posted. hope we can talk tomorow.<ZiggyStardust> just exhaust all ur asia options in one trip <PeeNaldough> ciao'<PeeNaldough> cia bella<\\\\> ok mate.. im gonna go<\\\\> soz mate<PeeNaldough> hurry up<PeeNaldough> at least eh only tiem i waste on this is paid for by the office!<\\\\> hold on a sec<PeeNaldough> her keeps telling US to get a life?!<PeeNaldough> he must be embarrassed now
<\\\\> haha<PeeNaldough> we caught him red handed!<\\\\> classic<PeeNaldough> the man is on the puter a solid 19 hours a day!<PeeNaldough> and he posted right away.<PeeNaldough> check the message board. he answered the avuncular adviser post. posted it just an hour ago!<\\\\> he would leave after another "momma" insult
<PeeNaldough> that was ozzy<PeeNaldough> classixc!<\\\\> that wasnt ozzy<\\\\> nutter<PeeNaldough> feckin loser<Office Roger> Hope to see you in the area! Goodnight now!<\\\\> like your momas price list<PeeNaldough> your ass is vast and bewildering
<Office Roger> These concepts are vast and bewildering
<\\\\> haha<PeeNaldough> he already feckin answered my note on the message board. ozy was on the puter since 6 am UK time! already on the feckin puter!@
<PeeNaldough> the ergonomics of a seat<\\\\> the economics of life<PeeNaldough> mornin gramps<PeeNaldough> guess not.<\\\\> yes it is<Office Roger> Hey! This isn't about economics!<\\\\> is he mute?<PeeNaldough> and he's on the puter already!<\\\\> sado!<PeeNaldough> its 7 in the morn in the uk for fecks sake!<\\\\> never wached it<PeeNaldough> its feckin ozy again!<PeeNaldough> i'd shag winnie cooper (the wonder years) <\\\\> youd shag winnie mandela<PeeNaldough> u'd shag willie nelson!<\\\\> to all the girls ive love d before.......<PeeNaldough> i am the ultimate organiser!<PeeNaldough> loved em all.<\\\\> hahah<PeeNaldough> relate!<PeeNaldough> i've had a few too. and could realate!<PeeNaldough> hehehe<\\\\> you were enthralled at my love, hate love relationship with the swede!<PeeNaldough> feck. i still confected this brew ya know.<\\\\> hahah<PeeNaldough> you gotta give the guy baking the stew some juice once in a while.<PeeNaldough> i need to laugh thats all
<\\\\> you just want to know the details dont ya!<PeeNaldough> nah. i mean a personal letter.<\\\\> yo reckon!<\\\\> with the pics<PeeNaldough> getting all gooey i reckon.<\\\\> yep<PeeNaldough> the malay write u recently?<\\\\> clasic<PeeNaldough> you got a solid rep in all of Ottawa...the nation's capital.<PeeNaldough> he says he's been tellin everyone at his office about you too!<\\\\> hahaha<PeeNaldough> got all teary-eyed when he hugged u to say bye!<\\\\> haha<PeeNaldough> he feckin loved u!<PeeNaldough> bless his heart!<PeeNaldough> a new attitude<PeeNaldough> called<\\\\> bless him<PeeNaldough> with a weapon.<\\\\> he is like a little boy<PeeNaldough> pinaldo is a character.<\\\\> hahah<PeeNaldough> "and when it was cold in HK, you could tell her nipples were razor sharp!"
<\\\\> hahah<PeeNaldough> then he goes, " she never wore a bra the whole trip! everytime i pulled her top off, her boobs popped out."
<\\\\> i reckon she would have shagged me too
<PeeNaldough> he was like, "Man i thought i wass the only one who noticed.!"
<PeeNaldough> i told him u and i recognise the nipple-peek on nat in the last pic the malay sent.<PeeNaldough> i reckon nat woulda shagged u even!<\\\\> hahha<PeeNaldough> some of the girls told me, "jonce, sometimes pino gives more information than we really want...."
<PeeNaldough> heheheh!!!!!<PeeNaldough> he told everyone in our italy tour as well.<\\\\> pino gave it large about the first night...." i fucked her and she was moaning!" on reflection prehahps she was snoring!<PeeNaldough> years.<PeeNaldough> he did confess he hadnt gotten poontang in 7 eyars.<PeeNaldough> feck, he musta been needing it bad.<PeeNaldough> was it that nasty?<\\\\> hahah<PeeNaldough> bleurrrggghhh!!!!./.....<PeeNaldough> it got him all feckin worried that italian stallion of ours!<\\\\> i thought he had killed her with the amount of blood everywhere!<PeeNaldough> i liek the way i told pino that nite with u and the malay in the room, "after shaggin her twice, she still gives you the cold treatment pino. maybe you are lame in bed."
<PeeNaldough> "you could tell she was really getting into it. mine was jsut lying gthere. i think she's, like, not very adventurous."
<\\\\> natalie must be a shit shag<\\\\> i will<PeeNaldough> write him then!<\\\\> haha<\\\\> all his good work will have been wiped out in an instant
<PeeNaldough> "yeah man. she was like riding kris, cow-girl style. i was jealous!!"
<\\\\> tell him!<PeeNaldough> i know.<\\\\> he shouldnt<PeeNaldough> nah...those chicks i knew would. they were a bit on the wild side in italia
<\\\\> and the malay wasnt shy of making a bit of noise
<PeeNaldough> he's gonna send natalya a valentine card.<\\\\> in the same room!<\\\\> i have no shame.. i was surprised the chicks did it
<PeeNaldough> changed man!<\\\\> hahha<PeeNaldough> b4, he'd cringe at the thought. the post-boracay/hk Pino will, however, fuck in the middle of MegaMall i reckon.<ZiggyStardust> but HK has to be in theitinerary so it wasnt a waste comin here.<\\\\> what would he make of genie?<PeeNaldough> dang straight!<\\\\> when you do it in a room with 6 comparative strangers with spandau Ballet on the radio.. youll fuck anywhere!<PeeNaldough> now he is mr...let's get an orge together mateys
<PeeNaldough> he was too conservative to even think of a group than b4!<PeeNaldough> corkin!<\\\\> hahahha<PeeNaldough> and then, in HK...he walks to my room with a towel with a fat smile after boppin chicks in the same room with u!<\\\\> you stir the pot with your big spoon and just watch the whole thing boill up!<PeeNaldough> i remember b4 the trip, i told him u and he may have to lay chicks in the same room. he was, like, no way was he gonna do that.<\\\\> you love it<Atsap> spose<PeeNaldough> he reckons if micheline and sheri were here...we would';ve had a corkin nite with them.<\\\\> he should do the bastard test!<PeeNaldough> he loves himself now.<\\\\> what have we done to him!<PeeNaldough> his rites of passage brings tears to my eyes!<\\\\> Thats classic<PeeNaldough> yeah!<\\\\> hahaha<PeeNaldough> and she feckin loved the comment!<\\\\> no way!<PeeNaldough> he goes to her, "cause you love it!"
<\\\\> classic!<\\\\> hahahha<PeeNaldough> she tells him "why are you soooo nasty?!"
<PeeNaldough> he asked natalya to join him in the airplane lavatory for sex and do the mile high club.<\\\\> he is corking!<PeeNaldough> am serious.<\\\\> hahha<PeeNaldough> but now he is all cocky knowign he has us around!<PeeNaldough> nah. he was mr nice guy. i was the one with the attitude.<PeeNaldough> the fecker was all teary eyed when we left! he cried when i left italy! the chicks cracked up!<\\\\> wasnt he like that in italy??<PeeNaldough> heheh. dont think he'll enjoy hk without us around.<\\\\> hahah<PeeNaldough> but his office is lovin his new attitude.<\\\\> HK look out!<\\\\> wow1!<\\\\> really?<PeeNaldough> his company just bagged a deal with china telecom so he is lookin to get an hk assignment
<\\\\> hjahaha<PeeNaldough> oh...and he tells me today " i was too tired to call the other day as i shoveled 2 feet of snow!"
<\\\\> gooooooooo---cheeeeeee he is very happy with da belt!<PeeNaldough> hehehehe!!!!!<PeeNaldough> yeah. shirt tucked in. and the fake goo-cheese.<\\\\> and the goooooooooo belt!<PeeNaldough> and u look at his face and u know he's lovin' it!<\\\\> and the shirt tucked into his shorts
<PeeNaldough> it kills me! his feckin ridiculous dance moves.<PeeNaldough> with the booty grind.<PeeNaldough> buttsexy dance pinaldo moves.<\\\\> with those dance moves???<PeeNaldough> he thinks with u and me around, he'd be able to lay a nun.<\\\\> hahaha<PeeNaldough> classic. when u sucked face with her. turn to me. and go "u see jonce, its all jsut a game." then back to suck face.<\\\\> obi_wan has taught him well<\\\\> smashin!<PeeNaldough> but he is getting more imperve by the day!<\\\\> hahha its all a game baby<PeeNaldough> cause sometimes, he says, he still gets weak.<PeeNaldough> yep. he says he knows that. but he needs our pep talk to be reminded of it.<\\\\> its all about confidence and not giving a feck!<PeeNaldough> msis=miss<PeeNaldough> he says, " i really really msis all the fuckin' scheming we did man!"
<\\\\> hahha<PeeNaldough> he says if he had u and me around in ottawa, he'd get all the chicks there proper!<PeeNaldough> ok.<\\\\> i dont have one just yet.. as soon as i do ill give it to you all
<PeeNaldough> it be dah attah-tood what dah fook!<PeeNaldough> yep. he knew sheri and micheline for a while. its only now he's got their attention!<PeeNaldough> he's askin what number he can call you at!<\\\\> using his new powers to full effect?<PeeNaldough> he wasnts to sched a conference call for advise to attack his canadienne chicks.<\\\\> really! classic! how is the boy<PeeNaldough> he mjust reminisced about that today.<PeeNaldough> hehehe yep!<\\\\> the funniest thing with pino was when we were going to that beach club thing... the girls stopped in a bar to talk to some blokes... pino said.."fucking hell.. didnt take them long did it"!!<PeeNaldough> am serious. lets do stockholm. does ur swede have a home there?<PeeNaldough> the swede<PeeNaldough> she still feckin with your mind?!<PeeNaldough> hehehehe<PeeNaldough> heheh...yeah. pino. bless 'im ohhh...!<\\\\> NO.. im not impervious to swedes!<PeeNaldough> we gotta do stockholm for a month just to scoop out some swede hearts!<\\\\> yatie said to pino... "natalies next door.. why dont yuo go and watch the film with her" pino said...."because the films on in here!"
<PeeNaldough> u know we were WORKIN IT!<PeeNaldough> tired yes. sleep never!<\\\\> thats right<PeeNaldough> and pino stayed home disaoppointed to watch armageddon
<\\\\> never though youd hear me say that huh!<PeeNaldough> u remember us on that psuedo double date wrokin it with the chicks at cafe havana?<\\\\> im tired!<\\\\> haha<PeeNaldough> i'd feck him off !<\\\\> and nosh the bf<\\\\> youd feck the bloke<PeeNaldough> and lynch the bf!<PeeNaldough> i'd feck that aussie chick!<\\\\> oh yes!<PeeNaldough> where we met the swede<PeeNaldough> at the airport in kalibo!<\\\\> where?<PeeNaldough> ozy=aussie<PeeNaldough> u remember that short-haired blonde tall ozy chick with big teats and her nigah boyfriend?<\\\\> a true corker<Atsap> worth thinking about<PeeNaldough> classic!<ZiggyStardust> give it one more month there.<\\\\> oh yeah... remember that<PeeNaldough> dang straight<\\\\> still.. we just mug off this website and dont give a toss!<PeeNaldough> when we headed from kalibo to iloilo and chucked another jeepney with our van';s side-view mirror
<PeeNaldough> that was ozy. he's never serious
<\\\\> what accident?<\\\\> i saw your comment on the message board..... someone was trying to be serious about Greenspan/Currencies etc.. and there you go and pop up with some shit
<PeeNaldough> u remember the accident?!<PeeNaldough> he'd still be eaten in the end
<Atsap> doubt it!<\\\\> poor fucker<\\\\> i forgot about the cow!<PeeNaldough> yep<\\\\> ive had a few words with people and they say between 80k and 100k is what i should aim for
<PeeNaldough> the walk to the bat caves thru the forest and almost decapitating a cow with a tricycle was a corker!<PeeNaldough> u bet!<\\\\> ive had a good time travelling.... even if i have done all my dough
<PeeNaldough> the japs live at home! thats swhat i meant
<PeeNaldough> u need at least 100k!<\\\\> fuck them all<\\\\> i was originally looking for 100 k
<\\\\> i know 70 thou isnt much out here... thats why i cant understand it
<PeeNaldough> i mean they live at thome!<PeeNaldough> hehehe<\\\\><\\\\> ofcourse they do... what do you think happens... japs just move into the nearest empty house for free!! you twat
<PeeNaldough> yeah...but they are locals. they do not need to pay rent
<\\\\> wasnt a firm.. it was a headhunter!<ZiggyStardust> maybe u can stay with wanda or andre.<\\\\> 23 yr olds out here earn about 40 000 and its there first type of job and they have degrees
<PeeNaldough> what firm??<PeeNaldough> 70k isnt all that much in tokyo!<\\\\> didnt like the fact i was young and had the background that i was like i insulted him just for asking for 70 000 minimum <PeeNaldough> what did he say about the lack of uni?<PeeNaldough> u still there?<\\\\> yep.. told him i was looking for a minimum of 70 000 usd.. he saw my age.. couldnt work out how id gone to UnI and had 5 years work history at the same time... told him i went straight to work from school
<PeeNaldough> in what way?<PeeNaldough> really?<\\\\> i come up against some pure ageism today!<PeeNaldough> i really hope u get sorted out there soon though.<Atsap> ive only been here a week and a half
<PeeNaldough> pino from ottawa<\\\\> oh you stupid little slant eye twat
<PeeNaldough> natalya the nutter<PeeNaldough> katarina<PeeNaldough> juan carlos<PeeNaldough> i'll give u a name.<\\\\> tomorrow<PeeNaldough> when?<\\\\> thats all i get.. more fecking names!<\\\\> they are going to send me some more names
<PeeNaldough> the sepos give u any leads...or were tehy full of shit as usual?<\\\\> so far nothing1<PeeNaldough> ahhh...ok<\\\\> but its where im finding out responses to stuff.. so i need to check
<PeeNaldough> take it as cheap rent<PeeNaldough> thats not too bad.<PeeNaldough> costin' u about USD 30 a day to ahng out there?<PeeNaldough> hehehe....<\\\\> just orderd my second cup of tea
<PeeNaldough> yep. internet cafe. man, when u said u were stayin outta the missus' way, u meant it!!!!<\\\\> no.. been here 1 hour<PeeNaldough> yep<\\\\> internet cafe?<PeeNaldough> if it really does not look promisin...jsut get outta there and lets do boracay
<PeeNaldough> hey. u spendi nthe whole day there again?<\\\\> oh behave!<PeeNaldough> and a sppoon-sccooped broken hearted man slagged by a swede?<\\\\> i didnt think she was nasty<\\\\> you kkkkkkkkkkkkkunt!<PeeNaldough> and a shagger of nasty malay birds?<\\\\> hahhahah<ZiggyStardust> ahhh..i say u try as much as u can. once you have exhausted alll possibilities, rather than go give HK a shot.<PeeNaldough> u mean, anemic-coloured, jobless, and filled with self-pity?<Atsap> fuck knows<\\\\> hahaha<PeeNaldough> you love it!<\\\\> im everything you wished you could be
<\\\\> you love me<\\\\> and youd give<Atsap> whatever<PeeNaldough> u'd want my bone u fagg!<Atsap> stagnant<\\\\> throw me a frickin bone here!<PeeNaldough> 24 cm of snow per year<Atsap> HK futures market is stagnent<PeeNaldough> The City of MoTown<PeeNaldough> Detroit: R%B's capital!<ZiggyStardust> i thought andy said there was.<\\\\> bear stearns<\\\\> ohhh<PeeNaldough> i mean what firm<\\\\> i think<\\\\> detroit<\\\\> they view mehico as there own little playground
<PeeNaldough> where were the sepos from??<PeeNaldough> not yet. dont have broadband internet yet.<\\\\> zactly<PeeNaldough> for sepos...anythign spanish sounding is made south of the border.<\\\\> you listen to that tune yet?<\\\\> yep<PeeNaldough> jsut plain stupid <\\\\> no.. sepo's<PeeNaldough> clueless chaps<PeeNaldough> they must be english<\\\\> all i said was that they brew it therre
<\\\\> i know<PeeNaldough> san mig and corona sold in the phils is brewed here.<\\\\> i know<\\\\> philippines<PeeNaldough> san mig and corona sold abroad are brewed in spain and mexico respectively.<\\\\> fuck off i said<\\\\> mexico<\\\\> mexico<\\\\> said they were brewed in philippines.. they said no
<PeeNaldough> what about em?<\\\\> San Mig and corona<PeeNaldough> bout what??<\\\\> was having an argument with some blokes over beer
<PeeNaldough> get u a whole case around here!<Atsap> i am... but there doesnt seem to be much about
<ZiggyStardust> i reckon HK would have been better to find a job.<PeeNaldough> yep!<\\\\> about the cost of two beers mate!<PeeNaldough> whoooof!<\\\\> it cost about 20 usd<PeeNaldough> how much it cost u at that internet cafe yesterday??<\\\\> its andys mob and i guess he has it
<PeeNaldough> thot andy lent ya a mobs?<PeeNaldough> where da mobs?<\\\\> i not got a mobs<PeeNaldough> yikes!<\\\\> 155 thou was 1000 GBP<PeeNaldough> u'd do a cash register<PeeNaldough> btw u got a mobil;e on ya?<PeeNaldough> wacha mean andy takes evrythin as a slight on hsi hospitality?<\\\\> id still do her though<PeeNaldough> 155 is about 1400 usd. whoooof!<\\\\> no.. the korean brit is not very pleasing to the eye
<ZiggyStardust> u gotta be focused on what u came there for!<Atsap> im not partying<\\\\> i checked my cash... out off 155 thousand \, i have 50 thousand left
<PeeNaldough> yeah? she purty??<\\\\> met an enlish/korean chick yestserday... she has invited me snowboarding
<PeeNaldough> then make the fat fecker pay for everything!<PeeNaldough> hungover a girl?<\\\\> dont tell andy that im low! poor bloke takes everything as a slight on his hospitality
<PeeNaldough> told u! u partied again. musta cost ya a jillion quid!!!<\\\\> so/so<PeeNaldough> u feelin beter?<\\\\> im ok.. a little hungover<PeeNaldough> same ole<\\\\> how goes it master jedi?<PeeNaldough> how ya today?<\\\\> zactly!<PeeNaldough> just liek prince.<\\\\> hahhaa<PeeNaldough> squiggly<PeeNaldough> heheh...<\\\\> i am nolonger to be reffered to as Atsap
<PeeNaldough> whatsat mean??<PeeNaldough> heheheh<Atsap> i boughtsome grapes yesterday and it cost 8 dollars
<ZiggyStardust> and keep partying to a minimum.<PeeNaldough> hey!<Atsap> how dare you mock my name<Atsap> hahha<ZiggyStardust> i think u should explore all possibilities and stay as long as u can to get a job!<PeeNaldough> Pinaldo called me today. He wants to know how he can contact you so we can do a conference call.<Atsap> its so fecking expensive<PeeNaldough> that atsap is ridiculous!<Atsap> what you reckon<ZiggyStardust> wacha mean?<ZiggyStardust> a tit for a twat<Atsap> i dont know what to do about staying out here
<ZiggyStardust> tit<Atsap> twat<ZiggyStardust> lovely scar.<ZiggyStardust> Ahv alwaysh loved Shunny.<Atsap> and as scar in lion king!<ZiggyStardust> Irons was fantastic as Klaus Von Bulow in Reversal of Fortune.<Atsap> i know!<ZiggyStardust> then his bro was Jer Irons. a classic!<Atsap> hahah<ZiggyStardust> that was my next line!<ZiggyStardust> heheh<Atsap> just one more american cowboy.....<ZiggyStardust> mister tanaka.<Atsap> Ho ho ho... now i have a machine gun
<ZiggyStardust> ur suit. john philips.<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<Atsap> ala alan rickman in Robin Hood!<ZiggyStardust> all i got to exchange was saliva
<Atsap> she ripped my heart out with a spoon!<Atsap> id put my life on hold and declarations of love were exchanged
<ZiggyStardust> a manwhore!<ZiggyStardust> you are a he-bitch!<Atsap> i was different<Atsap> a slut in mans clothing!<ZiggyStardust> but yeah. how can i be bitter. i dint get gutted. unlike u.<Atsap> the malay said it because of the picture you painted of me
<ZiggyStardust> i'm not bitter. i jsut find the "numbver" line strange.<Atsap> the swede was nothing.. i cant understand how you can be bitter after 10 minutes in a van with each other!<ZiggyStardust> its bullshite!<ZiggyStardust> what is with that "number number" b.s. its weird how ur malay says it too.<Atsap> SHUT UP!<ZiggyStardust> i'd rather i just went to my room...didnt do jack...and slept
<ZiggyStardust> i still think the swede was outta line for shioving her tongue down my throat and givin that stupid ":number" line...shite!<Atsap> no i mentioned it to him... it was like the Bali inquest all over agian...... needed something in my defence!<ZiggyStardust> i jsut store it. but i never reveal the stuff to the public. but good to know that i have ti around.<ZiggyStardust> cause i sure as heck didnt mention jackshite to him!<Atsap> ala Joanne evens!<Atsap> no.. what i meant about the court room stuff is that you store up all this info!<ZiggyStardust> how did he know then??<Atsap> i didnt kiss and tell<ZiggyStardust> so dont give me that joncy court room shite!<ZiggyStardust> wacha talkin about? i never told andy about u and her. u did the kiss-and-tell!<Atsap> i thought she was quite pretty actually
<Atsap> i didnt think she was ugly at all... infact in my pics me and her look shit
<ZiggyStardust> "because i can" a riot!!!!!!!<Atsap> and my alltime fave...... "because i can"
<ZiggyStardust> andy tells me he's been given u grief over the ugly malay bird
<ZiggyStardust> Dossier 5 miles high!<ZiggyStardust> and u loved mine!<ZiggyStardust> pinaldo uses that line liek a mantra now!~
<Atsap> you loved my comments didnt you!<ZiggyStardust> corker<Atsap> hahha<ZiggyStardust> "and u love it!"<ZiggyStardust> "u make me sore"<Atsap> she'd certainy move if i were doing her <ZiggyStardust> So where were the Spiders?<ZiggyStardust> why Atsap?<ZiggyStardust> Pasta in reverse?<Atsap> like it huh?<ZiggyStardust> it sucks<ZiggyStardust> u got andy's mobile on u?<ZiggyStardust> while kris was getting ti cowgirl!<Atsap> thought id give myself a kinda prince style name change
<Atsap> no.. no mobs on me<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<Atsap> basically im sitting by the computer and theres a menu next to me
<ZiggyStardust> The Asshole Formerly Known as Kris. TAFKAK (tough cock)
<Atsap> it was either pasta in reverse or desseret!<Atsap> read my bastard score?<ZiggyStardust> how about Gaf in reverse. would suit u.<Atsap> hahha<ZiggyStardust> yep. where'd u take that bastard test?<Atsap> mate sent me it on email<ZiggyStardust> send it to me too.<Atsap> sat the test right here... on the puter!<ZiggyStardust> so job-wise, not too promising?<Atsap> hahah<Atsap> fuck knows!<ZiggyStardust> how long u staying?<Atsap> maybe im feeling a little sorry for myself!<ZiggyStardust> u just miss ur malay bird
<Atsap> i still dont feel 100 % well<ZiggyStardust> lovesick<Atsap> dont start with that poo<Atsap> you knew my attitude then.. as you do now
<ZiggyStardust> u do miss her, even a little bit
<Atsap> i miss you all!<ZiggyStardust> fag<Atsap> oh SHUT UP!<ZiggyStardust> how long u reckon u stayin there?<ZiggyStardust> she's not the adventurous type. in the pic, she was just lying there too.<Atsap> feck knows!<ZiggyStardust> heheh. SHUT UP called me yestersday
<Atsap> is the boy still in "nasty mode"???<ZiggyStardust> i sent him a long letter which he sent to his chick...with attah-tude
<ZiggyStardust> yep. He is in nastysexy mode.<Atsap> IBJ should get back to me one way or another at the end of the week
<ZiggyStardust> he's got the commode attah-tood
<ZiggyStardust> hope you get a BJ<Atsap> whats that?<ZiggyStardust> commode=bathroom=nasty<ZiggyStardust> the chick feckin loved the letter
<Atsap> i know what a fucking commode is
<ZiggyStardust> she thinks its from pino.<Atsap> whats a attah-tood???<ZiggyStardust> i'll fwd u a copy.<ZiggyStardust> attah-tood is an ebonic for Attitude
<Atsap> osice when did you learn to speak ebonic!<ZiggyStardust> who dat?<Atsap> ebonic people should talk her brittanic majestys tongue!<ZiggyStardust> you'd tongue an ebonic<Atsap> how should i know!<Atsap> is it max?<ZiggyStardust> feckin ozy up really early!<ZiggyStardust> total nutter!<Atsap> his mum must have needed the bedroom for work!<ZiggyStardust> overtime!<Atsap> anytime!<Atsap> haha<ZiggyStardust> all the time<ZiggyStardust> love you long time<Atsap> hahahha<Atsap> tweny dollarrr<ZiggyStardust> she so dirty they used a shovel to give her a pap smear!<Atsap> urgh!<ZiggyStardust> bleurrrghhh<Atsap> so when u off to boracay then?<ZiggyStardust> good riddance<Atsap> haha<ZiggyStardust> late feb. u r welcome to join of course
<ZiggyStardust> thats a given<Atsap> ta<ZiggyStardust> u reckon u can make it?<ZiggyStardust> it wont be along white beach tho..its inside that golf club. u remember that place?<Atsap> have you seen "the limey"??<ZiggyStardust> nope<ZiggyStardust> u seen cryin freeman? andy has!<Atsap> watch it... just for stamps accent
<ZiggyStardust> k. irish i spose<Atsap> no.. lahndon<ZiggyStardust> ah...cheerio old chap. splendid.<Atsap> so have you been a little quiet with the chicks from the trip??<ZiggyStardust> sent a short note out to them.<Atsap> i guess from some of their replys you dont speak much?<Atsap> aghhh<Atsap> man of mystery again!<ZiggyStardust> not at all. i was polite as always. had fun with them!<Atsap> me too!<ZiggyStardust> the maniac!<ZiggyStardust> swede wrote me. i wrote back. she wrote back. i aint writing no more. pointless!<Atsap> excatly<Atsap> i didnt notice it<Atsap> mine just ignores me now!<ZiggyStardust> hehehehe<ZiggyStardust> andy noticed it right away!<Atsap> sent her a fecking 30 usd book too.... bitch didnt even say thank you
<ZiggyStardust> i dont get that "i dont wanna be a number" bullshite!<ZiggyStardust> heheheheh!!!<Atsap> the reason i got it was because of all that "playboy" shit you wrote them
<ZiggyStardust> u got used like a rotting slab of meat from sam the butcher. treated like a slab of meat with BSE!<Atsap> and the stuff in the taxi didnt help too!<Atsap> hahha<Atsap> flies on me too<ZiggyStardust> yeah. that international playboy cockiness is a hit with the chicks.<ZiggyStardust> they LOVE it!<Atsap> fuck knows why<ZiggyStardust> they are nutters!<ZiggyStardust> all chicks are!<Atsap> certainly worked for pinaldo<ZiggyStardust> he is a new man!<Atsap> bless him!<ZiggyStardust> i'll forward u the stuff now!<Atsap> okydokyo<ZiggyStardust> the letter i wrote to his chick that sposed to come from him
<Atsap> i wouldnt trust you with anything like that
<ZiggyStardust> remember that micheline and sheri are these two chicks he's known for years and he cant score. the katrina, mentioned in the letter , is a fake name. just to piss the otehr two off!<Atsap> sweet!<ZiggyStardust> no. the letters i write are cklassic!<Atsap> a little competition huh!<ZiggyStardust> remember the intro i gave to the malay and the russki. that sealed ur rep even b4 you ebver met them!<Atsap> borrowed the name from the swede huh?<Atsap> but that was all true!<ZiggyStardust> u say the nipple-peek on the russki...the last group pic
<ZiggyStardust> no. the swede was KATARINA
<ZiggyStardust> not katrina<ZiggyStardust> pino for some reason liekd Katrina.<Atsap> ooooooo my mistake! big difference there!<ZiggyStardust> he's a bumpkin<ZiggyStardust> he says he has a snow storm to deal with today. He goes "we got 36 cm of snow in two days!"
<Atsap> i look fecking awful once again
<ZiggyStardust> i was like "SHUT UP!"<Atsap> hahaha.. just reading the letter
<ZiggyStardust> i fwd the letter already to you
<ZiggyStardust> u multi-tasking eh??<ZiggyStardust> how sexy!<ZiggyStardust> these days, pinaldo really exudes confidence bigtime!<ZiggyStardust> walkin around all cocky in Ottawa...THE NATION'S CAPITAL.<ZiggyStardust> U STILL THERE?<Atsap> classic<ZiggyStardust> U READ THE LETTER?<Atsap> yeah.. it has your style all over it!<Atsap> i guess now its time.. for me to give up... (playing now)
<ZiggyStardust> that's just one style of letter writing i have.<Atsap> yes<ZiggyStardust> (the type thsoe stupid americanas and canadiennes go for!)
<ZiggyStardust> classic!<ZiggyStardust> whatever i said whatever i did i didnt mean it! a corker of a song!<Atsap> youre actually quite a writer pino!<ZiggyStardust> heheheh!<Atsap> corker!<ZiggyStardust> she's shocked the guy can spell!<ZiggyStardust> problem is, how long can he keep it up!<Atsap> " i was imagining everything as you described it"
<ZiggyStardust> heheheh!<ZiggyStardust> puke!<ZiggyStardust> classic dingbat of a chick!<Atsap> this one is my fave....<ZiggyStardust> go on<Atsap> "maybe you should be a romance novelist"
<ZiggyStardust> hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!1<Atsap> corking!!!!<ZiggyStardust> corksexy!<Atsap> pino,, a romance novelist!!! WHAT DA FUCK!<ZiggyStardust> u like the ending about the belt?<ZiggyStardust> WHAT DA FCUK...another corker!<Atsap> classic<Atsap> "what were you thinking with the last paragraph"
<ZiggyStardust> heheheh<Atsap> "youre crazy"<ZiggyStardust> u got the pic the poontang from eprth sent today?<ZiggyStardust> i like it when pinaldo goes, "jonce, the reason i like natalie is cause of ehr naivete..."...that puts a wry smile on my face when he says it!<Atsap> "but the graphic detail was a little much at times"
<ZiggyStardust> hehehehe<ZiggyStardust> he's finally gonna get to score with sheri and micheline if he can maintain the attah-tood
<Atsap> oh my!.. the whole letter just smacks of the Juan Carlos!<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<Atsap> got to get in the bit about the goooooo too! like it baby!<ZiggyStardust> told u. the letter i wrote about u sealed ur rep. the malay had her panties off even b4 u met!<Atsap> but i really had done all those things
<ZiggyStardust> yeah. that was the best part!<Atsap> pino has done fuck all!<Atsap> youd use anything i said against me in the "joncy sumulong" courtroom!<ZiggyStardust> with pinaldo, we gotta work on it from a fictional level. he needs all the help...<ZiggyStardust> yours...all i gotta do is describe it and it works!<Atsap> its like he's in the police protection scheme... we gotta create a new past for him!<ZiggyStardust> heheh. Pinaldo the Jackal!<Atsap> pino the jack-ass!<ZiggyStardust> he says he doubts he'd gotten laid if he didnt have our backing.<Atsap> we practically had to laser guide his dick to the target!<ZiggyStardust> do u know what happened top the two of tehm after we left??<Atsap> no idea<ZiggyStardust> nothin happened.<Atsap> hahah figures<ZiggyStardust> he tried to get her to do the mile high club but no dice.<ZiggyStardust> he didnt get a double hat
<Atsap> she doesnt seem the sexually adventurous type
<Atsap> "she just lays there"<ZiggyStardust> not like with Kris, Jonce. I could see she was really riding him cowgirl and all!<Atsap> hahah<Atsap> i am the king!<ZiggyStardust> "you knwo she was really into it!"
<Atsap> the iayhatolla of rock and rolla
<ZiggyStardust> heheheh<Atsap> the king of sting<Atsap> the prince of pain<ZiggyStardust> u needed that ego-boost after teh stockholm syndroame gutted ya!<Atsap> i didnt need any ego boost!<Atsap> its a dead cert for me in the philippines anyway
<ZiggyStardust> u were sobbin like a lost puppycakes!<Atsap> as if!<ZiggyStardust> dead cert?<Atsap> sure.. if i hand over enough cash!<ZiggyStardust> nah...the chicks dig ur looks here.<ZiggyStardust> u got it free last time!<Atsap> dead certainty! i was kidding about dah cash
<ZiggyStardust> andy got billed a gajillion dollars!<ZiggyStardust> he had to pay extra for a regular!<Atsap> i cant be arsed with women right now
<ZiggyStardust> u'd arse men intead<Atsap> they will kill you faster than a bullet
<ZiggyStardust> those tokyo chicks are slammin tho!<ZiggyStardust> as cool and misty as Black Rain.<Atsap> theyd trade your piece of paper for a piece of the action
<ZiggyStardust> heheh<ZiggyStardust> u must mean porto-reeken cheex?<Atsap> the tokyo chicks are weird<ZiggyStardust> they still look good!<Atsap> yeah,, but donta speako the lingo
<ZiggyStardust> dig them more than southeasta asian chicks
<Atsap> really? i dont agree<ZiggyStardust> yep. like taht jap chick in boracay. she dusted any chick including the swede and the flips in the entire island.<ZiggyStardust> the tanned jap chick was the best lookin in the entire island!<Atsap> i just thought of something...... there was no email address for katrina
<ZiggyStardust> thats the type of jap chick i love. a bit tall. athletic. sexy!<Atsap> you made him look a mug!<ZiggyStardust> heheh...pinaldo already ahs a reason for that.<ZiggyStardust> he sent it separately<Atsap> the boracay jap chick rocks baby!<Atsap> ooooh.. understood<ZiggyStardust> i cant get my maind off that jap chick!<ZiggyStardust> i envy u. they must be all over the dang palce there!<Atsap> mmmm foxy!!<Atsap> funny enough..with this being japan..yes they are all over the place!<ZiggyStardust> the Koreanas are even way better lookin. taller and more slender!<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<Atsap> yes.. but no pet dog is safe!<ZiggyStardust> not in the northern phils either!<Atsap> barbarians!<Atsap> dog embryo anyone!<ZiggyStardust> u miss ur malay bird? seriously
<ZiggyStardust> andy noticed that bit of nipple-show in the russki pic i sent him. the one the malay bird sent today
<Atsap> what sort of a question is that?<ZiggyStardust> jsut askin. bein nosey.<ZiggyStardust> dave not the helpful type eh? figures! he's a feckin aussie!<Atsap> hahah<Atsap> its all fucked up boy<ZiggyStardust> u need a pac rim bro who really helps u out without wishing to gain from it!<ZiggyStardust> feckin anglos its always tit for tat u scratch my back i scratch yours.<Atsap> Andy has been fantastic<ZiggyStardust> yep. andy is great.<ZiggyStardust> i find the anglo culture pretty strange.<Atsap> anyway.. its not like ill end up begging or stuff like that!<ZiggyStardust> they only help u out for a reason. never cause tehy jsut want to.<Atsap> worst comes to worst ill go home and retrain
<ZiggyStardust> try hk first.<Atsap> end of the international playboy lifestyle though!<ZiggyStardust> reckon andre will put u up.<Atsap> you think? im not too sure<ZiggyStardust> want me to ask?<Atsap> no.. leave it.. thanks anyway matey
<ZiggyStardust> the worst he can say is no.<Atsap> i dont know if i want to stay anyway
<ZiggyStardust> ahhh...<ZiggyStardust> HK would be nice!<Atsap> and so......<Atsap> the time has time<ZiggyStardust> we'd hook up every month!<Atsap> HK is fantastic<ZiggyStardust> bit of malate and hk and boracay and calatagan/
<Atsap> sure is matey<ZiggyStardust> u gotta have a bberg tho
<Atsap> and its fecking cold here right now
<ZiggyStardust> andy says u been whinin about that!~
<Atsap> bbgerg! will i ever sit with one of those ever again!<Atsap> i hate the cold!<ZiggyStardust> heheh. try hk then!<ZiggyStardust> wish manila had options for u. but none at the mo'!<ZiggyStardust> u'd have a blast living here having ur opwn max.<Atsap> manila ? only does equities and no futures
<ZiggyStardust> try Canada!<Atsap> they wouldnt touch me without stock background
<Atsap> too many mooses<ZiggyStardust> actually there's only one really rockin place in Canada. Montreal. I'd live tehre!<ZiggyStardust> hehehe...moooo-ses<Atsap> big time!<ZiggyStardust> and pinaldo at your sie crying "I CANT HANDLE THIS!"
<Atsap> i got to meet aguy from Bear Stearns later
<ZiggyStardust> excellent!<ZiggyStardust> good lead?<Atsap> just for a "chat"... no jobs going!<ZiggyStardust> ahhh...urggh<ZiggyStardust> what about lehman or andy's company??<Atsap> if he likes me then thats a good thing for when they are hiring.... but will i still be around?<ZiggyStardust> u'd be a hit as a legit brit DJ from Lahn-don ehre!<Atsap> Jp Morgan is more likely to fire than hire
<Atsap> Lehmans boss man is away until next week. Will be put intouch with him when he arrives
<ZiggyStardust> heheheh<ZiggyStardust> true<ZiggyStardust> lehman?<ZiggyStardust> excellent. i hear lehamn is on a hiring binge.<Atsap> read above slit eyes<Atsap> yes but for EQUITIES<ZiggyStardust> yep<ZiggyStardust> maybe i am qualified<Atsap> i dont fecking do .. and have never done equities
<Atsap> well you bloody come over here then
<ZiggyStardust> heheh.<ZiggyStardust> i want to. but what am i to do with Masx!<ZiggyStardust> Max!<Atsap> seriously.... im really fucked off right now
<ZiggyStardust> in what way?<Atsap> everyway<ZiggyStardust> i think u just need to calm down from vacation blues.<Atsap> i feel ill<ZiggyStardust> ur feckin 23 only!<Atsap> im lonely!<ZiggyStardust> SHUT UP!<Atsap> this whole job thing is fucked up!<ZiggyStardust> so what? u have a job home.<Atsap> my money is dissapearing faster than the queen mums life
<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<Atsap> im not even certain of that job back home now
<ZiggyStardust> the swede fecked ya. u'd have more international palyboy dough had it not been....<Atsap> not that much more<ZiggyStardust> yeah. but u can always get a temp job for the time being.<Atsap> anyway,,, End of all that swede shit
<Atsap> where?<ZiggyStardust> zactly.<ZiggyStardust> look forward.<ZiggyStardust> sign with rapture and dance like a dervish.<ZiggyStardust> get a loan from tony.<Atsap> youve seen my dancing! its hardly dervish|esque
<ZiggyStardust> love em boxes<Atsap> noway am iborrowing money of anyone
<ZiggyStardust> he;s ur feckin bro!<Atsap> love the moves huh!<ZiggyStardust> love the countin stars..<Atsap> a true artform<ZiggyStardust> the drop to one knee...the disco traffic cop.<ZiggyStardust> Beachcomber Club classic!<ZiggyStardust> Internet use spensive there?<Atsap> ive been on this puter for 3 hours.. and had an ice cream and a cup of 2 cups of tea.. this is gonna cost me big time!<ZiggyStardust> feckin ice cream again!<Atsap> probably have to nosh someone off!<ZiggyStardust> hehehehe<ZiggyStardust> BoyZone nosh anyone?<Atsap> if this aint love.. why does it feel so good?<ZiggyStardust> think of tomoro, we beg steal or borrow
<Atsap> thats zactly what ill be doing!<ZiggyStardust> my cuz in the U.S. downld Crazy Love and thinks its a corker! he burned CD's of ur choice tunes for the entire fam!<ZiggyStardust> groovejet, lady, moby etc...<ZiggyStardust> need some seb fontaine tunes. whats ur recom?<Atsap> corker... listen to "sincere" by MJ Cole... same artist who did crazy love
<ZiggyStardust> ahhh right!<Atsap> kickin tune<Atsap> same album<ZiggyStardust> any seb tunes?<ZiggyStardust> is mj cole a woman/singer, a dj what??<Atsap> blade runner theme tune remix (quite old but classic)
<Atsap> male dj<Atsap> he has women samplers on "crazy love" and "sincere"
<ZiggyStardust> what was teh seb u had. i liekd that cd!<ZiggyStardust> yeah, like spiller had that foxy woman eurasian sampler on groovejet
<ZiggyStardust> I like!<Atsap> that was a three dic cd called "retrospective of house 91 to 95)
<ZiggyStardust> which disc was taht u brought by seb tho?<Atsap> included a disc of club classics from that era from Judge Jules, Tony DeVit and seb Fontaine
<Atsap> that was it<ZiggyStardust> ok<ZiggyStardust> no specific song?<ZiggyStardust> was blade runner remix seb fontaine too?<Atsap> that cd you listen to was all seb
<Atsap> lots of songs by different artists all mixed continuosly
<Atsap> by seb<ZiggyStardust> i like stuff ala groovejet and crazy love with women samplers. any more of those. the latest prefrabl;y.<Atsap> i think 1991 to 95 was a classic period for house
<ZiggyStardust> you do eh?<Atsap> Crazy love is a few years old now!<ZiggyStardust> yeah...but it was in the latest Dave Pearce collection/!<Atsap> you heard soniques version of an old Brian Ferry song?<Atsap> "i put a spell on you"<ZiggyStardust> Groovejet is new. it was teh official Ibiza Undiscovered Theme for 2000!<Atsap> no... not crazy love<ZiggyStardust> not heard sonique's versh.<Atsap> crazy love wasnt on dave pearce cd
<ZiggyStardust> yep the dual disc dave pearce (orange outside). had crazy love. came out last year i think.<ZiggyStardust> i jsut saw it in tower yesterday.<Atsap> listen to sonique album.. quite good but a little repetitive// youll only probably play a few songs
<ZiggyStardust> gimme the sonique songs. i already ahve "so good"
<Atsap> ok.. then thats a different dave pearce cd to the one i had in boracay
<ZiggyStardust> yep.<Atsap> i have the MJ Cole album<ZiggyStardust> gimme the dave pearce stuff uliked in that boracay cd.<Atsap> "sincere" gotta listen to it<ZiggyStardust> yep<ZiggyStardust> what else?<Atsap> It had lots on there.. Fatboy slim "bird of prey" Darudes "feel the beat" .... an excellent version of gabriells "rise"
<ZiggyStardust> i feel liek we are just chatting outside of pearl of the pacific on the beach chairs in feckin boracay!!<Atsap> Faithless "god is a dj".. about a year old now
<ZiggyStardust> darude did Rise by Gabrielle?<Atsap> no... darude song called "feel the beet"
<ZiggyStardust> what does it have to do with gabrielle's rise?<Atsap> i dont know who jazzed up gabriells song... its the same song only dancyer!<Atsap> it was on the dave pearce cd<ZiggyStardust> u like flaming june by paul van dyk??<Atsap> cant think of the song<Atsap> was it one of his own or a mix of another artist he did?<ZiggyStardust> a mix with BT<Atsap> british telecom?<ZiggyStardust> heheh<Atsap> haha<ZiggyStardust> BoTswana<ZiggyStardust> any new youssou n dour?<Atsap> as for other songs... Fragma have a new one out.. dont know the name
<ZiggyStardust> u listen to dave matthews?<Atsap> not really<Atsap> dont know his stuff<ZiggyStardust> Andy's wife loves teh Dave Matthews Band. they are ripping!!!!<Atsap> jazz?<ZiggyStardust> they are solid!<Atsap> jizz?<ZiggyStardust> nope...more like jazz-funk-rock-deltablues
<ZiggyStardust> all the musicians are brilliant
<Atsap> touch down in the land of the delta blues, in the middle of the pouring rain!<ZiggyStardust> andy's wife should have the "crash" and "under the table and dreaming" albums of dave matthews.<Atsap> maybe she does<ZiggyStardust> walkin in memphizzz<Atsap> im trying to keep outa her way<ZiggyStardust> she likes you!<Atsap> well id rather not have that change while im staying there
<ZiggyStardust> she likes havin u around u paranoid teat!<Atsap> Whatever! must be the drugs!<ZiggyStardust> dont think it will.<ZiggyStardust> she's canadian.<ZiggyStardust> courteous to atms<Atsap> yeah but with living experience in us
<ZiggyStardust> so?<Atsap> whole new ball game!<ZiggyStardust> i lived there for 10 or so years. never gained the american attitude of scratch my back etc...<ZiggyStardust> nope/<ZiggyStardust> so long as u got your feet on the ground and a solid family, the americanos have no bearing on u.<Atsap> she is very nice, but very volatile.. best i keep my head down i am thinking
<ZiggyStardust> why volatile?<ZiggyStardust> she get spasstic?<Atsap> just is.. flys of the handle at little things
<ZiggyStardust> ahhh...goes at u?<ZiggyStardust> chicks are just like that. all chicks.<Atsap> not at me no.. just rather keep my head down and not piss anyone off! is that such a crime worthy of an inquisition??<ZiggyStardust> u r a apranoid teat.<ZiggyStardust> i cant help it. i'm catholic. we started the inquisition!<Atsap> maybe so.. but when your survival in a foreign country depends on the goodness of others.. id rather not give them anything to be fucked off at.<ZiggyStardust> i just find it strange when people are like that cause i am not really a moody type u know.<Atsap> anyway.. i want to stay friends even if i fly back home.. not have problems
<ZiggyStardust> heheh<ZiggyStardust> u sure made a friend of a malay alright.<Atsap> me neither.. but some are and you have to act accordingly
<Atsap> i know.. she likes me<ZiggyStardust> reckon so does her hubby
<Atsap> oh yeah! he'll love me alright!<ZiggyStardust> love u TO DEATH<ZiggyStardust> that why u spend all your day in a coffe internat shop?<Atsap> probably be like in the films... he'll come looking for me
<ZiggyStardust> to stay away from the wrath of missus bach?<Atsap> why?<Atsap> hahah<ZiggyStardust> really?<ZiggyStardust> heheheh<ZiggyStardust> good move<Atsap> yesterday i was walking up and down the streets of Shinjiku!<ZiggyStardust> but its liek renting space in japan
<Atsap> what is?<ZiggyStardust> man, u shoulda gone summer. less clothes on the chicks. shinjuku wouldve been a corker!<ZiggyStardust> renting space -- u spendin all day in a internet cafe to stay outta trouble
<Atsap> i should have done a lot of things with my life !<ZiggyStardust> heheheheh!!!!!!!!<ZiggyStardust> u r only 23<ZiggyStardust> most americans dont start workin til that age
<Atsap> basically! anyway.. the internet is my only friend in the neon underground that is ...Tokyo
<ZiggyStardust> feckin tokyo is awesome!<ZiggyStardust> i wish i had the bucks to go there,
<Atsap> if you understand the language and culture and are only here holidaying for a week!<ZiggyStardust> u know me. i love walkin the urban jungle all day long
<Atsap> and if your mega paid in a good job!<ZiggyStardust> nah...i could live there for life. i am fascinated with the culture.<ZiggyStardust> would love to have a jap gal.<Atsap> but for the likes of me... transients in the world of the unknown.. then its a whole new kettle of fish
<ZiggyStardust> feckin sexy accent!<ZiggyStardust> u hopped into some malay kettle of fish
<ZiggyStardust> manslut!<Atsap> for fecks sake! what is it with this malay stuff!<Atsap> what you wnna know??<ZiggyStardust> just givin u grief<Atsap> arse!<ZiggyStardust> cause u love it!<Atsap> cause i could!<ZiggyStardust> SHUT UP!<Atsap> the nations capital!<ZiggyStardust> "I LOVE HK. ALL THESE DIFFERENT RACES IN A DANCE CLUB. IT'S ALMOST AS MULTI-CULTURAL AS CANADA!"
<ZiggyStardust> a corker!<Atsap> hahah<Atsap> he followed my lead.......<Atsap> bless him<ZiggyStardust> what happened after kris and i left?<ZiggyStardust> well she WAS ALL CUDDLY
<Atsap> Nothing!<ZiggyStardust> DID U FUCK?<Atsap> hahah<ZiggyStardust> NO.<ZiggyStardust> heheh<Atsap> she is slightlystrange at times
<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<ZiggyStardust> she's a nutter and a half
<Atsap> was she like that in italia?<ZiggyStardust> remember when we left?<Atsap> me and you?<ZiggyStardust> she was a nut in italia too.<ZiggyStardust> gutted pino in sorrento by smooching with two italian men!<Atsap> hahah<ZiggyStardust> and like here in the phils..she had just smooched with him 2 nights before!<ZiggyStardust> he never scored in italy.<Atsap> how nice!<ZiggyStardust> she's a nutball!<Atsap> and the boy came back for more!<ZiggyStardust> yep!<ZiggyStardust> he came jsut for her!<Atsap> your kidding!<ZiggyStardust> not!<Atsap> he only came because she was comming??<ZiggyStardust> well that was them ain reason.<Atsap> shocking!<ZiggyStardust> i reckon he woulda come even without her. but she was THE compelling raison d'etre
<Atsap> wow!<ZiggyStardust> it kills me!<Atsap> will you go away with him and the two chicks again??<ZiggyStardust> i still remember his lost puppy face when she slageged him off when he tried to cut in on her italian man in sorrento.<Atsap> was it as good as the gutted face in boracay??<ZiggyStardust> i'm not moody you know. i had fun with them and u. i'd do it again.<ZiggyStardust> no. boracay gutted look was classic. more so cause u were there to see it with me!~
<Atsap> she seems to have fun with lots of men!<ZiggyStardust> yep<ZiggyStardust> she's suck on a plate with enugf drinks in ehr.<ZiggyStardust> she's really got a screw loose tho.<ZiggyStardust> mind u, i think she is ok. just a bit off tangent.<Atsap> but the difference is... if id have got hold of another chick after i had screwed the malay... i would have been considerate about her feelings and would not have done that infront of her
<ZiggyStardust> exactly.<Atsap> different world!<ZiggyStardust> i think she does it to tick off pino cause pino is so easy to tick off.<ZiggyStardust> it's really more cause of him.<ZiggyStardust> if she ended up with u she wouldnt have played the jealous game cause she knows you wouldnt be bovved by the slightest!<Atsap> stupid behaviour! zactly!!<ZiggyStardust> but pino...bless his poor heart...wears his heart on his sleeves.<ZiggyStardust> pinaldo is jsut you know, a small-town sincere guy/bumpkin.<Atsap> sure was.. as much as i laughed about it after.. that night she went off and we were looking for her.. i was so angry at how stupid she was.. anything could have happend
<ZiggyStardust> zactly.<ZiggyStardust> i love teh yelling i gave to em.<ZiggyStardust> and your follow-up yelling!<Atsap> they got scared of you after that night!<Atsap> papa smurf!<ZiggyStardust> probably thought i was a monster!<ZiggyStardust> if they only knew i jsut turn it on like a tv channel!<ZiggyStardust> u recall how we were back to norm the minute it was just the 3 of us.<ZiggyStardust> i reckon they expected an apology.<ZiggyStardust> i think the malay got all the more turned on when u yelled at her. that loosed skirt momma!<ZiggyStardust> SHE LOVED IT!<Atsap> haha<ZiggyStardust> SHE RAPED U<Atsap> they got what was comming to them.. nothing more.. nothing less
<Atsap> i was abused!<ZiggyStardust> heck ya u were. and i aint kidding either!<Atsap> bothered! i wouldnt mind being used like that again!<ZiggyStardust> she had u on target lock since the first day!<ZiggyStardust> guess u really go for the southeast asain look.<Atsap> it was there.... i took!<ZiggyStardust> i miss brunettes.<Atsap> i love brunettes more than blondes
<ZiggyStardust> i remember u scolded me in paris for not checkin out blondes...<Atsap> because they also deserve a look
<ZiggyStardust> my swede was a blonde originally.<ZiggyStardust> she showed me her pic when she was blonde.<ZiggyStardust> told her she looked butt-ughly and i wouldnt be bovved with her as a blonde
<Atsap> i didnt think she was all that spesh actually... i would have indulged though!<ZiggyStardust> true. she wasnt.<ZiggyStardust> but better than pinaldo's chick!<ZiggyStardust> who was feckin Natalya Bates!<Atsap> hahahah<Atsap> yes mother!<ZiggyStardust> i could hear her sing "me...and my shadow,,,"
<ZiggyStardust> she is a strange one.<Atsap> mad , mad world of women.. will we ever be let in??<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<ZiggyStardust> i wanna do stockholm tho. feckin scandinavians dig east asian men!<ZiggyStardust> with a touch of chicano in them!<ZiggyStardust> and no gut!<Atsap> sweden is very expensive<ZiggyStardust> yep!<Atsap> mind you... after tokyo it will probably seem like cambodia!<ZiggyStardust> my folksd were there this summer while i was in paris
<ZiggyStardust> heheheh!!!!<Atsap> cambodia?<ZiggyStardust> most, london, new york, zurich, geneva...<ZiggyStardust> no! sweden ya dunb fook!<Atsap> fuck them all!<ZiggyStardust> my parents' international parents tour took them to egypt , israel, eastern europe, russia, and scandinavia this summer
<Atsap> wow.. and what did max do?<ZiggyStardust> he made babies<ZiggyStardust> i will be a bit busy with the beach house soon as i need to get all the nipa in the roof done. new paint job. tile the pool etc...<ZiggyStardust> how much do u spend for food per meal there>?????<Atsap> you dont do it yourself do oyu?<Atsap> anything from 25 usd to 60 usd<ZiggyStardust> no. but i have to coordinate all the repair work. it';s a bit tedious as the beach house is far from the city cnetre.<ZiggyStardust> 25 to 60 per meal? SHUT UP!<ZiggyStardust> HOW ABOUT IN MACDONALDS?<ZiggyStardust> OR WENDYS?<Atsap> mac donalds 5.5 usd for a meal with drink
<ZiggyStardust> FECK! ITS USD 2.15 HERE
<Atsap> wendys.. 10 usd for a milkshake, chicken burgewr and an orange juice
<ZiggyStardust> WHOOF!<Atsap> a beer is between 5 and 10 usd<ZiggyStardust> THATS A BUFFET AT THE SHANGRI-LA WITH A NOSH AT P. BURGOS
<Atsap> fucking well expensive<Atsap> i know mate!<ZiggyStardust> yeah...but in italy..any drink in a club is usd10
<Atsap> yeah... in a club! but this is everywhere.. bars too!<ZiggyStardust> in insomnia in manila we paid USD 4 each and that got us club entry, two drinks, and a plate of claamares
<ZiggyStardust> calamares<Atsap> you probably couldnt even buy toilet paper for that overhere!<Atsap> 4 fecking hours ive been here now!<ZiggyStardust> yep. i thought boracay food was a bit too expensive seeing as it was in the province and not the city centre.<Atsap> ahh well! its only money!<ZiggyStardust> u r better off there then incurring the wrath of one missus b.<ZiggyStardust> i always say that. but i am not rich!<Atsap> oh she' ok.... but id rather keep out the way
<ZiggyStardust> so u reckon u'll be livin at the Roppongi Internet Chatchitchat Cafe tehn??<Atsap> maybe<ZiggyStardust> how much for internet use per hour? like US$ 5,678.98
<Atsap> dont know.. guess ill be finding out pretty soon! think its about 8 usd.. but dont forget ive had 2 cups of tea and an icecream!<ZiggyStardust> so u 'll be gettin a bill equiv to a weeks stay at pearl of the pac
<ZiggyStardust> but its a broadband internet right?<Atsap> dont know.. dont really care anymore!<ZiggyStardust> i was under the impression that you would have a slew of interviews set up once u got there. how many u have per day?<ZiggyStardust> heheheh/!<Atsap> i might as well just open my wallet and let the vulctures peck at the carcass of my savings!<ZiggyStardust> heheheheh!<Atsap> as i said.. not interview and lots of lunches with "contacts"
<ZiggyStardust> that or u may as well throw it all at the imperial palace moat...u'd be losing it slower than if u actually spent it.<ZiggyStardust> how much it cost to breathe there?<Atsap> when did i become so bitter and twisted!<Atsap> loads matey!<ZiggyStardust> are u bitter and twisted?<ZiggyStardust> more like mincer and dim-witted!<Atsap> no im ok.. just feeling sorry for myself. The fecking world owes me a living!<ZiggyStardust> i think we should have scheduled the vacation AFTER tokyo. cause now, u r dealing with a nasty case of vacation blues.<Atsap> its nothing to do with the vacation with you guys
<ZiggyStardust> oh... u just bein a whinin mince as always then
<Atsap> im at a big watershed in my employment and life
<ZiggyStardust> maybe u miss your mum!<Atsap> its not even that<Atsap><ZiggyStardust> and the shaggin she gives ya!<Atsap> hahhaah<ZiggyStardust> u jsut feel lost poor and alone.<ZiggyStardust> like the little mouse in the Rescuers.<ZiggyStardust> Be brave little one<ZiggyStardust> make a wish for each sad little tear..<ZiggyStardust> u r lovesick<Atsap> i am not lovesick<ZiggyStardust> u r in a watershed between the Dam of Perth and the Grott of Stockholm
<Atsap> falling for a married woman would get me knowwhere
<Atsap> and the swede can just go fuck herself
<ZiggyStardust> bitter<ZiggyStardust> and<ZiggyStardust> twisted<Atsap> burn all women!!<ZiggyStardust> so the swede hasnt answered jackshite?<Atsap> kill kill kill!<ZiggyStardust> maybe rather than sending her a 30 dollar book, just send ehr 30 dollars.<Atsap> not since ive been away! to be fair i sent her an email from here telling her how philippines and HK were and that was it.... but she didnt even say if she had the book or not?<Atsap> she said to me..."ohh write me a letter with the book.. i really like you writing letters to me"
<ZiggyStardust> beetch!<Atsap> not even a thnk you<ZiggyStardust> she probably laughs at it whjile cuddling in a cruise ship bunk with her filipino janitor boyfriend
<Atsap> most probably<ZiggyStardust> scuzz beetch!<Atsap> hahah<ZiggyStardust> i'm gonna apply to be a janitor at the
<ZiggyStardust> Royal Norwegian now!<Atsap> hahaha<ZiggyStardust> am serious!<ZiggyStardust> what da fuck!!!!!<Atsap> shut up... manual work kill you!<ZiggyStardust> i lived in the u.s.s chief. used to mow the lawn , pick blueberries etc.<Atsap> ooo the hard life of the oppressed
<ZiggyStardust> yep<Atsap> you twat<ZiggyStardust> had a paper route when i was 12
<ZiggyStardust> swoke up 5 in the morning during the massachusetts winters to deliver the Morning Union.<ZiggyStardust> it's true<Atsap> so do most boys around the world.. youre no exception!!<Atsap> except ozzy .. he was out noshing men at 12 yrs old
<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<ZiggyStardust> he's still out...but this time...noshin 12 year old men.<Atsap> wouldnt put anything past him!<Atsap> i know alot who have though<ZiggyStardust> except heterosexuality<Atsap> yep<ZiggyStardust> ozy couldnt be bovved with the hetero lifestyle
<Atsap> too hard to find a willing female??<ZiggyStardust> ozy will take it in any hole , he's the only person in the world with syphilis...of the ear!<Atsap> ..the raven himself was hoarse<ZiggyStardust> yep<Atsap> ho hum<Atsap> you out tonight?<ZiggyStardust> he plugged the bus driver of the no. 74 hammersmith line rather than pay for a ticket!<Atsap> charming!<ZiggyStardust> not me. i was out monday and yesterday. i feel like crap today!<Atsap> im out soon.. cant be fucked though
<ZiggyStardust> they had a huge broekr party at venezia in light of the new president
<Atsap> must have been a big light<ZiggyStardust> where u partying this time? man u must have money growin out of your asshairs!<ZiggyStardust> ASHUT UP!@<Atsap> im not partying!!! meeting man from Bear Strns
<ZiggyStardust> A bear of a man. seems like ur kinda party alrite!<Atsap> bollox!<ZiggyStardust> u reckon u makin a short trip here b4 flyying home?<Atsap> hang on a sec mate.....<ZiggyStardust> k<Atsap> sorry pal.. doubt i can fit in the ppines on my way home
<Atsap> wish i could.. i'll have to see
<ZiggyStardust> we gotta do boracay again!<Atsap> would love too<ZiggyStardust> it's onl;y money<Atsap> money which i apparently no longer have!<ZiggyStardust> heeheh<Atsap> its not funny!<ZiggyStardust> man, i pray u get a job there soon
<Atsap> hmm<ZiggyStardust> why dont u be disciplined enough to work out a specific budget. that way u have an deadline on your goals there.<Atsap> why dont you just feck off!<Atsap> haha<ZiggyStardust> make ur money stretch as far as it can in the longest time period.<ZiggyStardust> am serious.<ZiggyStardust> rather than wasting it on non-essentials liek ice cream, nights out, and internet chat.<Atsap> its not gonna stretch... i think ive done near 1500 usd in not even two weeks
<ZiggyStardust> what?<ZiggyStardust> u spent less than that for 10 days staying in great palces in HK borcay and manila!<Atsap> i dont do nights out.. and that was my first ice cream..... if i dont have my email then im fucked.. thats my only release!<ZiggyStardust> how on earth did u spend 1500 in less than 2 weeks?!<Atsap> i will have to check how much i have left.. but i came here with 1000 gbp in YeN.. and i dont think there is much left!<ZiggyStardust> we copulda used that to get 10000 noshes and a 2 weeks in boracay all expenses in here
<Atsap> well get me a fecking job in manila then_!!<Atsap> hello?? McFly???<Atsap> juan carlos? donde esta?<ZiggyStardust> am here!<ZiggyStardust> \am here!@!!!!<Atsap> what you doing then.. twat<ZiggyStardust> my m.d. leaves today. i had to say bye.<Atsap> smashin<Atsap> im gonna have to go soon<ZiggyStardust> i think perhaps there may be opportunities here. like in call cnetres. are u familiar with those?<Atsap> call centers?<ZiggyStardust> yep<Atsap> explain?<ZiggyStardust> they putsource it here cause labour is cheaper.<ZiggyStardust> outsource.<Atsap> well what is it?<ZiggyStardust> basically they are help desks for stuff like say AOL, Netscape, Apple etc.<ZiggyStardust> operators who help on line.<Atsap> oooooh i see<ZiggyStardust> I reckon as u have the brit english they will make u head a team.<Atsap> haha<ZiggyStardust> as u know how people here need to be trained how to handle customer service properly
<ZiggyStardust> i dont know how much it pays
<Atsap> yeah.. they need to be re^trained too
<ZiggyStardust> but around here, if u get 3,000 USD per motnh...u live like a king.<Atsap> well thats your homework... find out
<ZiggyStardust> i will check<ali riyami><ZiggyStardust> its feckion ozy again<Atsap> you couldnt even afford a burger king out here for 3000 usd
<ZiggyStardust> seriously, hjow did u burn all that money in 2 weeks chief??<ZiggyStardust> heheheh!<ZiggyStardust> u pay 3000usd there to use the dang sidewalk
<Atsap> i might be wrong.. im sure that there isnt much left
<ZiggyStardust> nah. here. as long as not in makati. rent is Php 15k. Maid is USD 2k. Driver is Php5k.<ZiggyStardust> that 150k PHP goes a looong way <Atsap> mmmmmm<ZiggyStardust> i am not ccertain if call centre V.P.'s earn that much. will ahve to check
<Atsap> cheer pal<ZiggyStardust> why dont ua ask andre of opportunities.<ZiggyStardust> or that nigah boy shane who thought he was all spesssh.<Atsap> your kidding! he was out of work for months. if there was stuff going he'd have sorted himself out first!<Atsap> oh yeah.. shane!<Atsap> Jub<ZiggyStardust> nah... there is stuff. he jsut didnt want the same job again
<ZiggyStardust> u wanna hear somethin funny that wanda said shane told her?<Atsap> go on?<ZiggyStardust> Shane says that people in HK , especially chicks, dont give him the time of day cause he a nigah.<ZiggyStardust> hehehe<ZiggyStardust> a corker!<Atsap> corker! but as long as he is in love with himslef huh!.. thats all that matters!<ZiggyStardust> i told wanda to tell Shane it's not usut an attitude in HK, but the entire feckin world!!!!!!<Atsap> some girls like that kinda guy<ZiggyStardust> not too many tho<Atsap> the two chicks on our trip do i think
<ZiggyStardust> nope.<Atsap> listen chief.... i got to leave now
<ZiggyStardust> like u, much as u wanna nail Black u wanna have kids with pubic hair on their heads?<Atsap> hahaha<ZiggyStardust> bye chief
<ZiggyStardust> take care. goodl uck on that chat!<CorrHungry> tafkap<\\\> that you chewy?<CorrHungry> oh dont try that on me or u'll get it in your red gate sector 5
<\\\> hahhaa<CorrHungry> i feel crappie<CorrHungry> i missed buying my corr's tickets
<CorrHungry> they're here on the 16th of feb
<\\\> they hit tokyo too<CorrHungry> yep.<CorrHungry> love tehir clean armpits<CorrHungry> i missed this private show of theirs i was invited to at the Fashion Cafe 2 years back.<CorrHungry> i like the violinist<CorrHungry> i'd like to have her fiddle my strings
<\\\> they all look the same...<CorrHungry> u there?<CorrHungry> yep.<CorrHungry> will sched a surfing trip if i am unable to find tickets. no nosebleed tickets for me that's for sure!<\\\> here mate<\\\> the music sucks<CorrHungry> the chicks rock.<CorrHungry> never lsiten to their music.<\\\> does the brother have a little go?<CorrHungry> but tehy're irrisistible.<\\\> nice pun<CorrHungry> punny<CorrHungry> i wanna make them mine-able
<\\\> can you hang on for a couple of mins?<CorrHungry> k<\\\> okydoky pig in a pokey<\\\> im back!<\\\> hello ..... McFly???? Butt head!<CorrHungry> gimme 10 minutes!!<\\\> ok.. you take the piss<CorrHungry> am back<CorrHungry> am back<CorrHungry> amback<CorrHungry> am back<CorrHungry> u there<CorrHungry> u there?<CorrHungry> hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<CorrHungry> gfasdjo vgnip13b078t6[i<CorrHungry> hoy!!!!!!!!!<\\\> yo<CorrHungry> whatsup<\\\> my cock in yo mommas mouth<\\\> notin pal.. you?<CorrHungry> shut up!!!<\\\> hahha<\\\> he loves to go on about the snow that boy!<CorrHungry> shut up!<\\\> got an email from him today<CorrHungry> yeah!<CorrHungry> yep!<CorrHungry> corker!<CorrHungry> the girl micheline broke too!<CorrHungry> she's never written him before. never responded to his emails.<\\\> how goes it in my favorite third world hovel??<CorrHungry> manila? still rockin every week chief!<CorrHungry> one letter condfected by me and the chick breaks!!<CorrHungry> how ya been chief? any new leads??<\\\> you know what i meant about when he meets them.. they are expecting an all new "romance novelist" pino
<CorrHungry> exactly.<CorrHungry> we gotta get rid of that rocky balboa diction!<\\\> when he meets them....... they will infact get "dum fuk" pino
<\\\> what da fuk<CorrHungry> he has to learn to SHUT UP
<\\\> hahha<CorrHungry> act all mysterious<CorrHungry> rather than jsut yacking and talking..<CorrHungry> about snow<CorrHungry> all day long<\\\> no new leads matey....... its all going pete tong!<CorrHungry> may u r better off here and poon tang!<\\\> no fecking jobs out there!<CorrHungry> really>??<\\\> if there were................<CorrHungry> u gonna try hk?<CorrHungry> whats ur timetable.<\\\> fuck knows<CorrHungry> lets just go to boracay<\\\> not going to try hong kong<\\\> good idea!<CorrHungry> finish the rest of your playboy money
<\\\> hahha you selfish fecker!<CorrHungry> hehehe<CorrHungry> maybe u can stay at my beach hut and help lay the tiles on the pool
<\\\> its all a game<\\\> hahahha<CorrHungry> put u to good use<\\\> will you build me a side house?<CorrHungry> feckin ozy the fecker<\\\> goodmorning guest<CorrHungry> the side house is max's. i'll build u a dawg house <CorrHungry> fecker in the chatroom at fecking 7 am uk time.<\\\> cheers mate<\\\> twat<CorrHungry> cheers to what??<\\\> the dog house<CorrHungry> i missed the dang annual la union surf competition last week,. there were brunettes there and jap chicks!<CorrHungry> grrrr!!!!<\\\> are you sure your name isnt really "cock Hungry"??<CorrHungry> i cant get my mind off of that tanned jap chick in boracay!<CorrHungry> "come here natalie. i want to show you my cock."
<\\\> that jap chick was hot<\\\> hahhaa<\\\> i remember that!<\\\> one of my many corkers<CorrHungry> before teh batcaves.<CorrHungry> a corker!<\\\> hahha<CorrHungry> u were on a roll that whole week.<CorrHungry> relentless!<\\\> i know matey.. im 54 % bastard remember!<CorrHungry> and pino did the muscle man thing lifting the tricycle b4 it decapitated teh cow.<\\\> hahaha<CorrHungry> "i work out with the 6th strongest man in Canada."
<\\\> like watching superman<\\\> do you think he talks about snow all the time too?<CorrHungry> you work out with him eh? and tehn the dinosaurs came!<\\\> hahaha<CorrHungry> the guy needs to act more mysterious.<CorrHungry> but what he does is feckin tell his lifestory to any proletariat sweeping the streets!<\\\> haha.. couldnt believe he even told the jet ski guys about the snow!<CorrHungry> yeah! a corker!<\\\> bles.. 5 foot wave man!<CorrHungry> "that musta been a 5 gooter! least!"
<\\\> hahaha great day that day<CorrHungry> great day EVERYDAY!<\\\> sure was<CorrHungry> but that day. the boys ditched the chicks. the rent some "TOYS FOR THE BIG BOYS!"
<\\\> yehhaaar<CorrHungry> yeeehagh. Am a jetski cowboy!<CorrHungry> and here's pinaldo driving like Miss Daisy on a waverunner.<CorrHungry> with butt stickin out.<\\\> hahaah<\\\> i was full throttle<\\\> from the off!<\\\> 10 000 miles out at sea<CorrHungry> feckin a solid 10 days of great fun. i actually didnt expect it to be that much of a riot!<\\\> really? what were you expecting?<CorrHungry> i know, u raced for the south china sea sunset you water cowboy you!<CorrHungry> well ok...i did brew the stew hoping for a riot of a meal!<CorrHungry> we got ourselves a foodfight alrite!<\\\> haha<\\\> i was less bastard the first time i came to philippines!<CorrHungry> got a dossier on you fatter than the private prosecutor has on bill clinton.<\\\> haha.. but its all good!<CorrHungry> yeah... u were but jsut a young whippersnapper of a boy band-type kid when u first arrived. genie and the franck changed ya!<\\\> apart from moaning over 10 peso!<CorrHungry> corkin!<\\\> franck changed me?? never!<CorrHungry> u did that too. moaning about the rice and dimsum costing 7 pence.<CorrHungry> and the trike driver!<CorrHungry> i'm like "kris, u r not seriously arguing over 8 pence for the trike ride are you?"
<\\\> hahha<\\\> it all adds up mate<CorrHungry> doesnt take u long to get on Flip mode mistah!<CorrHungry> its adding up in Tokyo alright.<CorrHungry> feck, if u dont get a job there, u shoulda jsut stayed here. with the USD 2000 u spent there,,,it's easily good for am onth in boracay!<\\\> sure is! but im sleeping again!<CorrHungry> told u. its the carbon monoxide in the Manila air that helps with the coma.<\\\> hahaha<CorrHungry> when u leaving??<\\\> where?<CorrHungry> tokyo<\\\> i dont know mate<\\\> have to have a long think over this weekend
<CorrHungry> sounds like a plan!<\\\> dont think its happening for me<CorrHungry> hehehe...<\\\> haha<CorrHungry> feckin swede<\\\> dont mention her again!<CorrHungry> not that i'm bringin up bad memreeze
<\\\> or i'll fecking kill ya<CorrHungry> stockholm<CorrHungry> arctic circle<\\\> hahhaha<CorrHungry> ikea!<CorrHungry> Volvo!<CorrHungry> hehehe.....<\\\> hehehe<CorrHungry> am never gonna buy a seka tape anymore
<CorrHungry> u reckon u can come back ehre?<\\\> i doubt it<\\\> will try<\\\> you know me!<\\\> probably be back next week<CorrHungry> heheh<CorrHungry> reckon the malay will try to fly in ifu do that!<\\\> im quite suited to a life of playboyness
<CorrHungry> same here<\\\> oh yeah!<\\\> me and you matey..... Bonfire of the vanities
<CorrHungry> jsut dont have the internacionale playboy bank accoutn to go with the lifestyel and attitude
<CorrHungry> dang straight!<CorrHungry> ozy is a BrushFire of Inanities, on the other hand.<\\\> zactly... all the message board stuff is getting too "high brow" for me!<CorrHungry> u like the way i browbeat the ole fool?<\\\> i cant even be bothered to read it!<CorrHungry> heheh<\\\> im taking a breather from the mssg board
<\\\> bet you miss texting huh!<CorrHungry> yes!<CorrHungry> same here. ozy jsut does not get the point. i feel embarassed for him.<CorrHungry> i'm glad it really disturbs him tho.<\\\> i know matey<CorrHungry> u there?<\\\> yep<CorrHungry> wankin<CorrHungry> or<\\\> talking to my mum at the same time "multyTasking"
<CorrHungry> feelin sorry for yourself<CorrHungry> aha<CorrHungry> she use consilia too?<\\\> iOH shut up<CorrHungry> classic!<CorrHungry> gotta hop chief. have a good weekend.<\\\> you too pal### CHAT TRANSCRIPTS BETWEEN FEB 2ND AND APRIL 24TH ARE NOT PUBLISHED HERE DUE TO DATA LOSS BY MULTICITY. THE TEXTS WILL BE RECOVERED AND POSTED AS SOON AS THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE ###### APR 25TH, 2001 ###User [Guest] joined forum <Guest><Enter Text Here>hi<Guest> what are you<wilde neuker> hellow everibodie<wilde neuker> i dont speak english<wilde neuker> bud dutch<wilde neuker> hellow admin<wilde neuker>-><admin> hellow<wilde neuker>-><admin> he boerke as ge niks zegt kap ik der uw ballen af
<wilde neuker>-><admin> shit men you say noting sukker
<wilde neuker><wilde neuker> lul
<admin> Nothing better to do, Guest?<admin> slow<admin> bye<admin> bye bye<admin> Go home<admin> go get a life<admin> a used one will do<admin> better than this<admin><Guest> so, i hear this is where the real brains are on the net?<Guest> iguess its true, since there is no one here!<ozy> Hello<Guest> hello<ozy> Nice name<ozy> Your mama had great imagination
<Guest> great article leading off on today
<ozy> yeah, right<ozy> day trade: asia will fall<ozy> result: +1% average<ozy> hehe<ozy> bunch of losers<Guest> im talking about the top article
<ozy> who cares?<Guest> of course, that site doesnt get the traffic this one does
<ozy> who cares? do they pay?<Guest> absolutely<ozy> We have You<ozy> and that's enough<ozy> *burp*<Guest> so true. but so do they....and they pay
<ozy> THEY pay.<ozy> I prefere to be paid<Guest> anyway, its good to see you are reading that site everyday
<ozy> they mail me<ozy> that's cool<ozy> mailing the world for free<ozy> very smart<Guest> yep<Guest> the net economy<ozy> yes. right<ozy> now gotta go, sorry<ozy> later<Guest> bye<ozy> next admin will be heidi<Guest> wonderful<admin> Hello Sir<justafriend> hi<justafriend> how ru?<admin> Fine, tahnk You<justafriend> where r u from?<admin> me?<admin> from London<justafriend> yaa<admin> Meinz, really<justafriend> oh nice
<admin> Not<justafriend> i am from palestine<admin> Worse than Meinz for sure<justafriend> what do u mean please?<admin> I mean PA territores are maybe the ugliest place on earth
<admin> after Manchester<justafriend> yes<admin> and Meinz<justafriend> but uk is a save country<admin> safe you mean?<justafriend> yes<admin> It is<justafriend> sorry forthe mistakes<admin> Don't be. I know you balastinians are mostly ignoramus User <admin> It is not your fault<admin> Too busy throwing rocks to study
<justafriend> yes<justafriend> now we are living a hard times
<admin> Have you ever been in Palestine?<justafriend> i am from palestine and iam living in palestine now
<admin> Really?<admin> Cool<admin> Where?<justafriend> in gaza<admin> What part of Gaza?<justafriend> in maghazi camp<justafriend> u don't beleive me<admin> Hold on, I call my boss<admin> he knows that place better tahn me
<justafriend> and i am working as a psychitrist
<justafriend> ok<admin> He says he's busy know<justafriend> how old r u?<admin> 26<admin> almost 27<justafriend> iam 23<justafriend> and my real name is mohammed
<justafriend> and working as apsychitric nurse
<admin> psychiatrist at 23?<admin> nurse, I see<admin> You said psychiatrist<admin> You lie, sometimes<justafriend> sorry for the mistakes<admin> mistake? it was a lie<admin> you arabs are funny people<justafriend> why<justafriend> we r moslem and the lie is forbidden
<admin> You say "sorry" for the mistypes", and not for the outright lies
<admin> Forbidden?<admin> Ouch<justafriend> yes<admin> Arafat will burn in hell then<justafriend> i don't know<justafriend> may be u also<admin> No<justafriend> why<admin> because I don't believe in hell
<admin> and I don't lie<admin> Do you believe in Hell<justafriend> because u r a deviant<admin> "deviant", i see<justafriend> yes and i beleive in god<admin> deviant<admin> I am deviant<admin> interesting<justafriend> and i am praying to god every time
<admin> It shows<justafriend> but u not<admin> You sound like somebody who believes in fairy tales
<admin> That's why you are in gaza<justafriend> so we r mor e prefered to god than u
<admin> Sure<justafriend> yes<admin> Religion, drugs, psychiatry: same shit
<admin> When I was in germany, they wanted to treat me
<justafriend> from what?<admin> because I fooled around too much
<justafriend> haha<admin> had too many men<admin> they said I was a pathologic prostachute
<justafriend> look ustart to lie<admin> or something like that<admin> No<admin> It's true<justafriend> ok<admin> That's oneof the reasons I left
<admin> Germans are like that<justafriend> what is your job?<admin> I am the assistant of the Boss here
<justafriend> look u must to respect all people in the world
<justafriend> and don'tcall others liers or some thing like that
<admin> I don't agree<admin> I don't respect everybody<justafriend> why<admin> Because I want to know WHY I should respect them
<admin> Why should I respect a liar?<justafriend> i 'll told u<admin> or a murderer?<admin> or a psychiatrist?<justafriend> every one in this world is good
<admin> who wants to cure me because I am deviant?<admin> I don't know everybody<justafriend> but the cicumstances make the person to change
<admin> I met good people and very ugly people
<admin> the circumstances? I don't believe so
<admin> I had very difficult "circumstances"
<justafriend> i mean that the political circumstances
<admin> me too<justafriend> affect the mood of the people
<admin> Mood?<admin> mood is not character<justafriend> this is aterm in psychology
<admin> I don't know psychothings<justafriend> means the external expresions
<admin> but I know some philosophy<admin> and I think that psychology is FAILED phylosophy
<justafriend> what<justafriend> no<admin> psychology is some kinf of CHEAP phylosophy
<admin> like religion<admin> it's a phylosophy for ignorant and weak people
<justafriend> psychologyis ascience for every time
<admin> so the psychologues think<admin> but they sound like fools<admin> they try to explain everything<justafriend> no<admin> and can't explain almost nothing
<admin> you have to resort to politics to explain people
<admin> so what kind of science is that?<justafriend> i think because u can'tto understand the meaning of the terms
<justafriend> ok let us talk about some thing else
<admin> Maybe bcause tehy have no meaning
<admin> no history<admin> neologism<admin> no roots in history and science
<admin> psychologic terms are very recent
<admin> most of them are neologisms created in this century
<admin> I mean in XX century<justafriend> yes<justafriend> no<admin> is not neologism a schizophrenic symoptom?<admin> They told me I was schizo because I invented words
<justafriend> paranoid i think<admin> No<admin> Paranoia follows the Book<justafriend> paranoid schizophrenia<admin> Schizopgrenia invents words<admin> hold on. I ask the Boss<admin> he knows everything<admin> he explained me, but let me ask him
<justafriend> ha ha<admin><admin><admin> hold on. One minute<admin><justafriend> i think that u r kidding<justafriend> byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<Guest><Enter Text Here>hi<admin> Hello Sir<admin> The "palestinian" guy "in the camp" was of course comfortably sitting in Jew York
<admin> Bullshit as usual### APR 26TH, 2001 ###<THE SKULL> yo<admin> Uhm...<admin> where's Bones?<THE SKULL> who r u?<admin> The Boss<THE SKULL> whatever<admin> Smart<admin> anyway<admin> go away<THE SKULL> dunner make me<admin> Go figure<The Road Warrior> hallo<admin> hello, road<admin> roan, meet skull<THE SKULL> goodbye road dude<admin> skull, meet road<admin> carolina, meet everybody<THE SKULL> who?<THE SKULL> what's with carolina?<The Road Warrior> who`s she ?<THE SKULL> don't have a clue<admin> How could I know?<admin> She saw your face, and quit<THE SKULL> i'm anton222<admin> that was for Skull<admin> Skull is Anton222? Your mother had a nice sense of humour with names <admin> good<admin> one idiot less<admin> now let's take care of RoadWarrior
<admin> Hey mad max!<The Road Warrior>
<admin> any thoughts about gazoline prices going into summer?<The Road Warrior> please take a visite
<admin> you too, go see a doctor<The Road Warrior> fuck of dipshit<admin> You are welcome, too, Mr RoadWarrior <admin> Thanks for stepping in and avertising your website <Erik> Hello ..<Erik> ... well ?<Erik> Okay, nevermind<Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><admin> The perfect imbecile<admin><admin> Coming at a theatre near you<admin> I missed something obnoxious, unrelenting and unmovable, since they removed "Cats"
<admin><admin><shosho> hey admin<shosho> why are you sitting here all alone
<shosho> admin<shosho> are you there<shosho> guess not<admin> Yes<admin> what do you want? I am busy now <Guest> kl<admin><admin><admin> The PERFECT IMBECILE<admin> Perfect<admin><Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> MY SWEET LOVE........<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> HELLO BEAUTIFUL I MISSED YOU
<admin> Hello girls<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I'VE MISSED YOU TOO......<admin> please note that tarnscripts from this chat are published
<admin> no problem for us, but thought you'd better know
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AND SWEETIE.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> THANKS FOR THE CARDS.......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> YES MY LOVE......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AND I LOVE U SO MUCH.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AND MISS U SO MUCH......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH HELEN
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OK......... :(
<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES HUN<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> I WILL ALSO OK
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> VERY LONG AND VERY,VERY WET.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OK SWEETIE.....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> WHAT A HELLO KISS
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> JUST GIVE ME 2 MIN....<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OK BABE<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OK ME ALSO<admin> Now we have a fag too<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OK I'M BACK HUN
<admin> The company is completed<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> BABE ARE YOU THERE
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> SORRY BABE....<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> R U NAKED?<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> CAUSE I AM.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> TOTALY, COMPLETELLY NAKED FOR U !!!!!!!!!!!<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> BABE??????<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> YES I'M.....<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> HERE, AND NAKED.......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES HUN TOTALLY NAKED FOR YOU
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> WISH TO BE WITH U NOW......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> VERY MUCH.....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> SO DO I HUN
<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> SO VERY MUCH
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> BY U.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ONLY U......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> TY HUN ONLY YOU HERE ALSO
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ME TO.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> VERY MUCH.......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> VERY MUCH<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> WITH ALL MY HEART
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I'VE ASKED U TO WEAR A SKIRT WHEN U COME......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> REMEMBER....<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AND MY HEART TOO BABE......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> IT IS ALL URS
<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> NOW<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> MAKE LOVE TO ME HUN
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> YES........<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> HAVING A HARD TIME TYPING TODAY
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OK BABE......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OK I'M<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> BACK<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ACTUALLY DONT BEND YET.....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> WHAT EVER YOU WANT ME TO DO HUN
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> JUST TURN AROUND......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> ON MY STOMACH
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> NO....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> HOW THEN HUN
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I START LICKING SUCKING AND BYTING UR ASS .....<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> MY HAND IS BETWEEN UR LEGS......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> RUBBING UR CLITT......<columno> ericsson down nokia up<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> THROBBING CLIT
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ME TOOOOOOOOOO......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AFTER WE GO 69.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> U R ON TOP.....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OK<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> UR SWEET CHUBY ASS IS ALL OVER MY FACE.......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)><JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES WITH MY PUSSY JUICES BETWEEN MY CHEEKS
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)><Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)><JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> MY TOUNGE IS GOING WILD ON YOUR CLIT
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> .................<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> YES.........<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AND I JUST CUM !!!!!!!!!!!<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> THANX SWEETIE.........<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> LICKING AND SUCKING UP ALL YOUR SWEET JUICES
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> BABE.....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> NO HUN THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH
<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> JUST LET ME GO CLEAN MY SELF.........<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ME TOO SWEETIE.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> VERY MUCH.....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> =OK YOU ARE COMING BACK
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> LET ME GO CLEAN OK?<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OK<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> BRB<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> I WILL BE RIGHT BACK ALSO
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OK<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> BABE<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> SWEETIE........<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> I'M BACK<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OK..<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> R U RELIEVED NOW?<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> CAUSE I'M....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> I HAD TO CLEAN UP AND PEE SORRY ITTOOK ME SO LONG
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> VERY GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> START WHAT AGAIN HUN
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AND WHEN WE GO IN THE ROOM......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> 3 DAYS NO CLOTHES.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ONLY HARD MAKING LOVE.......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OFF WITH THE CLOTHES
<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> TO WAKE YOU UP
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I'D LOVE THAT.......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OH IT WILL HAPPEN MY LOVE
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I HOPE........<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AND IT WILL........<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> IT WILL AS SOON AS I GET THE MONEY TOGETHER
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I HAVE IT ALL THE TIME........<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> DAY AND NIGHT TOO.....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OH YES SWEETIE, I WANT U ALL THE TIME
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ONLY SOMETIME??????????<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> NO HUN WE ALTERNATE
<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)><Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> BABE.........<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I'M ALL WET AGAIN.........<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> AND IS THAT A PROBLEM HUN
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ONLY NY ROBE......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> MY<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> MMMMMM OK<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> I DON'T WANT YOU TO GET CAUGHT
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I DONT CARE.......<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> I WANT U.....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> I WISH YOU COULD JUST TELL YOUR PARENTS
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> AND WHEN WE DO THAT......<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> WE WILL KISS ALL THE TIME RIGHT....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> YES<A-2001>-><admin> hi<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> CAN WE KISS IN THIS POSITION?<admin> hello<A-2001>-><admin> how are you<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> NOT REALY HUN
<admin> fine, thanks<admin> and you?<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO........<admin> how's your family?<A-2001>-><admin> fine<admin> how's Margaret doing?<admin> long time don't see her<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> WE CAN KISS AND LICK AND BITE EACH OTHERS LEGS AND ASS
<A-2001>-><admin> where are you from<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> ARE LEGS SPREAD WIDE AND WE SLIDE TOGETHER
<admin> london<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> WET HOT PUSSIES MET
<A-2001>-><admin> cool but you girl<admin> yes<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH
<A-2001>-><admin> me to old are you
<admin> 26<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> IF WE CANT KISS IN THIS POSITION......<admin> soon 27<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OH OK<A-2001>-><admin> great<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> ATLEAST I CAN BYTE AND LICK UR ASS....<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OUR WET PUSSIES MET
<admin> I am not lesbian though<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> MMMMMMMMMMMM YES
<admin> contrary to the two imbeciles who are using my chat
<A-2001>-><admin> you go to the college
<admin> No. I work here
<admin> Hey, the two cows. Move elsewhere now
<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> HARD FAST<admin> set up a carpetmuncher chat on your site
<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OHHHHH BABE.........<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY HUN
<admin> "both of moaning"?<admin> what the hell does "both OF moaning" mean?<admin> of all the dykes in the world, I had to find two analphabetes
<admin> hey!<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> OOOOOOOPS.....<admin> HEY BULLDICKS!<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> BABE, MOM<admin> time to go!<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> BYE<Helen(LES)>-><JODYNE(les)> LOVE U<JODYNE(les)>-><Helen(LES)> OK I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH User [Helen(LES)] left forum
<admin> yes<admin> fuck you<admin> so what?<JODYNE(les)> AND HOW DID YOU GET INTO OUR PVTY CONVERSATION
<admin> conversation will be published<admin> didn't you read the alert?<admin> imbecile<admin> stupid dyke<admin> I told ya<admin> now fuck off<admin> and take your bananas with you. they smell bad
<admin> listen who's speaking<admin> oh, it was not you speaking the last two hours then?<admin> sorry<admin> sorry, ms shakespeare<JODYNE(les)> WHAT ARE YOU JEALOUS YOU DON'T HAVE ANYONE
<JODYNE(les)> HAVE A GREAT DAY<admin> fuck off, this place is for people who appreciate sexual difference User [JODYNE(les)] left forum <admin> bye, lonely losewr<admin><admin> cool. This makes some 50 pages to edit before publishing. Really a nice gift, SISTERS"
<admin><admin> fuck you<Tameka> hola como estas<admin> Not another dyke, I hope<admin> hello<A-2001>-><admin> hi<A-2001>-><admin> how are you<admin> Fine, again<admin> We already lived this<admin> How's margaret?<admin> She definitely has a problem with Margaret ### APR 30TH, 2001 ###<kathryn> hi<admin> Hello<Guest> HELLO<admin> Hello Sir<Guest> TAMARA<Guest> WOMEN<admin> Why not logins as Tamara then?<admin> I am Heidi<admin> woman two<admin> one single woman
<admin> you two women?<admin> Friday was lesbian day, today is Imbecile day
<admin> dumb job<admin><admin> Hello Sir<Guest> hello<Guest> asl<admin> ?<admin> e/j/i<admin> education, job, income?<Guest> Age Sex Location<admin> education, job, income<Guest> who are you<admin> who are YOU<admin> wrong chat, Sir<Guest> Are you somebody from darlington college
<admin> No. Sre you?<tarimu> hi there<admin> Hello Sir<tarimu> any news?<tarimu> how ae u?<tarimu> what kind of ec. forum is this?<admin> Oje!<admin> Como va?<?je>-><admin> hi<?je>-><admin> want to chat<admin> No<admin> Thanks<?je>-><admin> ask+<?je>-><admin> what is your name<admin> Heidi<?je>-><admin> do you speak islandik<admin> No<?je>-><admin> my name is Dagn?<admin> Dagny?<admin> Like Dagny taggart?<?je>-><admin> no<admin> is it a danish name?<?je>-><admin> no islandik<admin> no taggart or no danish?<admin> oh<admin> cool<?je>-><admin> are you from u.s.a<admin> No<admin> living in the Uk<?je>-><admin> ooooooo<?je>-><admin> what is your phon number
<admin><admin> and yours?<admin> are you in Iceland?<?je>-><admin> yes<?je>-><admin> do you have an e-mail address
<admin> what do you do?<?je>-><admin> my phon number Ias xxx-xxxxx
<?je>-><admin> my e-mail is
<?je>-><admin> what do you mean<admin> heidi?<admin> sorry:<admin><admin><admin> fat fingers<admin> what's your job?<?je>-><admin> im onli 12 years old<admin> 12?<admin> I am 26<?je>-><?je> wow<admin> what does oje mean?<?je>-><?je> it means like you are gona be reali cool and you say ?je
<?je>-><?je> ore ?je babe<?je>-><?je> do you have a daughter<?je>-><?je> ??????<?je>-><?je> are you there<?je>-><?je> well gota go<?je>-><?je> im going on a soccer practise
<?je>-><?je> what time is it<?je>-><admin> hello are you still there <?je>-><admin> hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeellllllllllooooooooooooo <?je> hello again<admin> hello<?je> are you there<admin> yes<admin> what does oje mean?<?je> oje babe<?je> what time is it<admin> 5 20<admin> 5 23<admin> what's the time in iceland?<?je> mine is 4 15<?je> o no<?je> im gona be late for soccer practice
<admin> GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO GO!!!!!<admin> HURRY!!!<admin> break a leg<?je> jeje<admin> hehe<?je> hehe<?je> Bonny alvais said that<admin> Bonny?<?je> je<?je> my friend<admin> When You'll have time, I will tell you a story about Spice Girls and soccer
<?je> cool<?je> hehe<admin> yeas: laughs<admin> very few people know about it<?je> cauld you call me some time<?je> just say hello<admin> on the phone? no<admin> mail me or step into chat<?je> wai not<admin> I am often here<admin><?je> ha<admin> I am at office<?je> o<admin> u<?je> could you came back later<?je> come sorry<admin> Yes. I I am here 9-18 london time <admin> sometimes later<soa> OH er zit ieman in mijn chatbox!!!!!!!!!<admin> No<soa> Hello!!<?je> could you come 8 a clock to nigt<admin> You entered Consilia chat<soa> Have you two seen my webdite?<admin> tonight? I dunno. on wednesday<admin> "Saiyan"?<?je>-><admin> who is that<admin> webdite?<soa> oh sorry!<admin> soa is "sorry on arrival"<soa> i' a bit dunk<soa> m<admin> it shows<?je>-><admin> come to nigth 8 aclock<?je>-><admin> please<soa> it' s our queen her birthday!<admin> hope I'll be there. not sure<?je>-><admin> love Dagn?<admin> Our Queen?<soa> my! queen! the queen of holland<admin> Oh.<admin> Your Queen then<admin> happy birthday<soa> screw you I' goin'home!<soa> thanx!<soa> bye!<admin> bye<Guest> hiya<admin> Hello Sir<Guest> hey there'<admin> Hello<Guest> getting ready to host a channel - MR.ROCKET'S MEGASPHERE..<admin> Are you psychotic?<Guest> LOL<admin> "mr rocket"?<admin> what do you do here?<admin> wrong chat, Sir<admin> If I am allowed to say<Guest> wrong chat .. ? why?<admin> Were you looking for Consilia chat?<admin> No, he wasn't<Me_Me> hey all<admin> Hello Sir<Me_Me> who r u all<admin> "all"?<admin> Who are You<Me_Me> i have to go all bye<MR.ROCKET> me ><MR.ROCKET> t?<s7ab_uae> ?????? ?????<admin> Hello<admin> kakaoka to you too, Sir<lagirl>-><admin> whats your name admin?<admin> Heidi<s7ab_uae><s7ab_uae><TaKe_OnE_sHoT> hello all<TaKe_OnE_sHoT> quiet room<admin> Yes<admin> What do you want here?<TaKe_OnE_sHoT> who r u admin<admin> have something to say?<admin> Who are You<TaKe_OnE_sHoT> i asked first<admin> I am the chat administrator<admin> bug news<admin> big news<admin> zzzzzzz<TaKe_OnE_sHoT> whats ur name<admin> Heidi<TaKe_OnE_sHoT> sure<Stacey>-><admin> Any Potter finatic want to chat <snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> he admin<admin> Hello<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> ho told you about this site
<admin> I run it<admin> I work here<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> it' my site youknow it
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> i made it today
<admin> No<admin> it's website<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> i swear by god
<admin> you are wrong<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> go to<admin> you entered the wrong chat<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin>
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> go there<admin> going now<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> then you'l see it by yourself
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> oke<admin> imbecile<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> what does imbecile mean
<admin> that window allows access to ALL chats powered by multicity
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> yes i know<admin> and you switched to another site
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> yes<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> i made this site today
<admin> you are curretly on site
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> it' a very nice site
<admin> but this chat is not for your site members
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> you can see short movies
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> as rush hour 2
<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> or charlies angels
<admin> are you trying to sell me your site?<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> now<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> af course not<admin> I don't give a damn<snoopsnoopy60>-><admin> fuck you<admin> you are welcome<sexy> hi all<sexy> hmmmmmmm any body here ?<admin> Fine thanks<sexy> hellllooooow<Guest> hey alles goed<Guest> hallo???????<sammy> yo<sammy> what's up<admin> Hello<sammy> who is here<admin> *burp*<admin> Me<sammy> yo<sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><sammy><admin> schizoid<PRINCESS> HI<blablablubllublebleblibli> Hello everybody
<admin> hello Bubble<blablablubllublebleblibli> hows live !!!!<admin> Fine, Thanks.<admin> Do you use Risperdal?<blablablubllublebleblibli> i'am sorry<admin> about?<blablablubllublebleblibli> I speaking not good english
<blablablubllublebleblibli> i' am nederlands
<admin> Poor thing...<admin> weeelcoome<blablablubllublebleblibli> i dont you understand
<admin> waterzoje<blablablubllublebleblibli> can you speaking nederland
<admin> no, sorry<Sneipen>-><admin> halla<blablablubllublebleblibli> i can a little beat speaking english
<Sneipen>-><blablablubllublebleblibli> hello
<blablablubllublebleblibli> hello<admin>-><blablablubllublebleblibli> Hello
<Sneipen> hello<admin> Hello again<blablablubllublebleblibli> this is voor anybody i can a little beaut speaking english more not verry good i 'am pas 13 years old en i' am nederlands
<admin> 13?<admin> this is adult chat<blablablubllublebleblibli> YesU<blablablubllublebleblibli> how old are you then
<admin> 26<blablablubllublebleblibli> ai<blablablubllublebleblibli> old !!<Sneipen> are the site cool??<blablablubllublebleblibli> dubble<blablablubllublebleblibli> This site making my brother
<admin> no<Sneipen> it`s mine<admin> this is MY website<admin> you entered a chat you shouldn't
<Sneipen> no<admin> yes<admin> through multicty<blablablubllublebleblibli> youre lying
<Sneipen> its me<admin> bunch of fools<blablablubllublebleblibli> eeeey Mother fuckers this site making my brother
<admin>-><blablablubllublebleblibli> dumb half-kraut
<blablablubllublebleblibli> EVERYBODY is tha bomb of nobody is tha bomb
<Sneipen> my addres is
<Sneipen> visit<Sneipen> now<blablablubllublebleblibli> end this adres is
<Sneipen> hello<blablablubllublebleblibli> van my brother
<blablablubllublebleblibli> again hello
<blablablubllublebleblibli> listen i have a 5 for english
<blablablubllublebleblibli> voor school
<blablablubllublebleblibli> I can better
<blablablubllublebleblibli> it is more not ......uhmmm <blablablubllublebleblibli> how can see that
<john> hi<blablablubllublebleblibli> again hay<john> you want to chat<blablablubllublebleblibli> Is cool<blablablubllublebleblibli> More i can not goos speaking english
<john> why is your name cool<blablablubllublebleblibli> Good<Sneipen> e mail is
<blablablubllublebleblibli> When i'am nederlands
<admin> My name is Heidi<john> you are fucked up<blablablubllublebleblibli> do you know that
<Sneipen> was my site cool<Sneipen> !!<blablablubllublebleblibli> My realy name is Anne
<john> what is your site<Sneipen> im from norway<admin><john> what is your site<blablablubllublebleblibli>
<blablablubllublebleblibli> thats my brother
<admin> 5 for english?<admin> ouch!<john> what is your site called<blablablubllublebleblibli> eeeey I am can not good speaking english i'am nederlands DO EVERBODY KNOW
<john> hello<john> anchanawobo<blablablubllublebleblibli> WHO can here speaking nederlands ???<blablablubllublebleblibli> nobody<syllie> hoi## MAY 2ND, 2001 ###<geilpikje> Is Joke hier?<geilpikje>-><geilpikje> admin = administrator?<Ichbins>-><admin> :-)<jjohn> hi anyone<jjohn> bye<bigwil> waz up room<Char-Is-hard> giovanni?<katie>-><admin> hiya<admin> Hello<askim> hi<admin> Hello<askim> nereden<admin> nereden?<admin> speaking in tongues, Sir?<askim> nalamadim<admin> what language is that?<admin> hold on, I call an analyst<admin> oops<askim> sorry<admin> my Bossa said: "who cares?"<admin> boss, that is<askim> no under stant me<admin> me? no, I don't<askim><sirkobe> hi all<sirkobe> wer da?<admin> Hello<sirkobe>-><sirkobe> who r u?<sirkobe>-><admin> who r u?<sirkobe> why are u in this chat?<sirkobe> its my chat<admin> I woprk here<admin> No, it is not<sirkobe> not?<admin> You chose the wrong line on multicity menu
<sirkobe> ?<admin> you are on chat
<sirkobe> oops<sirkobe> but its the chat on my homepage
<admin> no, Sir<admin> You switched<sirkobe> then go under
<admin> No<sirkobe> there its MY chat<admin> No Sir<admin> please go away<admin><sirkobe> ?<admin> Go back to your chatroom, please
<sirkobe> how?<admin> this is not an entertainment chat
<admin> click on disconnect<admin> go back to your site<admin> thanks<sirkobe> how can i do it to my chat?<admin> click on disconnect<admin> go back to your homepage<mehanny>-><admin> hi all<admin> Hello<mehanny>-><admin> i am the own of this site
<mehanny>-><admin> asl plz<admin> No you are not<admin> You are in the wrong chat<admin> You chose the wriong button on the menu
<admin> you are on chat
<admin> bye<mehanny>-><admin> asl plz<admin> and tell those people at homestead that they did a mess
<admin><admin> this is not an entertainment chat
<mehanny>-><admin> ok bye<Guest> hello<Guest> is there anyone here<salvo> CIAO MI VUOI CONOSCERE?<salvo><Guest> hallo<Guest> k<Guest> d<Guest> d<Guest><Guest> d<Guest><Guest> d<Guest> d<Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><Guest><admin> Hello Sir<BOGEY> HI<BOGEY> WHERE ARE YOU<BOGEY> BYE<Guest> hey<Guest> neone in here?<Guest> hey<Guest> tony<admin> hey<Guest> a/s/l?<admin> name?<admin> eji?<Guest> a/s/l???<admin> education, job, income?<Guest> what?<Guest> are u gay?<admin> you asked asl, i asked eji<admin> am a woman<Guest> oh<admin> if you are a fag, go away<Guest> this is my chat room<Guest> so...<admin> not<admin> no<Guest> yes<admin> definitely not<Guest> yes<admin> you are on<Guest> no<admin> and you cannot manage a webiste
<Guest> i am on my web page<admin> yes, sir<admin> no<admin> you switched chat<Guest> i am a gurl<Guest> nope<admin> and you cannot manage your site
<admin> yes, madam<Guest> yes i can<admin> look<Guest> FUCK YOU WHORE<Guest> bye<francy>-><admin> hi admin<francy>-><admin> can you answer me ?<admin> Hello<admin> What's up, francy?<francy>-><francy> I'm from Italy and you?<Guest> yo<Guest> any 1 here<Guest> got free nude pics<francy>-><admin> sorry,I'm from Italy and you?<admin> In London<Guest> hey<admin> Elvis entered the building<Elv> hey<Guest> any 1 have nude pics<Guest> of girls<admin> Go figure<Guest> celebs<admin> Sure<admin> are you 12? 13?<francy>-><admin> wow! maybe i will go to London in auguost,
<Guest> send me<Guest> im 4<Guest> 14<admin> august?<admin> I hope I will be in Spain or in Italy in august
<francy>-><admin> thank you it's very clear your english cause you yet correct me...<admin> you a student?<admin> francy?<admin> you there?<francy>-><admin> yes,but I stopped study English 5 years ago,however do you like Nik'music?<admin> I don't know who Nik is<francy>-><admin> well you should cause he is a famous English singer af eighties
<admin> 80s?<francy>-><admin> admin?you there?<admin> I am 26<francy>-><admin> good I'm 25 but I know him!!!<admin> Do you study archeology then?<admin> Are you the kind of girl who gets crushes for old people?<francy>-><admin> noooooo! actually I am still interesting of you
<admin> Me?<admin> I am the assistant here<admin> I shouldn't be even chatting<francy>-><admin> no only your funny nik name
<admin> it's not a nik (hehe) name<francy>-><admin> really?sorry<admin> I am the chat administrator<admin> "admin" is for administrator<admin> My name is Heidi<francy>-><admin> that's why you are so fast chatting
<<<Sexguyuk>-><francy> Hello<francy>-><<<Sexguyuk> fuck you<francy>-><admin> admin,sorry,but i have to go home .Nice knowing you.goodbye
<admin> Bye francy<francy>-><admin> admin???still there?<francy>-><admin> ok thanx see you later,maybe see you next week,bye <Guest>-><admin> jwg er god<billy the kid> howdy<2cute4you> h?<2cute4you> ask<admin> hello<2cute4you> hall?<admin> Hello Sir<siby>-><admin> hi<admin> Hello<siby>-><admin> age/sex<siby>-><admin> where r u from<siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><admin> hello<admin> London<admin> I am a woman<admin> 26<admin><siby>-><admin> age/sex<admin> ?<admin> I told you<siby>-><admin> what you do<admin> I run this chat<admin> I work here<siby>-><admin> r u married<admin> assistant at<admin> no<siby>-><admin> what work you have<admin> assistant<siby>-><admin> do you have boy friends
<siby>-><admin> what is the height of you
<admin> 5.5<siby>-><admin> i think you are pretty<siby>-><admin> what is the color of you
<siby>-><admin> you r very slow<siby>-><admin> what happend you<siby>-><admin> hello<siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin><siby>-><admin>*** AFTER THAT SOMEBODY FINALLY FOUND THE WAY TO MAKE THIS CHAT UNSEARCHABLE BY ONE MILLION SEARCH ENGINES USED BY ONE BILLION LOSERS, AND THIS CHAT BECAME ONCE AGAIN A QUIET PLACE. [Note from Heidi].### MAY 11TH, 2001 ###<black-out> aho<Thud McGuffin> Hello<Thud McGuffin> ghfh<Thud McGuffin> Hello<Thud McGuffin> Anyone there?<Thud McGuffin> Forever<Thud McGuffin> Goodbye<Thud McGuffin> *poof*<Thud McGuffin> hmmm..signs of life!<Thud McGuffin> * burp *<admin> hello<admin> you asleep sir?<admin> ?<admin> zzzzzzzzz<admin><admin> it is a it early for you, Sir<admin> you usually log in at 10pm GMT<admin> that's funny, Sir<admin> when pinging your IP<admin> it says the tech contact of your provider is
<admin><admin><admin> how are things going with your wife?<admin><admin> Sir<admin><admin> If I am allowed to ask<admin><admin> Sir<admin><admin> does she hit you?<admin><ozy> what's up?<admin> this Sir was all alone, boss<ozy> no need to call everybody "sir", heidi
<ozy><ozy> especially sleepwalkers<ozy><ozy> gotta go now<ozy><ozy> take care of guests<ozy><admin><admin><admin> you still there, Sir?<Thud McGuffin> wue!@<admin><admin> ?<admin> welcome<admin><admin> How can I help you?<Thud McGuffin> why did you ping my IP?<admin> It's part of my job, Sir<admin><Thud McGuffin> why?<admin><admin> I am the webmaster<admin><admin> check mail, keep things running
<admin><admin> identify chatters<admin><admin> etc<admin><Thud McGuffin> so that is how you tracked down the Palestinian
<admin><admin> yes<admin><admin> friends had security problems in the past few months
<Thud McGuffin> why do you double post?<admin> real palestinians hacking sites
<Thud McGuffin> goodbye<Thud McGuffin> *poof*<admin> bye sir<admin><admin><Thud McGuffin> eh?<admin> good bye, sir<Thud McGuffin> sniff<Thud McGuffin> growl### MAY 24TH, 2001 ###<Guest> hello<Guest> Miani - does he still stick milkbottles up his backside?<Guest> guess so### JUN 14TH, 2001 ###<Guest> ?<Guest> where am I?<Thuddie> YAWN<Thud> *parp*<Thud> Who is Milomaster?<admin> Thuddie wants to know who is Milomaster
<admin> First of all, he is not Milomaster, it is Milominder
<admin> Two, it's not a "he", it's a "it".<admin> It's an internet provider<admin><admin><admin> Third: who is Thud?<admin><admin> Fourth<admin> Milo is Milo<admin><admin><admin> the boss of M&M<admin><admin> the Milo & MinderbinderSyndicate
<admin> Defence Contractors<admin><admin> Producers of the best Invisible Bomber ever seen on earth
<admin><admin> right<admin><admin> On the other hand, who is Thud the Guffawer?<admin><admin> Stay tuned<admin><admin><admin> he usually wanders here around 10 pm
<admin> wandering while you eat your left foot is not so easy
<admin><ozy><ozy> 's been a busy day<ozy> a brief check list<ozy><ozy> gold: above 275. good<ozy> nikkei: just held 12800, but what tomorrow morning after wall street selloff? I could ask to jason shapiro. He always knows how wall street close will determine nikkei open. pity he knows it only after nikkei close.<ozy><ozy> next<ozy><ozy> nikkei on alert levels<ozy><ozy> dow just got back into its 10800/10600 range. not yet a crash
<ozy><ozy> nasdaq? composite is not yet under 2000 ---> comp under 2000, nikkei under 12800 would make a nice alert
<ozy><ozy> what about my loved spxf? 155 went. 151/148 has been the most powerful confirmation for nasdaq sell signals for over one year
<ozy><ozy> now forex: how's the reflation play going?<ozy> krauts talking a lot<ozy><ozy> of intervention<ozy><ozy><ozy> then let me look at jpy: usd/jpy is just holding btw 120 and 122. uhm... not an aggressive yen easing
<ozy> yen/dem managed to ease back under 188, not yet under 185. rally stalled, 185 would be a good sign. what about usd/dem? following yen/dem, it's slightly easing towards 2.66, which is the first, first first possible signall
<ozy><ozy> of an easing of the yen/induced crisis against which we alerted you three months ago.<ozy> now the peripherals<ozy><ozy> zar is gone for good. cad failed to climb above 1.52, so ending his spring slump
<ozy><ozy> aud is caooed, so is nzd: they both need more yen/gold easing
<ozy><ozy> then, on this front the reflation signals are not enough
<ozy> as for the bonds, I told ya on sunday that I would settle for a range/trading compromise btw adeflation-menacing rally and the recent fake hint at inflation-panic (where did people have their head?)
<ozy><ozy> will be a most interesting friday/weekend.<ozy><ozy><ozy> I repeat that politics/policy is the main issue now.<ozy><ozy> and that most market participants are completely misunderstanding the intervention issue
<ozy><ozy> oh, anothere mistake: the yen/nikkei correlation. it's bullshit
<ozy> I was reading some paper now about yen/nikkei. this guy should buy a chart of nikkei and a chart of yen, and think about it thoroughly
<ozy><ozy><ozy><ozy> uhm.... what's more?<ozy><ozy> oh, yes:<ozy> BIS<ozy><ozy> BIS's wise people talking on Japan.<ozy> Praising Koizumi and "action". Noting on the other hand [fuck! cut that other hand!] that "consensus" is neede to support action against...<ozy> .. against consensus-based jaopanese system
<ozy><ozy> now: is it possible that two the first notion of "consensus" (i.e.: political support of a coherent program)
<ozy> is completely the opposite of the latter notion of "consensus"?<ozy> meaning: a strong policy versus pressure groups?<ozy><ozy><ozy> and what side of the yen are the special pressure groups?<ozy> look at the yen... and look what side of the yen the pressure has been in the last N year
<ozy><ozy> then: reflation+strong gold+"weak" yen (=reflated economy) ---> make for popular support through growth ---> mandarins praising "reform" just to defer it to the year after Never
<ozy><ozy> bye bye thud...<ozy>